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Flash Fiction 40+1 New Mexican Bread Aisle 1 Is The First Book In An Ongoing Flash Fiction 40 1 Book Series Of Short Stories None Of The Stories Contained In This Book Are Longer Than 600 Words In Length, Presenting A Challenge To The Art To Still Tell A Story And Be Tactful About It The Only Exception To This Length Of The Stories Contained Is The Featured 1 Story That Is Longer In Length, Weighing In At Approximately 1,700 Words.The Stories Contained Inside Of This Book Cover Several Different Topics Such As Love, Relationships, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Some Taboo Subjects, Spirituality, Death And Some Of These Stories Will Get Straight To The Point, While Others Will Leave You Thinking About Or Analyzing Them For Further Meaning And Understanding What Meaning S Will You Decipher If You Are Familiar With Volatalistic Phil S Writing Style Then You Are In Store For A Real Treat In This Book You Will Get To Experience 41 New Stories.What Is Flash Fiction And Why Would I Want To Read It That Is An Excellent Question In The Time It Has Taken You To Pick Up, Look At This Book, Read The Front And Back Cover, And Momentarily Browse It You Could Have Finished A Flash Fiction Story Flash Fiction Is Typically Less Than 1,000 Words In Length Imagine A Full Length Story Being Condensed Into Less Than 1,000 Words The Author Still Has To Develop The Plot, Characters And Story Line, And Conclude All Under 1,000 Words The Beauty Of Flash Fiction Is Its Ability To Get Straight To The Point And Carry You Along With A Story, But Done In A Bite Sized Amount Of Time Let S Face It, Time Is Valuable.If You Find Yourself On The Go, Or You Just Want Something Quick, Witty, Serious, Sad Or Sometimes Even Funny To Read, Then I Encourage You To Give This Book A Try I Feel Strongly, And I Hope You Will Too, When I Say That This Book Was Worth Giving It A Chance I Believe That You Will Find These Stories Enjoyable And Intriguing There Are Over 40 Stories If You Do Not Enjoy One, You Are Not Stuck Having To Read A Couple Hundred Pages, For Those Of You Avid Readers Who Do Not Like To Stop Books, Choosing To Follow Through To The End To Those Of You On The Go, This Is Perfect For In Between Commercials, A Lunch Break, Before Bedtime, A Bus Ride Or Anywhere You Find Yourself Having A Few Extra Minutes Flash Fiction 40 1 New Mexican Bread Aisle, Give It A Try Today This Book Contains Some Images The Word Count For This Book Is Just Over 20,000 Words.