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Hawkman, Vol. 1 In Ancient Egypt, He Was Known As Prince Khufu Today He Is Called Carter Hall Archaeologist Winged Warrior Hawkman He S Lived Thousands Of Lives His Soul Reincarnated Again And Again, Destined Forever To Be Reunited With His True Love That Is, Until NowPrince Khufu S Soul Mate Has Been Reincarnated Into The Body Of Kendra Saunders Also Known As The JSA S Hawkgirl But With No Memories Of Her Past Lives, Kendra Has Made It Quite Clear She Wants Nothing To Do With Hawkman But In Now, Hawkgirl Learns That The Deaths Of Her Parents Years Ago Were Actually Murders, And She Is Forced To Enlist Hawkman S Help In Unlocking The Mystery And Finding Their Killer.Plus, Green Arrow Guest Stars In Slings And Arrows As The Bodies Begin To Pile Up In The City Of St Roche And Hawkman Begins To Suspect Who S Bringing The Green Shafted Shish Ka Bobs The Hawks Are Searching For A Killer Whose Only Trail Leads To Their Reluctant Ally, Green Arrow.