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Melody in Control Melody Always Hated Her Roommate S Boyfriend, So When Kim Comes Home In Tears After Finding Him In Bed With Someone Else, Melody Is Happy To Have Her Back She Takes Kim To A Nightclub To Help Her Get Over The Breakup, And Decides That What Kim Really Needs Is A Good, Hard Fucking So, She Arranges One, Taking Charge And Controlling Not Only Her Friend, But Also Tony, The Jock Who Tried His Luck And Ended Up With A Lot Than He Bargained For.Later, Melody Dominates Kim In A Hot Girl On Girl Session Featuring Her Brand New Double Ended Dildo.This Story Of Approx 8,000 Words Contains Very Graphic Descriptions Of M F And F F Sex.EXTRACT Tony, Melody Ordered, Take Out Your Cock Kim Snatched Her Hand Back As If Electrocuted, While Tony Hurriedly Obeyed, Unzipping His Fly And Pulling His Pants Down To Reveal A Decently Sized Cock, Almost Fully Erect Now Not Bad, Tony, Melody Said With A Smile, Reaching Down And Curling Her Fingers Around The Shaft She Looked At Kim As She Started Slowly Stroking Her Hand Up And Down, Quickly Bringing Tony To Full Hardness I Think You Ll Do, Nicely Kim Seemed Almost Hypnotized As She Passively Allowed Melody To Take Hold Of Her Small Hand Once , And Place It On Tony S Cock Melody Covered Kim S Tiny Hand With Hers As She Moved It Slowly Up And Down, Holding Kim S Hand In Place And Making Her Stroke The Hot, Hard Shaft.Melody Reached A Fingertip Up Towards The Side Of Kim S Face, Idly Tucking A Stray Lock Of Hair Back Behind Her Ear As Kim Continued, In A Daze, To Stroke Tony S Cock Isn T That A Lovely Cock, Kimmie Melody Asked Say, Yes, Deedee , She Ordered Yes, Deedee, Kim Breathed, As She Watched Her Hand The Expression On Her Face Said That Kim Couldn T Believe That It Was Actually Her Own Hand Doing This That This Hand, As It Slowly Stroked The Rigid Shaft, Must Surely Belong To Someone Else I Bet You D Like To Feel That Hard Cock In Your Mouth, Wouldn T You, Kimmie She Continued Say, Yes, Deedee Yes, Deedee, Kim Replied, In A Robotic Monotone Kneel Down, Kimmie Mmm, Yes Do That, Kimmie, Tony Said, In A Hoarse Voice Shut Up, Tony, Said Melody, Without Changing Her Tone, Or Taking Her Eyes Off Kim, Who Was Slowly Lowering Herself To Her Knees.Tony S Mouth Closed With An Audible Snap, Making Melody Think That Maybe He Wasn T Quite As Dumb As He Looked She Gazed Down At Her Friend, Whose Almond Shaped Eyes Were Very Wide As The Petite Asian Girl Knelt And Stroked Tony S Hard Length.Melody Slowly Stroked Kim S Hair, Smoothing The Straight, Dark Strands And Gathering Them Together, Gripping Kim S Hair Like A Handle As She Slowly Pushed The Kneeling Girl S Head Forward.Kim Didn T Resist As She Let Her Friend Control Her, Allowing Her Face To Be Pushed Towards Tony S Cock, Her Mouth Opening As The Hard Shaft Slid Between Her Glistening Lips.