Paperback Þ Its Personal eBook Ú

Paperback Þ Its Personal eBook Ú

Its Personal ❮Epub❯ ➟ Its Personal Author Brian Bloye – It’s Personal is about the personal side of planting a new church and the impact that launching a new ministry has on church planters and their families Brian and Amy Bloye—a husband and wife team It’s Personal is about the personal side of planting a new church and the impact that launching a new ministry has on church planters and their families Brian and Amy Bloye—a husband and wife team of seasoned church planters dive headfirst into the challenges of keeping a marriage healthy raising children and finding the right balance between family and ministry They talk candidly about the reality of spiritual warfare the common difficulties of leading a new church and the problems that planters face in staffing dealing with criticism building friendships and maintaining spiritual vitality and authenticity This helpful and encouraging resource warns couples of the most common pitfalls to avoid when planting a church and offers a uniue perspective on building a strong prevailing ministry while also having a healthy family life Each chapter includes intimate interviews with church planting couples who share some of their personal joys and struggles giving you practical authentic insight into the real life issues that families face when planting a church.

  • Paperback
  • 239 pages
  • Its Personal
  • Brian Bloye
  • English
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9780310494546

10 thoughts on “Its Personal

  1. Jeremy Jeremy says:

    This book MUST be reuired reading for anyone thinking about planting a church Brian tells his own planting story with candor authenticity and passion In the context of his journey he walks us through the key aspects of a church plant and a church planter To me the most compelling element of this book is the fact that it is completely absent of strategy process and formula Of course there is advice on how to handle certain situations but this book is about the heart of the church planter and the church than it is about how to start a church that will explode This makes the book timeless because methods change almost daily while principles are unchangingIn a culture that is obsessed with uick fixes sexy sermon series and all star bloggers Brian and Amy bring us back to the refreshing and humbling reality of what Christ really intended when He established His church and how we must go about our lives and our vocations if we are to truly be a part of that visionI've not planted a church personally but I have been involved in three plants one from the first day which my family is still a part of today; I've been on the outside the inside and everywhere in between It is an essential element of God bringing about His kingdom and one of the most challenging and demanding endeavors a human can pursue SO if you know a planter you dream of planting or you are planting get this book today and read it And then read it again

  2. Ryan Ryan says:

    The book touched on the experiences of Bloye and his Wife from their church planting experiences explaining their struggles failures and successes It offers some helpful insights with uestions to prompt personal reflection over things to consider when church planting It was well written and I enjoyed the personal anecdotal style it was written in coupled with uotes from a variety of pastors throughout the book Some take aways 1 Importance of persistence when church planting 2 There is no guarantee of success 3 Importance of having a stable family life is vital to church ministry 4 Setting time aside is important eg exercise retreats 5 Knowing one's limits to prevent burn out 6 Church planting is not easy and things never pan out the way you want it to 7 Reliance on God is essential if you lose sight of him you will burn out and be discouraged 8 Do not be reliant on approval or numbers to determine success of a church plant 9 Importance of working together as a team if your church gets too big it's okay to delegate and not be involved in everyones lives 10 Church planting is vital to spreading the gospel and one needs good mentors surrounding them to navigate through issues well

  3. Wesley Roth Wesley Roth says:

    This book is a fantastic introduction so to say to church planting and what couples should expect ifwhen they are called by the Lord to plant a church The book weaves together both Brian and Amy's thoughts and experiences as they were lead to church plant They offer some of their best practices their experiences some things that worked for them and a few things they would have done different This was a really helpful book to begin to glean best practices and counsel from a couple and family that pursued Kingdom building Will hope to return to write a longer review once my class Multiply Curriculum with the SEND Network is complete later this year

  4. Michael Eckhardt Michael Eckhardt says:

    About 80 pages in I almost uit because there wasn't that much that was very helpful and because of the large gap between the author's models and my own church values But I'm glad I continued because there were a number of good thoughts in the second half The short dialogue sections were a bit cringe inducing which was unfortunateIn short some really good ideas if you can get past the packaging

  5. Jon Jon says:

    For me the beauty of this book is that after reading a number of books on church planting all of which focused primarily on process this one focuses primarily on the personal It provides a glimpse into one couple's experiences of planting a church and what they learned from it As a result there are a lot of good insights that other books with a different focus might have missed I personally found several takeaways that I will be choosing to incorporate in my own life and ministry and I feel like this book will help me to be well rounded in the futureThe bottom line this is a good resource for anyone thinking about planting a church It's not the only book you should read on the subject but it is definitely one you should read

  6. Steve Steve says:

    A church planter must readMy wife and I are about to plant a church This book walks through the raw and real emotions involved in church planting while reminding us that at the end of the day it's not about us It's all about Jesus

  7. Natasha Red Natasha Red says:

    Wonderful humble look at the reality of church planting written for the pastor and his wife but so applicable for anyone considering being a part of a church plant

  8. Barb Winters Barb Winters says:

    Great book for pastors their wives

  9. Brandon Johnson Brandon Johnson says:

    This book makes you examine your motives for church planting that is a very good thing

  10. Luke Evans Luke Evans says:

    Very grateful for this book as one about to start this journey One of best things on subject I've read

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