Composing the Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology

Composing the Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology

Composing the Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology ➣ [Epub] ➝ Composing the Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's Psychology By Graham Parkes ➭ – Nietzsche wrote in Ecce Homo 1888 That a psychologist without eual speaks from my writings—this is perhaps the first insight gained by a good reader Who among the philosophers before me was in any w Nietzsche Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's ePUB Ò wrote in Soul Reaches ePUB ✓ Ecce Homo That a psychologist without eual speaks from my writings—this is perhaps the first insight gained Composing the PDF/EPUB or by a good reader Who among the philosophers before me was in any way a psychologist Before me there simply was no the Soul Reaches MOBI ñ psychology Composing the Soul is the first study to pay sustained attention to this pronouncement and to examine the contours of Nietzsche's the Soul Reaches of Nietzsche's Epub / psychology in the context of his life and psychological makeup Beginning with essays from Nietzsche's youth Graham Parkes shows the influence of such figures as Goethe Byron and Emerson on Nietzsche's formidable and multiple talents Parkes goes on to chart the development of Nietzsche's psychological ideas in terms of the imagery drawn from the dialogues of Plato as well as from Nietzsche's own uasi mystical experiences of nature in which he spoke of the soul Finally Parkes analyzes Nietzsche's most revolutionary idea—that the soul is composed of multiple drives or persons within the psyche The task for Nietzsche's psychology then was to identify and order these multiple persons within the individual—to compose the soulFeaturing all new translations of uotations from Nietzsche's writings Composing the Soul reveals the profundity of Nietzsche's lifelong personal and intellectual struggles to come to grips with the soul Extremely well written this landmark work makes Nietzsche's life and ideas accessible to any reader interested in this much misunderstood thinker.

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  1. Alex Obrigewitsch Alex Obrigewitsch says:

    This work is essential reading for any interested in Nietzsche's complex thoughts on the deconstitutional figurations of the drives and the phantasmic metaphoricity or expression of character that they inscribe under the experimental moniker of experience and the realParkes traces the development of these often underanalyzed elements of Nietzsche's thought and writings through the earliest biographical writings through the major texts and the Nachlass and unto the precipitous collapse into the abyss His tracing of the figures in which the drives under the mask of the psyche express themselves and are expressed in the writings is evocative and well researched and the examinations of Zarathustra are often of the highest interpretive uality In addition Parkes carefully relates and distinguishes the developments in Nietzsche's unfolding conception of the soul in relation to Plato in a manner that does service to both thinkers and does not submit to the too easy denunciation of Plato in Nietzsche's inversion of the former's metaphysics The relation is complex not a single self against an other but a multiplicitous and intricated conflict or contestation and Parkes' endeavor traces these dynamic fluctuations and alterations with great careThere are but a few shortcomings to the text from the perspectives in which it was read and this was written at least The first of these is Parkes' continual relation in the notes of Nietzsche's thought to that of Eastern thinking Not that such a connection doesn't exist but just as it is done at times with Heidegger by Parkes and others it comes off as the mark of a hobbyist intent on noting their interest to others and lacks the intimate relation which makes the connection appear as though it arose from out of the thought itself Here it seems as though it is grafted on in hopes of renewed life for something which it would seem would be rejected by the life in the would be host The other point is Parkes' fixation on the figure of the soul While he is most often careful to denote the transfiguration of this concept as a phantasmic presentation of a multiplicity of drives without any singular unifying principle at times his insistence on this figure appears to get the better of him and he appears to lapse momentarily at least into past metaphysical conceptions of the soul Perhaps such a concept an archeconcept of the metaphysical and Christian tradition cannot so easily be unbound ungrounded and translated even by the ungrounding movement of interpretation that the drives enact Perhaps it remains too bound up with bad consciousness Perhaps then composing the soul entails than a decomposing and then recomposing no matter how careful Perhaps the power to be if we are to be at all that is to say to become then we must efface the phantasm of the soul forget the tainted spiritus so as to breathe fresh air once perhaps for the first time? But who remains after the last breath of the soul has been exhaled? Perhaps the answer paradoxically obscurely figures itself in the very uestion Who remains? Who Or perhaps better Who? Perhaps Peut être The power to be perhaps bound up and disseminated as power as potential in the mark of the uestion Who?

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