Paperback ☆ Abba Gold PDF Ú

Paperback ☆ Abba Gold PDF Ú

Abba Gold ➬ [Ebook] ➧ Abba Gold By Elisabeth Vincentelli ➸ – Perhaps than any other Greatest Hits compilation Abba Gold has come to define a band's career on one disk More than that its release in 1992 heralded the critical rehabilitation of a group which had s Perhaps than any other Greatest Hits compilation Abba Gold has come to define a band's career on one disk More than that its release in heralded the critical rehabilitation of a group which had since its demise a decade earlier become little than a memory of trashy costumes and cheesy tunes to many people Here Elisabeth Vincentelli charts the circumstances surrounding the birth of Abba Gold looks at the impact it had on the music world and tells the stories behind some of the greatest pop songs ever recorded.

10 thoughts on “Abba Gold

  1. Mark Mark says:

    One does not write an entire book dedicated to ABBA Gold unless one is the kind of person prone to sentences such asAnd so I should admit that 'SOS' is not only my favorite ABBA song it is my favorite song of all time encapsulating everything that makes pop glorious everything that makes life worth living Page 56And one does not read such a book unless one is prepared nay eager for such sentences

  2. Juan A. Ramirez Juan A. Ramirez says:

    The exact kind of Extra Gay Shit I love

  3. Michael Michael says:

    Really liked this one Vincentelli explores Abba in a way that just feels right to me Abba has a cultural meaning for me and a fondness from youth Perhaps I'm making that up I'm not sure ueerness is essential to Abba and I like how this book addresses that As well as taking on a lot of the macho frat posturing of the classic rock sort They despise Abba because it has a free non masculine way about their sound I don't want to turn this Goodreads review into a 33 13 entry I like the music and I like the book and I like that in 2019 we can listen to Abba without homophobes throwing slurs around Although with that dipshit in office it seems like everything has to be fought for I'll be listening to Abba alongside Bjork and Merle Haggard and have fun freely expressing my soul What a strange Goodreads eh?

  4. Michelle Michelle says:

    Got it from Diana For some reason I thought the 33 13 series was stories based on the recordbut it's actually the story of the record in the case of Abba Gold and to be honest a bit trivial If anything it just got me to want to listen to Abba It also bugged me that she constantly pointed out that most critics hated on Abba and compilations are never considered real albums Love Abba for Abba and listening to Gold is probably 10 times amusing than reading about it

  5. Sam Street Sam Street says:

    Kind of what I expected nothing that deep in terms of analysis or research into ABBA There were attempts at attaching deeper meaning to songs of moments in the group’s career but they felt a stretch I also found the writer’s tone uite unlikeable eg making a joke out of Elton John ‘singing about a dead princess’ but also writing a whole book about ABBA Gold

  6. Jim Jim says:

    Inspired by an upcoming trip to Scandinavia including the ABBA Museum I wanted to dive deeper into a band I've loved since college note eternal thanks to Molly for introducing me to them It's very fitting that the 33 13 book series chose a compilation album from one of the most famous pop acts of all time instead of any one of the albums in their discography because like Madonna's 'Immaculate Collection' few compilations have such a strong cultural impact and become famous than the individually released efforts I learned from this book that I would be considered a Goldie someone who was introduced to ABBA through the Gold album first released in 1992 Born to late to appreciate their greatness in real time I than made up for it when I devoured 'Gold' moved on to 'More Gold' and then realized I couldn't be completely satisfied until I had purchased each source album and the box set 'Thank You for the Music' I easily spent a solid year of my life listening almost to ABBA almost exclusively While I love many of the factoids and context presented in this book my only complaint was that the author professed to be a true ABBA fan but spends a fair amount of time labeling a number of songs on the 'Gold' album as duds or unworthy

  7. Nigel Ewan Nigel Ewan says:

    A short little book addressing topics other ABBA writing often overlooks an interesting analysis of ABBA's early 1990s revival and a treatment of ABBA Gold as a full member of the band's canon— than just a best of compilation The author seems oddly opinionated at times in ways that do not serve the book's purpose but overall it was a delightful read

  8. pianogal pianogal says:

    I liked this one I'm not a hard core Abba fan but I do enjoy their songs here and there And this was a good combination of facts and the author's story Good installation to the series

  9. Emily Wilkerson Emily Wilkerson says:

    Abba Gold affirms loudly and clearly that it's okay to be a dork a geek a freak a ueer you don't have to abide to commonly accepted definitions of hipness to be happy AMEN

  10. Jonny Brick Jonny Brick says:

    Essential book on pop music and the abolition of the term 'guilty pleasure'

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