Survival of the Fittest Stargate SG 1 #7 Epub ↠

Survival of the Fittest Stargate SG 1 #7 Epub ↠

Survival of the Fittest Stargate SG 1 #7 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☆ Survival of the Fittest Stargate SG 1 #7 Author Sabine C. Bauer – An eye for an eyeColonel Frank Simmons has never been a friend to SG 1 Working for the shadowy government organization the NID he has hatched a horrifying plan to create an army as devastatingly effec the Fittest Kindle Ð An eye for an eyeColonel Frank Simmons has never been a friend to SG Working for the shadowy government organization the NID he has hatched a horrifying plan to create an army as devastatingly effective as that of any Goa’uld And he will stop at nothing to fulfill his ruthless ambition even of the Fittest Stargate SG Kindle - if that means forfeiting the life of the Survival of ePUB Ò SGC’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Janet Fraiser But Simmons underestimates the bond between Stargate Command’s officers When Fraiser Major Samantha Carter and Teal’c disappear Colonel Jack O’Neill and Dr Daniel Jackson are forced to put aside personal differences to follow their trail into a world of savagery and death In this complex story of revenge sacrifice and betrayal SG must endure of the Fittest PDF Í their greatest ordeal SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

10 thoughts on “Survival of the Fittest Stargate SG 1 #7

  1. Craterdweller Craterdweller says:

    Liked this one One of my favorite scenes Carter being a little loopy on morphine Janet Frasier Bra'tac and General Hammond get to see some field time too A few sections where it was a bit slow but worth the read

  2. Emily G Emily G says:

    Katikat very kindly let me read this book before I forwarded it on to her thanks hun and I think you are going to like the 'teamness' of it Which I did enjoy too there is nothing better than a Stargate story where the team care and watch out for each other Daniel and Jack working through their differences after the whole 'Reese' debacle was also great So why didn't I give it 4 or 5 stars then?Well there are too many pop culture references for my liking and not being American myself I didn't get all of them which threw me out of the story Again everyone is either in great pain or dying most of the time which as I have said before I find draining Plus although I thought the plotline was really good I felt that the end let it down because if I was Nirti I would have blown the place to smithereens not relied on some space fungus to rid her of her pests after so great a set back to her plans Also the fact that she seemed unaware that Jaffa need Kel'no'reem in order to function properly felt odd to meAll that aside it is a good book In fact it's like reading a novel length gen fic

  3. Ida Leter Ida Leter says:

    uite boring The book essentially follows the journey through the same terrain by three different groups so it gets repetitive Other parts are uite a bit of a headscratcher and make little sense And just when I thought things started to pick up the book came to an end

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Not bad plot but nothing standout; not a bad read but I wouldn't be rushing out to get a copy

  5. Heather Heather says:

    Returning to Earth from a short visit to an off world Marine training base Sam Teal’c and Janet find themselves not in the gate room but on a jungle planet full of nightmarish creatures With half the team MIA Jack and Daniel head up a two man search and rescue mission The jungle is not all they must survive Nirrti has returned after losing Cassie as a hak’taur and she wants revengeI love that this is definitely a team book Not only do all members of SG 1 get eual time but General Hammond is reuired off world Old favorites turn up as well in the form of Harry Maybourne and Bra’tacSome seuences in the book were almost incomprehensible The author has a penchant for not naming characters immediately but relying on pronouns That’s fine for a measure of mystery but gets tiring uickly I think I missed several of the pop culture and literature references I saw them but didn’t uite understand how they fit into this plot

  6. Brian Turner Brian Turner says:

    Features all the usual SG 1 crew and special guest appearances by Simmons of the NID Maybury former NID agent turned fugitive from justice and Bra'tacThe characters are written true to the TV persona's There's a LOT going on and the pace is usually full on as events unfold The plot is interesting and gives other characters a good slice of screen time without moving too far away from the SG 1 teamThis is a longer book than The Price You Pay or The First Amendment If it was on TV it would be at least a two part episode and possibly

  7. Miss Clark Miss Clark says:

    Ok Don't expect much but at least its not totally without some redeeming ualities like an author that can at least write a tolerable story even if it is not riveting Unlike certain other authorsReread March 2011Like that we have Nirrti as our bad who was always out for blood and crazy revenge schemes though this one really takes the cake and Janet gets a loverly role That was nice But far and then some too long and too much action not enough character and the characters were a bit off as well And very violent

  8. Mike Seiber Mike Seiber says:

    This was a very entertaining book bringing in many secondary but fun characters into the mix to help out the main characters The story was a good one and one that could easily be an episode of the show The author nailed each character and the flow of the story was tremendous This was a nice set up for the final episode of the show that featured Daniel Jackson as that is when this book falls in their timeline A great read

  9. Angela Angela says:

    This is an intricate action packed story It involves Marines SimmonsMaybourne Nerti and many other plots The action seuences do tend to take over and this makes it feel like a 3 parter if it was on tv All characters act like you expect them too A good read

  10. Rory Rory says:

    Love the first book I'd read by this author and jumped with joy when I saw that this was now on Kindle seeing that I could not find a print copy of it ANYWHERE Bauer does not disappoint

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