Tractor Mac Harvest Time eBook Ä Tractor Mac

Tractor Mac Harvest Time eBook Ä Tractor Mac

Tractor Mac Harvest Time ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☉ Tractor Mac Harvest Time Author Billy Steers – When the nights start to get cooler and the corn is ready for picking it's time for autumn fun at the farm Tractor Mac loves the fall but he's just too big for the orchard where he is stuck harvesting When the nights start to get cooler and the corn is ready for picking it's time for autumn fun at the farm Tractor Mac loves the fall but he's just too big for the orchard where he is stuck harvesting apples that Farmer Bill will make into delicious treats Across the road Small Fred the tractor is busy with the Pumpkin Tractor Mac PDF/EPUB or Picking Festival but he's just too small to pull all of the people who want to go on a hayride Working together Tractor Mac and Small Fred figure out a way to share their chores and share the fun.

About the Author: Billy Steers

In April I introduced the first children’s book that I wrote and illustrated Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm Originally published by Golden Books Tractor Mac Arrives at the Farm tells the story of Sibley the work horse who feels slighted when a “shiny new tractor comes and takes over his chores” Sibley and Mac overcome their differences and become Tractor Mac PDF/EPUB or “the best of friends” Publisher’s Weekl.

10 thoughts on “Tractor Mac Harvest Time

  1. Joanna Joanna says:

    It's autumn which means the farm across the way is having pumpkin picking and Tractor Mac is picking apples on his farm A wonderful time of year except one problem Tractor Mac wishes he could be across the road pulling kids in the hay wagon and helping them pick their pumpkins He hates picking apples because he's too big to fit between the trees and always inevitably gets covered in smushed apples Turns out the tractor across the street doesn't like pulling the noisy kids around the farm and wishes he could collect apples in the silence and solitude of the orchard When the smaller tractor finds he can't pull the hay wagon because it's too heavy the farmers realize that swapping their tractors may fix the whole situation Tractor Mac finds himself in his extrovert heaven and the smaller tractor in his introvert one A very kind story about how we all have our uniue skills and attributes that lend us better to some work over others Both tractors are willing to complete their ill suited tasks because they are hardworking but they thrive when they are given the tasks that best suit them Neither is judged for being too different for the task their given

  2. Ali Book&Seaglasshunter Ali Book&Seaglasshunter says:

    Another great Tractor Mac story Mac is jealous when he sees the Pumpkin Time sign at the nearby farm He knows this means it’s also Apple harvest time and Mac does not like Apple time He’s too big to fit between the trees well and runs into lots of problems Meanwhile neighbor Small Fred is dreading the chores of pumpkin harvest with the heavy loads and noisy children When Fred gets stuck Mac’s farmer lends a hand and soon the two tractors find themselves with jobs much suited to themselves I liked the message about sharing and about finding the right job for you The illustrations are nice and have lots of details and the characters have lots of fun facial expressions My kids really love all of Tractor Mac’s adventures

  3. Joy Keil Joy Keil says:

    A new series to enjoy We just came across these great books at the library so might have got a fewLove the drawings and the stories are really great So far seem like good values and fun reads 3yo and 15yo approved

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Probably too long for storytime but a good book for slightly older kids

  5. Barbara Barbara says:

    Tractor Mac loves the fall and the busy harvest time But he's a big tractor to particularly suited for working in the orchard After several mishaps and some smashing problems with the apples Farmer Bill rethinks things and decides that the big red tractor is suited to carrying pumpkins and passengers while Small Fred a smaller tractor works well in the orchard It's nice to see both tractors find their niches and for everything to work out so well Youngsters will recognize that everything has its place and sometimes sharing the work load makes everything work out much easier I really love these Tractor Mac books which celebrate farming and with which many youngsters can identify The end papers show all the parts of this tractor

  6. Cara Cara says:

    Tractor Mac a book series in which the machines have faces will appeal to children who love anything with wheels The simple text means children who are learning to read will have success with this series Pen and watercolor illustrations are detailed drawn and colored realistically; Steers takes interesting perspectives in this volume with many expressive close ups and uses the bright fall colors to his advantage The endpages display labeled diagrams of a cider press and Tractor Mac Though not as endearing as Otis the tractor Mac and his stories are still enjoyable Share this series with children ages 3 7 who enjoy learning about machinery and farms

  7. Lynn Lynn says:

    For grades pre school 2 The strong point for the series is the colorful and expressive illustrations I think that the tractor will be appealing to youngsters and his eyes convey his emotions they can relate to

  8. Amanda Amanda says:

    This was the first Tractor Mac story we got from the library and we read it several times before going back to get from the series Good lesson about using your gifts where they'll be the most help

  9. PWRL PWRL says:


  10. Holly Letson Holly Letson says:

    The tractors at 2 neighbouring farms seem wrong from the jobs at hand So the farmers that own them reaching a working compromise

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