Everybody Paints! The Lives and Art of the Wyeth Family

Everybody Paints! The Lives and Art of the Wyeth Family

Everybody Paints! The Lives and Art of the Wyeth Family ➶ Everybody Paints! The Lives and Art of the Wyeth Family Free ➬ Author Susan Goldman Rubin – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk In this distinctive volume acclaimed biographer Susan Goldman Rubin shares the fascinating story of the Wyeths—NC Andrew and Jamie—three generations of painters and arguably the First Family of Am In The Lives and Art MOBI :Ú this distinctive volume acclaimed The Lives PDF Í biographer Susan Goldman Rubin shares the fascinating story of the Wyeths—NC Andrew and Jamie—three generations of painters and arguably the Everybody Paints! MOBI :Ú First Family of American Art The accessible text traces the events that shaped their art and the ways their art influenced them in return while the Paints! The Lives MOBI õ crisp design showcases gorgeous reproductions of the works that have made the Wyeth family legendary.

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  1. Betsy Betsy says:

    For years it was my pleasure to work in the New York Public Library’s Central Children’s Room located in the Donnell Library The Central Children’s Room was the crown jewel of children’s literature in the city and amongst its many treasures which included a parrot headed umbrella owned by Mary PoppinsPL Travers and the original Winnie the Pooh toys were NC Wyeth’s original paintings from the book Robin Hood I might be mistaken but I’m pretty sure we owned them all Certainly we didn’t put them all on display but a fair number of them were available for the public and they turned out to be uite a draw for the local illustrators Since those days the Donnell has been sold and the paintings transferred to the main branch of NYPL where they now grace the walls of the President of the library’s office If you would like to see them it is not out of the uestion but it is also not as easy as it once was I for my part haven’t seen them in years With that in mind I think it makes perfect sense why I was drawn to Susan Goldman Rubin’s latest artistic picture book biography Everybody Paints Not content to tell merely the story of one famous painter Rubin dares to encapsulate the lives of three generations with a particular focus on one painter in each NC Andrew and Jamie are presented to kids here in a clear cut way that honestly displays their very interesting work Meet the bronco buster That’s one name you might give to NC Wyeth Born to parents that thought he’d be better suited as a farmhand than as an artist NC set about to prove himself Before long he was apprenticed to the great Howard Pyle and became his star student Wyeth became adept at cattle round ups as well as painting scenes of action and adventure His talents brought his lucrative illustration projects like Treasure Island Kidnapped and Robin Hood Along the way he sired talented offspring each of whom had some kind of talent Andrew Wyeth pursued his art with the same fervor as his dad but while the fine art community had never officially accepted his father Andrew was embraced almost immediately In his footsteps followed Jamie a painter who could work on everything from picture books to portraits of presidents This is their story Writing a biography of the Wyeths for children isn’t as fraught with potential peril as writing a biography of other artists might be Having cut her teeth on bios about Diego Rivera Diego Rivera An Artist for the People and Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Pop Art Painter the Wyeths must have struck Ms Rubin as a true relief This is not to say that there haven’t been rumors floating around them for years but vague rumors are far easier to elide than numerous confirmed affairs and “The Factory” The content is presented in a very nice straightforward style We meet each Wyeth in turn and the narrative will slip from one to another without so much as a herk or a jerk The sections are not particularly long Indeed the book itself is infinitely readable at just a scant 112 pages That means that if a kid wants to do a bit of serious research they may need to find some additional books to cover the material extensively That said Rubin provides the basic overview and allows the reader to fill in gaps on their own Nothing wrong with that when you’re dealing with children’s book biographies It was a Kirkus review of this book that sniffed that this particular book is “undersized and overdesigned” The “undersized” criticism strikes me as particularly silly perhaps in light of the fact that as a librarian I’ve seen too many art books rejected by child readers because they were “too big” to comfortably carry home I’m a New York City librarian so kids in my town have to lug and tote every book they take from the library themselves There is no helpful waiting car to dump the load into With that in mind our little patrons become uite savvy in the ways of pick up and retrieval Imagine if you will that you are attempting to woo a kid with the assignment to read a book about a famous artist into reading this book I can attest that there’s nothing worse than being cut off mid spiel by a child who points out uite logically that the book is “too big” I mean there’s no comeback to that So yes it’s true that the images in this collection aren’t the size that they are in real life But that is than made up for when it comes to the sheer number of images present To the second criticism that of being “overdesigned” the book actually one in a series of artistic biographies done in a “gift book” style Some of you may recall the rather gorgeous Sparky The Life and Art of Charles Schulz that came out a couple years ago by Beverly Gherman Like this book it wasn’t afraid to play around with an eclectic design Lots of large fonts different colored pages and images images images In this book Rubin skillfully alternates between photographs of her subjects and their families and their paintings To an adult I suppose the layout of this book might feel jarring but I’m uite fond of it It kept me awake allowed my eye to travel from text to image and back again freely and best of all when Rubin mentions a famous photograph it’s right there for you to look at You see one complaint I’ve heard fielded at artistic biographies is that they don’t contain enough images of their subject’s work How are you supposed to care about someone if you can’t see what it is that they themselves cared about? When Ms Rubin wrote Diego Rivera I adored it Some librarians however wanted a lot images Full paintings would be described but never seen One might point out that in an internet age it’s fairly easy to see pictures of things whenever you want to but the point stands A book about an artist should do its duty and give its subject proper due With that in mind Everybody Paints fairly pops with pictures I don’t know enough about the rights to reproduce painted images in the way Rubin presents them here What I do know is that she’s done a stand up and cheer job of it Nothing major feels like it’s missing In spite of the fact that there’s been a real push to promote great nonfiction books with kid readers it can be a hard sell Adults that are my age or older have a hard time remembering any particularly great books of nonfiction from when we were young and no the Childhood of Famous Americans series does NOT count Few of us are aware that we’re in a golden age of great children’s informational titles What Everybody Paints does is typify this kind of book It’s a hard subject that reuires a deft hand And with her abundance of experience in this particular area Susan Goldman Rubin does her subjects proud As beautiful as you would expect and three times as fun as you might think to readFor ages 9 and up

  2. Charlene Charlene says:

    I read this for myself as someone who is interested in the Wyeths has recently been to an art show of one of their pupils and yet wanted something short and basic Text gave me enough information to know something about each of the 3 generations of famous Wyeths NC Andrew and Jamie but it was the images and the uick explanations of them that I really enjoyed

  3. Lisa Lisa says:

    This is a biography of the most famous artistic family in America NC Wyeth Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth Focusing primarily on their artistic training and family relationships this study of three generations of artists complete with full color pictures and sketches of their art work is a very approachable easy to read biography Appropriate at any school library level it’s brevity would place it perfectly in the Middle School

  4. Olivia Toms Olivia Toms says:

    I loved this book I loved the design lay out different colors of the pages and fonts all of it aesthetically pleasing The book is about the Wyeth family of artists and there was a good proportion of pictures to text I am often disappointed with art books that have only a few pictures and so much text It feels so special and such a gift that I can view so many of these paintings in this book I know it would be even better to view them in real life but I really enjoy viewing them in this book As I have read many children’s books over the years to my kids I have reveled in the vast array of books we have access to at our library and and reveled in all the different types of art we get to enjoy in the illustrations This is one of the points brought up in the book as the Wyeth artists were also illustrators Are illustrators artists? I think they are This was a visually appealing book and also fun to read about an artistic family over three generations inspiring as I am raising my own children It was in the children’s section at the library but I think many adults would enjoy this book

  5. Sandy Brehl Sandy Brehl says:

    This multi generational biographic profile of the Wyeth family is a stunning book in narrative and visual content Widely recognized as the preeminent American family of painters the abundance of art and anecdotes form which to choose must have been daunting in fact though biographer Susan Goldman Rubin has achieved her own masterpiece of storytelling and placement of selected pieces within each chapter Just as the art of each individual NC Wyeth Andrew Wyeth and Jamie Wyeth portrays specific images yet resonates with hidden stories and emotions so too does the story of this incredible family Rubin acknowledges that the women in the family were comparably talented dedicated and distinctive but the focus in this book is on the passages from grandfather to father to grandsonSprinkled throughout with concise nuggets of wisdom Study nature not books and intricately woven aspects of real lives with images on canvas even the most iconic illustrations or individual pieces take on new depth and significance in this reading

  6. Sherry Sherry says:

    Nice gathering of three generations of the exceptional Wyeth painters N C Andrew and Jamie Though mention is made of Henrietta and Carolyn's painting and teaching none of their work is shown Informative text is lushly illustrated with photographs and reproductions of the art work of all three men Pages are constantly varying in color to complement colors in the illustrations which reuired constantly changing text color as well which was sometimes difficult to read Artistically designed with visual layout important than readability Still well worth the reading

  7. Shirleen Shirleen says:

    This book will whet your interest in this family producing three generations of famous American artists NC Wyeth his son Andrew and Andrew's son James Jamie Each of the chapters gives a little backgound of one of their paintings It was a pleasure to read this book

  8. Dana Dana says:

    Great overview with art examples that bring the Wyeth family story alive Looking forward to reading an Andrew Wyeth biography next

  9. Leigh Leigh says:

    Really enjoyed this condensed history of the Wyeth men Now I want to know about the women

  10. Holly Gravel Holly Gravel says:

    A The BEST most concise kid's book about the Wyeth clan with photos explaining various points thruout I learned a lot in a very short amount of time

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