Bred to Win eBook ☆ Bred to MOBI :Ú

Bred to Win eBook ☆ Bred to MOBI :Ú

Bred to Win [EPUB] ✶ Bred to Win By William Kinsolving – The story of an astonishing woman Annie Grebauer and the two passions of her life one Sam Cumberland the scion of one of the America's greatest racing families; the other the magnificent thoroughbreds The story of an astonishing woman Annie Grebauer and the two passions of Bred to MOBI :Ú her life one Sam Cumberland the scion of one of the America's greatest racing families; the other the magnificent thoroughbreds she and Sam breed and race in competition with each otherA captivating tale of tragedy and triumph.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 672 pages
  • Bred to Win
  • William Kinsolving
  • English
  • 20 February 2014
  • 9780440209621

About the Author: William Kinsolving

After a uestionable academic career at Stanford I mean how practical is a Bred to MOBI :Ú double major in Drama and Far Eastern Theology Kinsolving fled to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival to play Richard the Second He then attended The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art for polish Returning to New York he appeared as an actor off under and on Broadway as well as a saloon singer in any number o.

10 thoughts on “Bred to Win

  1. Anne Anne says:

    One of my most favorite books of all time I couldnt put it down if you like the horse industry you will love this book

  2. Teresa A. Mauk Teresa A. Mauk says:

    One of my all time favorites I go back and re read it from time to time

  3. Elena Elena says:

    This book was given to me by an acuaintance at a party at her house She was pregnant then I was 19 years old at the time and was extremely shy acting like a wall flower at the party The very next day I started to read this book I was hooked So hooked I could not put the book down The only time I had to put this book down was when I had to go to work and university Every night those characters Annie Grebeaur Sam Cumberland Winnie Charlie Dell and the scumbag Phil Angelo even Annie's jack ass brothers all gave me company Actually even Annie's son and the German woman that she saved one nightThis book is both inspirational and educational at the same time There so many things about horse racing horse breeding and training that I did not understand or even know exist The part where Annie's son cloned three horses XYZ was a very clever twistMy only criticism is that why didn't Sam and Annie end up marrying each other After all what she'd been through and two husbands later she should have ended up with Sam I don't know how and why but Annie's character in the book her story her motherhood truly inspired me Although my love of horses and horse racing ended when I left Hong Kong in 2007 I never stopped thinking about this book I used to be heavily involved in horse racing in Hong Kong My family owned a share of a horse that ran in Happy Valley every weekend I was very young then and did not understand how the world of horse racing is ranI lost the very copy that acuaintance of mine gave me So I bought my own copy from This one was a hardcover The one that was given to me was paperback and with different graphicsAnyway I really love this book I read and re read for about 3 times now Cover to cover I recommend to everyone

  4. Virginia Markhart Virginia Markhart says:

    At 566 pages this book is way too long It had some interesting parts but I felt it could have and SHOULD have ended way sooner than it actually did Slightly depressing as well

  5. Gail Gail says:

    I love this book The saga esue storyline the romance and the incredible detail that the author goes into regarding the world of thoroughbred racing combine to make this one of my favourites

  6. Joline Walker Joline Walker says:

    First time I read this book I was 14 probably not meant for that age It follows the life of a teen girl who is raised by her father after her mother had died She has two brothers who molest her One night she runs away and gains work at a race track Her life gets better mostly from there as she moves up the ranks of the track hierarchy from a stable hand to a rich owner Filled with intimacy love and sadness This book is definitely one for those who love horses as well as a story about the downtrodden rising up

  7. Mandy Mandy says:

    Love this book One of my favourite reads over and over Great characters and captivating story

  8. Paula Beck Paula Beck says:

    An oldie and still a goody I picked this off my shelf and once again got immersed in the Thoroughbred racing scene The author knows racing and he knows strong women Thoroughly enjoyed this

  9. Joanne Joanne says:

    An epic saga about the Thoroughbred racing and breeding industry as it follows Annie of several last names through a path from abject poverty to the heights of success on the race track and almost back It takes Kinsolving 37 chapters and 612 pages to coalesce his many subplots to a very satisfactory ending Thanks to my sister in law Barb who gave me this book with high recommendations years ago it is stamped discard BHBL Community Library I was daunted by the heft; but find it was well worth the occasional trudge

  10. Brian Brian says:

    I love book based about and around horse racing This one was pretty good The heroine Annie is introduced to horses and racing at age 15 when she saves a thoroughbred for a train wreckShe runs away from home at 15 and travels to New York and begins working as a hot walker She becomes engrossed in the racing game as she ages marries money and becomes a breederownerHer life is filled with triumph and tradgedy in eual measure A thrilling ride to the very end

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