Dead Doctors Don't Lie PDF/EPUB ´ Dead Doctors ePUB

Dead Doctors Don't Lie PDF/EPUB ´ Dead Doctors ePUB

Dead Doctors Don't Lie ➶ [Reading] ➸ Dead Doctors Don't Lie By Joel D. Wallach ➫ – Dr Joel Wallach a naturopathic physician gives a powerfully persuasive presentation of facts anecdotes information and testimonials aimed at convincing listeners that self help alternative health care Dr Joel Wallach a naturopathic physician gives a powerfully persuasive presentation of facts anecdotes information and testimonials aimed at convincing listeners that self help alternative health care is the only road to a healthy life of longevity He launches his Wellness Crusade this spring.

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  1. Iona Stewart Iona Stewart says:

    This is another important book for those seeking to improve their health by finding alternative solutionsThe author's basic tenet is that all diseases and health complaints are due to a lack of mineralsvitamins The two minerals we all most need to supplement our diet with are selenium and copper Selenium protects against heart disesase cancer and MS and notably is an essential supplement for women prior to pregnancy since Wallach brought to light and proved years ago that the cause of cystic fibrosis is not genetic as claimed but due to the expectant mother's lack of selenium Copper protects against aneurysms amongst other thingsOne of the basic supplements we all should take is a vitaminmineral mixture containing at least ca 70 minerals in colloid form for easy absorption obtained from a special mineral rich source since these essential minerals and trace substances are otherwise unavailable in our dietWallach has obtained his information from his early experience as a veterinary surgeon He claims all vets have access to the information he presents and that all the diseases we humans suffer and die from have long been eradicated in farm animals by means of the mineral supplementation he now suggests for us peoplePerhaps the most valuable part of the book is the two appendices the first containing details of all the essential minerals the second comprising information on natural treatments for a large range of diseaseshealth problemsUnfortunately your doctor is not privy to this information

  2. John John says:

    This is a marketing scheme and I will tell you why belowDr Wallach is a fraud and goes off the deep end after he basically denounced the entire medical industry as rich fat cats who do what they want for profit and nothing else Maybe he’s jealous because if he was a real doctor he wouldn’t be denouncing his industry after spending 20 years living in poverty and studying to become one Doctors go through ten years of medical schooling and spend 3 8 years in an apprenticeship barely making enough to get by Then they have to establish themselves in their field which may take longer Although these rally cries against “big medicine” I guess is what the conspiracy theorists would call it makes his other point sound good That doctors on average live to be 58 years old which ties into his book title “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” Especially when they are being linked to statements that they never said They can’t defend themselves when dead Anyway according to the National Center for Health Statistics American physicians live an average of 697 years According to American Medical Association Center for Health Care Policy AMA the life expectancy of physicians is somewhere between 75 and 88 years depending on the age and gender one chooses They also enjoy longer lifespans than the general public So the title of his book “Dead Doctors Don’t Lie” and the selling point is a lie and a fraud We haven’t even hit the meat of his claims yetSince I do not know much about the medical industry or biology I didn’t go into his advanced medical claims since I don’t have time to research all of them formally and they are probably as uestionable as his other claims are I picked the most outrageous claims and specific talking points that didn’t seem uite right to me However the fact that the mineral supplements may or may not work is circumstantial at best I agree that mineral supplements may work if given the right amount of mixtures and symptoms Especially since the entire selling point of these new age y feel good schemes is supposed to make you feel good However that doesn’t mean I agree with him on every single unfounded conspiracy theory and you shouldn’t either A true logical person would look at all his information research it with the proper sources and look again at how he introduces this stuff to the public It appears many didn’t do this and are just trying your best to defend his fraudulent activities He has concocted a global online marketing scheme perpetrated on conspiracy prone websites like infowarscom and is a sponsor for Alex Jones The folks you associate with can say a lot about your character He reminded me very much of Al GoreIf you dig a little deeper into his fraudulent activities you will see that he is being looked at by the National Council Against Health Fraud They have found his tapes and presentations are riddled with distortions bogus science and outright lies However since his devoted followers are very good at defending their man and are paid to do so They have many websites trying laughably to discredit the people who are trying to bring this fraud into the public spotlight For instance a simple Google search of “Is Youngevity a scam” yields hundreds of thousands of positive results yet these results are all the same poorly defended claims They don’t even try to change it up It’s blatant copy pasta He talks about these so called long lived cultures in ancient times when in fact the average lifespan for ancient mankind in Roman Times was 40 years old Women were often killed in Child Birth and men in war Babies were also killed as sacrifices to many gods in many cultures The Ancient Mayans did live on average to be 63 years old but in France around 600 AD the same time period the life expectancy was 27 Likewise the ancient Egyptians who also dabbled in natural medicine and immortality only had a life expectancy of around 30 35 years So since Dr Wallach doesn’t even clarify which cultures he is talking about that is another red flag raised An unfounded claim he makes is that the people who live to be a hundred Whoever they may be drink 40 cups of tea every day and put rock salt and two pats of butter in each cup I would love to see his research on the subject Maybe a peer reviewed paper in some medical journal? It’s not hard to do The fact that Dr Wallach is selling this false information when real doctors you know the ones who say to reduce salt and butter intake and live to be 58 years old is particularly troubling Since as I have mentioned before real doctors don’t sell their work and it seems he is also saying that doctors are trying to kill you by specifically telling you to keep these things out of your diet just because they are dying younger This is of course based on the premise that all of Dr Wallach’s claims are true Which I hope you are beginning to realize is wrongNow there is another claim that he makes that he has been a Nobel Prize Nominee for medicine in 1991 Many people have been Nobel Prize Nominees including Adolf Hitler This sound bite works well for a marketing scheme but means literally nothing in the real world of medicine since anyone can be nominated and it also appears anyone can win the prize itself Yet since the nominee list is kept secret for fifty years One can never know for certain if one is nominated If the Nobel Prize Nominating Committee had any credibility at all it was destroyed in 2009 when President Obama won the once coveted award based on his first twelve days in office As with Obama I would like to know why Wallach was nominated He claims that it was for his stunning discoveries in the prevention of cystic fibrosis Yet the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation is oddly unaware of his findings Another claim about his autopsies is troubling because Naturopaths and Veterinarians are not allowed or trained to do autopsies on humans So how did he do over 3000 of them? The fact that he is a Veterinarian and not a licensed Medical Doctor or even a chiropractor is troubling as well because I would NOT NOT NOT take medical advice from one unless it was for my pets He also states that 50% of 70 year olds have Alzheimer's disease When the real fact is that 30 50% of 85 year olds have Alzheimer's disease and around 4% of 70 years have the disease Again he is twisting actual medical facts that can be easily looked up He claims again that these ancient non existent cultures that live up to 120 years old use butter instead of olive oil Even though olive oil is a lot healthier for you and you should only use butter in moderation As most doctors will tell you this if you ever ask them about going on a diet Olive Oil is good for your heart while butter is high in cholesterol and Trans fat which is why we have things like low fat and I can’t believe it’s Not Butter on the shelves at Wal Mart Oh but these doctors all must be wrong and it must be a global butter conspiracyHe goes on another rant about how doctors use unnecessary MRIs as a way to get rich He claims that doctors receive 1000 every time they order an MRI even though the average cost of the MRI is 1000 How about the people who are actually trained to run it? What about the expenses for running the machine? Not to mention the fact that it is illegal for doctors to get paid for sending a patient for studies They only get paid for consultations and the surgery This is called a kickback and is again illegalThe FDA is considering banning these products They apparently are already illegal in Europe The use of testimonials to support supplement products is illegal This is why you never see someone shouting for joy that various medical treatments saved their lives and doctors don’t advertise the procedures for a marketing gimmick Actually you do see some people going on TV and talking about a new treatment that saved their lives but I’ve only seen this in cases that were extremely difficult or brand new Like for instance when the doctor completes a surgery half way around the world using a robot in his home office Now that’s a miracle People go to doctors based on reputation and their record and if you look hard enough you will see that Dr Wallach has a very uestionable record

  3. Tan Tan says:

    Excellent revealations about the health care industry My advice everybody should read this before going to the grocery store or pharmacy store

  4. TarZan TarZan says:

    This book is an absolute must read Chronic disease is on the rise in the United States We are spending on health care than all the rest of the nations combined But is it working? Here in the United States we are 60th in Life Expectancy We rank 41st in terms of Infant Mortality and 1 in 3 Americans are either diabetic or pre diabetic And we are the most obese nation in the world So the answer is No The solution is simple Dr Wallach say's It's not just what you eat that kills you but it's also what you don't eat The key to health is giving your body all 90 essential nutrients that it needs every day We call this 90 for Life Even if you consider yourself to be healthy you still need the 90 for Life in order to make sure you're getting the proper nutrition on a daily basisAbsolutely life changing book We're in a revolution to change our health paradigm It's at a critical stage in it's evolution

  5. Jen Jen says:

    This is a good book if you are looking at alternative medicines

  6. Gwen Gwen says:

    loved the book I am on the product and it has changed my life I have crohn's disease and was looking for a natural cure

  7. Greg Strandberg Greg Strandberg says:

    I'll go ahead and mark this book as done even though I didn't 'finish' it The reason for that is that the final 200 or so pages are appendices that list all kinds of nutritional deficiencies in alphabetical order That's pretty helpfulThe rest of the book leading up to that is great You get fun stories of zoos and animals and how the vitamins they took kept those animals healthy There's a lot of marketing and business information in this book which some people might not like I liked it myself If you're interested in vitamins and minerals or living longer or how doctors don't seem to have all the answers this is the book

  8. Susan Susan says:

    Dr Wallach stated that minerals which we don't get enough of are the catalyst that helps our bodies assimilate vitamins I've ordered his Youngivity products I've tried a lot of different vitamin supplements and I have never found a vitamin that gives me the strength and energy that his product does The book wasn't exactly what I was expecting but it was an entertaining and fascinating read Well worth the time

  9. Jay Jay says:

    Snake oil Wallach is a glorified vitamin salesman He sells absurdly marked up vitamin mineral products You can buy the euivalent of what he sells elsewhere for a small fraction of what he chargesHis whole pitch is disingenuous as h llLook no farther than the titleDead Doctors Don't LieOK I get it Joel You know better than every MD You are an animal doctor and you have a pseudoscience based naturopathic degree so suddenly you somehow know ALL about people doctoringUh huh Right Eyes rolling Oh I get it Joel Physicians are lying to all of us but YOU aren't Joel knows better than everyone AND Joel you are VINDICATED when the doctors die proving that JOEL WALLACH knows better than ANYONE Joel is godGive me a breakSeriously this dude should have some sort of major legal penalty imposed on himThere is a wealth of information exposing Wallach's checkered career Here's just one link NOT fall for this shyster

  10. Dana Roberts Dana Roberts says:

    The author is recommended by Benny Hinn That's says enough As others have noted his data is flawed I have seen so many of these books come and go They fight medical history and provide false hope for people who expect to live to be 120 Lord when I'm too tired to serve YOU take me

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