China as I See It ePUB ½ I See PDF/EPUB ä China

China as I See It ePUB ½ I See PDF/EPUB ä China

  • Hardcover
  • 320 pages
  • China as I See It
  • Pearl S. Buck
  • 25 August 2014
  • 9780416600902

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  1. GoldGato GoldGato says:

    This turns out to be my final review of 2016 so it's nice for it to be a truly good read for a Darth Vader type of year just leave 2016 just leavePearl S Buck was the child of missionaries and she grew up in China before being forced to leave in 1934 when all hell broke out again This book is a collection of her speeches and essays about China from the 1930s to the 1950s plus a concluding chapter from the early 1970s For anyone interested in Chinese history from the 20th Century this is an excellent read one which had me fully absorbed Buck brings to light some observations not only about China but about the Americans and the world itself She was ahead of her time in regards to race relations also and here are some of the areas she discusses in her essays and speechesAre We Really That Different? I shall proceed to my first broad generalization which is probably no true than most generalizations but one has to make some sort of foundationIn this chapter Buck states that instead of comparing the Chinese against the Americans one must instead lump them together and compare them against the Japanese and English This is because the Yanks are alike with their Chinese brethren due to the fact that the citizens of each country live in countries where travel takes longer to accomplish between destinations and vast mountain ranges and deserts create sectional differences By contrast the Japanese are in kin to the English due to island life which compels structure within a smaller space against a surrounding sea of water Smaller geography led both countries to build empires as a way of gaining that extra space while the Chinese and Americans share a 'love today hate tomorrow' outlook When I was reading this I found myself agreeing realizing the elegance of manners and traditions the Japanese and English share teatime for example against the mad dash work ethics of the Chinese and Americans Although this was from the 1930s she could easily be writing in the 21st Century circumstances determine moralsAmericans And Race RelationsPearl S Buck was ahead of her time when she writes about Americans and their inability to recognize that someone with a darker tone of skin is not a lesser being She is amazed to find that in the nation's capital Washington DC African Americans had to use separate entrances She said she expected that in the South but not in the city where the White House stood Buck brings this up to explain that the Chinese could not expect the Americans to be in any way superior if they couldn't even treat their own citizens the same I don't believe Buck made many friends in some political circlesExpectations After The War No one who goes with a mission to a people ever learns anything about them neither what they are nor what they wantBuck spends some time thinking about the post WWII world which she knew the Americans would win and dominate Her fear was that the United States was turning from a fairly naïve nation into one dominated by military leaders She predicted the Korean War and the Vietnam War as Americans would want to put their stamp on the globe She felt this would undo the good reputation the Yanks had within China where they had never fought and angered the Chinese as the English French and Dutch had Just as Churchill wrote in his own books on WWII the English were not as concerned with the welfare of China just concerned with keeping their empire Roosevelt by contrast angered Churchill by always mentioning China and how it would need to be an eual after the war This made Buck appear to be anti English but she wasn't she simply saw a new world order She also highlights a very simple point about the conflict that would take place in Koreahow would Americans like it if China or the Soviet Union suddenly moved into Mexico? Barriers make wars but gateways make peaceI learnt so much from this book Her historical lesson on the last Chinese Emperors Sun Yat sen Chiang Kai shek and Chairman Mao is helpful in understanding how much China has changed over the last 100 years She can be cheeky too noting that the United States would never be good at empire building as Americans simply can't concentrate that long so true She predicted the end of the Maoist world though I wonder if she could have ever thought of China becoming even capitalist than the United States Through it all she spells out the defining culture of the average Chinese citizen and their love of land and independence with their innate good sense and practical ability A good start to understanding China and its place in the worldBook Season Spring good earth

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About the Author: Pearl S. Buck

I See PDF/EPUB ä Pearl Sydenstricker Buck was a bestselling and Nobel Prize–winning author Her classic novel The Good Earth was awarded a Pulitzer Prize and China as PDF/EPUB or William Dean Howells Medal Born in Hillsboro West Virginia Buck was the daughter of missionaries and spent much of the first half of her as I See PDF ´ life in China where many of her books are set In civil unrest in China forced Buck back to the United St.