Paperback ✓ 恋する暴君 eBook Ú

Paperback ✓ 恋する暴君 eBook Ú

恋する暴君 ✯ [BOOKS] ⚣ 恋する暴君 By Hinako Takanaga ✼ – Tetsuhiro Morinaga is secretly in love with his upperclassman Souichi Tatsumi who is demanding tyrannical and hates homosexuals However Tatsumi's assets his ass and crotch are a beacon to the homosexu Tetsuhiro Morinaga is secretly in love with his upperclassman Souichi Tatsumi who is demanding tyrannical and hates homosexuals However Tatsumi's assets his ass and crotch are a beacon to the homosexual eye If only Morinaga could find love elsewhere.

About the Author: Hinako Takanaga

高永ひなこ is a popular yaoi manga ka She has also provided illustrations for several yaoi light novels by other authors including The Guilty by Katsura Izumi Her first manga story 合格祈願 Goukaku kigan Prayers for a passing grade was published by Hanamaru Comics in ; it was later reworked as the first chapter of Challengers Most of her works have been translated into English and German chiefly by Tokyopop imprints She was a guest at YaoiCon invited by Juné the US publishers of her popular series Little ButterflyWhen not making Boys' Love manga she spends her time collecting Wallace Gromit merchandise and playing Final Fantasy Takanaga sensei doesn’t like beer and people who are ignorant She comments that her biggest influence on her art and writing style was KOUGA Yun a famous shoujo artist whose works she read as a teenager.

10 thoughts on “恋する暴君

  1. Sophie Sophie says:

    I am so torn about this I absolutely loved about 98% of this but the 2% I didn't like are very hard to swallow for me Because while the first time the two protagonists have sex may have started out as dub con which is debatable it definitely turns into non con and to say that that makes me uncomfortable would be an understatement especially because I think the story would have been better if he had actually stopped when he was told to stop The sad thing is however that this sort of thing isn't unusual for this genre and I admit that I have come to accept isn't the right word because that implies that I approve of it which I really don't but it's how it is and either I stop reading that sort of thing or I don't And the truth is the things I like about this genre in general and this series in particular at this point are than the things I don't like so I'm going to keep reading this I do wish there was consensual sex happening though I really am conflicted about this however

  2. Dylan Dylan says:

    This was really great At first I thought How can this love story work? Now I'm wanting it to work soooo badly I love the characters It reminds me of Junjo Romantica in the sense that they're young adults living in Japan that ultimately fall in love with each other The school setting makes me think this too It was great Can't wait to read volume 2

  3. Jesa Rachele Burgoyne Jesa Rachele Burgoyne says:

    #fallintomangalove readathon Prompt Read a LGBT titleMONSTERathon readathon Prompt LGBTIA rep#FemmeFanTale Prompt LGBTDare to Dreamathon Advanced Challenge Onward To read a book that has LGBT rep

  4. Ashley Chen Ashley Chen says:

    YES YES YES WOOOOOTTT OMG THANK YOU Elena for the rec Looooveee itttt 3 Souichi Tatsumi is succhhhhh a tsundere omg which makes this that much better ^^ HeeheeI mean it kind of started as rape and it was kind of didn't But I like to think of it as not rape maybe I am just running away from reality but I just didn't see it as rape I see it as Tastsumi running away from his own feelings I mean the way that he acted before reminded me of someone who is gay but hate to admit that fact He apparently hates gays but I think it was because he couldn't stand the thought of being gay himself so he kind of throws his hate towards otherWhat happens later was sweet and cute swirls around in rainbow Gosh I love tsundere character 3 Tatsumi you sweet little thang I can't wait to read I don't know what to say I don't want to just give out the whole volume to you guys POh right the art wasn't the best but it was good enough I mean I have seen worst and I love seen betterAnd I really enjoyed how the manga started I laughed sooooo hard Tatsumi was definitely a character So a good intergration of comical effects and wellyaoi

  5. Asagi Asagi says:

    I really liked this manga when I was younger When the ovas came out I watched them so many times and they I read the manga Until I lost interest for a while Something like a half a year ago a friend got obsessed and told me to read it with her I did and I loathed it so much it was absurd I know pretty much all manga have this I'll continue even when you say no cause I know you'll like it shit and mostly it doesn't annoy me since it's not that hardcore it doesn't feel like rape But this manga is special I've never read a character so disgusting as Morigana He uses every single thing as emotional manipulation every thing his senpai has ever done or said if that doesn't work he'll treat to go away to get what he wants Maybe this is a common thing in BL manga but this this is so evident it makes me gagI wish I could unread it It makes me angry

  6. Anna Kļaviņa Anna Kļaviņa says:

    Do you think love has an expiration date? Probably the most disturbing manga I have read this year ever And not because it contains rape no its because reader is supposed to feel sympathetic to the rapist WTF? Don’t get me wrong I like him he is interesting character but I don’t feel sorry for him Tetsuhiro is wonderful he is delusional violent and yet tender unintentionally cruel and friendly manipulative and without empathy He looks like a nice guy but he isn’t It’s just the perfect act so masterful that he believes it himself And then there is Souichi who seems to be egoistic ahole but deep down is lonely vulnerable and guilty feeling guy SPOILERS Meet Tetsuhiro Morinaga who for the last five years has been hopelessly in love with his colleague and friend Souichi Tatsumi Tatsumi is high maintenance friend; he is commanding sometimes rude and openly homophobic despite he knows very well Moringa is homosexual On other hand Tatsumi hasn’t changed his attitude towards Moringa because of that and also is still in uite friendly terms with his younger homosexual brother who lives in America Once drinking in Morinaga’s flat Tatsumi orders other to go to the shop and bring booze what Morinaga does Meanwhile Tatsumi is ransacking his friend apartment looking for spirit and finds bottle of alcohol sprinkled with some rape drugs He drinks it Later in the night Tatsumi wakes up feeling strangely weak and ill the effects of the drug Morinaga isn’t very distraught by the fact his friend can barely move as his attention is to a boner his friend is spouting Morinaga then insists that he will help out jerking off Tatsumi Morinaga reasoning is M”I will get you off” T “I don’t need your help” M “If you don’t come at least once it will be painful won’t it?” Why would Tatsumi need help to jerk off? Because he can’t move well because his coordination is off thanks to drugs It doesn’t end with Moringa giving hand job it doesn’t ends with blow job no it ends with Morinaga raping Tatsumi in his butt While Tatsumi is yelling screaming and begging to stop Later in the morning Morinaga has the guts to yell “I’m the only one to blame?” Morinaga leaves school and work Tatsumi gets glares from his fellows and from his little sister as they blame him that Morinaga is absent After some time Tatsumi starts to worry that Morinaga committed suicide starts to blame himself that Morinaga is missing and also to what happened that night at the end he is worried and so much longing for Morinaga who we learn is his only friend that he realises that he would forgive Morinaga for assaulting him Volume ends with Morinaga saying “He Tatsumi keeps saying “blackmailer” and “you don’t fight fair”I guess its true Even when he keeps yelling it over and overWhen you got down to it the weapon is my threat to withdraw from school so to me his attacks are sweet as a declaration of love”

  7. S.M.M. Lindström S.M.M. Lindström says:

    Okay so I liked the characters sort of I liked how they interacted in everyday life sort of ButYeah rape This story like so many BL stories contains rape Rape where we are supposed to sympathize and feel sorry for the rapist Rape where the rapist says how could you expect me to see you like that and not do anything and things of that varity and we as readers are supposed to be on the rapist's side during this defenseAfter the victim gets rightously horrified view spoilerwe get a montage of him realizing how wrong he was to yell at his rapist yes I will continue using that word and how sad it is that the rapist feels so guilty And then they kiss and make up The whole incident is completely glossed over later on as if it was nothing worse than say accidentally kicking a football into a guy's crotch hide spoiler

  8. Daniela Green Daniela Green says:

    Yes there is no conYes Morinaga blackmails his senpai to have sex with himBut this is a Yaoi mangaIf you are familiar with this genre you know that the relationship between a seme and a uke often contains stuff like thatSo what's all the fuss about?Speaking of seme and uke I liked very much the fact that in this manga the roles are not clearly definedUsually the seme is the active part in the sexual relationship and has a dominant personalityOn the other hand the uke is the sexual passive counterpart and has a passive or a passive aggressive personalityIn this manga Morinaga the seme has a passive aggressive personality and Senpai has a dominant oneSo because I'm tired of uber macho seme types and of delicate and blushing ukes I liked this manga

  9. Titan Titan says:

    So Koisuru Boukun which is what I know this series by is a pretty straightforward example of my overwhelming preference for and ability to overlook otherwise ostensible elements of manga counterpointed against regular ol' fiction Face it if anyone write a book about a guy who's been in love with his college friend for 5 years and decided to break the ice one drunken almost inexcusable night it's gonna get crucified By allBut in a manga? I'm willing to forbear the potentially negative message within Because when Morinaga aches I ache And when Tatsumi gets hit with confusion so do I There's something about Hinako's style that draws out complex emotions in simple ways It's pretty much the basis of my love for this seriesWell and Aru Hi Mori no Naka

  10. Yue Yue says:

    I have been avoiding the first volume of this manga because I have already watched OVA 1 OVA 2 the OVAS are exactly the same as Vol 1 and of course I am against rape True when I watched the OVAS I was immediately attracted to this manga and I read it as soon as I could I liked Sempai despite his grumpy behavior And God forgives me I also liked Morinaga the rapist who has been in love with Sempai for so long he had to take his chance when he couldI am missing them a lot I have been re reading Vol 2 to Vol 7 regularly This is my favorite yaoi manga even than Junjou Romantica I want so much other OVAS of this manga

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