Paperback ☆ Heat Epub Ú

Paperback ☆ Heat Epub Ú

Heat ✎ Heat pdf ✐ Author Stuart Woods – Jesse Warden is at the end of his rope Imprisoned unjustly or at least for the wrong crime he spends half his time in solitary confinement and the other half fighting with convicts who want to kill hi Jesse Warden is at the end of his rope Imprisoned unjustly or at least for the wrong crime he spends half his time in solitary confinement and the other half fighting with convicts who want to kill him because he was once a copThen at his lowest ebb he is offered a way out To earn his freedom he must infiltrate a dangerous and reclusive religious cult in the mountains of the Idaho panhandle a mission that turns out to be a great deal perilous than his stay in prisonFrom his first day in the Idaho town Jesse finds every aspect of life – especially his life – controlled by the strange and dangerous Jack Gene Coldwater leader of the cult and his investigation reveals much than he had imaginedIn a gripping climax Jesse is pitted against not only Coldwater and his cult but also the leaders of the federal agency who sent him there – and there is no one he can trust.

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  1. Harry Lane Harry Lane says:

    Woods is a very prolific writer His recent work strikes me as formulaic albeit very readable I like the Ed Eagle books and the Holly Barker books better than the Barrington series but that may just be me All of these strike me as superficial compared to his earlier works of which this is one There is a wealth of detail the plot is clean it develops much like a police procedural character development shows a shrewd eye toward human nature and tension builds right up to the epilogue

  2. Midwest Geek Midwest Geek says:

    I enjoyed this audiobook on balance although the plot was beyond belief at times The publisher's summary gives an outline of the story Roughly speaking the first half is of the book is or less a mystery; the second is like a thriller Stuart Woods is a good writer with vivid characters and descriptions The plot however is a bit over the top with an ordinary self educated man Jesse transformed into a kind of superhero by the end This version is narrated by Tony Roberts who does a good job but reads much too slowly for my taste I listened to most of the book at twice regular speed but which sounded almost normal whereas I usually cannot even understand a a reader at that rate This is 11 hrs 19 min long which may be compared with an older edition narrated by Richard Ferrone that lasts only 10hrs 15 min than an hour shorter and Ferrone is not a particularly fast speaker Other readers who are satisfied with thrilling adventures for their own sake understandably gave this book a higher rating The leader of a religious cult Jack Gene Coldwater is a kind of fanatic fostering a following in a small remote town in Idaho by both personal charisma and ruthless power view spoilerLater he is revealed to be a cynical conman shamelessly exploiting people He has his cronies bomb abortion clinics not because he is pro life but because of its effects on his followers One trouble I had with the story is that the cynical he is revealed to be the less I understood his motivation Generally such fanatics actually believe their own credo but Coldwater is revealed to be neither a believer in his doctrine nor a right wing fanatic Greed alone would not explain the lengths to which he goes to build a fortress to defend himself and his flock against external enemies hide spoiler

  3. David Lucero David Lucero says:

    A page turner from start to finish This novel is the type you truly cannot put down once you've opened itJesse Warden is a wrongly convicted lawman who gets another chance at freedom by working undercover in the Idaho panhandle In a seemingly small town he meets a larger than life self appointed messiah in the name of Jack Gene Coldwater But Coldwater has other ideas less than heavenly In truth he is leader of a white supremacy cult hell bent on waging war against the federal government and Jesse must expose how Coldwater plans to wage this warAlong the way he meets a beautiful single mother with a dark secret who he falls in love with and must decide on putting her life in danger by continuing to dig into the lives of Coldwater and his gang or leave the country for goodThere are many twists in this story all plausible and the writing from Woods is top notch as usual He did his research well and this is shown in the descriptions of the undercover work Jesse goes through with a climatic ending You won't want to pass up this book

  4. John John says:

    At a suggestion of a friend I started reading Stuart Woods' books from the beginning after I randomly picked and read NY Dead She mentioned that Woods often brings back the same characters so I should read the books chronologically For the most part I have been pretty impressed and his books have been entertaining The last 3 LA Times Dead Eyes and Heat have been his weakest efforts So I am on a streak with his books that assume and hope gets betterI was initially turned off by the author's habit of painting anti abortion advocates as all wild eyed abortion clinic bombers I just never got in to this book or felt it was anyway believable

  5. Perry Reed Perry Reed says:

    If you've ready one Stuart Woods book you've pretty much read them all although this is one of the few that doesn't feature one of Woods' usual main characters Instead it's about Jesse Warden an ex DEA agent who spent years in prison for a murder he didn't do and is offered the chance at a pardon if he can take down a religious cult who control a small town in Idaho It is a typical Woods book in that Warden meets a young attractive women sleeps with her a few pages later and is in a committed relationship with her a few chapters after that But the mystery and the action are top notch and the book is very enjoyable

  6. Michelle Michelle says:

    I liked this book It's a good suspense novel Richard Ferrone is the narrator and I really like him as well He is the narrator for John Sandford's Lucas Davenport and Virgil Flowers series He adds to the suspense of the story

  7. Ed Ed says:

    This 1994 stand alone thriller by author Stuart Woods is the 6th of 8 stand alones before he devoted the next 70 novels to the Stone Barrington universe It is not great literature but does show plotting of increasing complexity and is highly entertaining Betrayal revenge loyalty friendship love deviousness and ingenuity are all evidenced by out protagonist in one or of his personas I greatly enjoyed it and only regret that as a fan of the Barrington novels there will not be numerous seuelsEx DEA agent Jesse Warden wrongly convicted of a murder he suspects was the work of Dan Barker his former superior is offered a chance at a presidential pardon if he will infiltrate the sinister religious cult that has taken control of St Clair Idaho Despite knowing that he will again be under the control of Barker and that two previous agents investigating the cult have vanished Jesse can't refuse Going incognito he gets a job at the town's only business not controlled by the cult and is brazenly seduced by his new landlady lovely widow Jenny Weatherby As Jesse sets out to win the confidence of the menacing head of the sect Jack Gene Coldwater he comes under close surveillance by Coldwater's two henchmen In spite of some nearly fatal mistakes however he manages to gain the trust of the charismatic and seemingly psychic cult leader Meanwhile Jesse marries Jenny who's pregnant Faced with the catch 22 of how to deliver Coldwater and his ruthless subordinates to the treacherous Barker whom he is sure will not come through with the promised pardon Jesse must find a way to bring himself and his new family to freedom

  8. Any Length Any Length says:

    SO why did I only give this book a 1 star rating? 1 It was way too long yet had little believable substance 2 the hillbilly voice this audiobook was given made the hero sound like a pathetic well Hillbilly And therefore I was not able to combine some of his smart moves and knowledge with the voice of someone who sounds like a mental defective Sorry it just didn't work for me 3 I could relate to none of the people none of them seemed real 4 the whole book felt like it was put together out of puzzle pieces Like one piece of hillbilly one piece of love interest one piece of long lost daughter one piece of injustice one piece of cult leader etc And yet this doesn't make one good book even if all the pieces are there The connection between them was insufficient and left me cold The whole book felt like someone was put together according to a site plan for a book not a book that evolves naturally I didn't feel the love between the protagonists her role was pathetically small and stereotypical female with no contribution other than weakness The women were all portrayed as weak and in conseuential The cult was insufficiently portrayed None of the background people to run a cult was mentioned It was just like half a book had been written and before it was fleshed out and made whole it was sent to the printer and yet it still felt overly full It just didn't work for me I really only finished it because I wanted the credit after listening for uite a while hoping it would get better

  9. Jasmine Rogers Jasmine Rogers says:

    This book was a really good thriller from start to finish I’ve never actually read any other thrillers before so this was a first for me The character development was pretty good for all characters and the plot was clean as well The main character Jesse warden had a great character arc and motivation to get through the book However there was some uestions that were left unanswered for me Like at one point Jenny was pregnant with Jesse’s baby and it was a big announcement but I was waiting at the end of the book for ANY reveal of the baby there was none which makes me wonder if the author just completely forgot about it or maybe I didn’t notice when the baby was revealed? I dunno The author is really great at describing setting and writing the problems that the main character has to go through But I did think we could’ve gone deeper into the thought process of Jesse warden was he scared during the whole mission? Did he struggle at all? It just seemed like he did the whole thing perfectly and seamlessly his character didn’t have much struggle for solving problems Overall though I give this book three stars cause the plot was great and certainly had me on the edge of my seat at times I do recommend for those who like 90s classic thrillers

  10. Daniel Rudge Daniel Rudge says:

    Even though there were a few implausible situations which caused me to dock it a star this was a great read The characters were well drawn with the exception of Jenny and the plot and pace were awesome Once you get to about page 100 you might as well plan on reading it all the way to the endEx DEA agent Jesse Warden has seen enough of the inside of a solitary confinement cell to last him a lifetime Or two lifetimes which is the sentence he's serving after being convicted of a plan he was planning to commit but never did So when an old buddy shows up with a deal that could spring him from his hell behind bars he's ready to listenTo gain his freedom Jesse must infiltrate a dangerous and reclusive religious cult that has been stockpiling weapons and eliminating those sent to investigate From the moment he arrives in the Idaho mountain town where the cult is centered Jesse finds every aspect of life dictated by the group's eerie imposing leader Pitted against not only the cult but also the feds who sent him Jesse feels control of his own life slipping away and must make a finaldesperate attempt to regain it or die tryingA must read for fans of thrillers and mysteries

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