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Stranger in the Mirror (Soul Change, #2) ❮PDF / Epub❯ ★ Stranger in the Mirror (Soul Change, #2) Author Tina Wainscott – Reissue of SHADES OF HEAVENSHE AWOKE IN THE WRONG BODY BUT IN THE ARMS OF THE RIGHT MAN In Until I Die Again Chris Copestakes died in a terrible car wreck and woke up in the body of beautiful selfish Reissue of SHADES OF HEAVENSHE AWOKE IN THE WRONG BODY BUT Stranger in Kindle - IN THE ARMS OF THE RIGHT MAN In Until I Die Again Chris Copestakes died in a terrible car wreck and woke up in the body of beautiful selfish Hallie DiBarto the wife of a wealthy California resort owner But what happened to Hallie’s soulSURE SHE’D MADE MISTAKES BUT THIS WAS TAKING ATONEMENT WAY TOO FAR On the brink of a bitter divorce when she was struck by a cerebral hemorrhage Hallie died only to discover her life wasn’t over Like Chris she was given a second chance and reawakened as Marti West a uiet but calculating waitress in a Florida hick town Even worse for the former party girl she’s carrying the child of Jesse West the Southern stranger Marti tricked into marriageAll Hallie wants or so she thinks is to return to California But she can’t resist her racecar driver husband’s one reuest stay until she has his baby Soon she’s having a harder time resisting her newfound feelings for her sexy country music loving husband as well as his warm tight knit family As she struggles to adjust to her new life and conflicting feelings Hallie is finds herself in a race of her own to uncover the truth behind a savage attack before the assailant—who meant to kill Marti—returns to finish the job.

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  1. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    Another book in the Soul Exchange series by Tina Wainscott aka Jaime Rush In the previous book Until I Die Again we met Chris Copestakes who died and returned in Hallie DiBarto's body Well now we meet Hallie who comes back in Marti West's body Marti was raped and killed But now she is alive and the rapist is still out there In addition Marti is pregnant and married to hunky Jesse James West Hallie wants to return to California and continue her life but agrees to stay until the baby is bornI liked it but not uite as much as the previous book Perhaps because I didn't like Hallie in the previous book But I finally warmed up to her some towards the end Jesse however I loved big time He was so sweet and wonderful and protective The rapistmurderer was a surprise to me I would recommend this to Romantic Suspense lovers who like an emphasis on romance with a twist

  2. Ka& Ka& says:

    Okay this is my review for so farI'm not finished reading the book yet but I have opinions already so I got to say um;Review one; So this book book two of soul change series we are looking at what happened to Hallie after she died turns out she gets in another body several months after her death Her old body which we read about in the first book is now occupied by Chris and the time difference is several months so Chris and Jamie are already almost in love Hallie comes into her new body late so she can't really go back home to JamieAnyway Hallie is now in the body of Marti who is pregnant not a spoiler u learn this in the first chapter and married to Jesse Now Hallie tells Jesse that she's not Marti once again happens early on in book not spoiler And after awhile Jesse believes her and eventually they tell his mom and his sister who also believe that Hallie is who she says she is inside Marti's bodyThat's some basic backgrounds for what's happening right now Hallie who we learned in the first book is this really awful manipulative just overall selfish person but we find out in book 2 that she might not be all that terrible She was just really unhappy with her life and she was taking it out on others So misunderstood character cool I still have a hard time seeing her as someone who legitimately can care for others And she is now pregnant with a baby and it frustrates me that she's concerned about leaving than the fact that she has a baby inside of her and if she feels that she's still Hallie and not Marti does that mean she likes the baby? I don't know how I would feel if I body swapped somebody and I was pregnant with their baby does that make the baby mine? DNA says it is but Hallie is kind of selfish I don't think she has it in her to love another human I'm just concerned that she's going to become like a terrible mom and Jesse doesn't seem to think that since he asks her to stay I don't know so far it's just been a kind of a struggle to switch from seeing her as this evil person to someone who's misunderstood in the second book and it's making for a rough read Is also frustrating that she tells the people shes with so soon that she's actually Hallie Part of the drama in my opinion is being like 'oh my God I have the secret that I'm not who I say I am' But she blows on out of the water in the first few chapters so now we're concerned about the assault that happens in the first chapter and who did it so now it's of a mystery book then anything I don't know this is just my first review if I finish the book I will post review two of my final thoughts until then stay tunedReview two Final reviewOkay so I finished the book and I got to say I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one Don't get me wrong the writing and general idea of the story is wonderful The author is very talented This story just wasn't for me for a handful of reasons;The first being they are in the southmeaning they are country folk Now there is nothing wrong with country I grew up in a tiny country town so it's relatable to an extent But I think that's why I don't like the whole 'cowboy lover' trope Been there done that got the T SHIRTThe second being the lack of feelings for the baby I talked about this in review one she doesn't seem to care about the kid at all it's like an after thought Even later on in the book Hallie AKA Marti is just like shoot forgot I was pregnant I hate that Could be because I love children and as a future mom I couldn't imagine not giving my 100% attention to my baby I wanted her to have this moment of struggle with finally admitting how much she loved the baby I wanted tears and fears all over the page I didn't get itAnd finally my last complaint is the bad guy was predictable I wasn't shocked I wasn't surprised None of it The bad guy and his reasoning for being bad was predictable and cliche' But don't get me wrong I loved alot of things too For starters that Epilogue Freaking dope I want another chapter of that alone The story is not something I have read before not alot of romance stories with different souls in other people's bodies Very cool idea Anyway great book even if it's not the best in the series it's a better book then some others I've read Enjoy

  3. Marilyn Rondeau Marilyn Rondeau says:

    As a followup to UNTIL I DIE AGAIN one gets to see what happened to Hallie DeBarto when she wakes up in the wrong body The EMT had sworn she was dead but she woke not in her Hallie DiBarto body but as Marti West a uiet but calculating waitress in a Florida hick town Okay in her mind Hallie knew she had made a lot of mistakes but this How could she ever settle in as a bit of a mousey little housewife and pregnant with Jesse West’s child as wellHallie was teetering on the edge of a bitter divorce when she was struck with a cerebral stroke now she was in the body of a woman who had been assaulted and raped All she can think of is wanting to get back to California and her old life But Jesse had one reuest – stay until the baby is born Hallie struggles to conform to this new life and his tight knit family but now she is also trying to stay alive as the person who assaulted her is still on her track and waiting to finish the job of murdering her Wow this was uite the mystery and really had a lot of edge of the seat moments as well as a lot of sensualness as Jessi and MartiHallie began to have feelings for one another The villain in the piece was pretty much kept a secret up until the spine chilling end although I had figured it out by then However it truly was a great story and as this series is nowhere to being done I am looking forward to grabbing books in this Love and Light seriesMarilyn Rondeau

  4. Cogito_ergo_sum Cogito_ergo_sum says:

    4 starsTina Wainscott’s “Stranger in the Mirror” was an improvement to its preuel “Until I Die Again” Taking place in the same universe where a higher power allows for departed souls to inhabit soulless bodies for a second chance at life it sets up for a new twist where the love interest already has a negative history with the body’s previous owner What made this book better than its preuel was the fact that the heroine had character flaws This made her interesting and her character journey much steeper as she learned to become a better rounded personI liked the thriller ride the plot and the slow developing romantic relationship Altogether I give it 4 stars I feel what it's missing is that although I found the characters interesting they didn't blow me away I'm comparing this to stories where I got so connected to the characters that I didn't want to accept that my adventure with them was over

  5. Maria Maria says:

    When I started this seuel I had no idea how the author was going to bring me around to rooting for the anti heroine she was such an awful human being but she did it The life that she ended up with was so crazy but fitting— and a lot of laughs Funny enough I’m from a “cow town” in Florida and I knew a lot of people like the Wests so that helped But the ending was everything I hoped that the former Hallie would have a chance to cross paths with Jamie and apologize for the pain and grief she had put him through We didn’t get to see it all play out but the fact that we can assume it happens is good enough I guess This is a fantastic series

  6. Karen J Karen J says:

    NextOkay now I am addicted I never ever should have read the blurb at the end of book one let alone book twoNor have I paid the bills this month but NOW I MUST HAVE WOKE UP DEADYou are a very dangerous writer Ms WainscottBook three NOWReader beware addicting author of amazing books Begin with the first and it's game over you simply cannot do without the nextSee you after Woke Up DeadKaren

  7. Tina Gateau Tina Gateau says:

    Absolutely loved this bookAbsolutely loved reading this book Hard to put down I have already purchased the next book in line You get laughter sadness sex appeal and an overall good reading experience

  8. Holly Holly says:

    This is a well done body switch romance Jesse and Marti were very likable This story contained suspense than I personally care for and that is the only reason I rated 4 instead of 5 stars

  9. Rhonda J Rhonda J says:

    Stranger in mirror It's wonderful to know that HallieMarti got a second chance It was fun that ChrisHallie and Hallie Marti got to meet each other

  10. Meghan Lytle Meghan Lytle says:

    I really like this series I felt like the last few chapters drug on a little too much but the ending was well worth it the epilogue was wonderfulI am looking forward to the next read

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