Second Time Around PDF ↠ Second Time PDF \

Second Time Around PDF ↠ Second Time PDF \

Second Time Around [PDF / Epub] ☂ Second Time Around By Tina Wainscott – Wheelchair bound Jennie has been secretly in love with her private eye boss Sam for years When she dies and gets a second chance in another woman’s body Jennie decides to start fresh as the perfect Wheelchair bound Jennie has been secretly in love with her private eye boss Sam for years When she dies and gets a second chance in another woman’s body Jennie decides to start fresh as the perfect woman Second Time PDF \ for Sam There’s only one hitch—she’s come back as his ex wife Maxine Even worse the person who killed Maxine is trying to finish the job and Jennie must convince a reluctant Sam to protect her body and to fall in love with her souloriginally published as Second Time Around in by St Martin's Press“Tina Wainscott continues to be a delightful spinner of tales rich with magic and wonder” – RT Book ReviewsSecond Time Around Woke Up Dead will bring out the imagination in your soul Lovely characters So beautiful is the love they both fight for you'll find yourself craving Tina Wainscott reaches new heights with this wonderful one of a kind thrill She combines love and suspense as no one else can –Literary TimesEngaging charming heart warming and intriguing Tina Wainscott has the right formula for success Romance CommunicationsA well written romantic feel good story that everyone should read Readers will definitely want to stay up past their bedtimes for this one Gothic Journal Terrific Tina Wainscott provides her readers with a fabulous romantic suspense drama built upon an interesting mix of elements from the supernatural Sam is a delightful detective and Jennie regardless of what skin she wears is a fabulous lady Second Time Around Woke Up Dead is worth reading the first time around the Second Time Around and the nth time around Harriet Klausner Affaire de Coeur This is absolutely wonderful Special doesn't begin to describe it it touched me so much This has to be one of the year's most heartwarming tender stories Bell Book and CandleThis is one great book and I loved it Make plans to add it to your library I know you will be pulled into Sam and JennieMaxine's lives just as I was and you won't want to let them go Old Book Barn Gazette .

  • ebook
  • 292 pages
  • Second Time Around
  • Tina Wainscott
  • English
  • 26 February 2015

10 thoughts on “Second Time Around

  1. Robin Robin says:

    Young Jennie Carmichael was killed in an accident when her wheelchair slipped over the edge of the staircase Her last regret was never having told her boss private investigator Sam Magee that she loved him But Jennie is given a second chance when she wakes up in the body of Maxine Lizbon Sam's ex wife She is found by Sam laying in the hallway outside of his office with her head bleeding It seems Maxine was injured and trying to get to Sam to tell him something when she died Jennie now has a chance to tell Sam how she feels; and find out who killed MaxineThis is the third book in Tina Wainscott's Soul Change series I read the first two books several years ago and just stumbled across this one I liked the set up of this storythe heroine gets a second chance in the body of the detested ex wife Sam can't believe the changes in Maxine She is now a nice personeven the dog likes her There is just something about her that reminds him of JennieThe story was okay; but seemed to drag on too long For some reason Jennie thought she could not tell Sam what had happened to her but she had no problem telling her old roommate The mystery about who killed Maxine was an easy one to figure out This is a good story but could have been better My rating 3 Stars

  2. Atlantis Blake Atlantis Blake says:

    I enjoyed reading this book I enjoyed reading the series and hope she adds to it

  3. Michelle Michelle says:

    I've read all of the soul exchange book well at least the ones re released All of them are a good light read I finished them in one sitting but I'm a fast reader As for this book I will say as I've said in other reviews of Jaime's I really like the idea of souls changing places and getting second chances It's different and not as over done as most paranormal or urban fantasies That is something I really like about all Jaime's books subjects especially the Offspring seriesThe purpose of this story is getting a second chance to do it right Oh and I really like the leading man in this one

  4. Cogito_ergo_sum Cogito_ergo_sum says:

    25 starsTina Wainscott's Second Time Around falls short of its mark Although I liked the complexity of the main characters the character development the plot and the idea behind it I found the execution lackingThere were a number of things that contributed to the book's shortcomings1 I had a hard time holding my ability to suspend disbelief when the author suddenly decided to change the rules in this universe In the preuels telepathic like abilities didn't exist Now for whatever reason the ability for living people to receive messages from a higher power is something I must accept way past the midpoint in the story Don't introduce something like this long after the story has started The author used this device a number of times to prompt the hero to realize the heroine is in danger and to realize she is someone he knew before I sincerely feel cheated 2 I can't get over the bizzarness of the fiance This isn't a minor character uirk This is a full blown out abnormal person with a serious neurosis 3 The author didn't set up the villain of the story believably Without spoilers all I can say is that through process of elimination I narrowed my list of suspects between two people one of them the villain because they didn't seem like the obvious red herrings the author was throwing at us At the end of a thriller when the villain is revealed the reader should be getting the Oh That's what I missed It seems so obvious now I didn't have that Instead I had the well I narrowed it down but the reasons are so over the top and melodramatic that it's not believable

  5. Karen J Karen J says:

    I enjoyed the book butAfter the first two riviting books in Ms Wainscott's series this was anti climaticUnfortunately there wasn't the same type of characters neither heroine or hero in this book I hate writing this because the first two were absolutely amazing yet this one didn't have the chemistry the oomph of the first or the in your face of the second Honestly it seemed generated with lackluster results Frankly as if an editor was in the author's ear fussing about the contract for the next book and of course deadlines which all led up to written to uickly for production not giving Ms Wainscott the time she needed to work through this story lineOverall the novel wasn't a bad read but regretful amount of money I hope to see some of the author's spirit and personality in some of the rest of the series I have chosen These novels I picked move some from the three I already read fortunately Instead of getting a new chance in someone else's body it seems from what I previewed the light happens in a different way The story takes a involved societal settingKaren

  6. G. K. Malathi G. K. Malathi says:

    A very interesting plot The wave between Jennie and Sam never deteriorated despite everything Though the chemistry between the two could have been spiced up a little Overall a neat and light read

  7. Rhonda J Rhonda J says:

    Woke up DeadLoved the book but sure would like to know if they ended up together Did they be one partners in his P I business

  8. Shiran Shiran says:

    So I'm an avid Jamie Rush fan and when I found a bunch of books that she wrote before her Offspring series I was keen to check it out Unfortunately I just couldn't bring myself to finish this book In fact I started skimming at about 30% and then realised that I really just don't care how the book ends It might just be that I'm not in the right state of mind at the moment for this book but in my opinion a great book grabs you no matter what mood you are in I'm a very affectionate person and reading this book I find that I'd rather be touched by a snot monster than Armand which annoyed me too much and I'm not a big Magnum PI fan so Sam didn't really appeal to me either I found it hard to picture Maxine as a sexy woman as the Jennie persona came across as a child And then the actual story felt like a game of Clue or an old school mystery movie If the Santini's had a butler I really wouldn't have needed to finish the book but in the end I jumped to the last couple of chapters and found out who the killer was It still didn't make me want to read how they got there So I'm shelving it under my very aggressively titled Too terrible to finish shelf for the moment If I feel the need to read something average later I might pick it up again

  9. Pamela(AllHoney) Pamela(AllHoney) says:

    Another book in the Soul Exchange series by Tina WainscottJaime Rush Jennie Carmichael is in a wheelchair and in love with her boss But she has never been able to express her feelings to him A tragic accident takes her life but she is given a second chance Only it's in the body of Maxine Lisbon the ex wife of Sam Magee her bossNot my favorite of the series but it was pretty good I didn't care for all the decisions that MaxineJennie made but the story itself kept me reading I guessed the villain fairly early but there were some nice twists thrown into the story to make it exciting I'd recommend it

  10. Kathy Anne Kathy Anne says:

    From the back coverThe h has spent the last 10 yrs in a wheelchairshe fallls down a flight of stairs and diesShe is given a second chance and returns as his ex wifeThis book turns out to be an easy reading love story and mysteryThe authors first I believe and I think if her others sound this easy and good I will try them

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