San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California

San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California

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  1. karen karen says:

    how do there keep being of these?? and they aren't even new i am just only now discovering them and it is like when you take your winter coat out of storage or in my case flung behind the door that is really just for show because of all the stacks of books preventing it from opening and finding twenty dollars in the pocket IT WAS THERE ALL ALOOOONG there is indeed a door behind thereand although this one was in no way as satisfying as countdown which actually contributed something vital to the newsflesh series while this one is of a what if writing exercise seemingly created just as a fan gift by someone who knows her demographic it is completely worth reading because i cannot return to this world freuently enough i am always ready for zombiestories from ms grant alwaysso this one is about what if zombies were locked into comic con and did the things that zombies do?? and while i have never personally been to comic con MOCCA is about as much as i can handle it sounds like she knows what she is talking about and i definitely appreciated the little bits of detail that i understood while acknowledging that i probably missed a lot of the referencesthe problematic thing about this one is all to do with the structure it takes place at a remove as many years later mahir gowda our beloved reporter interviews lorelei tutt the only survivor of the attack who had been at the time a teenager sulking off to the hotel for a nap while her parents set up their booth with their friends all of whom would become victims of the event in one way or another so with no survivors all the flashback seuences are necessarily extrapolated from security camera footage and cell phone conversations and the like and many of the scenes could not have been observed or reported by any of the available means which is a little strange for a writer who usually goes to such great lengths with her details and her research but if you are seriously going to bitch about verité in a zombie attack novella that takes place at comic con you are totally missing the spirit of the exercisebecause some of the best written scenes are these ones that could not have been recorded only imagined the legally blind woman in the engineering room with her helper dog the television stargeek icon rising to the challenge the various small heroisms and unfortunate mistakes it's all great material and the fact that she seems to be able to churn this stuff out and revisit the same basic situation while always keeping it fresh rather than just rehashing old scenes excites me so even though it is not my favorite extra newsflesh thingie she has written it is well worth the reading and i am incredibly excited to know that there are still somehow of these out there for me to readthank you mira grantcome to my blog

  2. sj sj says:

    Things you probably don't know about me1 Husband and I were early Firefly adopters Somewhere I still have VHS tapes with every episode that aired along with the cancelled too soon John Doe that no one else seems to care about DIGGER shakes fist We went so long not knowing other people who watched and being unable to convince ANYONE to watch that it's still kind of shocking to me how many people love it now2 My first non TDMA cell phone was a Nokia 3595 and my ringtone FOREVER was a midi version of Hero of Canton3 I lived inaround San Diego until I was 10 then spent every weekend there when I was 17 18 and 194 I have a mega lump in my throat as I type this thinking about Wash being a leaf on the windAdd to that my love of zombies and the fact that in spite of my problems with some of her stuff I will read anything Seanan McGuireMira Grant writes and San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the California Browncoats was a perfect storm of all my favourite sorts of geekeryIt reads like fanfic I don't say that in a bad way at all It reads like those fanfics that you take into your heart and absorb as your own personal canon It's like that fic I read right after Deathly Hallows came out where Dudley and Harry met again on Platform 9¾ during the epilogue cos Dudley has just sent HIS oldest off to Hogwarts viaGrant's Newsflesh series which I kind of panned a bit here was full of small shit that bugged me and overshadowed what would have been a good time for me anyway lots of friends love them unabashedly see Charleen's recent experience with Feed here but she totally excells at the short format Even though this novella could be considered and has been called Hugo Bait I took that bait because this was exactly what I was hoping forEXACTLYSan Diego 2014 takes place as the title suggests at the beginning of the outbreak whose aftermath we read about in Feed Parts of it take place in the in universe current timeline but it's mostly a found footage sort of book detailing what happened at SDCC before we were even fully prepared to admit that the zombie apocalypse was y'know actually a thing that was happeningWe know from the very beginning that we're reading an interview with the lone survivor of the Con which makes this an incredibly poignant and at times tearful readRead this even if you haven't read the rest of the series Read this if you love zombies or Firefly or Doctor Who or Star Wars or comics of any sort Read this and be comforted that maybe you'd stand a chance afterall since you've been prepping for this as a member of ANY fandom for most of your life Read this and be reminded that we all stand a chance to be Big Damn Heroes somedayI totally cried I cried and when I wasn't crying I had a hard time swallowing because the lump in my throat was so largeJust read it It's cheap as hell and there are thousands of worse ways you could be spending your timeOriginally posted here

  3. Indigo Indigo says:

    The book is written with a nod to its brethren in the Newsflesh series Mahir Gowda head Newsie of After the End Times has managed to get an exclusive interview with a survivor of the Kellis Amberlee outbreak that happened on Preview Night of the San Diego Comic Con 2014 While this book is set in the same 'verse as Feed Deadline and Blackout one does not necessarily have to be familiar with the main three books in this series to enjoy this oneThat I read the novel right after San Diego makes it that much fiendishly chilling a read I want to hug every Browncoat and Webcomicker I know because I know several who attend that Con every year and that makes the read much vivid; makes it hit that much closer to home As usual Grant who is better known as Seanan McGuire author of the October Toby Daye series of faerie urban fantasy writes with the sort of spin that makes a reader care about the characters Even the dog gets written so you know her personality and care about her as an individualWhile this story taking place in one of the most Genre Savvy places on earth means it's full of tropes a lot of the ones a reader expects to see in a story like this are absent There's no obnoxious obstructionist who you look forward to seeing get his when it all hits the fan it's just a bunch of strangers thrown together who are struggling against an adversity they never dreamed they'd face It's just a bunch of people with regular people motivations who were looking to geek out for a weekend but had to try to survive Mira Grant is One Of Us She's a geek through and through proud of every drop of her geek blood And it shows by the loving touches she applies to certain things in the story So yes she hits it out of the park again And if you're a fan of San Diego Comic Con and particularly Firefly? It's going to really hit you where you live

  4. Tania Tania says:

    I don't normally like short stories or novellas as I take some time to get invested in the story and characters I also find that with a lot of these new dystopian series it really is just a money making scheme and there is not much to the stories I am very happy to say that this is not true of the Newsflesh trilogy novella's They are well written and can almost be read a stand alones They provide inside into areas of the story not covered by the main books I will definitely be reading the rest of them

  5. Melinda Schmidbauer Melinda Schmidbauer says:

    Why did it take me TEN DAYS to read this short storynovella? Lots of reasons and all having to do with how well Mira Grant Seanan McGuire writes I think just the title of the book gives some spoilers and as the story is taking place as part of the zombie uprising that is so well documented in Grant's other books Feed Deadline and Blackout you know someone and probably than one someone is going to die Grant uses a character we know from the novels Mahir to tell the story of the 2014 San Diego Comic con which was the site of one of the first major outbreaks of the Rising Mahir is interviewing a survivor of the Comic con who tells her story for the first time in thirty years I would read one section and be filled with dread knowing but not knowing that the end was coming for these characters and dreading the final outcome Over the course of 10 days I finally talked myself into reading to the end and finished with tears streaming down my face Damn you Seanan McGuire I am crying my eyes out over characters in a short story and it is all your fault But please write I will read them too even if they make me cry Thank you very much

  6. Meigan Meigan says:

    The year is 2014 and the Rising has made it to San Diego San Diego 2014 The Last Stand of the Browncoats was an interesting in depth account of what may have happened at the San Diego Comic Con in 2014 where hundreds of thousands of vendors and spectators alike showed up for the con but only one survived I say ‘may have happened’ because essentially the entire story is crafted around an interview between two people with the rest of the details pulled from various online accounts of the eventswhich may or may not hold any truth to them Mahir Gowda finally landed an interview with Lorelei Tutt the single survivor and she recounts in painful detail the events that killed everyone including her parents as she witnessed and lived them The rest is suppositional accounts from third parties who may or may not have seen the con from a distance who may or may not have fabricated some details but it’s certainly not information collected and witnessed from a ground level perspective Anyone who was ground level inside or directly outside of the convention center is now one of the many hordes of biters Last Stand of the Browncoats doesn’t have any of the beloved characters from the series outside of Mahir interviewing Tutt and that’s perfectly ok The entire short story is reminiscent of the blog entry breaks in the series and that’s precisely why I liked it so much That and anything that recounts the events of the actual apocalypse is something I look forward to because the actual series doesn’t recount in detail the past events outside of the basics This is so far probably my second favorite short in the Newsflesh series with Countdown being the first and it’s going to very hard to top these two Although I’ll get see if any are just as good as these two when I happily devour the rest And lets be honest — this entire series is phenomenal so I have no doubt the rest of the shorts are going to be phenomenal as well

  7. Sonja Arlow Sonja Arlow says:

    I really enjoy these novellas that form part of the bigger Newsflesh trilogy – they are like sprinkles on an already awesome cupcakeAnd this brings me to say what I always do in my reviews of these books The Newsflesh trilogy is for people who normally don’t like Zombie books The bloody zombie chasing and chomping action is at a bare minimum as the books rely on strong characterization and plausible science to set the scene and propel the plotYes you can read this novella as a stand alone but in my opinion why would you deprive yourself of the fun by NOT reading the entire series Reading this as a stand alone however would not convince you that this series is different from any other zombie books I think this installment has the most zombie action of all the novellas in the series and if I had read this one first I probably would not have given Feed a try So although fun to read it was not my favourite out of the bunch

  8. James James says:

    Another short story from the Mira Grant Newsflesh series This one also set during the year of the Rising 2014 Instead of concerning itself with the virus or any of the larger story of the Masons this one tells the story of one of the early outbreaks The San Diego Comic Con of 2014 the last ever Comic ConYou would think this would be a perfect story for a series that has so far been far about bloggers and nerds than zombies Unfortunately what starts out as an absolutely brilliant idea fails to deliver for me I have no complaints about the idea the characters the story or the ending The one thing that spoilt the story for me was the the flashback point of view combined with the omniscient narrator I can see what Grant was trying to do but I've never really been a fan of stories where the flashback is such an obviously present device Each section of the story is interspersed with our alleged narrator Mahir Gowda yes the same one from the Newsflesh series interviewing a survivor of the Comic Con outbreak Lorelei Tuff Except she's not really a survivor she only survived because she went back to the hotel with a headache So the only real details she can provide are from before she left the two phone conversations she had with her parents and the video footage that was recorded on her parent's friend's iPad Yet strangely Mahir is able to piece together parts of the story that he couldn't possibly know the blind woman locked in the control room; the conversations between Elle and her group of friends; the thoughts and feelings of all sorts of other charactersThe story would have worked a lot better for me if Grant had dropped Mahir completely and told the entire story in a straightforward third person or multiple first person point of view narrative

  9. Ben Rowe Ben Rowe says:

    Mira Grant aka Seanan McGuire achieved the impressive feat of having Hugo Nominations than perhaps anyone had managed previously with a nomination for best novel a nomination for this novella two novelette nominations as well as a fancast nomination I had enjoyed reading one or two blog posts from her so I approached this book with a certain amount of optimism although many people had suggested this was the weakest novella in the novella category this yearThere are few books that I give 1 stars to and this is because usually if I am not enjoying a book I just dump it and then I rarely feel it would be fair to review a book that I have read less than half of With this book I did tough it out and read it to the end I can see to a point why Mira Grant has many fans she respects fandom geekdom the pages turn uickly when you read her work there is a decent amount of humor in the novella that works reasonably wellbut the writing is really not that great I mean as a stylist she is far better than Dan Brown or James Patterson but this was still probably the worst written book I have read in several years Her prose is marred by repetition and cliche the character motivation is barely believable at times it looks like a bad first draft by a fan writer who writes with a certain amount of exuberance but not with any class She is a bit like the pulp writers of the 30s and 40s though in that if you turn your brain off a bit then you can zip along with the dodge prose uestionable character motivations and hackneyed plot and find there are moments where it is mildly enjoyable As for the story itself we have already had zombie outbreaks at SF conventions before there is nothing here in this story that works as anything other than a fan titbit for those who love her novels in the series To someone who has not read those books it all still make sense it just doesnt make anything interesting or worthwhileI can see why she has her fans just like I can see why people love CSI book tie is or the writings of Dan Brown but I cannot see me being tempted to pick up something else by Mira Grant unless her writing undergoes a bigger change than Robert Silverberg's did when he decided to actually try to write well rather than just produce the maximum number of sales for the minimum amount of effort Even if I do hear about such a change I will take it with a somewhat large pinch of salt

  10. Nancy Nancy says:

    Going into the story you know how it's going to end Everything from the title to the narration to the dialogue points to that end Yet as you read you still have hope that the end will be averted somehow that these people can escape their fates Then when the inevitable happens that you've known will happen since you started the story it's gutting HOW DOES SHE DO IT? HOW?

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San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats ❧ San Diego 2014: The Last Stand of the California Browncoats free download ➛ Author Mira Grant – It was the summer of 2014 and the true horrors of the Rising were only just beginning to reveal themselves Fans from all over the world gathered in San Diego California for the annual comic book and m It was the summer of and the 2014: The PDF/EPUB ì true horrors of the Rising were only just beginning to reveal themselves Fans from all over the world gathered in San Diego California for San Diego Epub / the annual comic book and media convention planning to forget about the troubling rumors of new diseases and walking dead by immersing themselves in a familiar environment Over the course of five grueling Diego 2014: The PDF/EPUB Ã days and nights it became clear that the news was very close to homeand that most of the people who picked up their badges would never make it out alive.

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About the Author: Mira Grant

Seanan McGuireBorn and raised in Northern California Mira 2014: The PDF/EPUB ì Grant has made a lifelong study of horror movies horrible viruses and the inevitable threat of the living dead In college she was voted San Diego Epub / Most Likely to Summon Something Horrible in the Cornfield and was a founding member of the Horror Movie Sleep Away Survival Camp where her record for time survived in the Swamp Cannibals scenario Diego 2014: The PDF/EPUB Ã remains unchallengedMira lives in a crumbling farmhouse with an assortment of cats horror movies comics and books about horrible diseases When not writing she splits her time between travel auditing college virology courses Diego 2014: The Last Stand eBook Ü and watching horror movies than is strictly good for you Favorite vacation spots include Seattle London and a large haunted corn maze just outside of Huntsville AlabamaMira sleeps with a machete under her bed and highly suggests that you do the same.