The Dead-Tossed Waves MOBI ☆ The Dead-Tossed eBook

The Dead-Tossed Waves MOBI ☆ The Dead-Tossed eBook

The Dead-Tossed Waves ❰Read❯ ➵ The Dead-Tossed Waves Author Carrie Ryan – Gabry leidt een rustig en veilig leven in het dorp aan zee Om het dorp staat een hek Buiten het hek wonen de Ontheiligden in het Woud van Klauwen en Tanden Het dorp met de vuurtoren is haar thuis haar Gabry leidt een rustig en veilig leven in het dorp aan zee Om het dorp staat een hek Buiten het hek wonen de Ontheiligden in het Woud van Klauwen en Tanden Het dorp met de vuurtoren is haar thuis haar wereld en alles wat ze nodig heeft Gabry's moeder dacht dat ze haar geheimen achter had gelaten in het Woud van Tanden en Klauwen The Dead-Tossed eBook · maar geheimen blijven niet begraven Zo veilig is het leven niet het hek kan niet alles tegenhouden.

  • Paperback
  • 447 pages
  • The Dead-Tossed Waves
  • Carrie Ryan
  • Dutch
  • 18 January 2014

About the Author: Carrie Ryan

Forest of Hands and Teeth seriesIf you like clever fun adventure fantasy for year olds definitely read the.

10 thoughts on “The Dead-Tossed Waves

  1. Michael Michael says:

    Considering I recently reviewed GODS OF THE JUNGLE PLANET it's really unfortunate that THIS is the worst book I've read in a long time Real review is under construction below this line It ain't finished I'm sure some of you who made the decision to read The Forest of Hands and Teeth will decide to go ahead and read the rest of the series DON'T No really you've seen all there is to see If book one was an iMac this sucker right here is an early model of Windows Vista In fact my goal in writing this review is to rescue you from having to read this book at all Instead I shall rewrite an abbreviated and less emo version of the book Once you've read this review you will know everything needed to skip over this book completely and just read book 3 which I've heard is slightly better than this one although I won't be reading it to find out for sure Act 1Scene 1 Old abandoned amusement parkProtagonista Gee guys I'm not so sure it's a good idea to climb over the fence and go into the amusement park since zombies are likely all over the place out thereFemale Bee Eff Eff Oh don't be such a wuss It's going to be lots and lots of fun What possible bad things could happen by wandering around an abandoned amusement park that may or may not be populated with zombies God girl live a littleFriend's Hot N Sexy Brother Looks at her with eyes that radiate warmth and with pecs of chiseled marble and other Edward Cullen like descriptions Yes Protagonista I want you to come To the amusement park Protagonista aside I wish I were able to just have fun like other people my age and not worry about the swarms of pesky zombies that are moaning and groaning around the fences around my village Maybe just this once I'll just go and have fun without being such a wet blanket After all what bad things could possibly happen?Everybody climbs over the fence and into the abandoned amusement parkFemale Friend Isn't this fun? We're outside the safety of our village WeeeZombie AAAAARRRGHGHGHRandom Red Shirt Arrgh I've been bitten Ack now I'm a zombie too AaaaaarrrrghEverybody else who is non zombie AAAAHH Hot N Sexy Brother attacks the zombies Oh shoot Looks like I've been bitten too Doesn't that just take the cakeProtagonista I'm petrified with fear and overwhelmed by swarms of internal dialogue I don't know what to doHotsexy Run and know that even though I never said anything about it until we were in this zombie infested amusement park I've loved you for my whole life and you mean everything to meProtagonista Thanks a lot for telling me now douchebag But seriously I love you too Runs back to the fenceEverybody else We're stunned immobile This is all so sudden and surprising We just wanted to be out in zombie infested territory and have some kicks Who would've thought something like a zombie attack might happen?Scene II Protagonista's Momma's LighthouseMomma Basically all of your friends were found roaming around outside of the safe zone last night You wouldn't happen to know anything about that would you?Protagonista Gee mom I'm shocked So is that the kind of thing you like get in trouble for doing? Momma Yes sweetie The ones that aren't already zombified are being deported Sent to Gary Indiana Protagonista Stunned Not Gary Indiana Why? Momma Because the stupid thing they did could've gotten everyone in this entire village DEAD So we're a bit miffed about the whole thingProtagonista It's so unfair Aside and I feel immense internal guilt for running away last night when I could've maybe helped out by staying outside of the fence and screaming while I watched my friends get eaten by zombiesMomma By the way I'm not your real mom I found you when you were a tiny little tot wandering around out in the wilderness so I rescued you and took you in and then raised you But we aren't related by blood I've just taken care of you since you were a toddlerProtagonista You're not my real mother and you didn't tell me before now? I hate you You're an evil bad personMomma Are you taking your medicine sweetie?Protagonista Runs away cryingScene III At the Holding Cell for Stupid TeenagersProtagonista Looks at her friends who aren't zombified Is wrought with guilt Bee Eff Eff Oh Protagonista Have you seen Hot n Sexy? Is he okay? He must be okayProtagonista I know right? Life would be so unfair otherwise I uhh I haven't seen him He must still be out in the zombie infested territoryBee Eff Eff You have to go and find him He's my brother and I love him and before I get deported to Gary I need to know if he's alrightProtagonista So you're willing to sentence me to nearly certain death just in case he's hanging around outside of the protected zone and ISN'T a zombie?Bee Eff Eff YesProtagonista I'm on it Scene IV Out in the dangerous territories A rundown old hutProtag HotsexHS ProtagProtag Are you okay? Did you get bitten?HS Doi See this wound on my arm that looks like teeth marks? Yes I got bitten And I could change at any time That's why I'm out here beyond the safety of the village Protag But I cannot leave you Can we have some steamy passionate sex before you turn?Just kidding That didn't happen as Carrie Ryan understands teenagers consider kissing on the lips to be the extent of sexual recreationHS Will you hold my hand Protagonista? Protag Getting hot and bothered Sure At this point we skip ahead to the beginning of Act 2 where the real conflict begins which of multiple hot boys Protagonista will choose to hold hands with ACT 2Scene 1 Outside the safety of the village after having rescued BFFProtag Hi Hot n Sexy I'm so glad you're immune to zombie attacks because otherwise you'd be trying to eat my brainsHS I know right? I'm pretty glad about that too Protag leans in to kiss him HS moves away looking emotionally torn apart insideHS Alas we cannot I may infect you with the zombie disease that's still in my blood and anyway I'm not like you any Protag I'm all alone in a hard and unforgiving worldProtag Can we hold hands?HS No That's how STDs happen Runs off into the woods in a state of emotional turmoilBald and Sexy enters the scene BS is everything alright Protagonista? You look distraught His pectorals start flexing and unflexing as animal magnetism radiates from his being The sheen on his bald head is uite arousingProtag ASIDE I can't decide whether I want to go with the boy I loved through most of my life who is now part zombie or if I want to go with the sexy boy who has rescued me from zombie attacks on multiple occasions and who doesn't run away from me Although he is involved in some strange zombie related cult Or perhaps I'm most interested in the forbidden love I could share with my BFF she's looking uite comely as wellJust kidding This world is purely hetero These kids don't even experiment To be continued

  2. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Gabry the main character of this story is lacking in the crazy ass psycho department that her mother so nicely managed during her debut in The Forest of Hands and TeethThis story is about self discovery With ZombiesWhich actually makes a lot of senseIn what I can only assume is stupidity gone rampant amongst teens Gabry is convinced to go out past their safe border and into a closed and derelict theme parkIt isn't a spoiler when I tell you that things uickly turn to shit because really you can do the mathsA group of stupid teens possible zombie infested theme park things uickly turning to shitVery simple maths and the authors of the horror genre have taken such delight in viciously murdering poorly behaving teenagers that this is nothing newAfter this incident Gabry's life falls apart piece by piece until the only thing that can fix it is a zombie adventureI pity anyone caught in a zombie uprising with me I consider that sign fair warning that if there are zombies around I am not above using your soft gooey flesh to slow them down and aid my escapeWhich was rather disappointing because in the first novel people seemed to share this philosophyYet this group of zombie victims are unfortunately kind brave and willing to face a zombie horde to protect those that they love It's annoying It makes for a surprisingly goreless zombie novelNot ONCE does a zombie baby get tossed out a third story windowWhat are you doing to us Ryan? How am I supposed to ENJOY a novel when I'm pitying the damn antagonist and its mindless horde?Well actually I still managed to really enjoy this novel but stillMore brains Ryan

  3. Penny Penny says:

    I'm torn with the rating I gave this book It deserves than three stars but I wouldn't say I 'really liked it' So even though I like this book than I like it's companion The Forest of Hands and Teeth I gave it the same amount of stars uick review In The Forest of Hands and Teeth we were introduced to Mary a not entirely likable teenage girl living in a remote village reminiscent of the village in M Night Shyamalan's 'The Village' Mary's village is fenced off from the surrounding forest which is full of zombies referred to as the unconsecrated Mary desires than anything to venture outside the fenced in village to find her way to the ocean even though she's been told her whole life the ocean no longer exists At the end of The Forest of Hands and Teeth Mary receives her heart's desire she sees the ocean and that is where her story ends The Dead Tossed Waves is told by Mary's teenage daughter Gabry This is Gabry's story Gabry Gabrielle is uite unlike her mother Raised in Vista the seaside city Mary discovered at the end of The Forest of Hands and Teeth she has no desire to venture outside the city walls where the Mudo unconsecrated dwell In the first chapter Gabry is invited by her best friend's cute older brother Catcher to sneak past the barriers to the abandoned amusement park which while still technically fenced in is forbidden since those fences are no longer maintained or guarded It is only the lure of Catcher his flirtatious promise to protect her that finally gets Gabry to do what she fears most leave the relative safety of VistaIt is in the amusement park as Gabry receives her first kiss that things go horribly wrong who'd have guessed??? I kid I kid A Breaker an über mudo if you will attacks the group Gabry is with Long story short their little adventure outside the city walls does not end wellBecause of the commotion caused by the attack they know it is only a matter of time before the city militia arrives So Catcher insists Gabry flee the scene because those caught outside the city walls will be punished severely Before she leaves Gabry tries to round up Cira Catcher's sister to go back with her but is unsuccessfulGabry returns to the city by herself a decision with which struggles throughout the rest of this novel She's riddled with guilt that she was unable to stop everyone from going to the amusement park in the first place Gabry hates that unlike Cira and the rest of her friends she wasn't caughtBecause she's the only one who wasn't caught she's obligated to search for Catcher at Cira's reuest The only problem is Catcher may have been bitten by a mudo What's worse he's hiding somewhere outside the city walls So Gabry ventures outside the walls once again attacked by mudo and saved by a young man named Elias who is clearly not from her village And this is when the adventure really begins Overall this is a pretty good book I think it's much better than The Forest of Hands and Teeth mainly because I don't mind the protagonist; she's not selfish like her mother was at her age Also I think The Dead Tossed Waves is written better than The Forest of Hands and Teeth Before I go on I need to mention that I'm not a fan of the love triangle in this book It's not that I don't luuuurve me a good love triangle because I do It's just the fact that Carrie Ryan already did the whole love triangle thing and not very well might I add IMHO Mary was undeserving of such attention so the love triangle in The Forest of Hands and Teeth felt forced And in the end it turns out the triangle was completely unnecessary I feel Carrie Ryan should have gone a different direction this time around not everybody has two eually good looking guys vying for their attention I feel Carrie Ryan along with a lot of authors these days are relying on the love triangle a little too much I think Carrie Ryan cheated herself her story and the readers by focusing too much attention on the love storyExample Gabry spends too much time being torn up over the whole Catcher or Elias uestion Especially when as far as I'm concerned her preference is obvious I wish Gabry had made a decision early on sparing everyone involved including the readers and spent time thinking about important things Such as the many interesting ethical uestions raised by various characters in this book What is the difference between existing and surviving? Is there a difference? How are the infected mudounconsecrated different from the non infected? When a body Returns is part of their former self their soul still there just trapped inside? There are other things I didn't necessarily like but I can't bring them up without giving away too much Basically what I'm trying to say is while I do uite like this book and I'm planning to read the next one I'm left feeling a little disappointed Carrie Ryan could have done so much with this storyline the deeper elements are present but not explored Which is why I couldn't give this book four stars I do want to give Carrie Ryan props for writing zombie books targeted specifically at females If it weren't for her I wouldn't have picked up a zombie book ever Which in retrospect would have been uite unfortunate as it is a genre I uite enjoy Side note Also I think Carrie Ryan could have should have released The Dead Tossed Waves first and eventually released The Forest of Hands and Teeth as a preuel Why? Because The Forest of Hands and Teeth does not actually add to this story seeing as Gabry spends the majority of this novel mostly ignorant of her mother's past Sure we the readers are able to make the connections but that just takes away from the reading experience we already know what Gabry doesn't It's sort of infuriating Plus the way in which this book ends I'm assuming the next book The Dark and Hollow Places will start where this one leaves off; Gabry still telling her story Which is just another reason why it doesn't make sense that The Forest of Hands and Teeth was released first

  4. ⋟Kimari⋞ ⋟Kimari⋞ says:

    I wasn't a fan of The Forest of Hands and Teeth but I wanted to give the author a second chance Like the previous book the writing is choppy monotonous and repetitive The same thoughts and sentences are strewn throughout the pages The author uses silly similes instead of actually describing things I grew weary of hearing how everything was like something else Even annoying was the constant use of almost and of as if; almost running almost touching almost clawing almost raw Why can't the author just write a convincing description instead of relying on cliche imagery?The story line isn't very original either it mirrors The Forest of Hands and Teeth in many ways; an indecisive helpless girl mooning over two boys a journey down the fenced paths the inevitable loss of companions and an infuriatingly selfish act at the end I had hoped this book would fill in the gaps from the previous book but it didn'tMediocre writing aside I can't abide weak mopey characters who don't think who don't consider how their actions affect others and who only care about their own feelings Gabry and Mary before her are just that; vapid cow eyed and selfish view spoilerAt the end Gabry uses Catcher to escape knowing he will protect her despite her declaration of love to another because he adores her hide spoiler

  5. Morgan F Morgan F says:

    Four or five? FOUR OR FIVE? FOUR OR FIVE? Let's see how I'm feeling by the end of the review Okay this book kinda takes place where the last one left off Give or take twenty to thirty years Instead of the lovely Mary the narrator this time is Mary's daughter Gabry Now I understand most of you are like OMG who's the father? I know I was But I can't say for threat of being flagged as a spoiler Anyway Gabry has a very different upbringing from her mother She lives in a lighthouse on the outskirts of a little town called Vista She has a best friend and a crush on her best friend's brother But most of all she grows up safe and secure without all that moaning in the background But then of course it all goes wrongdun dun DUN Gabry and her friends take a little midnight hike over the Barrier and zombie hell breaks loose The night ends with death betrayals and with half of her generation gone or imprisoned life will never be the same for poor sweet Gabry I have to say this was a hell of a seuel I thought it was actually much better than The Forest of Hands and Teeth aaaaaand all my uestions were answered well about 88% There were even some guest appearances and moments when I felt smarter than the narrator because I knew what something was and she didn't What can I gall ask for?The writing was very much the same It was beautiful in places mostly sad but hope shined through I managed to read this in a period of 24 hours which is no small feat when you have school and homework and yada yada yada My point is that it's compelling and unputdownable which is officially a word The world that Ryan sets up is just incredible honestly I find it completely convincing It's mysterious and dark and scary Just normal life with fewer good partsand it has zombies I found Gabry likable than her predecessor but I don't feel fair comparing the two because they have totally different personalities Once again the weakest part for me was the love triangle I'm sick of those things I always choose the wrong guy then have a grudge against the author for having different taste in men But this time I think I routing for the right guyI think I have to wait and see if he dies first Even though Gabry bounced back and forth between the two contestants she never seemed ho ish Just confused But once again I could never tell if the couple was kissing Does that make me weird or does anyone else have that problem with these books? I don't know there would be pages of getting close and comfy with one of her man friends then they would get pissed or something storm off and Gabry would try to relive their almost kiss And I would be like Man I though for SURE they were lipsmacking that timeOverall I really liked this book And if you want this book to be a stand alone go ahead This book could do well without it's predecessor although it's cliffhanger ending may be too much for someone with poor will power aka me I recommend this book to everyone except those who like fairy tale endings perfect narrators or can't handle flesh eating corpses I've decided to go with five stars

  6. Becky Becky says:

    OK I'm done with this DONE I'm having a REAL hard time justifying even attempting to finish this Why? Let me count the ways There will be spoilers Click them at your own risk1 Gabry For real she's annoying as hell She's cowardly and weak and useless and annoying has a chip on her shoulder the size of an undead zombie horde feels betrayed by everyone and everything ever and just generally pisses me off At this point she could do this amazing 180 turnaround and achieve RE Alice like badassery levels and I would still want to punch her in the face 2 Gabry She's mother effing stupid view spoilerSo her barely barely barely insinuated that he might like her as than a friend and rubbed lips together one effing time boyfriend gets infected So this girl who has been RAISED in a world infested by zombies taught that they are brain eating monsters and that they should be killed on sight if the one doing the seeing doesn't wanna get ate this girl who saw one friend get attacked and had the thought She's already dead then proceeds to hold out hope that boyfriend'll be fine and then risks herself TWICE in the half of the book that I read to go see him and cuddle with his almost zombie self and will do anything to save him But then when she finds that there are people revere zombies as part of their Resurrection Religion and fears that they might take her cherished zombie boyfriend in as an object of worship or worse a renegade worshiper who is a boy and therefore the 3rd in this love triangle of What the fuck? might kill him OH SNAP Not cool Because he's DIFFERENT LOVE will win out and he won't become a mindless zombie and try to eat her face when she tries to kiss him Oh no not CATCHER the love of her life Fuck For real? There is a Stupid girl Boy Almost Zombie love triangle And it's not even FUNNY If it was funny I wouldn't be spewing ragehate all over this book right now But it's not funny It's stupid And irritating and annoying and all the other ings you can supply that insinuate I don't like this hide spoiler

  7. Arlene Arlene says:

    Dead Tossed Waves is a great example where the seuel outshines the first installment by far I had no intention of reading this book as The Forrest of Hands and Teeth was a disappointment for me at least But after reading continuous rave reviews and trusting my fellow avid readers that this book was a hit I gave it a try and it was well worth it IMHO I really enjoyed this story so much than the first book as I feel Carrie Ryan truly displayed growth in her writing abilities as evidence by the captivating plot she devised the flawed yet appealing characters she developed and the intriguing setting she used as a backdrop It all blended very well and kept me riveted the entire timeI liked all of the characters that made up this adventure including Gabry Catcher Cira and Elias who I felt were strong complex players in this story that kept the action going at a steady pace It was interesting to learn about the Soulers and the additional back story of the Return The action was continuous but I never felt it was too drawn out Overall this book delivered in areas I felt The Forrest of Hands and Teeth didn'tI'm removing one star for some insignificant details that really didn't distract me too much but I wish could have either been eliminated downplayed or explained One I would have liked to see Gabry not go back and forth so much between her feelings for Catcher and Elias but considering the gamut of emotions and struggle for survival I guess I can understand the confusion that naturally set in I'm still curious as to what caused the virus and where it started We did receive back story but I still have some uestions My other uestion is why did Catcher get bit in the first place if the Mudos didn't sense his presence since he was immune to the virus? That confused me a bit but not enough to detract from what was happening in the bookOther than that though it was a great story I definitely won't hesitate to read other books by this author in the future

  8. Shanon Shanon says:

    I had some real issues with The Forest of Hands and Teeth mostly revolving around my extreme dislike of the main character Usually disliking a main character is a deal breaker for me and it is lucky for me to even finish the book let alone read a seuel Luckily the world building in The Forest of Hands and Teeth was amazing I wanted to learn about how civilization came to such a state what was going on with the secretive sisterhood and everything else I could about the world Carrie Ryan created I was hooked by the world and not the charactersDead Tossed Waves is about Mary’s daughter Gabry I found her to be much likable than Mary though not necessarily a lovable character She came across as whiny at times and I would be sorely tempted to reach through my book and slap her if it was only possible There is much information about the zombies aka Mudo as well as the fate of Mary’s home village Gabry’s history and the sisterhood I am even intrigued by this world I will be eagerly awaiting the next book in this series

  9. Bethany Bethany says:

    Wow You never think that a seuel will eual its predecessor but Carrie Ryan has managed to do itand I even liked it better The Forest of Hands and Teeth blew me away with its creative setting and premise and with its strong female lead but when I got hold of The Dead Tossed Waves I could NOT put it down Told from the point of view of Mary's daughter Gabry its about a girl who is forced to step outside of her safe world and learn what courage is In contrast to her mother Mary Gabry is timid and cautious about the world around her Watching her grow develop and rise to the challenges that she met with throughout her story was amazing And the love triangle with her initial first love Catcher and her mysterious rescuer gosh I just love a good rescue Elias was beautifully written Great example of how to write a love triangle without making your reader hate someoneI can honestly say I love both Catcher AND Elias althoughI'm rooting for Elias I can't lie Absolutely cannot wait for book three ANDhaving met Ms Carrie Ryan in person I can honestly say that she is as cool as her books

  10. Y Y says:

    FINAL EDIT Everything after the line below this is pretty much my play by play rantings as I listened to the book What's right here is the condensed version of my thoughts having finally finished it The Dead Tossed Waves is the seuel to The Forest of Hands and Teeth a book I found decently entertaining mainly due to its world building Picking up where the first book left off TD TW scratches most of the world building having already been largely established for vast vast amounts of internal monologuingRyan attempts to make our heroine Gabry a sympathetic character by making her uite flawed Unfortunately she decides to do so by having Gabry leap head first over the Victoria Falls of character flaws she's nothing BUT flaws There are virtually no likable ualities to the girl and this affront is further compounded by the fact that no one calls her out on her wishy washy cowardliness; in fact they tend to go out of their way all to support her Gabry spends a fair amount of the book pining over one boy then when it turns out he can't be with her if he wants her safe she pities herself utterly and completely and uickly switches camps to be with the other romantic interest option Later she also forces a self sacrificing boy to deal with one of his greatest fears in order to save herself This girl is as selfish as she is dull Frankly Catcher's entire ordeal is far interesting and sympathetic The book should've been about himWe're forced to sit through similar situations over and over again including events that are echoing what already occurred in the first volume This could've been done well but considering things are repeated far too often already it just feels like overkillSpeaking of repetitions the book needs serious editing Some words are used far too often scream being one of them Okay we know you're surrounded by zombies and frightened but nobody particularly in this day and age especially female readers appreciates a heroine who spends all her time exercising her vocal cords in such a manner It's not just literally; it shows up metaphorically too apparently someone's freckles scream against her pale skin Yeah Near the end someone findsloses purchase three times in one chapter Why can't they simply lose footing once in a while?Also would you like to see how much padding can be done to a book by having numerous numerous inactions instead of characters actually oh I don't know doing things? Well here is that book and you're my guest to count how many times within it Gabry wants to donot do something but she doesn'tcan't I'll bet you it isn't used fewer than 30 timesThe book is a mess that could've been a little better with copious amounts of editing better fleshed out and sympathetic characters and original ideas instead of constant repetitionListening now though the narrator's voice is grating on my nerves I know they want to go with someone who actually sounds like a teenage girl but she sounds far too serious OHMIGOD TEENAGE DRAMARAMA ANGST The narrator for the first book wasn't too great at emoting but she sounded like a young woman without being overly obnoxious about itEDIT 1 So far this is boring the hell out of me At first it seems like it's going to be a preuel but then it becomes obvious this takes place maybe a couple of decades after the first book Since a lot of the details of the world were already established in the first book there's very little of that here other than to show how this community is slightly different from that of Mary's in the first book That also means that the book is mainly focusing on the characters and the situations instead of the worldbuilding I enjoyed in the first bookI'm not that far into it yet a little shy of 20% complete And like the first book the characters are just as dull here since instead of bothering to take much time to flesh them out it's been mainly just Gabry's whining Oh I guess Gabry gets some fleshing out While Mary was just kind of there we at least get to be constantly hammered by how much of a whiny selfish coward Gabry is Not that that's necessarily a bad thing because how that character overcomes all these negative traits to become a better person is usually something to look forward to but looking at some other reviews heredoesn't look like that's at all what Gabry does Anyway you kind of feel like the whole zombie thing is kind of a joke of no real importance any hey it's just the status uo now when the revelation of adoptedbaby has such an earth shattering effect on the main character I mean sure I'm not adopted so I can't say anything with my own experiences but I'm sure reactions for actual adoptees has run the full gamut of emotions Howeverjust from what little we've seen so far Gabry feels like too much of a wet rag of a character to have such a violent reaction to it It was selfish of you? I don't think I can ever forgive you? Where was all this passion and conviction when you should've been telling your friends not to be idiots and go wandering into an infested zone? How about showing some actual outrage to their sentencing instead of just going Oh noez how awful I feel so guilty but I won't actually do anything about it inside of your head over and over again?I guess Ryan just wanted to give Gabry something to feel sorry about herself forbut really? Adoption drama in a zombie apocalypse setting? I feel that there were other options that could have been taken here Original though it may be I don't really know; I don't consume a whole lot of zombie fiction it just feels like yet another thing to minimize the impact of the whole zombie settingThe first book felt like it had promise that it just wasn't uite able to live up to but this one feels like it's dull and drudging along from the very start I'll finish it out anyway but I'll admit that I'll be very surprised if I end up being pleasantly surprisedEDIT 2 All Gabry ever does is pity herself or be angry with other people when they tell her things she doesn't want to hear And she complains about the same things over and over and over and OVER and over and over and OVER again Her entire personality is built on her cowardice and her blaming others and her internal monologueing which again is NEVER ABOUT ANYTHING NEW She just repeats her same boring problems over and over again especially how the adoption revelation has CHANGED EVERYTHING ABOUT HER EVERYTHING SHE EVER KNEW EVERYTHING IS A LIE NOW OMG EXISTENTIAL ANGSSSSSSSTTTT Apparently she REALLY looked up to Mary although we really haven't seen anything to indicate that before she learned the truth she was busy being a typical teenager embarrassed because her mother isn't normal like everyone else until after the reveal and now everything that she thought was similar about themselves is ALL A LIE because blood is the ONLY THING that ever affects someone; has nothing to do with how they're raised no siree bob but since we're getting all these I thought we had similar this or that and I drew strength from that BUT NOW IT'S A LIE after the fact with no indications that Gabry honestly thought that when she believed Mary was her real mother it all sounds fake to my ears like now she's just looking for crap to continue to fuel her angst Maybe she really hates herself her cowardice and was hoping that Mary was an image of something she could strive for which she totally still can just saying but considering how she's now blaming Mary for anything wondering about her poor REAL mother whose child starving and wandering around alone in the forest never came back to her I don't really know if that sounds like someone with a lot of self loathing You'd think she'd spend time blaming oh say herself instead of everyone ELSEThen as soon as Mary decides to go back into the forest Gabry is OMG you're abandoning me? This is right after Mary tells her to come with her I don't know; this girl is just so needy but so selfish and self pitying it's like she has no emotional maturity at all Things are always happening too fast for Gabry to apparently understand anything Okay well it's not like everything that's happened has occurred within five minutes or so; you've had plenty of time to think things through and sort things out No please PLEASE try to sort things out It'd give the readers something new to read other than your same complaints over and over again Also she's always thinking of things she wants to say or do to console anyone else I want to tell him it's okaybut I can't I want to tell her I forgive herbut I CAN'T AGAIN Over and over Over and over and over and OVER and over and over and OVER again AGAIN I want to but I can't Make it a drinking game Try it You'll be piss ass drunkOkay so Ryan has created this world full of zombies that she really likes so much so that she's written a trilogy and afaik at least two short stories also contained within this universe That's not a bad thing this world building and expanding upon it The problem is that while new tidbits of the world are exposed every now and then her characters and her dialog are not up to par The characters never do anything NEW; we're subjected to same crap every few pages and the same ridiculously boring dialogs again and again becauseI don't know why It feels like she doesn't care to put in as much effort for her characters as she does the setting Driving the same crap through over and over again kind of like what I'm doing here isn't making things seem desperate or showing how important this feelingthoughtactionnon action is to this character by having them do NOTHING ELSE it's making it all extremely tedious Stop itIn the very beginning I thought Gabry was one of the few teens with an iota of sense since she was the only one who actually thought GOING OUTSIDE THE ZOMBIE BARRIER was a BAD IDEA but now she's all insisting that she come back for Catcher zombies be damned Catcher turning be damned And all because of TWU WUV? Ugh again like with Mary and Travis Catcher is very very dull He has virtually no personality outside of decent guy and crush on Gabry Their love has apparently been budding for a while now but again none of that is actually shown and it's all just I LOVE LOVE LOVE HIM I feel zero chemistry between them they simply feel like every single obligatory crammed in fictional couple ever Why does she love him so much? I don't know Why does he love her so much? Even of a mystery since I find the girl completely unlikeable myself Either way very little has been done to convince me that Gabry is so completely willing to throw common sense to the wind in order to help Catcher The fact that she's too cowardly to face her punishment with the rest of the teens and is only helping so they won't tell is the only believable reason I've seen so far Virtually nothing has been shown to me for me to think Gabry and Catcher have such a strong bond; it's reuiring suspension of disbelief than the whole zombie apocalypse isAll in all my BIGGEST problem with the book is that it's everyday teenage angst set in a world with zombies that takes itself UTTERLY SERIOUSLY It doesn't have to be a zombie comedy or anything but it wouldn't kill the book to have at least a couple laugh out loud situations unintentional LOL situations like laughing at how people this dumb managed to survive this long doesn't count or at least one character who makes wry comments now and then As it is absolutely no one so far has a smidge of a sense of humor; everyone is too busy being SERIOUS SERIOUS ANGST SERIOUSConversely the overtly serious internal monologues of Gabry the majority of the book thus far tend to be too overblown and nonstop with absolutely no sublety that I don't feel any emotion whatsoever well besides extreme aggravation toward any of these characters or their situations I'm not feeling any heartstrings being tugged here sorry to say EDIT 3 Things become interesting once reaching the midway point but as usual everything seems to be in a blur for Gabry and she does almost nothing by thinking; everything is fueled by emotion The word scream is used far too often in this book I know this is about zombies but most of the time it's used in places that have nothing to do with zombies closing in on Gabry We have a female lead who screams all the time and runs not on brains but feelings GreatI want to but has seriously not let up for one second It's honestly starting to piss me off how often it pops up This is bad writing and even worse editing I don't care what you WANT to do How about actually DOING them sometimes? So far Gabry's main personality point is still that she's amazingly wishy washy Yet she has no problems beating up Elias and taking out her rage on him half the timeEDIT 4 Gabry has eased up a little on being incredibly annoying though that's probably due to Elias Catcher and Cira being with her and so at least some of the book is devoted to conversations with them and what they have to say on things never anything terribly interesting but so we aren't constantly being bombarded with Gabry's inner monologues about how awful everything is right nowIt pisses me off that she's still insistent on rarely ever using her intellect for anything only focusing on the emotional side of her problems Ooh so she figured out the code of Roman numerals her mother left behind; her mother already did that in the first book Can't we have something new? How about pausing and using that noggin for something else sometimes? Why won't Catcher kiss me? Do you hate me? Uh I've got strains of ZOMBIE in my bloodstream now? OhhhhhhhAll these books written largely for adolescent girls nowadays almost 100% written by women themselves and all the female leads are too busy being emotional about everything and In Love almost always in the form of a triangle because Being In Love is always the most important thing to a woman right? I'm not saying that there should never be any romance in stories ever I probably wouldn't mind too much myself but that's just me but why does it have to seem like such a crime for a female protag to actually have strong aspirations beyond that boy she's been crushing on for all this time? Why not write a book about a girl who wants to join the Recruiters and the difficulties she has to go through for that? How about instead of a couple of teenagers who only dream about going to the Dark City only for things to take an ugly turn they actually do set out for it and uncover certain truths about this world they live in? Why not a book from Cira's point of view? She seems slightly interesting than Gabry As it is Gabry's main focus is all about Catcher occasionally switching to Elias and the only reason she ever does ANYTHING is because other situations currently occurring are forcing her from one place to another She keeps talking about how she wants to be like her mother but she rarely ever does anything in this vein mostly taking time out to talk to herself about how things aren't fair or how everything is futile or how she's too frightened or something eually boringFinally my arch nemesis I want to but I can'tdon't is still around in full force I've accepted that it's immortal and I almost have the sick urge to listen to the book a second time in order to keep a count on how many times that phrase is usedEDIT 5 facepalm edition It's not fair; I want to fall into despair like Cira; why do I have to be the only one that's strong in the group; it's not a position I'm used to or know how to handle?I don't even know what to say to that Just Gabry being selfish as usual though with some particularly bizarre delusions of grandeur why do I have to be the only one that's strong? Since when?She says this because Cira's busy having a mental breakdown hi we already saw something like this in Cass in the previous book And again it's a woman that this is happening to and Gabry insists on going back to Vista because apparently that's the strong thing to do since Cira is sick physically and mentally and they can't take care of her out in the forest This is completely without regard with what'll likely happen to them all if they return considering they instigated a zombie breach albeit by harmless zombies and set free all the teens that their rather tyrannical little community decided to punish harshly on top of the fact that Gabry is known to have killed a man while she was there So they take Cira back and get her cured then what? The recruiters will use Catcher as a slave and likely hold Cira as hostage for the rest of her life so that he'll continue to do their bidding yeah I totally cannot see how this might cause Cira to attempt suicide again or anything Elias is an outsider so who knows what they'll do to him and why in the hell will they spare a murderer much less the daughter of someone the council didn't seem to particularly trust all that much to begin with? Oh yeah this all sounds like a GREAT idea and because Elias and Catcher aren't agreeing with her idea they're being too weak now? She thinks she'll actually be doing Cira a favor? There you go folks; the result of when Gabry tries to think EDIT 6 WHY is the writing so contradictory? I want to show him he's not a monster then maybe a page later He's like a horrifying monster Seriously did this script ever actually get looked at by an editor?Also It's not that Catcher can't be with me it's that he doesn't want to be with me Getting close to the end and we're STILL dealing with this selfish bullshit from Gabry? HE DOESN'T WANT TO TAKE A CHANCE AND INFECT YOU FFS GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD Funny enough everything actually already IS about her yet she always twists the situation in her head so that she can get max self pity points You had some kind of goddamned epiphany a few chapters previous to this WHY ARE YOU STILL SHOWING NO CHARACTER GROWTH?EDIT 7 Almost done And now we're reusing ideas again This whole you must go on leave me etc situation was already done than once actually in the very beginning and with Cira Including the laughable way Elias gets himself hurt this is yet pointless melodrama that we have to sit through for anything to MOVE FORWARD in this damn story Also can Gabry ever say anything that ISN'T whiny once in a while? PLEEEEEAAAASE? Frankly out of everything that's happened in this book I think CATCHER is the one who's consistently gotten the short end of the stick and yet it's THE GABRY SHOW where she moans nonstop and we're the lucky ones who get to listen to it and blames everything on herself as if her simple nonactions are really that important in the grand scale of the universe yet everyone goes out of their way to worry about her or make sure she's taken care of with never a reprimand or someone telling her it's time for her to fucking grow up Obviously I'm just not sensitive enough to give a damn about her problems but honestly I would've chucked her over the fence to the zombies near the beginning of the book

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