Full Service eBook Ú Kindle Edition

Full Service eBook Ú Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 305 pages
  • Full Service
  • Scotty Bowers
  • English
  • 12 October 2016

10 thoughts on “Full Service

  1. George K. Ilsley George K. Ilsley says:

    Hard to imagine people who pick up such a memoir and then complain about the salacious details The whole point is salacious details people and please don't bother pretending otherwise Bowers presents himself as a sort of unpaid pimp and it is perplexing why he bothered to do all that work for nothing Perhaps he had legal advice concerning the need to gloss over certain detailsHaving recently read an article about the death of Ramon Novarro and the lives of the hustlers two brothers who killed him one finds some of the details in this volume to be not so improbable The post War years used to be very decadent but no one talked about it and so most thought everything was very innocent Now everything is talked about and much less is swept under the carpetThe strangest aspect here was the vitriol Bowers exhibited towards those few celebrities who somehow managed to not sleep with him James Dean was a prissy little ueen and so on All in all I felt that there is still another stranger story which has not been told I wished this had been a biography with collaborating or contradictory views from other people to flesh out the narrative

  2. Wendell Wendell says:

    This may not be the silliest book I’ve ever read but it is without uestion the most pointlessI had of course heard and read enough so to say fluff about Full Service to know that I was in for trash before I'd even cracked the covers But there’s trash and then there’s rubbish This is rubbish especially in the British sense of the wordWhether or not there is truth in Bowers' claims about the “secret sex lives of the stars” and isn’t that a phrase that just makes you know you’re about to hear gospel? is immaterial There’s no particular reason to disbelieve Bowers but there’s not the slightest reason to believe him either Not one single paragraph in his book contains what any reasonable person could call the “ring of truth” Even when Bowers is describing people to whom he was supposedly very close and to whom was he NOT very close among the rich and famous? his so called memories betray all the intimacy of a Wikipedia entry In other words Bowers has nothing interesting or revealing to say about anyone; all his information is warmed over and leftoverTo wit Had you heard that J Edgar Hoover liked to cross dress? Well Bowers was once at a party that Hoover attended and – guess what?? – Hoover actually dressed up in drag Try to imagine the serendipity Had you read that John Holmes had both a massive dick and a massive drug problem and late in his life was implicated in the unsolved Wonderland murders? Yeah so has Bowers But he doesn’t mind repeating this suib as though he actually possesses some information that didn’t come from GoogleParticularly repellent is Bowers’ discussion of Tennessee Williams who supposedly wrote a tell all play about Bowers’ life but then at Bowers’ reuest destroyed it how convenient; it is not only crass and feeble it is blatantly cribbed from other people’s biographiesAttempts like these are merely pathetic More than that they reflect precisely what little someone in Bowers' position could logically be expected to know Logically that is unless you're willing to believe that Bowers was bosom buddies with the glitterati the Hollywood A List the wealthiest producers and the biggest celebrities a group of individuals whom we can easily believe were dying in the years of McCarthy the Hays Code and morals clauses to confide deeply in gas station attendants and bartenders before folding them permanently into their swank and cliuish coteriesBut that is evidently what Bowers does want his audience to believe a pretension that leads to many passages in which he asks the reader not only to suspend disbelief but to murder any neuron that attempts to traffic in reason Thus we’re meant to take as revealed light not only that Walter Pidgeon was a horny middle aged homo but that he picked up Bowers who at the time was a barely legal little piece of street hustler meat took him to his mansion for sex and immediately told him exactly who he was including introducing him by name to another closeted H’wood celebrity How much of a closet can it have been if Pidgeon blabbed his most carefully guarded secrets to some completely unknown boy whore five minutes after doing him?Then of course there’s the fact that everyone about whom Bowers writes is conveniently dead I don't mention this as any sort of allusion to the legalities of defamation but simply to clarify a point It's one thing to have the guts to make claims about people who are still around to say you're full of shit It’s uite another thing to write Full Service which may just have defined a new genre Necrophiliac Soft Porn Fan FicI could go on but just talking about Bowers makes me tired I’ll close by saying that it’s difficult to know how much control Lionel Friedberg had over Bowers’ writing but the result of their collaboration is dreck repetitive dull boilerplate reportage of the breathless tedious sort one normally finds on the E Network Spoiler Bowers’ and evidently Friedberg’s favorite adverb is “happily” After reading the umpteenth sentence in which someone does something “happily” I could have murdered them both HappilyMy meager consolation is that I borrowed this book from the library and never actually had to pay for it But that doesn’t mean when I’d finished reading that I didn’t let’s say it with Bette WIPE MY MOUTH

  3. Jim Jim says:

    Ick Just ick I suppose I deserved this When I signed this out of the library I thought I was getting a general gossip accountyou know something along the line of guess who's gay or guess which star had an affair with her butler What I got instead is an all too graphic account of the sexual shenanigans of the author and people he has claimed to have whored or pimped for over the course of six or seven decadesBowers was molested by a friend's father at an early age He enjoyed the experience so much he went back for and eventually started whoring for pennies for clergy and other customers I mean pennies literally because he remarked that it was a high point if he got as much as a dollar Eventually he joined the Marines and after his discharge at the end of the war he got employment pumping gas at a Hollywood gas station While thus employed he accepted an old ueen's offer of twenty bucks for a bit of noggin and the die was cast Bowers started tricking himself and other ex Marines who were hanging around the gas stationmade me look at Marines in a new way I can tell youBecause he was so good at providing specific types for his contacts Bowers was able to befriend many of Hollywood's elite Being bisexual he bedded both males and females and he doesn't mind telling you which ones I'm not going to blindly accept everything he says as gospel necessarily because he didn't come out with his tell all until almost everyone involved was dead Additionally much of what he says was common knowledge or thought to be common knowledge We all knew Rock Hudson was gay and suspected Cary Grant and Randolph Scott of being involved and who didn't suspect Hoover of being a cross dresser? Still I have no reason to disbelieve any of itI found the book way too graphic for my taste The only physical contact I want with another man doesn't extend past firm handshake and Bowers goes way past that in his account If you want to know which celebrity liked turd sandwiches or which one wanted an uncircumcised male who hadn't washed for a while this book is for you Matters of delicacy aside I was conflicted with Bowers I think a person's sexuality is their own businessunless they are in a committed relationship Bowers was married but was constantly unfaithful He would even clamber aboard a friend's wife with no compunction whatsoever Further I also feel that sexual encounters are a personal matter shared by two people not something to be gloated about On the other hand Bowers is comfortable with his sexuality and probably doesn't even have the feeling that anything he has done is wrong He even seems grateful for the sexual education he received at the hands of adults while still a boyWe can take this as a warning to be careful of whom we choose to be intimate with and a reminder that you can never really trust anyoneI was so glad that John Wayne and Clint Eastwood did not appear in this book

  4. Brie Brie says:

    I will not try and figure out if the author was exploited as a child He seems to have made peace with his childhood so I will accept that even if it makes me sad to read about the adults using him like they didNow that I have that out of the way I won't try and say I believe all he has talked about in the book There is a lot that rings trueusually the stories that are fleshed out and less We did this and that and I don't remember when Still it is an interesting book about a guy who made his own way in life and isn't ashamed to be frank about his sexual exploits He is blunt in language and uses words to describe acts and people that were used at the period of time they happened I actually grew to like him as a person because of thisthis frankness and sense of fun he haddespite him being a paid sex object I was very happy to hear that he was settled in life and enjoying his later years with a woman he loves a house he adored and a dog he loves After the life he ledhe really deserves some calm and happiness in his later yearsThis is definitely not the book for people who don't like frankness about sex sex when still considered a child explicit descriptions of sex or speculations about famous people If that stuff turns your stomach avoid this book If you like to listen to older people tell stories from their lives real or made up and are not sueamish about sex then you may enjoy this book I enjoyed it despite sections that made me sad for the boy he was and parts that made me side eye what was written as truth but may not be Everyone has a story and they all should be allowed to tell it

  5. Dy-an Dy-an says:

    I'm calling bullsht Mr Bowers1 There is no way that everyone who met you liked you and wanted to do nasty things with you2 I don't buy the line that you were never paid for setting up 'tricks' No one does it for the love of the game You's a pimp sir3 J Edgar Hoover? Really? That doesn't strike you as funny4 How convenient that everything was a BIG SECRET and all the corroborators are dead5 There must be a whole new brand of syphilis with your name on it The Bowers strain would have raged through Hollywood had this book been true

  6. Kendra Bean Kendra Bean says:

    I have a difficult time believing that Bowers was able to remember details of all of these supposed “tricks” without having kept note of them somewhere I also have a very hard time believing he was “great friends” with all of these famous people But regardless of whether the people he’s outed we’re actually gaybiliked hookups with a gas station attendant the book is actually uite boring A basic formula is used throughout1 Wikipediaesue potted biography of famous person2 A couple of sentences about that person’s shocking sexual proclivities3 A declaration that Bowers and said celebrity were “good friends” or “great pals”I’ve read much better smut elsewhere

  7. Tosh Tosh says:

    Full Service indeed Scotty Bowers memoir is the not so secret of the sexual lives of the cinema famous and the great Gossip is an important social function in the world and Full Service is not afraid to go into that territory And being a visitor by reading this book I find it really interesting I am always fascinated with the image than the truth One of the reasons why I like the cinema is the fact that dreams are being projected on a screen and i never really was or is concerned what is real or not realSo with that in mind I have no reason to doubt Bowers tales in this book I am interested in another shadow world where desire leads to adventures And what I got from this book is not the actual sex acts plenty of that but the fact that it was a world that was full of secrets and secrets are very very seductive So one should dip into Full Service as not as if it was true or not does that really matter but the fact that one can go into Scotty Bowers world with a full appreciation of a life that was well designed and in many ways beautiful

  8. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I only learned that this book and its author existed when I saw a trailer for an upcoming documentary about Scotty Bowers career as pimp and prostitute for some of the leading movie stars directors musicians studio executives etc of the 1940’s and 1950’s and later This is salacious graphic material but I read reviews beforehand and was aware of and prepared for its type of content I recommend it to those who enjoy perusing the headlines in the most scandalous tabloids while in the supermarket lineup I am not sure whether to classify the book as non fiction or fiction A lot about the secret lives of these celebrities came out after their death but not in such lurid and graphic detail Much of it has the ring of truth Names are freely given along with sexual acts and perversions in which Bowers claims to have observed or acts in which he participated What I found most unbelievable was by the end of the book he was 88 and still active happily married and working as a bartender handyman and landscaper He shows no regrets and rationalizes that his life was dedicated to bringing ‘joy’ to a multitude of people The book describes his life as a child and later as a Marine in the Pacific during WW2 It is not pleasant reading Why did he wait until all the subjects had died to publish the book? Fear of lawsuits? He explains that all these celebrities were dear friends and he did not want to embarrass them or ruin their careers During the time the studios held their stars to a strict moral code and had family friendly images built around their personal lives They would lose their contract their reputations and even some would end up in jail Scotty believes if he hadn’t been such a ‘good guy’ by catering to their every desire or perversion He uit procuring for acuaintances during the AIDS scare in the 1980’s He is aged 95 at time of the documentary film We will never know how much of his reminiscing is true or if it is the exaggerated ramblings of an old man recalling his ‘glory days’

  9. Polly Polly says:

    I like books about people who take lemons and make lemonade and this is one of them Scotty grew up in some hard circumstances during the Depression and he was subjected to sexual abuse at a young age That's the outsider's take on it not Scotty's Maybe a self protection mechanism kicked in but he found his own way to deal with things and didn't let it get him down At least that's how he presents it in the book Who knows what he really thought deep down insideI was definitely intrigued by all the celebrity sexcapades outlined in the book There were a few surprises as to who was gay or bisexual but not a lot I do believe it all happened To others who reviewed the book and uestioned why sometimes Scotty has a lot of details and sometimes he doesn't gee I'm 51 and I can remember some things in my past really clearly and others not so clearly Get over itI'm not going to say anything go read it for yourself If you're open minded and are a fan of the glory days of Hollywood you'll love it

  10. Jim Morrissey Jim Morrissey says:

    I don't know how I made it through this Well I do There was a lot of skimming I don't buy half of it not because I don't think Hollywood hired lots of call boys and girls etc but because his story seems strange and fabricated I suppose it's possible but even if it were I find it strange he never accepted money for hooking stars up with their little dalliances I would venture this is the musings of an old man blowing his stories out of proportion; and it's HORRIBLY written at that He tells us about 50 times how he was a great sexually liberated guy Over and over Also I don't buy he just helped priests out with sex because he thought it was natural and fine when he was under 12

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Full Service[PDF / Epub] ☁ Full Service ✎ Scotty Bowers – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Scotty Bowers a dashing young ex Marine exuding sex appeal arrived in Hollywood in 1946 and uickly caught the attention of many of the town's stars Working out of a gas station on Hollywood Boulevard Scotty Bowers a dashing young ex Marine exuding sex appeal arrived in Hollywood in and uickly caught the attention of many of the town's stars Working out of a gas station on Hollywood Boulevard Bowers soon became the go to guy for anyone looking for a bespoke sexual partner; no matter how outlandish the tastes Scotty could find someone for everyone In his thirty years 'tricking' and arranging tricks for LA's rich and famous Bowers went to bed with thousands of people and engineered sexual liaisons of all flavours for countless Full Service is the ultimate guilty pleasure revealing for the first time the shadow lives of the people who created popular culture told by the man who was so central to fulfilling their desires.

About the Author: Scotty Bowers

Scotty Bowers was an American who was a United States Marine and from the s to the s a Hollywood pimp.