Paperback Þ Alabama Stories PDF Ú

Paperback Þ Alabama Stories PDF Ú

Alabama Stories [Download] ✤ Alabama Stories By John Isaac Jones – Alabama Stories is a collection of short works lifted from the life of native son William Vernon “Billy” Johnson Haunting harrowing and gloriously moving these stories represent an intense examina Alabama Stories is a collection of short works lifted from the life of native son William Vernon “Billy” Johnson Haunting harrowing and gloriously moving these stories represent an intense examination of Billy’s childhood and young adult years in the Cotton State Meet the colorful characters Billy knew during his Alabama years There was Boone the tight lipped physically and emotionally crippled farmer who had a psychotic love for his invalid wife You will never forget Annie the lonely tragic former actress who desperately wanted a child Meet Bobby Worthington the high school football star who dreamed of playing for Paul “Bear” Bryant There was Virgil the wildly successful Baptist evangelist who could never uite uench his thirst for black girls Meet Charley Billy’s angel unaware These are only a few of the strangely wonderful characters who will step into your life when you read this book Each and every one of these stories brings its own special flavor of Alabama to life and places it in direct context with the universal human experience.

  • Paperback
  • 276 pages
  • Alabama Stories
  • John Isaac Jones
  • 08 November 2016
  • 9780974379005

About the Author: John Isaac Jones

John Isaac Jones is a retired journalist currently living and writing at Merritt Island Florida For than thirty years John I as he prefers to be called was a reporter for media outlets throughout the world These included local newspapers in his native Alabama The National Enuirer News of the World in London the Sydney Morning Herald and NBC television He is the author of eight.

9 thoughts on “Alabama Stories

  1. Olivia-Savannah Roach Olivia-Savannah Roach says:

    I’m not uite sure how to review this book and I find it’s actually one of the hardest reviews I have to write I actually really did enjoy reading this book which was for some reason pretty unexpected It’s a collection of short stories and some of them are linked to each other with an underlying main character called Billy But some of them have nothing to do with Billy at all and seem to just be short storiesThis book is definitely what I would define a character driven read to be I think if you are a plot driven reader than this book may not be for you As soon as I started reading I was unable to stop – completely immersed in the stories I think the way the author manages to connect you to the emotions and the experiences of all the characters – even those you only know for a short while – was amazing I read this book in one sitting and was up till 430am to finish reading it xD The characters were incredibly well done but as well as that the stories were too We get a little taste of almost every theme To list just a few we cover love marriage divorce family friendship asexuality loneliness and so many other things This one is a bit of a historical fiction because it is set in the 1900’s and we get a story about negroes and their fight for rights as well There are two stories where murder is involved as well and a story about pool I’m not even interested in pool in the slightest but when I was reading that story I frankly didn’t careThere is a mention of religion in this book and personally I didn’t uite like how it was handled I could see a general opinion of religion running through it and that was the one generally stuck to But that was a personal thing and I doubt it will bother many other readers But it did a good job of showing that even people who are “supposed” to be good for example the president let’s say or a teacher or generally someone in a role like that can be bad and have their downfalls as wellI have talked to the author and he really is a nice person I do think this book needs attention and people enjoying it so do pick it up if you think you might enjoy itThis review and others can be found on Olivia's Catastrophe

  2. Juliet Aharoni Juliet Aharoni says:

    The author is a born story teller Every story in this collection is a joy to read The reader enters a world where ordinary people come alive on the page I felt as though I was sitting in the corner watching each character as they interacted with another I was fascinated from start to finish What a talented writerIf you knew nothing about the people of the South in the USA this novel will both enlighten and educate you while giving you great pleasure What can a reader ask forBeing an ex South African my favorite story was the first one PREJUDICE The way the author depicts the young boy's naiveté is brilliant The relationship between Gladys and Horace brings to mind how people behaved once

  3. John John says:

    Stories of growing up and life in AlabamaBeing born in Birmingham in 1950 I can relate to so many of the authors stories Roy Rogers the Lone Ranger and Tonto were always fighting for truth right and the American way Great read with many life’s lessons

  4. John P. John P. says:

    Loved it Took me right back home The only problem with the book was the length It was too short

  5. Betty Betty says:

    Great stories I normally go for science fiction writing but this book was on offer and I wasn't feeling well so I decided short stories would reuire less commitment from me I ended up reading it all in one sitting and enjoying it a great deal Though I grew up in Ohio not Alabama many of these stories brought back memories of childhood in the countryside and visits with grandparents and aunts and uncles My adventures with cousins and friends were all there waiting to be recalled from so long ago Thank you for this

  6. Sue Sue says:

    Great collection of short storiesI don't usually read books of short stories I mayy pick out a couple of stories to read but rarely never truth be told read an entire book of short stories This one was a joy Because all the stories connected people places and things it read almost like a novel The stories were all good stories toldwritten well and had a nostalgic sweetness within them They were like Aesop's Fables each with with a lesson to be learnedA good read

  7. Carole Headley Carole Headley says:

    Very well written storiesThis book was very well written It is a collection of short stories all woven together I am from Alabama and really enjoyed this authors take on life in my home state

  8. Patricia Patricia says:

    Alabama Stories by John I Jones is a collection of short stories detailing bits and pieces of the life of one William Vernon Johnson so called when his mama is yelling at him or Billy as he is mostly known in the stories The stories take place in the deep very deep south and begin in the middle 1940's when Billy is about five years old and is introduced for the first time to racism by his mother and father They run the gamut from a pool hall shooting a high school hero dying a 30 year high school reunion and plenty in betweenThe stories themselves are easy to read well written in a spare succinct manner They are also very charming even the sad ones or the ones detailing a shooting or a dead body They are charming first because they describe a bygone era and secondly because they are a slice of life of the south that most northerners and even city southerners are not familiar with Rural southern living was a world of it's own apparentlyThere is another thing that makes the stories charming The innocence of Billy Although introduced to prejudice he sees no reason for it so it never grabs hold of him While spending the summer with his mother while she nurses a dying woman he spends time with a grizzled anti social curmudgeon who becomes something else entirely while hanging out with Billy and seen through Billy's eyes The story was sweetly and lovingly written which gave it the innocence it deserved Although this particular story is called Psychotic Love to me it is the essence of love I love you no matter who you are I just love you ForeverBilly's teen years crack me up when he discovers pool pool halls with no women and where you can cuss all you want and seem to be able to do just whatever Being a women I felt I was gaining some inside info into boysmen that maybe would if not help me to actually understand men would at least give me glimpse of what my sons were really like when not around meEven as Billy grows older works a journalist and sports writer gets married several times he somehow maintains the same innocent view point maybe because he always seems to have the ability to see something happening without judging it the true mandate for journalist everywhereIt is a fun book to read and I think everyone will enjoy the stories and find something meaningful in them Each story seems to illustrate an important moment perception or event in his life moments that are life altering in some way and if we all searched back into our own lives could find many such moments ourselves moments that define who we are becomingFor instance the summer Billy spent hunting relentlessly for a Gil McDougal baseball card to complete his extensive collection helped solidify who he was to be As his father watched him Billy not only didn't give up searching for the elusive card but he figured out ways to earn money trade and hunt for the card he wanted Billy developed perseverance and ingenuity that summer and I am sure those ualities became integral to who William Vernon Johnson was for the rest of his life I would like to think that I have such a defining moment summer in my life that helped to shape me into the person I am todayBottom line my most favorite story was the Grandfather story I love Billy's experience with his grandfather and the fact that he finally remembered it and found a way to recreate a similar experience with his grandchild Many of the stories brought tears to my eyes but this one had me cryingI raised my children myself no grandparents in the picturethe story made me deeply realize an experience that was missing from my children two boys who could have really used a male image and I was just happy as heck that Billy had the experience and passed it on So much better than passing on prejudiceI believe you will find than one of these stories will resonate with who you are and bring back memories of your own life Not to mention you will laugh out loud at some of them and feel your heart clench at othersread them for yourself and see if I am not right And make sure you have a ripe tomato and mayo with salt and pepper on white bread sandwich next to you accompanied by a tall glass of sweet tea with lemon Hmmm Hmmm good

  9. Howard Upton Howard Upton says:

    John I brings to life a separation of generations in Alabama Those who lived through the post Depression era and their children who did not see blacks in the same vein Sometimes funny and oftentimes cringeworthy John I's ability to convey stories about my native Alabama my own father and my desire to simply have friends who arewere black is something non native southerners could achieve This author is far from being a writer his is the consumate story teller I can't wait to read from John I

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