The Girl on the Cliff ePUB ↠ Girl on the PDF

The Girl on the Cliff ePUB ↠ Girl on the PDF

The Girl on the Cliff [Read] ➬ The Girl on the Cliff By Lucinda Riley – From the author of the international bestseller The Orchid House comes a mesmerizing story about two Irish families and the tangled ties that have bound them since World War I Escaping a recent heartb From the author of on the eBook ✓ the international bestseller The Orchid House comes a mesmerizing story about two Irish families and the tangled ties that have bound them since World War I Escaping a recent heartbreak in New York Grania Ryan returns to her family home on the wind swept coast of Ireland During a walk on the edge of a cliff The Girl ePUB Ò she meets a young girl named Aurora Lisle who is about to profoundly change herAs their lives begin to intertwine Grania’s mother becomes deeply troubled by the relationship A century of entanglement and strife has brought nothing but tragedy to the Ryan and Lisle families and the past is set to repeat its endless sorrows But Grania’s curiosity about the joint Girl on the PDF ↠ histories of their familes won’t be stopped After she finds a suitcase originally hidden in the attic of the magnificent Cadogan House in London during the First World War Grania is taken back to where it all began Ultimately it will be Aurora’s intuition that has the power to break the family’s spell and unlock the chains of the past Haunting uplifting and deeply moving The Girl on the Cliff is an unforgettable tale of the triumph of hope over loss.

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  1. Sandra Sandra says:

    I cannot really share all the excitement of the other reviews It's not like I didn't like the book I just think it was overly dramatic at times tended to be a little too unrealistic sometimes and was just very sentimental Moreover I think that the character of Aurora was just completely unauthentic I could not connect to her at all Even though she was supposed to be an 'old soul' her thoughts were way to mature with the author desperately trying to make her sound like a child At times I think the development of relationships characters moved way too fast Granias family pretty much adopting a strange child that her mother had a lot of reservations against in the beginning is very unbelievable Also the whole Aurora suddenly calls everyone mummygrandmauncle etc part was just really annoying for me The author kind of overdid that by calling Grania 'mummy' in pretty much every sentence Aurora uttered While in the beginning I thought that this book might get really interesting especially with the whole issue of Aurora sleepwalking to the cliffs trying to get into her mothers room and having bad dreams the issue is dissolved very easily though She just stops having bad dreams And that's the end of it Grania is her salvation from everything bad in the world Yeah right The story of Granias great grandmother Mary her grandmother Sophia and aunt Anna was definitely the highlight of the book and a lot interesting I wish we've had even on the relationship between Kathleen and Lily and even on Anna But then i was really disappointed in the end when it just turned and unbelievable which was almost the most painful part to read The Russian revolution and the family of the tsar? REALLY? Ugh I wanted to put the book down right there But then there were only a few pages left so I kept goingDon't get me wrong I did not dislike the book It just had a few parts that were almost painful to read All in all it was a uick read though something I really just needed right now ;

  2. Bren Bren says:

    “As is always the way in fairy tales bad has to happen as well as good We human beings survive on hope that those good moments will come again” ― Lucinda Riley The Girl on the Cliff“Every human being has a fascinating existence with a big cast of good and evil characters in each” ― Lucinda Riley The Girl on the CliffThe girl on the cliff sure has some beautiful cover art I must sayThis was an interesting read It isn't my favorite book out there but it does tell a compelling story and is both well written and very moving I loved the ethereal aspect to this book Even the cover has that componentThis story takes place on the coast of Ireland which I must say sounds breathtakingly beautiful The setting was part of what really made this book interesting I also really got drawn in and loved the character of Grania The friendship she forms with the girl on the cliff was poignant and it was a very touching story And for me anyway it is not at all the kind of book you can DNF once you start because you so want to know what happensSo why a three rating? Well it was a bit difficult to follow at times It also does move a bit slowly but at no point did I consider not finishing itThere were a few events that happened that were a bit out of a soap opera concerning Grania's love life but that really did not detract from the storySPOILERSDid not expect that ending and it was uite sadand I have to say I did not like the ending as I am sure many readers didn't The whole book had a bittersweet uality I will also say it was slow to start but don't give up on it because it has a nice slow buildup and once you become interested you might find yourself lost in it I did

  3. Marcia Killingsworth Marcia Killingsworth says:

    This is an unforgivably irredeemably rotten book The Girl on the Cliff is set in Ireland and weaves together both contemporary and historical plot lines The best use of this book is as a drinking game; it is otherwise useless TrulyThe game Take a drink every time an American character says real instead of really and another when an Irish character calls someone pet And chug the contents of your glass for the countless malapropisms eg emotions that go up and down like a pendulum or observing that an item was as if preserved in aspic maybe the pathetic writer meant amber? You can take extra drinks for bad manners characters who should know better asking Can I? rather than MAY I? Or when supposedly contemporary hipster Manhattanites ask each other How's it hanging? Enjoy your game It's about the only way you will enjoy your time with The Girl on the Cliff and her cohortsAnd wherewho the hell was the editor of this train wreck of a book?I will nevah evah trust Goodreadscom's reader reviews again

  4. TL TL says:

    “I believe that our lives just like fairy tales the stories that have been written by us humans through our own experiences of living will always have a Hero and a Heroine a Fairy Godmother and a Wicked Witch”A lovely beautiful story with haunting and ethereal tones to it Grania and Aurora meet by chance on the cliffs and from there unfolds a friendship and connection she didn't expect She soon learns their families histories are tangled than either her or Aurora knewThere are twists and turns in the story and a few surprises along the way It never felt forced or unrealistic it sweeps you along and invites you to play witness to what's going onIt's a dual time narrative right term? but it's never confusing going back and forth Often times it would stop at a point in one of the stories and I would be reading faster to find what happened next but the one I was currently reading held my interest just as much haha At times Grania's stubborness had me throwing up my hands I can't understand what she was going through but when everything was revealed the reason made sense but I can't uite figure out how to word it but maybe underwhelmed? I can sort of understand why she felt that way I supposeSometimes how Aurora talked did seem off but to me it felt natural to who she was An old soul as she was called in the book it did feel as if she had this 'knowledge' 'aura' or 'gift' however you want to say it She seemed view spoilernot uite meant for this world one foot in one foot out hide spoiler

  5. Charlie Brown Charlie Brown says:

    I was appalled by this book and cannot believe it was published by Penguin Luckily I only paid 20p for it at a carboot sale but to be honest I even begrudge paying that Some possible spoilers below but they illustrate just some of the reasons why I found this book so dreadfulThere is a complete lack of cohesion between the multitude of storylines; one is meant to be told through a series of letters which the heroine is given to read but is delivered through a hefty piece of narrative with no hint of epistolary writing and thus appears a very poorly used literary device The characters are one dimensionalweakly written and unbelievable It is hard to care about any of them because they respond to the twists and turns of the implausible plot in eually ridiculous ways Indeed the plot if it can be called that? is made up of a series of incredible coincidences would someone truly ask a woman he's only met twice to look after his young daughter for a month with no references no interview and no one else in the house even though he's a multi millionaire and could surely have arranged something before hand? Conversely why would Charley go to such lengths to embroil Matt in a relationship because fortunately his long term girlfriend left him just at this point when she has already decided to have IVF and become a single mother? And don't even get me started on the tedious and tenuous accents Pure unmitigated drivel avoid at all costs even for 20p

  6. Carolyn Hill Carolyn Hill says:

    Two and a half stars rounded up I was attracted to this book by elements I typically can't resist a setting on the coast of Ireland multiple time frames from the present back to WWI and decades between two families intricately linked through the generations an old estate home on a cliff above the sea and another mansion in London and a bit of a Gothic flavor with mysterious orphaned children suicide and hints of ghosts This definitely falls in the Kate Morton vein of what I call new Gothic However I found myself often irritated at what I was reading and debated giving up but I wanted to find out how the author was going to bring it all together So I rounded up for being compelling The faults are glaring The story begins on a farm on the Irish coast where Grania Ryan has retreated to the bosom of her family after a heartbreaking miscarriage Grania left her successful career as a sculptor behind in Manhattan along with her boyfriend Matt whom she had refused to marry but was supposedly deeply in love with Why she so precipitously ran away leaving Matt begging her to explain what he'd done wrong is one of the little mysteries left until the end It turns out to be an overheard remark that made me think 'so what?' and made the whole escapade upon which the book turned to be nothing but a ludicrous ploy A simple uestion and answer would have cleared up the whole thing which was hardly incriminating to begin with but no Grania says the relationship is over she'll never forgive him blah blah blah In Ireland Grania becomes involved with a motherless eight year old girl Aurora who lives in the manor house on the cliff the home of the Lisle family In doing so she echoes the choices of her great grandmother Mary who also took on the care of a child in the Lisle family And thus the generational stories begin Both Grania and Mary are portrayed idealistically as nurturing mothers who will do anything to care for and protect their wards That Grania would wholeheartedly sacrifice her former life and career after only being a nanny to Aurora for a month seems unrealistic but that is only one of a continuous stream of implausibilities that mar this story beginning with the one mentioned above Another glaring one is the heretofore unknown existence of Grania's uncle In fact for a close knit Irish clan who has lived in the same village for at least a hundred years Grania seems to know nothing of her mother's family's story and their connection to the Lisles Surely in her years growing up she would have seen family photographs or heard stories in the local village One would think The author goes in for high melodrama and we can see from the beginning what the situation with Aurora's handsome father is though for the purposes of the plot Grania is totally blind to it In fact Grania is aggravatingly clueless about everything and stubbornly intends to stay that way That only works for creating the need to know for the reader but is totally contrivedAnother irritating aspect of this book is the dialogue Matt the preppy son of a successful New York financial investor raised in ritzy Connecticut and used to an uptown lifestyle doesn't in the least talk like a hip Manhattanite And it set my teeth on edge that in nearly every sentence he speaks to Grania he calls her an endearment like 'baby' or 'honey' The fact that Matt who has a doctorate in child psychology is totally clueless to the manipulations of his one time girlfriend Charley is another silly inconsistency Not to mention that by his mid thirties he holds a departmental chair at Columbia Or that he would consider giving up the job he loves and the position he worked hard to attain for the lucrative family investment business because his girlfriend got pregnant You might as well suspend all disbelief that this book corresponds remotely to the real worldAurora the eight year old girl on the cliff narrates introductory segments of the story and well this is confusing at best and maudlin at worst She is another contrived character that rounds out this cast of caricatures Maybe I need to round down to two stars This was not worth the time it took to read the 400 odd pages

  7. Anne Anne says:

    The Girl on the Cliff published by Penguin ticks all of my favourites in a book It's a story told in a dual time narrative it's a story of family relationships it's a romance and at times it's a tragedy With almost 450 pages in the paperback edition it's a hefty read but I found myself flying through it There are three main female characters; Aurora the Girl on the Cliff; Grania the modern day heroine and Mary who was Grania's Great Grandmother Grania has fled her life in New York after a miscarriage she is back home in Ireland on the family farm and meets eight year old Aurora one day as she is taking a walk Aurora is a strange mysterious child friendly and warm yet older than her years and very lonely As Grania and Aurora's friendship grows Grania's mother becomes and uneasy There is old history between the two families things that have happened long ago that cannot be forgiven yet Aurora is a bewitching child and soon wins over the hardest of heartsThe story then goes back and forth revealing the past deeds that have shaped the family as it is todayThe story the writing and the characters reminded me so much of books by some of my favourite authors; the Harte series from Barbara Taylor Bradford the family dynasty tales by Penny Vincenzi and the dramatic family relationships that Lesley Pearse writes so well I am delighted to be able to add Lucinda Riley to this stable of wonderful favourite authors I had a very tiny criticism of some of the dialogue between Grania's family members I though the 'Irishness' was a little overdone at times but that's forgiven as I loved the story so much

  8. Anna Anna says:

    Rating 45 starsThis book has a real ethereal uality to it Aurora the girl on the cliff and Grania back in Ireland after ten years away are drawn together through grief and circumstance and in doing so the past lives of the Lisles Aurora’s family and the Ryans Grania’s family are brought back to the foreThe families entangled histories which resulted in a bitter feud started 100 years earlier when Mary began working as a parlour maid for the wealthy Lisles Baby Anna is entrusted into her care and from this bond a haunting tale of love lies loss and sacrifice is woven Narrated by Aurora we follow Mary Anna Lily Kathleen Grania and Aurora herself through a century of entwined stories whose conseuences reach down through the generations and where the present day begins to echo the past I wasn’t so keen on Lucinda Riley’s first dual timeline book The Orchid House A Novel which started off very well but petered out and I was wary of being taken down an ultimately empty path again but this time her momentum kept going right the way through That said I wasn’t entirely satisfied by the feud’s reveal or by some of the build up to the present day ending but oddly it’s not the actual plotting of this book that made me rate it so highly; this story has such a beautiful and atmospheric poignancy to it and it's that which so captivated me

  9. Tracy Tracy says:

    If you've never read a Lucinda Riley book don't start with this one I've read many of her books and have loved them all but I will never recommend this book to anyone It started well I was really enjoying Mary's story Then the first tragedy struck with an unreal and totally unnecessary suicide From that point forward there were several tragedies that were just unbelievable to me I finally thought I was getting a somewhat happy ending when the author kills off yet another key character with no real explanation as to why You don't even know what she died of just that she dies at the age of 16 So I'm not sure what was going on in Lucinda's mind when she wrote this I'm sure she was trying to communicate something other than tragedy but that's all I got out of it

  10. Joanne D& Joanne D& says:

    Lucinda Riley’s first book Hothouse Flower was excellent her second surpasses that; something which many authors struggle to doThis is a book where its core theme is love both with the present story and the past story which is told to us by Aurora the girl on the cliff Aurora opens the story telling us as a readers she is going to tell her story that of the past and the present and the intervening years and she is going to tell it despite unhappy occurrences and struggles of her many relatives Immediately Lucinda Riley has you hooked as there is something ethereal not just about Aurora’s voice but also her character as the story starts to be toldGrania Ryan has escaped from her wonderful life in New York walked out on her lifestyle her sculpting career and her boyfriend after suffering a miscarriage She does not tell her mother why she has returned to West Cork in Ireland but through her mother’s instinctive love she knows Grania needs protecting Grania is stubborn and her pride is a strength which at moments in this story could easily become her downfall and was obviously one of the reasons she fled New York Back across the Atlantic Matt the man she has left is struggling to work out what he has done and his story of love is scattered throughout the book until Aurora remarkably performs the denouementGrania escaping from everything meets the girl on the cliff and a bond is formed so uickly and mysteriously that Grania’s mother Kathleen starts to worry even as this attachment to each other has a place in the past that Kathleen would rather not visit Then begins the story of the past the story of war of the domestic staff of starting again with nothing but love and becoming something from nothing and the potential of losing it all As the story unfolds for Grania and us the ties that bind Aurora and Grania through their families past come together in fact Aurora now has a new history which suddenly explains the present and even the futureThis book at over 500 pages long has packed in such a lot that you have to keep reading because once you think you have perhaps worked out how the links of the past come together you learn something else It is packed with characters past and present who are all relevant to both Aurora and Grania a family tree is provided but cleverly it comes at the point of the book where we believe we know everything there is to know and then the story is going to follow perhaps a common well written pattern It does not and Lucinda Riley provides us with storylines and paths to walk down with Aurora and GraniaAs with Hothouse Flower the writing is atmospherically elouent From the winds blowing on the Irish cliff tops to the dark days in wartime London you are transported there without effort Even the houses which feature in the book Dunworley House in Ireland Cadogan House in London and the loft apartment in New York are uniuely described that you can know exactly where you are at any one pointThe plot if I tried to break it down in a review would actually mean I gave it all away that is the key to this book it has so much to offer If you are a fan of romance historical theme books contemporary novels fans of society and those upstairs and downstairs or a fan of all then this is the book you must read this autumn in fact this is a book you just must read

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