Being Gay, Being Christian MOBI ´ Being Gay, ePUB

Being Gay, Being Christian MOBI ´ Being Gay, ePUB

Being Gay, Being Christian [Read] ➵ Being Gay, Being Christian By Stuart Edser – Is it possible to be both gay and Christian This book explains calmly and logically that the two are not mutually exclusive With the support of some of the finest scientific and theological minds Dr S Is it possible to be both gay and Christian This book explains calmly and logically that the two are not mutually exclusive With the support of some of the finest scientific and theological minds Dr Stuart Edser presents a compelling case for tolerance and acceptance rejecting the traditional Christian view that gay people are either sick or sinful as a result of their sexual orientation While shrill voices of prejudiced fundamentalism are raised from all sides of the Christian church he invites the reader to a new experience of God Dr Edser is uniuely Being Gay, ePUB Ò ualified to explain the biology psychology and sociology of being gay as well as to examine the Bible its interpretation and traditional Christian teaching on sexual morality Not only does he have a wealth of experience grounded in the Church both Catholic and Protestant but he is also a psychologist author and researcher Moreover he threads his own extraordinary story through the text using this and his experience as a clinician to guide his thinking In particular he offers a positive and rational voice so often glaringly absent from the Church's utterances on homosexuality He argues passionately for church people everywhere to open their minds and show a willingness to discard older ways of thinking where modern explanations reveal the truth accurately And he encourages gay Christians to integrate their sexuality and their faith so that both are valued eually This is probably the single best book published on this topic in the last five years It combines a succinct analysis of the science and psychological science on being gay with the lived experience of the author and an analysis of the scriptural and theological background which while not lacking in rigour manages to be accessible Jim McManus Chartered Scientist Chartered Psychologist.

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  1. Mike Mike says:

    I read Edser’s book with mixed feelings The word order of the title the slightly ‘self help’ feel of the subtitle and the lack of objectivity throughout the book concerned me Edser is a gay Catholic psychologist who has journeyed through the difficulties of being gay and managed to find a way through and remain a Christian Early in the book pp 30 31 Edser compares two worldviews the classical worldview is one based on ‘texts written in the ancient world and adhered to today to varying degrees in a literal way or ascribed as the Word of God and given the status of Holy Scripture The other is a knowledge based one within the modern worldview and on the conceptions of contemporary scholarship undertaken in a modern post Enlightenment technological world where various academic disciplines can be brought to bear on all manner of uestions including that of human sexuality’He continues a little later ‘I argue that a modern understanding of knowledge is to be preferred over a blind uncritical and literal acceptance of ancient texts even if they are ascribed as God’s Word or over church dogma that was often synthesised and resolved in the mediaeval periodI hold to an epistemology based in a modern worldview that deems nothing exempt from rigorous enuiry’Note the emotive words After a biographical introduction the bulk of his book is taken up with showing how the Church has got it wrong and science has got it right Which might be good if science always got it right However in Stanton L Jones’ lengthy essay on studies about homosexuality Sexual Orientation and Reason on the implications of false beliefs about homosexuality many of the studies that Edser endorses in detail throughout the book are shown to be not the last word on the topic and to lack sufficient rigour in their approach Blind uncritical and literal acceptance of scientific studies is as unwise as maintaining a similar approach to Scripture Many readers of Edser’s book are unlikely to dig into the background of the studies he discusses If they read through these sections at all they will accept Edser’s opinions on them at face value; he’s nothing if not a propagandist for his topic Eually they may find reading through his chapter on the Catholic Church’s pronouncements on homosexuality to be hard work as I did this chapter is a diatribe against the Church’s teaching on homosexuality by no means unjustified and appears because of Edser’s Catholic background He doesn’t give Protestant viewpoints much room in the book except the fundamentalist and evangelical ones which are regarded as part of the ancient or ‘mediaeval’ worldview and conseuently have no place in the modern world Edser presents exegesis on the main contentious texts about homosexuality in the Bible These are reasonably convincing on the surface though his source for some of his arguments is Sex in the Bible by J H Ellens a man whose theological views on sexual morality differ somewhat from the mainstream One offensive example which doesn’t give much credence to the rest of Ellen’s book is in regard to Lot’s offer of his daughters to the rapists in Sodom where Ellens writes One must imagine that his doing so incites a general burst of sarcastic laughter among the company of family and friends inside the house including merriment on the part of his daughters ” Further I’m not sure that Edser’s arguments later in the book for Jesus being indifferent to homosexuality hold water nor am I convinced about his theory that the relationship between the Centurion and his servant was a gay oneBy the time I got past the studies and exegesis and strong criticism of Catholic ‘teaching’ I wondered if Edser was ever going to get to the point about being gay and Christian Thankfully he does but I wonder if readers especially younger ones looking for help with living as a gay or lesbian Christian will have managed to plough through all the other material or given up by this time The reassuring scientific material is all very well; does it actually assist the homosexual person to deal with the theological issues? His section on how Christians should act towards LGBT people is good it reminds us about genuine love justice compassion and and is perhaps the best thing in the bookEdser has put together a considerable work but for me it doesn’t uite convince especially on the theological level

  2. Anthony OAM Anthony OAM says:

    In the often volatile convergence of Christianity and sexuality what is often lacking is sound rational debate and information Not only do Christian gay and lesbian people have to sort through the maze of internal struggles others opinions prejudices and theology but so do their straight Christian family and friends Then of course there are the straight Christian pastors church leaders and congregants who don’t know any gay people they do they just don’t know it who are uestioning previously held beliefs about homosexuality From my experience there are in the latter space then are letting on Whichever group you belong to it is hard to get clarity when you have angry gay activists yelling 'GAY RIGHTS' in one ear and in the other right wing Christian activists screaming 'IT'S AN ABOMINATION' Enter Being Gay Being Christian by Dr Stuart EdserWith this book you can sit uietly read and digest information at your own pace with only two calm voices; educated Edser's and your rational mind weighing up and balancing the information with your own assumptions and experienceNot only does Edser have his own personal experience to contribute but also covers scientific research on sexual orientation psychology and theology All these are covered adeuately for the average reader thus saving them hours ploughing through academic publications in these areas or several books Edser's writing style is natural and accessible Coming from a PentecostalEvangelical background I found the chapters on Catholicism of particular interest and value These are insightful well researched and documented Considering the audience I assume will read Being Gay Being Christian I did wonder if the final chapter was a bit redundant But I am only one reader in the broad audience I am sure some will love itIf you are looking for answers to the uestion 'can you be gay and a Christian?' Edser's work is a great place to start Who knows you may never have to read another thing on the subject again

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