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Hardcover ↠ Unruly Son PDF Ú

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  1. John John says:

    Here's enormous fun Sir Oliver Fairleigh Stubbs is Britain's most successful thriller writer even though it's generally agreed his books are bloody awful And so is he he's vile to his family except his gold digging ghastly daughter and everyone else around him So it's not much of a surprise when someone  spikes his favorite after dinner liueur with nicotinic acid bumping the old bastard off Enter sleuth Inspector Meredith not an especially literary man who must trawl among the bitchy inhabitants of an English village out of Miss Marple's nightmares as well as the London offices of Sir Oliver's publishers deep though they are in mourning for the loss of revenue the author's death implies Could the answer to the mystery lie in the book Sir Oliver wrote years ago but never published the manuscript that supposedly none but the writer and an ancient ex secretary have ever seen? It could indeed The sideswipes at the pretensions of the publishing world are obviously a part of what I found so entertaining about this romp but the real glory is in its wry evisceration through understated parody of the conventions of the cozy murder mystery — and yet Barnard's triumph is that the novel functions extremely well as a cozy murder mystery itself

  2. Jazz Jazz says:

    35 STARS | From the first sentence I knew I was being slowly led down the garden path by a master mystery writer I gladly went Barnard has always been one of my favorites and I am revisiting some of his early mysteries that I've long forgotten There were only two novels in this particular series involving Inspector Meredith and that's a shame I always enjoy the humor and the portraits drawn of his various characters in this case especially Sir Oliver Fairleigh Stubbs the overbearing best selling mystery writer in the title The means of murder and the puzzle would please Christie of whom Barnard was an admirer The solution came as a surprise of misdirection

  3. B.V. B.V. says:

    Robert Barnard 1936 2013 was an English crime writer critic and lecturer whose first crime novel Death of an Old Goat 1974 was written while he was teaching in Australia followed shortly after by A Little Local Murder 1976 penned while he was a lecturer at University of Tromsø in Norway He went on to write than 40 other books and numerous short stories and was awarded the Cartier Diamond Dagger in 2003 by the Crime Writers Association and the Malice Domestic Award for a lifetime of achievementHe had several series protagonists including policemen Perry Trethowan Idwal Meredith and Charlie Peace even Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart either under his given name or the pen name Bernard Bastable He once said that favorite crime writer was Agatha Christie and published a critiue of her work titled A Talent to Deceive An Appreciation of Agatha Christie in 1980 This is likely why his stories are primarily of the traditional British detective story school with the author himself once referring to his style as deliberately old fashionedDeath of a Mystery Writer published in 1978 and received an Edgar Award nomination for Best Novel follows that old fashioned theme centering around Sir Oliver Fairleigh Stubbs an overweight and overbearing man who revels in stirring up trouble after he collapses and dies at his birthday party He left behind a family who was relieved to be rid of him especially since he'd amassed uite a fortune as the author or best selling detective novelsTo the family's surprise Sir Oliver left most of his estate to his eldest son who openly hated his father while the long suffering wife calculating daughter and unpleasant younger son are each to receive the income from one carefully chosen book But the manuscript of the unpublished volume left to Sir Oliver's wife—a posthumous last case that might be worth millions—has disappeared and the author's death is beginning to look less and less like an accidentThe spirited Welsh Inspector Meredith who in some respects resembles Sir Oliver's fiction hero steps into the picture to look into the proceedings It doesn't take long to discover the old man had been poisoned his favorite after dinner liueur spiked with nicotinic acid and that there are plenty of suspects Meredith also begins to suspect that the clever murderer is taking his scheme from the plot of Sir Oliver's missing novelBarnard's trademark charm and wit are evident here as in the passageOliver Farleigh sank into a mood of intense depression he gazed at the cutlet as if it were a drowned friend whose remains he was trying to identify at a police morgue He picked up a forkful of mashed potato inspected it smelled it and finally with ludicrously overdone reluctance let it drop into his mouth where he chewed it for fully three minutes before swallowing Conversation flaggedKirkus Reviews added Sir Oliver is so robustly vitally hateful that the story sags ever so slightly after his removal from the scene; but the denouement is neat the pace brisk and the satisfaction almost total—proof positive once again that the Olde English Detective Story can still in the right hands be an un dusty delight

  4. Helen Campbell Helen Campbell says:

    This British book is almost a satire of an Agatha Christie novel When Sir Oliver Fairleigh Stubbs an obese overbearing bully is poisoned during his 65th birthday party there is no end of suspects As Inspector Meredith the investigating detective comments his enemies number in the triple digits An amusing drawing room romp

  5. Chazzi Chazzi says:

    Sir Oliver Farleigh Stubbs is a best selling mystery writer He is also an obnoxious bullying egocentric obese snob who is loved by his readers and despised by his family and friends His publishers and editor tolerate him because his books bring in moneyDuring his intimate sixty fifth birthday party he drops dead while sipping on an expensive and special liueur in his fine library in his elegant country home in front of his family and guests The family is shocked at this unexpected event but not surprised The man never did follow doctors’ orders even if he said he didThere is no love lost between Sir Oliver and his oldest son who seems to be wasting his life in go nowhere jobs and heavy drinking When Sir Oliver’s will is read all are shocked The oldest gets not just the title but also the bulk of the estate Needless to say his brother and sister are furiousChief Inspector Meredith is given the case Originally thought to be a death from a heart attack it turns out to be a case of poisoning The uestion is who It looks as if there is a fair number of suspects; from family to friends to work related people to all be checked outThe pace is good and the plot is very enjoyable

  6. Kathy Kathy says:

    Not one of his best but one of his earliest Introduces Inspector Idwal Meredith who seemingly didn't take off as one of the most popular detectives of all time As in several other books the murder victim is someone who hadn't endeared himself to anyone so there are lots of suspects Highlights that very British custom of leaving everything to the eldest son even if he has been a huge disappointment and hates his father

  7. Gwen Gwen says:

    I have no idea how I came to have this book maybe a bundled book on a paperbackswapcom order? In any event a lovely conceit in which the author of not terribly good murder mysteries is himself murdered He was a pretty awful man with a long suffering wife a vain son a selfish daughter and an heir who flat out didn't care for him I confess that I had no idea who had done the murder even as all the clues were there from the beginning A fun discovery and a delightful beach read

  8. Bruce Retallack Bruce Retallack says:

    I read this book several decades ago and liked it enough to keep it for later reread I've just done that and unfortunately found it very dated both in plotting and in writing There is certainly some decent characterization and unexpected twists but I guess the genre has moved on since then

  9. Debbie Maclellan Debbie Maclellan says:

    Classic Robert Bernard uirky and funny with a surprise ending Very good

  10. Malerah Malerah says:

    A nice well written old mystery

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Unruly Son [Download] ➸ Unruly Son ➽ Robert Barnard – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk From master mystery writer Robert Barnard one of his early novels Death of a Mystery Writer First published in 1979 Death of a Mystery Writer received an Edgar Award nomination for Best Novel of that From master mystery writer Robert Barnard one of his early novels Death of a Mystery Writer First published in Death of a Mystery Writer received an Edgar Award nomination for Best Novel of that year It's with great pleasure that Scribner reissues this beloved novel from one of the most respected names in crime writingSir Oliver Fairleigh Stubbs overweight and overbearing collapses and dies at his birthday party while indulging his taste for rare liuors He had promised his daughter he would be polite and charitable for the entire day but the strain of such exemplary behavior was obviously too great He leaves a family relieved to be rid of him and he also leaves a fortune earned as a bestselling mystery authorTo everyone's surprise Sir Oliver's elder son who openly hated his father inherits most of the estate His wife his daughter and his younger son are each to receive the royalties from one carefully chosen book But the manuscript of the unpublished volume left to Sir Oliver's wife a posthumous last case that might be worth millions has disappeared And Sir Oliver's death is beginning to look less than naturalInto this bitter household comes Inspector Meredith a spirited Welshman who in some ways resembles Sir Oliver's fictional hero In Robert Barnard's skillful hands Inspector Meredith's investigation becomes not only a classic example of detection but an elegant and humorous slice of crime.