X Men 3 Epub Ö X Men Kindle - Kindle Edition

X Men 3 Epub Ö X Men Kindle - Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 25 pages
  • X Men 3
  • Stan Lee
  • English
  • 05 October 2016

10 thoughts on “X Men 3

  1. Bhanuj Bhanuj says:

    In this third edition of uncanny x men the teenage mutants face a most unusual adversary; the BLOB Like his name blob is a very fat strong mutant much like a big sack of sand that is difficult to move but blob’s skin is so thick that even bullets can’t pierce itBlob is thick on skin and thin on brains as the guy conveniently thought he was just too fat and there is nothing unusual about himThe novel starts with the usual scene of xmen training hard when suddenly professor senses the presence of a mutant and sends the x men to town to find him and bring him to the campus The x men were mistakenly too optimistic that every single mutant would want to join them However things took an ugly turn as blob is no gentleman having already made a crude pass at Jean Grey With an interesting circus vs x men fighting seuence this edition was better than the previous one; the Vanisher Poor Jean had to deal with lots of teasing This edition also sparks the beginning of a rudimentary love interest between Jean and Scott though still one sided as we read Scott’s thoughts regarding Jean and his apprehensions regarding his power and its dangers

  2. César Bustíos César Bustíos says:

    Okay I've always known the thing going on between Cyclops and Jean Grey but Professor X is also in love with her? That's newThis time the X Men are trying to recruit a new member known as the Blob although he is not aware of his mutant powers After the Blob realizes he is not a mere Homo Sapien he decides is time to steal the secrets and powers of the X Men

  3. allyboon allyboon says:

    Lol the X Men had such a hard time defeating him I love it

  4. Misbah Misbah says:

    Professor Xavier is always on the lookout for new mutants His mind senses a mutant in a carnival and its a big man called the Blob He invites him to the mansion and judges his super strength Once the Professor confirms the Blob as a mutant he asks him to join the X men The Blob refuses because he realizes that he is stronger than all the current X men The Professor is flabbergasted because no one has refused to join the X men before The Blob goes back to the carnival and takes over and decides to eliminate the X men because he knows they'll keep coming after him He goes to mansion and the men from the carnival all gather together and capture the X men Professor Xavier saves the day by making the Blob and the carnival men forget that they had ever met the X men A few things bothered me about this story There is a lot of blatant sexism and some stuff that can only be described as sexual misconduct against Jean Grey Also the Professor is in love Jean??? WTF He basically confesses his love for her in his inner monologue but tells himself it can't happen because he's in a wheelchair Ew Not cuz he's in a wheelchairhe's a PROFESSOR who owns real estate and she's a kid who was dropped off by her parents to go to school there I'm glad that never panned out

  5. Raphael Raphael says:

    The Blob is perhaps one of my least favorite supervillains because he is essentially just a fat ass I enjoyed this issue for the training that each X Man went through in order to learn to harness their powers and work collectively to stop a common enemy I've been so spoiled by today's well tuned X Men that I forgot what the whole point of Xavier's school for the gifted was all about Perhaps my favorite takeaway from this issue was the secret that Xavier was in love with Jean Can't blame the guy though Marvel Girl was one foxy redhead

  6. Amy Amy says:

    You know I remember a lot of things What I don't remember is view spoilerProfessor Xavier randomly professing his love for Marvel Girl hide spoiler

  7. Ivan Loginov Ivan Loginov says:

    I can't ehically agree with some of those things X men did in this issue Blob is a douche but it can't completely justify everything You just can't force people to join your gang Also you can't just erase others memories everytime they don't agree with you

  8. Emy Emy says:

    The amount of sexism Jean Grey had to put up with

  9. Kerri Kerri says:

    the professor has a crush on Jean

  10. Ana Ana says:

    The circus elements were entertaining Still some things got on my nerves for example everybody hitting on Jean having big egos and bragging all the time

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X Men 3➤ [Epub] ➞ X Men 3 By Stan Lee ➮ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk The story opens with the X men training in the schools gymnasium Today Scott Summers is practicing the speed at which he can blast bean bags that are being launched at him by the Beast The other boys The story opens with the X men training in the schools gymnasium Today Scott Summers is practicing the speed at which he can blast bean bags that are being launched at him by the Beast The other boys are involved with some one upmanship and roughhousing until Professor X calls them to order Jean's task is X Men Kindle - to move a block of wood through a series of obstacles as uickly as possible Their training is interrupted when Professor X detects the presence of another mutant nearby.

About the Author: Stan Lee

Stan Lee born Stanley Martin Lieber was an American writer editor creator of comic book superheroes and the former president and chairman of Marvel ComicsWith several artist co creators most notably Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko he co created Spider Man the Fantastic Four the X Men Iron Man the Hulk Daredevil the Silver Surfer Dr X Men Kindle - Strange and many other characters introducing complex.