Kindle Edition ´ X-Men 7 Epub Ú

Kindle Edition ´ X-Men 7 Epub Ú

X-Men 7 ❰PDF / Epub❯ ✅ X-Men 7 Author Stan Lee – The Return of the Blob The Return of the Blob.

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  1. Misbah Misbah says:

    The X men have graduated from their training Prof X reveals that he will leaving the kids on their own and he puts Cyclops in charge of the group Meanwhile Magneto sees the Blob at the carnival and realizes he's a mutant He tries to ask him to join his evil mutants but causes a big fight to break out A head injury causes the Blob to get all his memory back of his time with the X men and he agrees to joining Magneto Before leaving Prof X had introduced Cyclops to Cerebro and through that Cyclops is alerted about the change in the Blob's memory The X men go and fight the evil mutants and right when they are about to be destroyed by a torpedo the Blob steps in and saves them He says that he's tired of mutants and wants to go back to the simple life at the Carnival It was nice story and I liked the Cerebro reveal and how they hinted at a future relationship between Jean and Cyclops

  2. Bookish Dreams Bookish Dreams says:

    While I'm not a huge fan of the blob I can't help but adore this comic The childishly bickering characters have grown so much and become a true team A family evenI truly love how much Angel has grown and how endearing Scott really is here unlike the movies I totally ship Scott and Jean but I'll be lying if I said that I didn't love Angel and Cyclops together

  3. Kerri Kerri says:

    cerebro and can't Scott SEE how Jean feels about him

  4. Noah White Noah White says:

    X MEN #1 8 The X Men's First ArcThe political and idealogical subtext present in this comic book presents perhaps the greatest argument for their inclusion in larger literary canon; Stan Lee expresses something uite touching compassionate and profound in a time when all three were inherently absent from comic books With his entry into the foray he returned the medium to the maximum potential of what it was capable of; perhaps it is this intensely skilled craftsmanship to thank for the fact he revitalized a dying medium for decades to come because this is not purely one of the most profound comic book arcs ever written it is uite simply one of the most profound BOOKS ever writtenIt's interesting how Stan Lee structure's these character arcs around the metaphor of school; each issue starts with a training montage with the Professor noting a specific flaw in their combat abilities each time Then the issue ultimately culminates in the X Men actually having to confront that combat flaw in order to defeat the villain of that issue and they do which shows character growth In accordance with this structure each issue of this arc is tailor made for a specific member of the X Men; each issue focusses on the weakness of a specific member and heshe has to confront that weakness to overcome the villain and grow as a character The arc ultimately culminates in each member of the X Men having addressed their own uniue weakness until they are a stronger team as a resultThe strength however is not just the personalization separating each X Member it's the leader uniting them Xavier is a leader that brings his family together; on the other hand Magneto is a leader that tears his family apart This dynamic of opposing leaders is a great metaphor for opposing philosophies The X Men fight for the philosophy that all peoples can live together in peace which brings them together; the Brotherhood fight for the philosophy that some people can claim superiority over others tearing them apart It shows the philosophy of war is weaker than the philosophy of peaceIn fact that's really the theme of this brilliant little series We cannot graduate from our weakness as a country if we do not unite under the notion we can be united lest we be divided under the notion we should be divided

  5. Walter Schwartz Walter Schwartz says:

    Blob does not give up

  6. Микола Микола says:

    У цьому випуску з'являється Церебро — в поміч Скотту Циклопу на час відсутності профессора Ікс

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