Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1 Epub é Thieves, Vol.

Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1 Epub é Thieves, Vol.

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  1. Anne Anne says:

    Twisty heist story that unfolded in a very satisfying way A retired thief cocky government agent disgruntled ex wife bumbling son scary crime boss and a crazy partner in crime all collide to tell a cool story in I uit I'm still not sure how I missed finding out about this title until recently I'm looking directly at my Shallow friends hereThe good thing about being so late to the party is that I can binge on these suckers I think there are 7 volumes so far? you can't see it but I'm rubbing my hands together like a cheesy villainIt says the writers are Robert Kirkman Nick Spencer but this really feels like Spencer's dialogue to me I'm not sure exactly who is actually writing what but whatever they're doing it's workingIf you're a fan of crime comics you'll want to grab this one Highly Recommended

  2. Jeff Jeff says:

    uestion Where do old thieves go when they retire?Answer Well it’s a pretend retirement; so some end up somewhere on the French Riviera meet snooty blonde babes and since this a Hitchcock gif you cutpan to a fireworks as coitus shotHere it’sDon’t be fooled There’s no note of finality here It’s a set up for monkey business an escapade a caperand not a very clever one You can feel the “creative” wheels turning the deeper you get into this book If you’ve seen a heist movie it doesn’t matter which one you’ll be several steps ahead in reading thisDude you have some expository ‘splaining to doBottom line I expected from the KirkmanSpencer duo but the end result is warmed over Brubaker served with a side of grits and Aunt May’s wheat cakes Not horrible but not anything I’ll invest any time reading

  3. Scott Scott says:

    I'm Conrad Paulson I'm a consultant I'm divorced I'm working on an unpublished novel Conrad 'Redmond' Paulson thief You're Redmond You're the greatest thief who ever lived The Federal Bureau of Investigation pays me to make you the greatest thief who ever lived in prison special agent Elizabeth Cohen pursuer Thief of Thieves takes a standard crime or heist story other reviewers have noted similarities to the movies Out of Sight and Ocean's 11 AND main character who reminded me of Richard Stark's aka Donald E Westlake's anti hero thief 'Parker' from a long running book series and pumps it full of life with the expected sideways angles of plot development a diverse cast of shady characters and bold Technicolor illustrations So if it's not an original 'one last score' tale at least it was still entertainingAnother notable aspect was the presence of strong female characters in an often male dominated genre Redmond's dishy but uber capable 'Gal Friday' protege Celia was eually fierce and funny the finale conversation with her angrily wielding a shotgun for example and Redmond's determined nemesis Agent Cohen tasked with an impossible assignment in nailing the slippery Redmond and his crew are charismatic or interesting than some of the stereotypical guy roles that fill the story

  4. Chad Chad says:

    Conrad Paulsen is a retired master thief When his son gets into a bind he gets pulled back into a shadowy world of high stakes threats Yes you've seen a lot of this before if you've seen any heist films like Ocean's 11 or To Catch a Thief I mean how many variations on the theme can there be? Kirkman and Martinbrough do it very well though There's enough infighting backstabbing and ulterior motives to keep this really interesting

  5. Sesana Sesana says:

    I actually really really enjoyed this I get that there really isn't anything that original here but it's put together in a really fun way The characters pop the dialog can be snappy while being something that actual people would actual say and the heists are really fun to read And I can't say enough good about the art It reminds me in some ways of Sean Phillips's consistently fantastic art for the Criminal series but with of a contemporary thriller feel than the retro noirish one Phillips brings It's worth pointing out that despite his top billing Kirkman wrote little if any of what's on the page That credit rightfully goes to Nick Spencer the writer on this arc It seems Kirkman's position on the series is something like a showrunner on a TV series How much of what we see is his and how much is Spencer's we'll probably never know but I feel comfortable giving Spencer the credit for the specific dialog on the page

  6. Jesse A Jesse A says:

    The story was pretty familiar and I didnt love all the art but all in all this was a pretty entertaining story

  7. Sam Quixote Sam Quixote says:

    The title is unintentionally ironic there are a number of elements to this book that have been stolen from similar stories If you've seen the Steven Soderbergh films Out of Sight and Ocean's 11 then you'll notice them in this book too A suave gentleman thief sidles up to his ex wife in a restaurant and begins a back and forth that shows they have chemistry still kind of love each other but the woman is unwilling to allow herself to go with him This scene is in both this book and Ocean's 11 Then the gentleman thief has a complex sexual relationship with the female FBI agent after him Out of Sight anyone?There is a big team heist job set up for the final third of the book which involves Ocean's 11 style montage where each member of the team is recruited and then the heist involves rappelling down to the vault It's like the writer Nick Spencer just watched Ocean's 11 and woke up thinking he imagined it allBlatant rip offs aside is there anything here worth reading from the creative mind of Robert Walking Dead Kirkman? Not really it's a story you've probably seen before I know I have and the writing certainly doesn't stand out nor does the art Kirkman didn't write this he created it and Nick Spencer did the writing It barely held my attention to the end the constant deja vu is too distracting and overall if someone asked for a template for a thief story this would be itExpect the movie version to star George Clooney

  8. Leo Leo says:

    Re read on March 8 2015 455I finally got my hands of volume 3 of this series and I wanted to give a reread to the previous volumes to refresh my memory a bit And I don't know there's something about this comic It's surely not new stories about crooks trying to leave life of crime behind but having their past catch up to them have been done to death But it's a pleasure to read Conrad's shenanigans especially towards the end of the book Martinbrough style is clean and nice to look at and Serrano's use of chiaroscuro is stunning I realized that it suits Conrad's personality and even if it wasn't intended it really makes the book stand out Thief of Thieves has managed to balance the criminal part with Conrad's family and the flashbacks give us needed information and show a different idealistic Conrad I really liked the contrast between both Conrads and both his lives While closing the story in here there's a hint at to come so you are not left with a huge cliffhanger but a reason to keep reading I enjoyed it this time than before; I remember that I was a little confused by what was going on the first time One thing I can say if it doesn't matter how many times I read this I always really enjoy it even if I know the outcome Give it a try

  9. Crystal Starr Light Crystal Starr Light says:

    Bullet ReviewThis was okay Basically a lot of the thief tropes rolled into one the heist the mastermind who wants out the mastermind and his ex the mastermind and his screwed up son etc Nothing above average but not 100% snooze worthy eitherBut definitely could have used a couple women outside of the ones lusting after Conrad

  10. Cheese Cheese says:

    35 stars This starts of uite slow and switches back and forth like pulp fiction It's about a cop and the best thief of their time battling it out He assembles a group to pull off a job to get his son out of jail similar to oceans 11 That is when it gets interesting and sets it all up nicely for the next volume

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Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1 ❮Reading❯ ➷ Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1 Author Robert Kirkman – Conrad Paulson lives a secret double life as master thief Redmond There is nothing he can't steal nothing he can't have except for the life he left behind Now with a grown son he hardly knows and an e Conrad Paulson lives a secret Thieves, Vol. PDF/EPUB ✓ double life as master thief Redmond There is nothing he can't steal nothing he can't have except for the life he left behind Now with a grown son he hardly knows and an ex wife he never stopped loving Conrad must try to piece together what's left of his life before the FBI finally catch up to him but it appears they are the least of his worriesCollects issues .

  • Paperback
  • 152 pages
  • Thief of Thieves, Vol. 1
  • Robert Kirkman
  • English
  • 19 September 2016
  • 9781607065920

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Robert Kirkman is an American Thieves, Vol. PDF/EPUB ✓ comic book writer best known for his work on The Walking Dead Invincible for Image Comics as well as Ultimate X Men and Marvel Zombies for Marvel Comics He has also collaborated with Image Comics co founder Todd McFarlane on the series Haunt He is one of the five partners of Image Comics and the only one of the five who was not one of the original co founders of.