The Light Between Oceans Epub ð The Light MOBI

The Light Between Oceans Epub ð The Light MOBI

The Light Between Oceans ✻ [BOOKS] ✯ The Light Between Oceans By M.L. Stedman ❅ – 1926 Tom Sherbourne é um homem ue regressado dos horrores da Primeira Guerra Mundial aceita ocupar o posto de faroleiro numa remota ilha ao largo da costa oeste australiana Os únicos habitantes de J Tom Sherbourne é um homem ue regressado dos horrores da Primeira Guerra Mundial aceita ocupar o posto de faroleiro numa remota ilha ao largo da costa oeste australiana Os únicos habitantes de Janus Rock Tom e a sua esposa Isabel vivem uma vida pacata isolados do resto do mundo Numa manhã de Abril dá The Light MOBI :Ú à costa um barco ue transporta um homem morto e um bebé ue chora mudando para sempre o destino do jovem casal Só anos mais tarde vão descobrir as terríveis conseuências da decisão ue tomaram nauele dia à medida ue a verdadeira história dauela criança se revela Esta é uma história sobre o bem e o mal e de como por vezes se confundem.

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  1. Barbara Williams Barbara Williams says:

    I am going to start with review with a disclaimer This review is subjective from my point of view etc I thought this book was terrible bad no good You don’t have to agree with me and you could think that this was the most AMAZING book and your eyes almost exploded from all the awesomeness that traveled through them to reach your brain which leapt in your skull with every sentence you read and that is fine I do not think that you are inferior to me Now on to my review Stop here for spoilers although you might regret it It’s an awesome reviewI am not one to judge books by their covers although a good cover is always a bonus and this book has a excellent one Props to the graphic designer Combined with being on the New York Times Best Seller list and having an first rate premise I thought this one was a winner But I was wrong DEAD WRONG ok that is a little dramatic If I was describe my reading experience like the ocean tides sometimes I would be fine floating near the shore but other times it would sweep me out to sea with its ridiculousness The conclusion didn’t help the novel’s case It left a distinctly bitter taste in my mouth So basically the premise is that a couple Tom and Isabel living on a island in a lighthouse in Australia find a dead man and baby ashore Isabel filled with grief from her last three miscarriages begs her husband to kidnap the baby and bury the dead man in a ditch so she can be fulfilled as a woman and finally have a child She assumes that the mother is dead so I mean is she really doing anything wrong? It’s like when you find a stray dog and it has a collar What if the dog was being abused so that’s why it ran away? It’s your duty to keep that cute dog and love it forever Except This is a BABY Now I have never had a miscarriage nor have I ever had children so I guess this is why I hated Isabel so much I don’t understand her point of view AT ALL I agreed with Tom and was pretty mad when his sympathies got the better of him I mean really it’s a BABY people It is a human life you're messing withSo Tom and Isabel visit the main land like every three years and this time they bring the baby who they have named Lucy for her christening and to show off to everyone Now here comes the twist the mother is alive Shocker I know So Tom once again is like “Hey this is kidnapping now and the mother is literally insane with grief Maybe we should give back her baby” And Isabel is all like “No I can’t have babies And I am a selfish person who is pretending to be a good person by saying it is better for the baby if she stays with us We can’t confuse Lucy” For me I have always thought love was doing what is best for the person you care for Apparently this is not what Isabel thinks love is so this makes her the villain of the story in my perspectiveSo of course Tom and Isabel are found out eventually all by Tom’s doing so he takes the blame for everything This is the point where I want to give up on the book and it’s not because I hate Isabel for letting Tom take the blame to make him suffer for taking Lucy away The story is full of pointless dialog and characters and not even Jane Austin style with enjoyable pointless dialog It is like Stedman’s publisher was like “This novel has to be 300 pages so get on that and write me some ” I think I would have enjoyed this story much if it was a short story I skimmed the last chapters just so I could be done with it Now there are some redeeming factors to this novel I mean it’s not like this is 50 Shades of Gray terrible I gave it two stars Stedman is a great writer when it comes down to descriptions of the island of Janus and little antidotes about the 1920’s in Australia I just didn’t like her characters NOT one of them So my conclusion is read this book for yourself and make up your own opinion As for me I still need to learn that “judging a book by its cover” is a phrase for a reason EDITSo I just found out that they are making this book into a movie Because Hollywoodhttpwwwimdbcomtitlett2547584?refnvsr1

  2. Gabe Gabe says:

    The Light Between Oceans is an incredibly moving novel about what happens when good people make bad decisions The story takes place in the town of Point Partageuse Australia during the 1920s The story begins when a light house keeper and his wife find a life boat containing a live baby and dead man on the shore of their isolated island Through a mixture of misplaced intentions and unsupported superstition they decide to raise the child as their own deciding not to inform the authorities of the child's existence Although the book was a uick read I never once felt that it was forced or lacking in anyway The plot is compact never wavering from its central theme I enjoy this kind of focused writing Irrelevant or distracting side plots would have pulled me away from Tom and Isabel's narrative and weakened my investment in their turmoilThe story is highly emotional Stedman crafts a perfectly gray scenario that forces its readers to uestion their own moral standing This truly is reader manipulation at its most powerful Allowing the reader to sympathize with morally ambiguous characters is a difficult task however Stedman presents her narrative in such a way that the reader can't help feeling the same inner conflict as Tom and IsabelConsidering this is Stedman's first published novel I am incredibly excited to see what she produces next This was a masterpiece in storytelling

  3. Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies says:

    On the Offshore Lights you can live any story you want to tell yourself and no one will say you’re wrong not the seagulls not the prisms not the windSo Isabel floats further and further into her world of divine benevolence where prayers are answered where babies arrive by the will of God and the working of currents There's this married couple their names are Tom and Isabel For the purposes of this review Tom Doormat and Isabel Batshit Crazy but we'll shorten it to Batshit It's 1926 Australia we're on a rock it's actually called Janus Rock in the ocean in the middle of nowhere and considering we're in Australia it's even middle of nowhere erDoormat is a lighthouse keeper He records the motion of the ocean the way of the waves the bodies that wash ashore and all of that Well not so much the bodies that wash ashore because that happens just once and apparently once is one time too many because that didn't turn out well at allThe day when a man dies and is washed ashore is called the day of the miracle Hoooooo kay Whatever you call it BatshitOk here's the situation One day a dead body washes ashore Along with it is a wee lil baby a living baby Batshit is a woman who desperately wants a child She has suffered from multiple stillbirths and is grieving and is going slowly mad because of it A long time ago she was a woman who had a lot of joy and happiness in her It was what attracted Doormat to Batshit in the first place he wondered what other secrets lay behind her playful smile 8 years later we know what secret lies behind that playful smile Pure unadulterated lunacyBatshit wants a child A baby washes ashore Huzzah It's a miracle Only the baby's not theirs to keep Sure it's 1926 And sure it's Australia the wild land populated by criminals and kangaroos and wombats or maybe that's New Zealand? and people who speak really really strangely “Izzy” Tom called “Izzy wait Don’t do your ’nana love He’s not” But she was already too far off to hear the rest of his words“She” Tom considered whether to explain “She got the wrong end of the stick about it Sorry She’s chucked a wobbly Once she does that all you can do is batten down the hatches and wait for it to pass Means I’ll be making sandwiches for lunch I’m afraid” But in this lawless land in this lawless time there are still regulations and shit to be followed That's why Tom's there working as the lighthouse keeper So when a dead man and a living baby washes ashore Tom's got a whole lot of fucking paperwork to fill out “It’s all got to go in the log pet You know I’ve got to report everything straightaway” Tom said for his duties included noting every significant event at or near the light station from passing ships and weather to problems with the apparatus Only he doesn't Because his beloved Batshit insists on keeping the baby for just a little bit longer the way a 4 year old child says Please daddy I'll go to bed in just 5 minutes It ain't gonna happen It's never going to be just five fucking minutes and Batshit isn't just planning to keep the poor half dead baby just oooooooooone day Despite what Doormat tells her against all fucking common sense to just you know turn the baby in to proper authorities Batshit doesn't fucking listen “Then the baby’s probably got a mother waiting for it somewhere onshore tearing her hair out How would you feel if it was yours?”“You saw the cardigan The mother must have fallen out of the boat and drowned”“Sweetheart we don’t have any idea about the mother Or about who the man was”“It’s the most likely explanation isn’t it? Infants don’t just wander off from their parents”“Izzy anything’s possible We just don’t know”“When did you ever hear of a tiny baby setting off in a boat without its mother?” She held the child a fraction closer Oh logic you really fucking got it eh Batshit? Sure the baby's mother isn't there She must be dead Somehow Her body must be on the bottom of the ocean floor The baby can't POSSIBLY have another relative on landMakes perfect fucking sense To someone who belongs in Bedlam asylum not to be mistaken for Arkham asylum This isn't Batman Do they have a Bedlam franchise in Australia?Poor Doormat's got a crisis of conscience He wants to do the right thing but he's just so fucking in love with Batshit that he gives in Totally whipped “I suppose at a pinch” he conceded the words coming with great difficulty “I could—leave the signal until the morning First thing though As soon as the light’s out” Yeah so they wait one day to turn the baby in And the next thing you know Batshit's breast feeding the baby Well that escalated uickly “Oh little sweetheart” she murmured and slowly unbuttoned her blouse Seconds later the child had latched on fast sucking contentedly though only a few drops of milk cameThey had been like that for a good while when Tom entered the kitchen “How’s the—” He stopped in mid sentence arrested at the sightIsabel looked up at him her face a mixture of innocence and guilt “It was the only way I could get her to settle”“But Well” Alarmed Tom couldn’t even frame his uestions“She was desperate Wouldn’t take the bottle”“But—but she took it earlier I saw her” Uh ok So the baby can bottle feed it's just convenient to breastfeed her ;And then next thing you know the baby's got a name “We need to welcome Lucy and say a prayer for her poor father”“If that’s who he was” said Tom “And Lucy?”“Well she needs a name Lucy means ‘light’ so it’s perfect isn’t it?” Seriously what the fuck? Now all thought of turning the baby in to the authorities is out the window because how the fuck is poor Doormat going to explain the fact that they kept the baby for weeks gave her a name breastfed her didn't notify the authorities right away and didn't notify the authorities that they found a dead body that might be her father Clearly they're in some deep fucking doodooAnd Batshit is there in her little land of happiness contented with the fact that she has her wewy own baby Let's just forget about the fact that the baby may or may not still have a mother or a relative Let's just throw out all reason out the window “Izzy Izzy You know I’d do anything for you darl but—whoever that man is and whatever he’s done he deserves to be dealt with properly And lawfully for that matter What if the mother’s not dead and he’s got a wife fretting waiting for them both?”“What woman would let her baby out of her sight? Face it Tom she must have drowned” What woman would let her baby out of her sight? Maybe a desperate one? Maybe one who gave her to a nanny while she was away? GuhSo there they live in blissful happy ostrich in the sand land for several years Until they realize that well shit the baby's mother might be alive And she ain't a bad person or a despicable person “Funny how lives turn out isn’t it? Born to money than you can shake a stick at; went all the way to Sydney University to get a degree in something or other; married the love of her life—and you see her now sometimes wandering about like she’s got no home to go to” So as it turned out the baby's mother is alive and breathing And wealthy And scared and lost and lonely because she's lost her husband AND her child Poor Hannah may be rich but she's had to fight for her love She fought to marry a German and this was pretty bad considering this is post WWI Her father disinherited her she had to work menial labor she had to suffer a lot to marry the love of her life And now her husband may be dead somewhere she doesn't know because Batshit and Doormat never reported the dead body and her daughter may be dead somewhere she doesn't know because Batshit and Doormat never reported FINDING A FUCKING BABYSo Hannah is now searching for her husband and daughter She is wealthy because her father has accepted her again If Batshit and Doormat returned the baby Lucy who's like a small child by now Lucy will have a happy life with a loving mother a loving aunt and a doting grandfather not to mention she'll be rich as fuck Settled for life yo The natural thing the good thing to do would be to give Lucy that futureBut of course they're not called Doormat and Batshit by me for nothingSo there's poor Hannah In mourning Desolate ChildlessAnd here's how Batshit reacts to that “Hannah had a terrible tragedy a few years ago Family lost at sea—her husband and a daughter who would have been about your girl’s age by now She’s always asking that sort of thing Seeing little ones sets her off”“Dreadful” Isabel managed to mutter Understatement of the fucking centuryThe Romance There is no romance in this book It is a love borne out of madness and obsession It is a love that is full of mindless devotion on Doormat's part with pure emotional manipulation on Batshit's part “How can you be so hard hearted? All you care about is your rules and your ships and your bloody light” These were accusations Tom had heard before when wild with grief after her miscarriages Isabel had let loose her rage against the only person there—the man who continued to do his duty who comforted her as best he could but kept his own grieving to himself Doormat's mad devotion to his wife will eventually be his own downfall and as we will learn towards the climax of the book that love is truly a one way streetOverall This book didn't convince me of anything There were morality issues that failed to send any sort of message besides that of crazy woman is crazy life sucks and men need to grow some balls I didn't like any of the main characters I ended up being sympathetic to Hannah aka poor mom who lost the kid which made it all the frustrating when crazy woman is constantly shoved in our faceMaybe I'm not supposed to like the main characters but why the hell should I bother to read a book if everything about it frustrates me?

  4. Matthew Matthew says:

    The book 4 starsThe audiobook negative 1000 stars on that laterThis book was a soul crushing catch 22 The decisions the characters had to make and the options they are presented with range from totally awful to not all that great It was interesting to read a book that felt the entire way through like there is no chance for a happy ending Which bad option will be the outcome? The audiobook is terrible So bad that I will never listen to another book by this reader Noah Taylor His odd inflections weird and freuent pauses poor enunciation and whispering made this painful to listen to As much as I did enjoy the book I was thankful when it was over

  5. Jeanette (Again) Jeanette (Again) says:

    Sometimes life turns out hard Isabel Sometimes it just bites right through you And sometimes just when you think it's done its worst it comes back and takes another chunkRemember when you were four years old and your mother was just about your entire world? If you can remember that long ago feeling of attachment to a parent or if you have a child or if you have longed for a child of your own your heart will break for little Lucy And it will break for all the grown ups who loved her whether they had a right to or not This story can feel so slow that you might be tempted to give up It's gorgeously written but slooooow Much of it takes place on a lighthouse rock 100 miles off the tip of Western Australia The setting accounts in part for the pokey pace but it's also a big part of the novel's charm Somewhere in the last third of the book you'll begin to appreciate the mastery in the careful build up The pace will pick up a bit and you'll be glad you stayed with it

  6. Mischenko Mischenko says:

    Please visit wwwreadrantrockandrollcom to see this review and others The Light Between Oceans by ML Stedman is a heart wrenching story about a relationship between two people and the risks they're willing to take for each other I'm going to say that for me the story was heart wrenching You can feel the love that Tom and Isabel have for each other Tom who would do anything for Isabel is a special character I fell in love with from the start Is what they do right or wrong? The story is sure to test your moral judgement “I promised to spend my life with you I still want to spend my life with you Izz I've learned the hard way that to have any kind of a future you've got to give up hope of ever changing your past” I did find certain parts a little boring but the last half of the book I couldn't stop until the end However I do wish it would've ended differently The conclusion I was looking for wasn't the one I received but that's the way the author wrote it and it's still good It's worth reading and I'd recommend it to anyone I'm really looking forward to reading by this author and hope she writes in the future4

  7. jessica jessica says:

    i found this story to be rather simple but theres a certain kind of attractiveness present in its simplicity the uncomplicated nature of the storytelling really allowed me to not only imagine but connect with the loneliness of being the sole lighthouse keeper on an isolated island the unforgiving beauty of the sea and the uaintness of a sleepy seaside australian town its definitely the writing and the atmosphere it creates that propels this story oh and tom tom deserves every good thing in this world and i know i would hop on the first boat out to his little island to play lighthouse keeper with him loli will say i wasnt really a fan of the plot in the second half of the book only because it made me resent isabel which in turn made me feel bad for tom but im not a parent so maybe i just couldnt empathise with her in that particular situation regardless the strong evocative ability of the storytelling definitely makes reading this book worthwhile ↠ 4 stars

  8. Brenda Brenda says:

    What a wonderfully complex and morally riveting story I literally could not put this down and read for a solid 3 hours last night until 1am when I finished this bookWhen Tom Sherbourne returned from WWI he was a shattered man He needed a uiet place to gather his thoughts to calm himself as he didn’t believe he should have survived the war when his mates did not So he became a lighthouse keeper and over the next few years he did his job and learned his trade until he accepted the job of lighthouse keeper on the small island of Janus Rock an extremely remote location off the coast of Western Australia The small township of Partageuse was where he spent a week or so before heading out to the island for his first look at Janus Rock with the help of Ralph and Bluey They would come out in The Windward Spirit every three months with his supplies any mail anything that was needed But in the time he spent in Partageuse he met up with the lovely Isabel Graysmark and over the next months a uiet courtship occurred with letters going back and forth on The Windward Spirit with Ralph and BlueyOn their marriage in 1926 Isabel joined Tom on Janus Rock and the two of them lived their lives happy content and isolated from the rest of the world Their happiness was not complete however as Isabel endured miscarriages and depression with Tom struggling to comfort herOne April morning with the wind blowing strongly a boat was washed ashore with a dead man and a crying baby onboard The conseuences of the choices they made that fateful day would live with them forever As the years unfolded their decision would see many lives affected with an extremely devastating result The continuing heartbreaking story will tear you apart as you grapple with the right and wrong of love and loyaltyThis debut novel by Aussie author ML Stedman is gripping in its intensity I highly recommend this book

  9. Suzanne Suzanne says:

    I just can’t do this Halfway through but cannot go on There are people waiting for this library copy and the library is calling it back in so I am going to relinuish it to someone who actually wants to read it Given the moral choices that form the heart of the plot this could have been a much better book if it were you know well written Apart from the fairly good initial characterization of Tom Sherbourne as a WWI vet suffering from memories of a troubled childhood and PTSD from war time experiences and some alright landscape descriptions this book was on the whole filled with sappy simplistic and sentimental writing than rendered the whole thing fairly bad And the longer it went on the the badness grated on me I had to give up at page 176 because I no longer cared about the conseuences of the moral choices the characters had made even though the intrinsic complexity of the uestions at the core of the story remained an interesting dilemma Getting to any possible answers if there were any or even seeing how it played out was just too painful Thank you Kerry for your review that released me and saved me from a few hours of this My Recommendation Avoid

  10. Ninoska Goris Ninoska Goris says:

    Español English“A veces deseamos tanto algo ue nos engañamos y creemos haberlo encontrado”Lo ue se nos presenta auí es una historia moral entre lo bueno y lo malo ue conlleva una decisión Eso sí muy bien escritaThomas Tom Sherbourne después de terminar la Primera Guerra Mundial y ueriendo dejar atrás todos los malos recuerdos de su niñez y la muerte de soldados decide presentarse para el puesto de farero mientras mas lejos y solitario mejor Pero cuando llega al puerto de Partageuse para de ahí partir a su destino final Janus Rock a la primera persona ue ve al desembarcar es a Isabel GraysmarkIsabel Graysmark es joven extrovertida hermosa y sabe lo ue uiere uiere casarse con Tom y vivir con él en la isla del faro Cuando lo logra vive una vida feliz con Tom en la solitaria isla Tom es todo lo ue una esposa podría desear es atento cariñoso y trabajadorToda esta felicidad se ve empañada por dos abortos y un parto prematuro donde el bebé nace muerto Aunue esta es la raíz principal del tema del libro creo ue no se explica bien no sentí el sufrimiento de Isabel ante su incapacidad para tener hijosUn día aparece en la costa un barco con un hombre muerto y una bebé Isabel convence a un indeciso Tom de no dar parte a las autoridades del hallazgo y uedarse el bebé para ellosCuando visitan a los padres de Isabel en Partageuse se enteran ue la madre de la bebé está viva Isabel se niega a entregar a Lucy pero a Tom le remuerde la conciencia y decide hacer algo y ocultárselo a su esposaEste es el punto en ue se afina la línea entre el bien y el mal Aunue esta tercera parte del libro se alarga mucho es muy emotiva El final me pareció adecuado porue desde mi punto de vista todo uedó como debió uedar What is presented here is a moral story between the good and the bad that comes with a decision Yes very well writtenThomas Tom Sherbourne after finishing World War I and wanting to leave behind all the bad memories of his childhood and the death of soldiers decides to opt for the position of lighthouseman farther and lonely the better But when he arrives at the port of Partageuse and then leaves for his final destination Janus Rock the first person he sees when disembark is Isabel GraysmarkIsabel Graysmark is young extroverted beautiful and knows what she wants she wants to marry Tom and live with him on the island of the lighthouse Where she manages to live a happy life with Tom on the lonely island Tom is everything a wife could wish for he is caring and hardworkingAll this happiness is marred by two abortions and a premature birth where the baby is born dead Although this is the main root of the subject of the book I think it is not well explained I did not feel the suffering of Isabel before her inability to have childrenOne day a ship with a dead man and a baby appears on the coast Isabel persuades an undecided Tom not to give the authorities of the find and keep the baby for themWhen they visit Isabel's parents in Partageuse they learn that the mother of the baby is alive Isabel refuses to surrender Lucy but Tom regrets his conscience and decides to do something and hide it from his wifeThis is the point at which the line between good and evil is sharpened Although this third part of the book is very long it is very emotional The end seemed appropriate because from my point of view everything was as it should have remained

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