Ebook ✓ The Fix it Girl Kindle Ó The Fix Kindle -

Ebook ✓ The Fix it Girl Kindle Ó The Fix Kindle -

The Fix it Girl [PDF] ✍ The Fix it Girl By J.M. Dragon – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Powerful businesswoman Elise Ridge relied heavily on her personal assistant Jill Marrack She never knew how much until Elise’s sister departs the country leaving her six year old daughter Lily behin Powerful businesswoman Elise Ridge relied heavily on her personal assistant Jill Marrack She never knew how much until Elise’s sister departs the country leaving The Fix Kindle - her six year old daughter Lily behind That’s when Elise calls on her fix it girl to come to her rescue Jill impulsively agrees to help moves to Headridge the Ridge country home to take care of Lily and immediately comes into conflict with the dysfunctional family Lily who is yearning for affection pulls at Jill's heartstrings so Jill endures the cold atmosphere within the household for the sake of the childElise Ridge survives by making herself a cold fish in the emotional department and throws all of her energies into her business The warm relationship between her niece and her PA draws Elise out of the shadows of her lonely existence and she starts to realize that life may hold for her than merely work and family responsibilitiesCan their fledgling relationship survive the manipulations of those whom they trustThis story is a romance with a twist.

About the Author: J.M. Dragon

JM Dragon was born in the United Kingdom and after leading a hectic working life in logistics made the startling decision to up root The Fix Kindle - and move half way around the world to New Zealand That decision changed her life she is now a New Zealand citizen and looks at the country now as her home and in her words 'I wouldn't live anywhere else in the world it's fabulous'Her life changed dramatically to.

10 thoughts on “The Fix it Girl

  1. Diane Wallace Diane Wallace says:

    Lovely story thoughtful plotcreative thinking behind this excellent 1st installmentwell defined characters with lots of chemistryrecommended

  2. Sandra Sandra says:

    35 starsNice and enjoyable romance but the ending isn't satisfying

  3. Loek Krancher Loek Krancher says:

    WOW Just wowThe storyline was amazing it grabs you immediately I love Elise Jill and Lily They are my top favorites Anna and Nina no not so much Nina is a manipulative bitch always throwing a tantrum And Anna she is one of the main characters but oh do I hate her It's about love hate jealousy conspiracy the importance of family and so much The writing is excellent and easy to follow The characters are well defined It kept me engaged throughout the whole story A romance with a twisted plot It didn't go the way I thought it would but knowing that there is another story I'm very satisfied with this book I'm eager to go to the next one and I highly recommend it

  4. Lisa R. Smith Lisa R. Smith says:

    A juicy readElise Ridge is a successful international businesswoman working in London Elise relies on her PA Jill Marrack who is very good at her job and who has worked for Elise for five years Elise sister Grace leaves for Paris to work for a week and needs childcare for her daughter Lilly Elise needs to go out of town and can’t take care of her niece The child’s Grandmother refuses the job So Elise calls her PA for a solution Jill fixes the problem by taking care of Lily herself Touched by Jill’s good care of her niece Elise begins to see Jill in a different light A complicated chaotic situation ensues but Jill and Elise fall in love Jill carries Elise’s baby and they get married But no happy ending yetthe second book “In Name Only” continues the story A juicy read

  5. Pin Pin says:

    A good romance with a very unsatisfying even disappointing ending The ending is serious business in romance novels so just two stars Please fix it Ms Dragon with a new ending or a seuel

  6. Kat Kat says:

    Oh I had to take some time to think of what I want to say and still don't really have words to express myself For sure it's a great story As much as the main characters were feeling hurt or lovedhappy so was I Great writer and wonderful story I just wish even though I know happy ending did happen it was written down for me In this case my imagination took over which isn't bad either

  7. Lorraine Rusnack Lorraine Rusnack says:

    OMG my emotions were all over the place with this book I got so upset sometimes I had to stop reading I cried several times throughout as well Jill was naive to think she could hold back her past especially when deal with manipulative people like Stella and Elise’ mother Why can’t they say how they really feel This is a very emotional story and so well written I have the next book so I’ll need to see how things work out

  8. Monique S. Monique S. says:

    Another lovely ff romance betweeen adult women I love the fact that one of the heroines is already in her middle yearsThe story is well written the characters all very much believable a joy to read

  9. joanne p brower joanne p brower says:

    Great bookGreat job with this book It was very entertaining and engagingthe characters and dialogue was very throughThank you for this and all your works

  10. Kirsty Kirsty says:

    The only reason I've given this book 3 stars is because the overall story is uite good However the ending is extremely frustrating and short An epilogue would have been preferredI should also mention the editing on this book was shocking It needs to be read through again and fixedI did like the fact this was a British book by a British author and even though I initially liked the story some of the repetitive nature of the story and grammatical errors began to annoyI always like to give a new author to me a good go when reading So all I can say is get the editing sorted first the premise is good

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