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  1. ♥ Innocent Lamb ~ Forever Reading ♥ - AKA Smarties ♥ Innocent Lamb ~ Forever Reading ♥ - AKA Smarties says:

    Here we have all the usual suspects1 The ugly but not really ugly girl who hates the spotlight and suddenly becomes the it girl who is adored by everyone at her school In this case the school would be the modelling world which is apparently full of fakes and all that jazz2 The dorky guy best friend from ugly or not's who has been gone for a while but has finally returned only hotter cooler and BRITISH because British men are a whole new level of hot eyeroll3 Barely there parents who are only around enough to force feed the morals into the reader's mouths and to be rebelled against and to be the bad guys4 The popular high school ueen starts with a 'b' and ends with an itch that absolutely LOATHES the main character Also possible competition for ugly not so's love interest Add a little bit of this and a sprinkle of that and what do you get?One cliche overused mess That's what you getTo be honest I have no idea what I hated about this book It's like Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liars mushed together in some sick horrifying messYou know that mess that comes after you've broken up with an amazing guygirl and you jump onto the first hot guygirl just for the sake of trying to forget what you've lost?Most people call it the reboundConfession I've never had a rebound boyfriend I tend to avoid all boy dramas My life as it is is dramatic enoughBut I'd imagine it would be a lot like this This time however there isn't a boyfriend involved It's a book This is my reboundWith so many amazing book series ending last year this is me trying to sort of find something new to obsess aboutBut there is of course a trend of all rebounds coming back to haunt meThis is proof of thatNo rebounds for me

  2. Katie Katie says:

    Soooo I think overall this is just one of those YA books that doesn't translate well for an adult The characters's mistakes were very realistic and not fun to read aboutI DID really appreciate that the famous supermodel mom was also a GOOD mom and that the main character didn't have to choose between passionsPS With this book I complete my 2018 goal of reading at least 2 owned unread ebooks and 2 owned unread physical books every month I'm going to keep it up in 2019

  3. Amy Amy says:

    This is one of the books I like to call I'm Under A Lot Of Stress So Instead Of Doing Something Smart I Rebound By Picking Up The First Dumb Shallow Overly Hormonal Book I Find In The Teen Section For A Fluff Read Generally I don't finish said books but this time around I did The Daughters gets two stars for a fairly good message Everything else is about as unrealistic as Neverland but we'll overlook that for a moment Lizzie Summers is the daughter of the most gorgeous super model in the world but she takes after her Dad and is or so she thinks ugly Carina Jurgensen is ticked that her Dad is making her work the family business instead of taking soccer or surfingHudson Jones is starting her own music career even as her mother's super pop star status overshadows herBlah blah blah Anyway these are The Daughters and this particular book the first one in a series I have no interest in reading is all about Lizzie When a photographer declare her uniue and striking look is the New Face of Beauty Lizzie decides to give modeling a tryAnd of course she is a big hit xD The whole premise of the book is that beauty doesn't have to come from being six foot having gold hair and full pouty red lips It is that beauty can be found in anyone each person is uniuely pretty That bit I liked Good messageThe reessst of the book thoughthere is a little advertisment at the end that I think sums it up rather well Poppy takes the real world and makes it a little funnier a little fabulousBut that is just the thingthe book doesn't just feel real Not the mother daughter relationship that is supposed to be so touching not the trio of friends and especially not the romance It is fluff pop The writing keeps it above Teenage Girl Writing A Story but most of the book was barely so so And the romance UGH See if becoming a model isn't enough now Lizzie is faced with a super hot old neighbor who happens to have just moved from London and who obviously still likes her Oh and did I mention that they conveniently share similar tastes in books and writing? Who knew the British were such big fans of the Great Gatsby It is all kind of convieneint and cliche When Lizzie chickens out of kissing him and then gets called away on a Daughters emergancy he promptly goes and hooks up with some other girlOkay It drove me crazy throughout the entire book what kind of hooking up is meant here? Making out? or hoooking up hooking up I mean gosh these are fourteen year olds Which actually adds another level un realism to the book All these characters are fourteen Like the 14 year old Hudson who is crushing on her 26 year old producer I mean come on All the Daughters have major issues with their parents all kind of unbelievable and conveniently are gorgeous or talented oretcetc So BLAH Wouldn't reccomend the book Unrealistic and cheesy and shallow and hormonal All that I expected though with a good theme

  4. Marie Marie says:

    Good story I would have loved it much better if the charachters were 16 17 years old and not 14 which they completely didn't act like I mean a 14 year old planning to go on holiday with a bunch of older guys and girls? Didn't make to very believable not to mention none of them acted their ageOther than that I enjoyed it but it did play on my mind the whole time of how young they were I liked her dad especially in the end it was actually them mom who came across all fake I mean her secretary didn't even know go Carina wasCatono is the daughter to billionaire Karl Jurgenson and is the heir to his company When they argue and she mentions that money cant buy everything she wants he cuts her off Completely Just when her crush has asked her to vacate with him and his friends to the Alps on a snowboarding holidayShe decided to get a job to pay for it But how does a girl who's never lived on a budget or worked hard in her life going to pull off event planning a charity gig where everything is supposed to be donated for free?

  5. Mia N Mia N says:

    The Daughters is a book that tells a great story about staying true to yourself even when it gets hard It has a modern day setting and the story’s plot is somewhat easy to follow although some events in the story are unrealistic The main character Lizzie Summers is an upbeat strong and charismatic character who people can seem to relate to which is great because sometimes characters don’t seem to connect to really anyone Lizzie however is easy to connect too and she and her friends make the story much pleasurable to read I also enjoyed the contrasts between the different characters personalities; and I thought that each of the main characters different points of view on any situation created a cool best friends vibe Also throughout the story the subtle change in setting was very charismatic Also hints of love elements dramatized the story Plus family relations and social relations put hints of suspense into the story The Daughters plot is very interesting having it to do with many famous fictional people throughout the book It is interesting because it tells you some parts of what it is like to be famous which is something you can’t normally read about I enjoyed all of the rich sensory details throughout the book engrossing me in every page with a new location party or event happening along the way However with all of the events building up in the story’s plot I felt that the ending was cut short and could have used some development Although I can’t be too harsh on it because the ending does lead into a seuel of the book called The Daughters Break The Rules I'm very excited to continue the series as I explore books by Joanna Philbin The Daughters is a must have chick flick that has a uirky and upbeat edge that I think many people will enjoy

  6. Jocelyn Jocelyn says:

    The Daughters is the debut novel by Regis Philbin’s daughter Joanna Philbin I almost feel bad opening up the review with that statement because the book is so much about separating yourself from your famous parent and creating your own destiny But in the same way that living in the shadow can cause a child to uestion where they begin and their parents end for a writer it can provide great material That is exactly what Joanna Philbin did with her debut novel She took her own personal experience and wove it into an enjoyable journey for the characters of Lizzie Carina and HudsonThe Daughters the first in a series focuses on Lizzie Summers What could have been a simple story about an ugly duckling living in the shadow of her super model mom became a story with an interesting and complex journey Lizzie is insecure about her looks but instead of writing an extreme makeover type of book Philbin wrote one about fully accepting yourself flaws and all This is a well written story with real characters and enough drama to keep you flipping the pages I read it in a day because I couldn’t put it down Philbin excels at portraying teens honestly and there isn’t a fake note in this entire book The drama in the boy department doesn’t disappoint either It ends on a cliffhanger that will have readers desperate for Carina’s story which I hear comes out in November I whole heartedly recommend this book for both teens and adults

  7. Georgie R Georgie R says:

    Plot Move over Gossip Girl Celebriteens are front page news As the daughter of a supermodel Lizzie is used to living in her mother's shadow But when a photographer spots her uniue style and look Lizzie becomes the new it girl of the New York fashion scene Cast into the spotlight Lizzie isn't sure fame is all it's cracked up to be Luckily her best friends are also the daughters of celebrities and know just had to keep her grounded But can they bring her back to earth before she loses her chance with the gorgeous new boy at school? Review Like many other novels based around the world of fashion this book ultimately aims to show how shallowness and supposed Model Behaviour is not all it's designed to be ergo be nice and keep your friends close Todd the love interest is adorable and whenever he and Lizzie have an awkward moments I'm like Ahh They're so cuteLizzie's best friends Carina and Hudson are the sweetest friends ever The only problem is that at the start I kept getting the girls muddled up all with their famous parents and whatnot A gripping read try to savour it though and not read it all at once like me

  8. Lauren Lauren says:

    The Daughters by Joanna Philbin was a captivating image of living the high life I thoroughly enjoyed this book especially considering it is perfect for my age This book has aspects of friendship fame and becoming who you are which is what most realistic fiction books these days touch upon This is the perfect book to read on a weekend when you have actually finished all of you're assignments and I felt relaxed while reading it The Daughters is about a super model's daughters Lizzie Summers feeling lost in her mom's never ending fame but surprises herself by becoming the new face of beauty in the end I loved flipping through every page in this book naturally because its has very relevant aspects of a normal teenagers life in it but you also come across the amazing life that most teens dream of living By reading this book you feel as though you are living that amazing life I really loved this book and any teen in the mood for an amazing teen fiction adventure would too

  9. Jodi Jodi says:

    Ugh Something about The Daughters just seemed so cheesy to me The whole premise of rich girls of famous people living in New York sounded like it could have potential Then I began to read it This was like the G rated version of Gossip Girl to me I get that we are supposed to like these characters and sympathize with them and whatnot However what Philbin has given us is an unrealistic depiction of teenagers She wanted her characters to be good girls which they were however their behavior did not match that of any teenagers that I know Or for that matter reflect anything about what teenagers were like when I was one Philbin does not use any foul language Her characters are all sueaky clean However I don't know how appealing this series will be to girls who are actually of the same age as the ones in the book This is probably better suited for tween agers

  10. Alaina Alaina says:

    Okay so the book is a boring jumble about a girl who isn't pretty But she is But in a different wayI found the book boring and the ending was anti climactic I had no interest in reading the next book so I dropped the terribly boring story with a lame plotJust don't read it

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De dochters [BOOKS] ⚣ De dochters By Joanna Philbin – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Uit de richtlijnen en regels van De Dochters 1 Lees geen roddelbladen en surf niet naar celebritywebsites Kun je het toch niet laten probeer dan niet over je ouders te lezen 2 Vrienden zijn oke maar a Uit de richtlijnen en regels van De dochters Lees geen roddelbladen en surf niet naar celebritywebsites Kun je het toch niet laten probeer dan niet over je ouders te lezen Vrienden zijn oke maar alleen een andere Dochter begrijpt echt hoe je leven is Sluit vriendschap met zoveel mogelijk Dochters Vriendschap is altijd belangrijker dan jongens Altijd Het leven van Dochters van Beroemde Mensen Lizzie Summers is de enige dochter van supermodel Katia Summers maar vindt zichzelf niet bijzonder mooi en houdt er niet van veel aandacht te krijgen Carina Jurgensen is dochter van Karl Jurgensen en enige erfgename van Metronome Media maar wil liever bergen beklimmen dan de sociale ladder Hudson Jones is de dochter van popster Holla Jones en probeert zelf door te breken met haar muziek.