Þ Sal de vainilla PDF/EPUB » Sal de PDF/EPUB or

Þ Sal de vainilla PDF/EPUB » Sal de PDF/EPUB or

Sal de vainilla ☂ [PDF / Epub] ☁ Sal de vainilla By Ada Parellada ✐ – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Álex es un cocinero de gran talento pero su premiado restaurante cuya peculiaridad reside en ue no cocina con productos procedentes originariamente de América está cada día más vacío Es brusco a Álex es un cocinero de gran talento pero su premiado restaurante cuya peculiaridad reside en ue no cocina con productos procedentes originariamente de América está cada día más vacío Es brusco algo excéntrico y de pocas palabras Annette es una joven canadiense ue aterriza casi por azar en el restaurante de Sal de PDF/EPUB or Álex sin experiencia en cocina pero con un máster en antropología alimentaria bajo el brazo Es dulce enérgica y en su cabeza siempre bullen mil ideas Son polos opuestos sin embargo hay algo ue ambos comparten un oscuro pasado Recetas cazuelas y aromas aderezan la vida de los protagonistas dos corazones rotos ue encontrarán entre fogones el condimento de su propia felicidad Ácida fresca y chispeante a la vez ue tierna y enigmática por las páginas de Sal de vainilla sobrevuela un misterio y una pasión contenida pero también un amor incondicional por la cocina.

  • 300 pages
  • Sal de vainilla
  • Ada Parellada
  • Spanish
  • 19 May 2015

10 thoughts on “Sal de vainilla

  1. Yan Fang Zheng Yan Fang Zheng says:

    I didn't like the book maybe because is out of my taste and it didn't have something for me that makes me enjoy this book No offense I hated this book

  2. The Twins The Twins says:

    Barely two stars the only really interesting part is the history of certain food The rest was predictable and boring By far the most annoying person was Annette Canadian one of the main characters why oh why did she have to speak the whole book in broken Catalan which is translated into broken English?? Maybe this style works in Catalan but definitely not in English and just got me worked up page by page

  3. Julie Thomason Julie Thomason says:

    It took me a while to get into this book I found Annette’s pigeon Catalan frustrating and at times confusing The linguistic style made it heavy going at times especially at the start The plot developed slowly and it was frustrating though a bit obvious As a foodie and one who loves food from the Iberian Peninsula I found the historical provenance of the food fascinating

  4. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    Not appealing at all I can't even clearly state why except not appealing at all

  5. Shreya Vaid Shreya Vaid says:

    A Catalan Chef with gruff and eccentric personality meets a Canadian women who loves food like anything Some dishes are broken some revenge is cooked and served in the form of Vanilla Salt Ada Parellada is a well known Catalan chef around the world with a culinary show and few books to her name Vanilla Salt is her debut to the fictional world where she has mixed human emotions with food to tickle our taste buds as well as heartVanilla Salt is about Alex who is struggling to keep up with upkeep of his restaurant Antic Mon Thanks to his gruff nature rude attitude and eccentric personality no one is willing to work with him But now the debts are piling up and only solution left with Alex is to close down and then Anette comes to rescue A Canadian who loves food like anything takes up the job of helping him giving the old reputation to Antic MonIn between arguments and language barriers Alex sees Anette's perspective that his resistance towards usage of ingredients that have culinary origins from America has made him loose his restaurant Ignorance towards tomatoes and potatoes social media and experimenting with food has made things difficult for Antic Mon But with Anette he is able to please his customers again But their is only a slight problem of a famous food critic Carol who is creating a rift between two A love triangle brewing between Catalan cuisine and some hidden stories from the past Vanilla Salt is a light read for the soulVanilla Salt is something which I can say lacks a bit of spices A book that opens up at a great note lacks a bit of twists and turns here and there But since this is Ada Parellada's debut novel one can also ignore such trivial things The language of the book is easy to understand as some of the readers assume that book might have a lot of Catalan But it is nothing like that As a debut writer Ada's creativity seems promising I for one is looking forward to her next fictionI loved the way Alex cooks his exuisite Catalan dishes humming songs and engrossing himself in sauces His stance on restaurant food being totally Catalan might seem rigid but is a little cute as well Someone who doesn't want to lose his essence Alex is a character that will take a place in your heart I side by side googled all the dishes while reading the book and I must say some of them made me drool a bit The story line is easy to follow and will also crack you up at some places But I was not fully satiated with Vanilla Salt There were definitely some spices missingWith a right mix of spices in form of love triangle and sugar in form of budding love between Alex and Anette Vanilla Salt is something that you can indulge this summer for some light reading But tread lightly

  6. Anne Anne says:

    Alex is chef patron at Antic Mon a restaurant in Barcelona Antic Mon is failing whilst the neighbouring restaurants are thriving Antic Mon is failing because of Alex He's a fabulous passionate talented chef whose food is a triumph He's also foul mouthed bad tempered angry and thinks that people should just come and eat Alex can't be bothered with social media and being nice to people and there is absolutely no way that he is going to use an ingredient that originates in America So Alex loses the customers who want chips for their kids or tomatoes in their saladAnnette is not a chef she only speaks very basic Catalan but she's a foodie and she wants some experience Alex and Annette find themselves working alongside each other in the kitchen of Antic Mon and this working relationship becomes a journey of discovery for both of themVanilla Salt is packed with luscious food the descriptions of how each dish is created and the wonderful ingredients are mouth watering It is so obvious that the author is an accomplished Chef and is also a very skilful writer She also excels at creating vibrant characters with huge personalities who are perfectly formed; flawed but loveable with some dialogue that is often hilarious but also uite emotional in placesI love a foodie novel and I especially liked the modern feel to Vanilla Salt Social media especially blogging plays a huge part in this storyAs a foodie a reader and a blogger I found Vanilla Salt an extremely good read Ada Parellada is a great author and the translation is done extremely well

  7. Lauren Lauren says:

    Vanilla Salt follows the story of Annette and Alex their past and their present and their struggles to keep their restaurant afloat but for different reasons The character of Alex is a typical chef I should know I’ve worked with lots as a hotel manager he is fiery rude and arrogant In stark contrast Annette is a shy Canadian who has decided to relocate to the Catalan region to start afreshPacked full of mouth watering descriptions of recipes and methods you can tell that Parellada knows her way around a kitchen and she too has clearly met her fair share of arrogant chefs Alex refuses to have potatoes tomatoes or anything remotely American in his kitchen but throughout the book we are given little snippets of foodie history and origins from AnnetteWithout giving too much away Annette and Alex need to learn to overcome their differences if there is to be any hope of their restaurant being a success and they battle temper tantrums debt and an interfering journalist along the way More than a few surprising relationships spring up throughout the book some slightly less believable than others Originally written in the author’s mother tongue this seems to be a pretty good interpretation as far as I can tell even with the Canadian Annette’s odd grasp of Catalan

  8. Val Val says:

    Alex is a great chef but a terrible restaurateur His assistant and love interest is not much better but does have an engaging personality Ada Parellada is a great chef and a successful restaurateur She is not a great novelist but a lot happens to Alex in this book and it is fun to readI have added an extra star for the food writing which is great

  9. Helen Helen says:

    uite amusing with interesting bits and pieces about cooking I liked how the characters' backgrounds were gradually exposed giving clues as to why they were as they were For people who like cooking and uirky romances

  10. Alison Smith Alison Smith says:

    Spanish chick lit redeemed by fascinating info about food anthropology and foods from the New World eg avocado pineapple etc etc If yo9u enjoy reading about chefs cooking food restaurants you'll enjoy the book

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