Il Corsaro Nero Kindle Í Il Corsaro PDF \

Il Corsaro Nero Kindle Í Il Corsaro PDF \

  • Kindle Edition
  • 451 pages
  • Il Corsaro Nero
  • Emilio Salgari
  • English
  • 15 February 2016

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  1. Sarah (Presto agitato) Sarah (Presto agitato) says:

    In the process of working on my Italian language skills I found this book by Emilio Salgari Salgari was one of the best selling Italian writers of all time While almost unheard of in English speaking countries his style of adventure writing inspired numerous films and some consider him the “Grandfather of the Spaghetti Western” Emilio SalgariIl corsaro nero “The Black Corsair” is an adventure novel published in 1898 It is probably aimed at the vocabulary and interests of an eleven year old boy which seems about right for my Italian level and attention span The story set in the 1600s follows the adventures of the Black Corsair a dread pirate set on avenging the deaths of his brothers the Red Corsair the Green Corsair and a non pirate brother The Pirates of the Caribbean owe a debt to Salgari’s storiesThe Black Corsair’s brothers were executed by the cruel Governor of Maracaibo Wan Guld The surviving brother pursues his vendetta against the Governor with a tenacity that borders on the unhinged swearing an oath to kill the Governor and everyone related to him In the process he and his companions face off against just about every challenge imaginable on the sea and in the jungle a torrential hurricane poisonous snakes a snake charmer jaguars vampire bats uicksand duels of honor bloody raids based on historical events on Maracaibo and Gibraltar Venezuela and of course a beautiful Flemish duchess captured in a sea battle who just happens to have a mysterious background There’s no way that could go wrong All in all it’s good fun

  2. Suzannah Suzannah says:

    Back in the day when I was a brain dead law student combing the internet for free vintage swashbuckler ebooks one author caught my attention Emilio Salgari author of the classic The Tiger of Mompracem Sadly although Salgari seemed to be wildly popular in the Italian speaking world it didn't seem like there were any English translations of his book available A a result recently when I was contacted by a representative at ROH Press and offered a free review copy of an English translation of Salgari's 1898 pirate yarn The Black Corsair I was thrilled to take him up on the offerEmilio di Roccabruna of Roccanera Lord of Valpenta and of Ventimiglia what a mouthful is out for revenge The governor of Maracaibo Van Guld a Flemish defector to the Spanish has shot his elder brother and hanged his two younger brothers Now only the Lord of Ventimiglia also known and feared across the Caribbean as the Black Corsair is left and Van Guld has sworn to finish his work After sneaking into Maracaibo to rescue his youngest brother's body from the gallows the Black Corsair pulls together a coalition of the Tortuga pirates to storm Maracaibo but Van Guld is as cunning as he is cruel and than one surprise waits for the Black Corsair along the wayAs you might guess this is thrill a minute book intended not to have a dull chapter in it Reading it I understood Salgari's appeal The adventure goes from one peril to the next complete with a dash of romance humour and plenty of gore Wikipedia informs me that Sergio Leone cited Salgari as an influence on his spaghetti Westerns and having now had the opportunity of reading one of his books I can appreciate the influenceAll the same The Black Corsair wasn't without some rather significant flaws For me the most disappointing thing was the lack of conflict in the characterisation For a book about pirates seeking bloody revenge on the high seas this story had the most agreeable cast of characters I've ever met From the hero's three sidekicks to the vast number of people whom the Corsair dueled captured or had dinner with over the course of the narrative none of them seemed ever to have even mild disagreements either with each other or with the Corsair Sure the constant petty conflict in most current day books gets on my nerves just as it gets on yours However I found myself longing that perhaps one of the Corsair's devoted followers would turn out to be holding some kind of grudge or that one of the noblemen he dueled at some point would not immediately swear gentlemanly friendship with him immediately afterward The reason for this is that conflict drives story and the conflict we as readers find most compelling is not battles and duels so much as it's interpersonal or internal conflict There was plenty of external conflict in this story but it was almost fatally short on interpersonal conflictAs a result I found it difficult to care about the characters even though the story itself was never short on thrilling coincidences My patience was then further tested by the ending which came with no resolution just a maddening cliffhanger I was completely unprepared for this and considerably annoyed when it happened Where was the swashbuckler I was promised? This was only half of it For the rest of the story I'd have to consult the seuel ueen of the Caribbean Enough to make you take to piracy yourselfThat said there was also plenty to appreciate in this story Salgari evidently writes with the intention of being educational as well as entertaining and I found the level of detail he included in his work pretty impressive One chapter takes a moment to give you a frankly completely fascinating overview of the history of piracy in the Caribbean the South American jungles are lovingly and even pedantically described and the nautical details evidently draw on Salgari's own experience as a student of seamanship in his youthAs far as themes go the fact that the story doesn't conclude in this volume makes it difficult to pass any firm judgement While the pirates are depicted sympathetically and act with probably of a sense of honour than they would have in real life Salgari doesn't shy away from rather gritty depictions of battle And while the revenge motive drives the plot it leads to an obviously idiotic decision on the part of the hero at the end which I have no doubt at all will be reversed somehow in the seuelIn the final analysis I think I probably would have enjoyed this novel a whole lot if I'd come to it much younger with much less exacting taste It was eminently respectable escapist fun and while I don't know if I'd seek out any of Salgari's other novels for myself it's definitely worth keeping in mind as good reading fodder for the young

  3. Mark Mark says:

    I'm a native English speaker but have studied Italian off and on since college Since 2006 I've been doing extensive research into the history of the Italian side of my family and among my discoveries was Emilio Salgari I decided to read one of his books in Italian I read on my Kindle with an Italian English dictionary on my iPhone and have thoroughly enjoyed it Salgari's writing seems on a level with the Hardy Boys adventures that I read as a kid but I believe is far superior in its ability to bring a reader into an entirely new worldIl Corsaro Nero is the tale of an Italian gentleman who with two of his brothers sets out to track down and kill the man who betrayed them in a battle in Europe that cost the life of the fourth brother The evil Wan Guld thanks to the betrayal that favored the Spanish crown gains as reward the governorship of Maracaibo a Spanish settlement in what is now Venezuela One at a time he captures the Corsaro Nero's two other brothers il Corsaro Rosso and il Corsaro Verde and hangs them in Maracaibo's central suare It's up to the Corsaro Nero now and with an amusingly motley but terrifyingly murderous crew of pirates a mixture of fictional characters and historical figures he sets out to obtain his revengeThere are sea battles there are land battles there's a woman there are sword fights and there's the exchange of gentlemanly courtesies with unforeseeable conseuences There are hurricanes jungles and enormous predators that threaten to swallow up our hero and his companions There's a long chase seuence through the Venezuelan jungle filled with detailed presentations of flora and fauna that reflect Salgari's meticulous research Those descriptions would have stimulated the imaginations of millions of young readers of the late 19th and early 20th century when his work was most popular Personally I found them a bit tedious but only because I wanted to know what happens nextI heartily recommend this book for any non native Italian reader looking for an easy read that will improve vocabulary and reading comprehension If as I occasionally do you read sections aloud you'll also improve your pronunciation For native Italian speakers these books would suit best the younger readers Happy reading

  4. André Carreira André Carreira says:

    Read it when I was about ten years old Though I don't remember much about the story I recall the experience of playing Sid Meier's Pirates while reading this as being something amazing and otherworldly

  5. Raphael Lysander Raphael Lysander says:

    One of the naive unreasonable romantic novels that see gentlemen ualities even among pirates And the adventure prospect of the novel is no way to be compared with Stevenson's novels for example what so ever

  6. Jess castellanos lobaton Jess castellanos lobaton says:

    I wish I could have read this book in Italian but well one day maybe I gave it 3 stars because of many reasons there were things I liked and others that didn't For example the beggining was very slow for me many times I was so not inspired to continue reading or to finish it at all The ending was dramatic but incomplete so nope wasn't good for meIn the other hand I liked the character of Carmaux I think he spices the story the whole time without him the novel would habe been extremely boaring and repetitive And even tho some parts were a bit predictable at times the misterious personality of El corsario negro the jungle adventures or the love from the Flamenca Lady was nice to read

  7. Mina Soare Mina Soare says:

    If you ever wondered what people used to do before action movies became a popular form of entertainment here’s your answer Before even the Pirates of the Caribbean Disneyland ride was no than a cheeky thought Salgari had created a name for himself nationally and was knighted for his work by the then ueen of Italy Today he is among the most widely translated Italian authors and considered a pioneer of science fiction and the “grandfather” of the Spaghetti WesternOf all his work the Black Corsair and the Sandokan series are his most popular worksThe Black Corsair relates the 17th century clash between the Spanish who had control of the Caribbean Sea and the pirates of Tortuga who saw them as interlopers Rich interlopersOf these the Black Corsair is Italian nobility who took to piracy to avenge his family His nemesis the cunning traitorous on the Flemish governor of Macaraibo van Guld Tragic backstory charming able swordsman rich and generous put a pinch of forbidden romance a hint of supernatural a vendetta to span five books and a thrill on every page wrap them all up in accessible vocab and you get the Black Corsair also mentor to Henry Morgan and granddaddy to the brooding antiheroRecommended for fans of action tv shows and language learners

  8. Dora Viazzo Dora Viazzo says:

    Read it if you like adventure You love nature You enjoy unexpected events and a cunning storyDon't read it if you prefer drama or non fiction This book is almost drama free Why 5 stars I wanted it to never finish I was dreaming eye wide open when reading about their adventures in Venezuela and carribeans I loved the unpredictability of the story and the digression it does to explain how and when the colony of pirates was born making them human and real The pirates have a strong friendship and in its name they manage to escape difficult situations The story doesn't have a lot of battling description so it's not wartactic geekyThe only annoying part was when I found out who's really the woman in the story But I forgive everything to Emilio after giving birth to such an amazing story I could read it other 10 times

  9. Denis Denis says:

    I regret that I missed this book as a child That would be very interesting at that time And now the book was uite naive If you want some serious sea adventures then you need the unrivaled Aubrey Maturin series from Patrick O'Brian

  10. Carlos Carlos says:

    Defined my childhood readingsso many memories come to mind I am glad I read those books wouldn't have been the same without them

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Il Corsaro Nero❃ [EPUB] ✻ Il Corsaro Nero By Emilio Salgari ➜ – Emilio Salgari's masterpiece a swashbuckling revenge novel set in the Caribbean; one of the world's first pirate classics An Italian nobleman turns pirate to avenge the murder of his brothers His foe Emilio Salgari's masterpiece a swashbuckling revenge novel set in the Caribbean; one of the world's first pirate classics An Italian nobleman turns pirate to avenge the murder of his brothers His foe an old Flemish army officer named Van Guld now the Governor of Maracaibo The Corsair is relentless vowing never to rest until he has killed the traitor and all those that bear his name To help him in his uest the Black Corsair enlists the greatest pirates of his time L'Ollonais Michael the Basue Il Corsaro PDF \ and a young Welshman named Henry Morgan.

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أميليو سالغاريFather of Italian Popular Culture Grandfather of the Spaghetti Western Father of Heroes are but three of the titles bestowed upon Italian adventure writer Emilio Salgari He wrote than two hundred short stories and novels many of which are considered classics Setting his tales in exotic locations with heroes from a wide variety of cultures Mr Salgari brought the wonders of the world to the doorstep of generations of readers.