Il Demone del Tè Kindle ´ Il Demone eBook ì

Il Demone del Tè Kindle ´ Il Demone eBook ì

Il Demone del Tè ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Il Demone del Tè By Cornelia Grey ✪ – Il ladro Eric Devon vuole una sola cosa che la gente lo lasci in pace E forse dell’altro whisky Finchè un misterioso sconosciuto gli offre un lavoro così pericoloso che nessuno l’ha mai accettat Il ladro Eric Devon vuole una sola cosa che la gente lo lasci in pace E forse dell’altro whisky Finchè un misterioso sconosciuto gli offre un lavoro così pericoloso che nessuno l’ha mai accettato ed è sopravvissuto per raccontarlo recuperare un preziosissimo oggetto dall’inespugnabile palazzo dei Mercanti Tartaruga Intrigato dall’uomo e dalla sfida Eric accetta—ma lo sconosciuto altri non è che il leggendario capitano di navi volanti conosciuto come Il Demone del Tè terrore del Mare di Nuvole Eric deve escogitare il piano migliore della storia se vuole completare il lavoro e Il Demone eBook ì riuscire a sopravvivere.

10 thoughts on “Il Demone del Tè

  1. Ami Ami says:

    Wow this book feels like an adventure of Aladdin straight from 1001 Arabian nights mythology There are thrilling adventures and romance as thief Eric Devon helps a stranger who turns out to be an infamous airship captain Jonathan Tea or is well known as Tea Demon to retrieve a priceless object Their first meeting is sensual love the bet and the outcome of the bet follows by action bar fight Then there is hot love making on the airship Then the whole planning and getting the object which is kind of amusing when readers find out what the object is Finished with well the promise of long and budding relationship It's a satisfying read most definitely And it comes in 52 pages Impressive

  2. Simsala Simsala says:

    4 45 starsLough out loud funny and smutty fantasysteampunk short storytoo short More from these characters and their worldplease

  3. Eve Eve says:

    A delightful and clever little story full of fun and mischief that had me smiling the entire way through Set in a steampunk world of flying ships pirates and cloud towers this 50 page story is action packed from the moment Eric the thief meets Jonathan the Tea Demon Fine writing terrific characters and an actual plot

  4. Sofia Sofia says:

    35 starsSteampunk short story with a nod to Pratchett's turtle Never read any steam punk beforeI liked this very much Liked the characters world building and the story itself Ms Grey was able to give due attention to all these not an easy feat in a short story A good mixture of action banter and heat

  5. Lady*M Lady*M says:

    425 starsEric Devon is a thief who is drowning his boredom and lack of purpose in liuor That is until he is offered a job by Jonathan Tea aka The Tea Demon the legendary pirate – a fearless warrior whose rage could only be uenched by a cup of the finest tea The fact that he is attracted to the man and that no one has ever succeeded in stealing from the Turtle Merchants and lived to tell the tale only makes Tea's offer attractiveFor such a short story The Tea Demon has a lot going for it I particularly liked how the author introduced us to her protagonists in a scene which perfectly highlighted both their personal traits and their mutual attraction It sucked me right into the story it was delicious and it culminated in a bar fight that could easily find its place in any spaghetti western or Errol Flynn movie FunBut what impressed me is the shift in the story that took us from the crowded smoky inn to the world of the Sea of Clouds Due to the length limitations you get only a sketch of it but that was enough to take my breath away I would have liked to learn about the society behind it because it must be complex and impressive but I understood why the author didn't go thereJonathan introduces Eric to his small crew – Addeline Call me Addy a young girl ship's second mate and a cook and Howard a dwarf mechanic and chief engineer They aren't particularly happy with Eric’s involvement and Jonathan expertly avoids telling him what exactly is the priceless item he has to retrieve which makes the revelation even funnier but Eric is too intrigued – by the man by his reputation by the challenge – to back out And Eric is in the perfect position to put the captain's demons – pun intended – at rest which is something they both find beneficial These guys burn the pages literally and figurativelyThere is an old fashioned adventure feel to this story which was perfectly fitting for this setting and both main characters They come across as daredevils with a taste for adventure and intrigues and while we don't learn much about their backgrounds what we did learn about them was enough to charm me Their attraction was palpable and the promise of believable I particularly liked the humor some of it very tongue in cheek It was clear that the author had a lot of fun writing this I know I had a lot of fun reading it The writing was tight and at times truly beautiful I like how the author is capable of capturing the mood or the situation in a few brief sentences In a short story that is always a plusSo far I've read a couple of Grey's stories Apples and Regret and Wasted Time and The Mercenary and I enjoyed both her writing and her imagination a lot The Tea Demon was no different It captured my imagination and while it left me wanting it was completely satisfying I want to see it as the beginning of a beautiful friendship and love between Eric and his Tea Demon For all of you who aren't familiar with Cornelia Grey's stories this is a good place to start Highly recommendedWritten for Reviews by Jessewave

  6. Giulio Giulio says:

    35 rounded upFunny short steampunk story about a blusterer thief and a moody sexy airship captain Hot steamy kiss scene at the beginning I love kissesLots of action although packed in a few pages and playful flashesDon't be fooled by the cover apparently it's the 'stock' one that Dreamspinner Press uses for all short stories ugly and totally unrelated to the plot

  7. Feliz Feliz says:

    A uirky fast paced steampunk y fantasy short story Very entertaining and laugh out loud funny

  8. Td Td says:

    I didn't see this coming A LOT packed into this fun actionadventure hot short steampunk story Hilarious Great little pick me up

  9. Straysod Straysod says:

    I hate short stories I really do They simply never feel uite finished always rushed never enough time spent developing characters Or at least I hated short stories till I read some by Cornelia Grey Obviously I've just been reading the wrong thingsThis was the most brilliant bit of steam punk pirate and thief filled insanity that I've ever read It's the third short story by Grey I've read and I still haven't figured out how she does it It's not long but the characters are brilliantly developed the setting is rich and vibrant the action ridiculously awesome the one sex scene hot as hell and the story utterly engrossing Aargh I can't even write a coherent review I just want to run around shouting random adjectives Brilliant Amazing Hilarious Gorgeous Spectacular Fantastic Super FantasticOk seriously though This reminds me of the fantasy books I grew up on with a lovely dash of very hot male on male action to spice it up Just so much substance than your standard mm romance and even when comparing it to full novelsI adore thieves and Eric is ideal Jonathan is the best kind of pirate dashing dangerous cheerful and daring I hate to break up my lovely string of accidental alliteration but he is not the dark brooding type of pirate cheerful rogue than dark soul Still deliciously dangerous though And the crew of the Tea Demon for all that we don't get to spend nearly enough time with them are just awesome And the humor Omg definitely laugh out loud I'm not sure I could say whether it's action romance steam punk or humor It's just a bloody brilliant blend of all four But the humor definitely is a defining characteristic part of both the world and the characters It toes the line of being slapstick goofy but never crosses it instead staying firmly in the realm of charming absurdity that none the less makes absolute sense within the world Grey's builtEverything moves uickly not in the sense that it's rushed but in the sense that there is nothing wasted no scenes sentences or even words that are not deliberately crafted used to further the story Gods I've read 1000 pages novels with less skillful world building and less developed charactersIt's very hard to remember than this is a short story You don't even notice the passing of pages or time until you're at the end out of breath and totally in love when the story stops and all you want to do is shout No I need This is not to say that the story is incomplete in any way I've never read an author that can make such short stories feel so whole But when you fall this hard and fast for characters you can't help but want I wish this was a series the chance to follow Eric and Jonathan and crew through several novels would be a dream come trueGods I'm babbling Sorry Ok long story short too late I adored this story and would definitely recommend it to anyone who likes steam punk mm romance thieves pirates or charmingly funny short stories This combined with the totally different but eually amazing Apples and Regret and Wasted Time has put Cornelia Grey firmly on my list of favorite authors

  10. Tam Tam says:

    This review can be found at Brief Encounters ReviewsThis was recently reviewed over at Well Read but I refrained from reading the review to keep my perspective fresh Although I typed “steampunk” in the genre my first impressions were of a rather Victorian inn with bandits on the road as the coaches with the rich roll by and criminals hanging out in seedy bars Which is or less the case but once our two protagonists meet you then get a taste for the real world which is definitely steampunk with a taste of fantasy thrown in The genre is not overwhelming though it’s enough for you to get a feel without feeling that every detail is spelled out for youI really enjoyed the first part where Eric’s ennui with life and stealing was so evident He was bored nothing was a challenge and he just wanted to be left alone However the stranger with an interesting proposal catches his attention Even so when the stranger loses a bet resulting in a scorching hot kiss and in order to avoid an even annoying drunk trying to buy his services Eric decides to take on the challenge He ends up not only dismayed by the dump of a ship Jonathan owns but terrified when he realizes exactly who he’s working for the infamous sky pirate The Tea Demon However the challenge of the task at hand overrides his fear he’ll be chucked over the side should he displease the captainI enjoyed the touches of fantasy It seems Jonathan really does have a bit of demon in him and his loyal crew a midget and a young girl are uick to throw Eric to the wolf when Jonathan’s demon gets out of hand It’s all done with a rather light humorous touch which I found enjoyable to read Eric is a very likable man even if he is a master thief and Jonathan as well for being the dread pirate The Tea Demon The descriptions of the Turtle Merchants on their giant sky turtle and ducks added a bit of whimsy I have to say it’s a personal preference but I get a tad eye rolley when genres seem to take themselves too seriously but that never happens here It’s not slap stick funny but there is just enough dry sly humour to lighten the mood and give it that sense of an adventure movie in action especially when I discovered what the missing item Eric had been hired to steal was But I shan’t reveal the secret So I uite enjoyed this little steampunk adventure handled with a deft hand with some nice banter between characters I could see it becoming a bit of an adventure series should the author be interested as The Tea Demon and Eric sail around with their motley crew doing what sky pirates are wont to do

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