Charles Coulson Rich: Pioneer Builder Of The West MOBI

Charles Coulson Rich: Pioneer Builder Of The West MOBI

  • Paperback
  • Charles Coulson Rich: Pioneer Builder Of The West
  • John Henry Evans
  • English
  • 04 January 2015
  • 9781428644236

3 thoughts on “Charles Coulson Rich: Pioneer Builder Of The West

  1. Lisa Lisa says:

    Charles C Rich is the great great great grandfather of my husband He was a very prominent figure in early church history and was one of the twelve apostles under Joseph Smith He settled San Bernardino California and the Bear Lake valley in Utah and Idaho He had six wives and 50 children He was faithful to the end and his life was as strong an evidence of his belief in Mormonism as the testimonies that he bore I was inspired by him and by his wives and the life they lived This history was very well written and full of fascinating insights into early Mormon life The polygamy part is hard for me to comprehend but they made it work as well as it could have I would have enjoyed this book just as thoroughly even if I didn't have any connection to Rich

  2. Kristopher Swinson Kristopher Swinson says:

    Evans was popular with the Latter day Saints of a few generations ago and not without good cause His moralistic tone is largely welcome to me though even I feel it verges on the overdone at times He sometimes appears to be putting thoughts into Rich's head or rambling to create a theme that really isn't there or as one notes becomes repetitive about it such as his determination to point out the difference between true religiosity and sanctimoniousness blah blah blah Nonetheless I heartily enjoyed reading the perception that some of Rich's liberal descendants were verging on apostasy 358 I love his exposition that uestioning the prophet on one matter is cut from the same cloth as uestioning on everything else 100 101I do grasp now how euitably Rich behaved in all his dealings so that he was a valued counselor arbitrator and friend of the Indians The apostle was unafraid to excommunicate his own son in law when occasion demanded it His was the appropriate view I think I know how it is to part with all things So did the ancient saints Dear Sarah I trust that you will be faithful to the Church for on this hangs all of my satisfaction All other things are as nothing compared with this 62 Such was also Elder David Patten's dying wish of his own wife and or less Joseph's earnest desire of EmmaYes Evans' tone can be fairly startling in its directness He may need to watch it in a few places as it almost seems critical of the direction the Church itself had taken He doesn't shrink from pulling skeletons out of the closet 350 so I can see why his historical integrity garnered trust His louacity is not a sham cover for difficult topics but he surely went too far in his unnecessary justifications for plural marriage a moot point at the time of publicationLike Lorenzo Snow's biography this certainly deviates a great deal into a United Order discussion and heavily digresses toward the end Evans is fairly obsessed with statistics and even eugenics It's a pity he didn't detect his own ridiculousness in relying on physical traits through the generations when repeating the humorous story of one of Rich's sons letting two antagonists see that he himself did not bear up the myth that the male issue of plural marriages was always a dwarf 344 345 though I was liking it and felt at home in reading that there were almost enough of the Rich grandsons in the World War to form a company 364In reviewing his multiple courtships much of value was made of the point that love is best founded upon admiration and respect 97 111 309 particularly in the fact that Rich married his first wife primarily on the strength of their having been mutually and repeatedly recommended to each other as suited for one another in the faith though not having met Like Isaac and Rebekah I especially enjoyed the family accounts that simply let go of the intended narrative and showed us the real man not in a defamatory kind of manner such as on 318 342 343Rich was a homespun man of the earth who knew how to place value in his speech not multiplying words through vain repetition see his thoughts on 241 In this vein one of Brigham Young's secretaries once attempted to praise a speaker's elouence to the President but couldn't remember what he'd spoken on; however he could recall everything Elder Rich had said to which Brigham replied Brother Rich was the only one that said anything 320 He similarly held his tongue and did not uarrel in his family 303; see 304 305 for a funny story Evans waxed elouent in summation showing how this rare apostle almost perfectly combined the ualities of practicality and faith

  3. April April says:

    Bits of this book were priceless But large sections of it were horrid The biography style of times past which attempts to prove the value of this honorable person's life was somewhat comical now A few good life vignettes and daily details but not as many as I had hoped

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