As It Is On Earth PDF/EPUB Ç It Is On PDF/EPUB

As It Is On Earth PDF/EPUB Ç It Is On PDF/EPUB

As It Is On Earth [EPUB] ✼ As It Is On Earth By Peter M. Wheelwright – Recipient of the 2013 PENHemingway Honorable Mention for Literary Excellence in Debut Fiction and nominated for the 2013 Pushcart Prize Four centuries after the Reformation Pilgrims sailed up the down Recipient of the Is On PDF Í PENHemingway Honorable Mention for Literary Excellence in Debut Fiction and nominated for the Pushcart Prize Four centuries after the Reformation Pilgrims sailed As It PDF \ up the down flowing watersheds of New England Taylor Thatcher irreverent scion of a fallen family of Maine Puritans is still caught in the turbulenceIn his errant attempts It Is On PDF/EPUB è to escape from history the young college professor is further unsettled by his growing attraction to Israeli student Miryam Bluehm as he is swept by Time through the “family thing” – from the tangled genetic and religious history of his New England parents to the redemptive birthday secret of Esther Fleur Noire Bishop the Cajun Passamauoddy woman who raised him and his younger half cousinhalf brother BinghamThe landscapes rivers and tidal estuaries of Old New England and the Mayan Yucatan are also casualties of history in Thatcher’s story of Deep Time and re discovery of family on Columbus Day at a high stakes gambling casino rising in resurrection over the starlit bones of a once vanuished Peuot Indian Tribe.

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  1. Audra (Unabridged Chick) Audra (Unabridged Chick) says:

    Set in the fall of 1999 the novel is narrated by Taylor Thatcher Maine born Mayflower descended Taylor is 30 a professor at a university in Hartford Connecticut In the last months of 1999 Taylor's mundane life is oriented around academia a conference he's organizing classes he's teaching while his emotional life dances back and forth between ignoring and embracing his family's history familial secrets emotional scars and unacknowledged desiresThe danger of such narrow selfish focus is that if our hero is unappealing the hundreds of pages spent with him can be agony In this case thankfully Taylor Thatcher is an interesting sympathetic maddening figure I can't say I liked him necessarily but I didn't dislike him; I found his love and hate of place and family resonant real inviting and off puttingThere's good reason for Taylor's confused complicated introspection Taylor's younger brother Bingham shares his birthday and a tangled connection Bin is technically his half brother and half cousin too Taylor's mother and Bin's mother were sisters Taylor's father small town doctor and deacon at the local church was a scion of the community an alcoholic perhaps a swinging adulterer as well Taylor's ex girlfriend has just returned to Hartford pregnant and engaged and a grad student Taylor hoped would date his brother is a woman he himself is intrigued by A historian Taylor's interest in the philosophical developments that shaped the study of science is reflected in his meditations on New England religiosity the things we inherit from family and the wounds from childhood that never healIt takes a little bit of time to sort everyone out It isn't that they're indistinct but with Wheelwright's prose Thatcher's reticence to name things it can be unclear what we've just learned Wait is she transgender? Are they sleeping together? Echoing Thatcher's own intentional obfuscation confusion perhaps; and once I allowed myself to just wait for the reveal I didn't mind constantly being surprised by the revelations sharedIn terms of plot not much happens technically but it's Taylor's rich inner world and Wheelwright's poetic merging of grim family skeletons and philosophical ruminations that made this so delicious Often I thought I knew where a thread was going only to be surprised by the deft way Wheelwright knotted things up I described this to a friend as a kind of coming of age novel even though Taylor is 30 he's finally growing up facing some hard truths learning to let go of old hurts and secrets and I was surprised to find that upon finishing this book I missed Taylor and his family

  2. Sam Sattler Sam Sattler says:

    As It Is on Earth Peter Wheelwright’s debut novel is among the richest and most challenging novels I have read in a long while The author’s prose style is one that I often describe as “dense” in the sense that there is a tremendous amount of related information and detail packed into and around the book’s basic plot The Thatcher family’s story is New England’s story The family having been in Maine for twelve generations has helped to write much of the state’s history They are an old family somewhat in decline if truth were told and as the twentieth century stumbles toward its close Taylor Thatcher wants to make sense of it all He is a thirty year old science professor at the University of Hartford but because the class he teaches is less about science than it is about the sociology of science college administrators are unsure where he fits into the school hierarchy First year professor Taylor is popular with his students and faculty friends but much less so with his department head Things are not going well for Taylor on that front and he senses that his stay at the university will be a short oneTaylor is less concerned with his professional problems however than he is with the welfare of his eccentrically brilliant younger brother for whom he feels completely responsible However why he feels such a keen sense of responsibility for Bin is only one of the mysteries that will be solved by the book’s ending because as Taylor explores the origins of his immediate family he will learn how little of what he thinks he knows about them is trueHis father a country doctor known to everyone as Deacon was a cold silent man who barely spoke to his two sons When Taylor’s mother drowned two years after his birth Deacon Thatcher married Lily’s twin sister Rose and fathered a son by his second wife Bin is Taylor’s cousin as well as his brother Tragically Rose died in giving birth to Bin and the boys were raised by the loving CajunIndian woman Deacon hired to run the “farm” householdAs It Is on Earth is the story of a man in search of his family a journey during which Taylor Thatcher will “rediscover” a family not much like the one in his head It is a painful journey for the Thatchers and those closest to them but it is a journey offering rewards that make it worth taking Taylor’s search for his family origins leads him places he never expected to travel – and the reader gets to share that wild rideThe pace of Wheelwright’s prose is at times slowed by his highly detailed approach to the history of New England Mexican and American Indian tribe history the brothers’ love for astronomy religious history etc but it all comes together beautifully in the end His characters are real because not only do we understand who they are and what motivates them we learn why and how they got to be the people they areNo As It Is on Earth is not an easy read but its payoff makes it all worth the effort reuiredReview Copy provided by Publisher

  3. Scott Scott says:

    I was honored to talk with Peter Wheelwright for The Brooklyn Rail about his brilliant debut novel Here is some of it and please do follow the linkPeter Wheelwright is now officially a Renaissance man a real triple threat This is not to say he’s a song and dance man Then again it seems there is nothing the man cannot do Wheelwright is an accomplished architect and an Associate Professor at Parsons the New School for Design who also happens to have work in the Collection of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art And now he’s written a novel As It Is On Earth the story of Taylor Thatcher a young college professor wrestling with his religious legacy and family history Wheelwright comes from New England stock a family of American writers descending from hardy Puritan blood He is tall affable and the sort of guy who wears his intellect well like an old denim shirt comfortably with a cool and unassuming style We talked over coffee at the Housing Works Bookstore Café about his love of philosophy Walker Percy Deep Time the power of stories and how designing a building is not so unlike writing a novelScott Cheshire Rail First I want to say the novel is just lovely meditative and thoughtful I imagine a book so much about family myth and history might have taken a long time to write Peter Wheelwright Actually it started as a short story about 15 years ago believe it or not shortly before I became head of the School of Architecture at Parsons At the time I would sneak over late at night to take a class in creative writing The teacher was the writer Peter Sourian He read it and said Hey this is a novel That stuck with me for years And then I resigned as the department head and was given a sabbatical Rail So this was when?Wheelwright I guess it was about 2007 when I started writing it It’s funny my niece is a writer got her MFA and of course she talks about being a writer But I never wanted to be a writer I just wanted to tell this story And the family story the day to day stuff became the clothing around all these other ideas I wanted to write about too Conceits of our relationship to the natural world the biotic versus the social earth time and human history If you sat in one of my classes at Parsons you’d have to hear me talk about all this stuffRail Are there any fiction writers you admire who do something similar?Wheelwright Well there are a number of writers who have been very important to me my uncle Peter Matthiessen Bellow Annie Proulx but Walker Percy most significantly Read here

  4. Aimee Jodoin Aimee Jodoin says:

    After a divorce young history professor Taylor Thatcher begins to take a deeper interest in his rich family history of Maine Puritans arriving in New England on Mayflower and settling on farm land for generations Traversing the landscape of his past Taylor prepares for his birthday which he shares with his younger half brother Bingham and which happens to fall on Columbus Day of 1999 At this family reunion he must confront both his past and those who covered up family secrets while simultaneously dealing with the confusion of a growing attraction to a student Miryam When conjuring up an image of a history professor most people’s conceptions take the shape of a dusty old man dictating history dryly to his bored class but Taylor Thatcher—and certainly the author as well—has an emotional tie to the past Rather than simply finding the facts dates and stories fascinating he has an introspective relationship with history connecting with the people and the personal challenges they faced regarding family science and religion Digging deep into the root of the human individuality in the context of culture by exploring Native American and ancient Mexican anthropology as well as the pilgrims who settled on the East Coast Wheelwright weaves a cultural tapestry of an individual’s relationship with nature The family aspect—though Taylor’s family has an unusual genetic dynamic his father marrying his late wife’s twin sister to conceive his younger brother—illuminates the human capacity for forgiveness and respect for one’s heritage With artistry the language of As It Is on Earth is rich and intimate though short clipped sentences—which are meant to mirror Taylor’s introspective voice but occasionally border on pretentiousness—often slow the story down the slowness allows the reader to savor the text rather than get bored of it The characters are splendidly drawn Taylor’s thoughtfulness and sensitivity deep; much of the story necessarily takes place in Taylor’s memory leaving the reader wanting further nourishment concerning his relationships with his family in the “present day” of the narrative The natural setting and luxurious history are beautifully crafted the territory of the novel arguably the strongest aspect Atmospheres of an archaeological trip to the Yucatan a childhood spent on a farm in New England and even a professor’s office setting give this book a heart bent on rediscovery and not a simple knowledge of the past so much as an understanding of it and its effects on the present human condition

  5. Lisa Dolan Lisa Dolan says:

    Wheelwright’s debut tome AS IT IS ON EARTH is a beautifully crafted story of the human condition Mr Wheelwright gets it right as he shares Taylor Thatcher’s story Taylor Thatcher’s life as son brother lover friend college professor unravels for readers as we are expertly exposed to his past to make sense of his present It is a present we as readers uickly become comfortable in In many ways this is every person’s story The struggle to reconcile all that came before the legacy of family How we understand and at times overcome it to live in the here and the now The New England setting Thatcher’s life as a college professor at the University of Hartford his relationship with his wayward brother a developing relationship with photography student Miryam are beautifully explored and intertwined to create an unforgettable story

  6. Jane Jane says:

    The weight of history family secrets guilt this is a fine recipe for any New England novel It is familiar territory in the works of Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edith Wharton both masters at peeling back layers of convention and self delusion The literary heir to this tradition Wheelwright has written a finely nuanced first novel one well worth the read It fascinates me to see a writer grow a story from his own experience With good gardening strong architecture and than a dash of alchemy Wheelwright transforms his New England background into something larger than the sum of its partsVery well done indeed

  7. Fran Fran says:

    As It Is On EarthAuthor Peter WheelwrightThe intricate design of a carefully woven tapestry can often tell the story of a person’s heritage history or family from start to finish Each piece of this perfectly captivating mural on canvas depicts the many generations of a family their lives their struggles and their story Author Peter Wheelwright’s tapestry dates back to the Pilgrims and a family from New England whose lives span twelve generations and whose story is so interesting that it allows readers to learn not just about the family he’s writing about but about the many places they’ve lived The Thatcher family is the focal point or the center of this story and it’s their pictures or faces that the author has vividly described and placed within the center of the tapestry Each of their individual stories told are depicted in the remainder of this magnificent hand woven fabric that covers an entire wall and tells a story that will touch your heartThis family lived in Maine and their lives were not that different from many yet definitely uniue in many ways Taylor Thatcher is our narrator and guide throughout this novel He’s a college professor at the University of Hartford teaching science But Taylor’s teaching style his ideas and thoughts are not typical as you learn from the beginning chapters where we meet him as a young child learn about his relationship with his brother Bingham and the history behind his birth Added in is Taylor’s relationship with a woman named Esther whose loving but different care for both boys and their antics involving several girls adds some extra spice to the novel Taylor’s personality is uite strong in the sense that he often acts without thinking and yet compensates as he states himself by relying on “ the cup of my hand to measure how things stand with me and the women I think I love” Taylor begins to tell the reader about himself on October 5 1999 where the story continues and we learn about his teaching career and his fall out with the head of his department and his fear of being let go Taylor’s younger brother Bin or Bingham is a major influence in his life but not the way most would think The sciences fascinate him and the museum he creates in his home calling it Nib’s Museum of Geology Zoology and Cosmology would be the envy of any museum curator But each time he and Bin are together you get the feeling that there is some underlying secret yet to be revealed and Taylor feels responsible for him not just because he’s his brother but because of some sense of guilt Taylor’s lectures are both exciting electrifying and uite uniue His students are enthralled with his methods and enjoy taking his classes even though the head of his department uestions his techniues Student responses about him are positive and although he might be unorthodox in his teaching style his students soar As the author draws us deeper into his past and his life by relating to the reader facts about his father a doctor a cold man who changed after losing his wife Enveloping himself in the lives of his patients he divorced himself from his children in ways than one Taylor recalls his mother’s death as the author paints a picture of a canoeing accident that changed than just the complexion of his family but his father’s life too Standing by helplessly watching her drown sent him further to seek out the bottle and farther away from his family until he marries her twin sister Rose What would have been a new start once again ends in tragedy as she dies from diabetes leaving him with a newborn son Bin and the need to get someone to care for his sons while he is with his patients Esther Flournoy Bishop a CajunIndian woman is hired by the father the Deacon to take care of the boys and to run the farm She becomes a mother to both boys in her own way Throughout the novel we realize that Taylor is trying to create a picture of his family’s history and his position with in it Reaching his 31st birthday where this story takes hold on Columbus Day 1999 Taylor looks for the answers in his life that have been hidden away for too long Coming to terms with his mother’s death dealing with a younger brother born on his birthday Oct 11 the reader realizes that Bin is the total opposite or perhaps the other half of Taylor Taylor allows the reader to learn about his younger years his problems in school and his friendship with Galen McMoody getting stoned and his father putting his foot down With the help and encouragement of Esther he decides to attend the University of Hartford in Connecticut But Taylor was off base a lot and it took time to correct his mistakes and get back on the right path He got his undergraduate degree in the Sociology of Engineering Science and a second one in the Science of Social Engineering After Graduate school and a doctorate he shares his own ideas about the space time continuum and much We learn about his father’s death and the birth of Esther’s daughter causing the reader to begin to wonder about the relationship between Esther and the Deacon A loner for the most part sharing an office with a senior professor Taylor’s enticed to join in some social entertainment so why not poker like Texas Hold’em which if I might add I just learned how to play and the group playing is uite interesting to say the least As he is preparing to moderate a weekend symposium in New London we learn about his life his love with Nicole Robbins a biologist who he constantly refers to as leaving him; her friend Liberty his brother Bin and Jemma McMoody their neighbor from Maine Then the author brings in Miryam a photographer who brings her photographs of bridge crossings up and down the Connecticut River to Taylor asking if he would help with some of the technical history Although he’s interested in this young girl he introduces her to Bin But as Taylor describes their encounter her physical appearance which he takes notice of in a graphic and vivid manner you begin to feel that he’s interested in her and not just in her photographs Calling him about Bin showing him the pictures of his brother you begin to wonder if Bin was even aware that he was being photographed His facial expressions the way he describes them are almost expressionless and he seems devoid of any knowledge of his surroundings The way she describes Bin and his actions are almost like a butterfly not wanting to evolve from its cocoon There are many people that seek to find the answers to their lives but never do Some like his brother Bin are happy within their own realities and never pass judgment and takes things as they are The plot flashes back and forth to many events in Taylor’s life and we begin to understand his fears and trepidations revolving around his brother As he goes on a uest you might say or his own individual journey to find out who he is he learns about two Indian tribes their casinos in Connecticut and we follow the trail or path to the day his life changed and the relationship between the two Indian tribes Author Peter Wheelwright’s research into the history of New England the Mexican and American Indian Tribe History is extensive and provides the background for much of this story as well as Bin’s love of the stars religious history and a dramatic ending that binds and brings it all together Bin is a complex character with many different sides and although he left his roots Jemma and his safety net and Esther he arrives in Hartford gets work with the state of Connecticut and seems happy The author relates Bin’s relationship with Jemma the fact that Miryam is close with him his last day of work and that Jemma has come to Hartford looking for him But who is the child with her and what is their relationship? The characters in this book are uniue in many ways Taylor although a college professor has many different layers that comprise who he really is and you often wonder throughout the story if he’s ever going to really define himself Bin a kind and yet lost soul after his accident seems to depend on either Miryam or Jemma to guide him through life yet his ability to see the world through his uniue perspective is compelling Miryam is a photographer that attracts Taylor’s attention yet he sets her up with Bin Two men Taylor works closely with Charles Dunham and William Bent Wigley play an integral part in many of the social engagements he gets himself and in addition to Liberty William’s girlfriend seem concerned with the casinos than the college Nicole is having a child with her new lover Rafael Villareal who provides even intrigue to this cast of eclectic characters The author cleverly weaves within this intricate tapestry the stories of the characters their relationships how they met and what brought them to this point in time before the birthday celebration and the secrets about the family are revealed What makes this book stand out is the history the author presents about the many Indian tribes their culture and their rituals when burying bones and bodies Readers are introduced to The Native American Grave Protection and Repatriation Act that most might not be familiar with and the understanding of what the Native Americans do to honor their dead The secrets about his family are revealed and we learn about not only his father’s past but Esther’s too as it links to than just a child’s fate The secrets are even deeper than you can imagine as Esther reveals to Taylor about the hidden truth within her family and the secret behind her own paths The ending will bring everything to light and together as we learn about the Puritan laws heritage the link to the many Indian Tribes the conference at New London the incident at Mohegan Sun and the final piece of the tapestry woven at the birthday celebration One man torn in many places between family friends career history traditions and finding his own place in this world Just what happens and if he remains to take his place with his family you will have to learn for yourself The stars are amazing and seeing Jupiter and the planets hold so many secrets as Taylor decides whether he will focus on There and Before or decide to know about the Here and Now One powerful novel and one outstanding story told in the voice of one man whose life will change when the tapestry and the final stitch is sewn Taylor’s story does not end its just beginning and where he decides to go from here only he knows; it will depend on just how far he wants to see As It Is On Earth or keep his head focused up in the sky at the stars Let’s give this book FIVE STARLIT NIGHTS FILLED WITH GOLDEN STARS Fran Lewis Reviewer

  8. Kevin Lippert Kevin Lippert says:

    I guess you can't really call a winner of the PENHemingway award for a first novel an undiscovered treasure but that's what this short novel felt like to me Wonderfully and smartly written it's the story of a northeast family with skeletons in the closet some dark secrets mostly unspoken that both bind and tear at the relationship between two brothers Wheelwright artfully describes the landscape and history of the region primarily Connecticut and Maine and also offers a sometimes hilarious portrait of academia with biting accuracy than say David Lodge There's a bit of cosmology the book takes place at the turn of the millennium and a slow burn romance so succeeds on many levels Hoping to read from this first time novelist an auspicious debut

  9. Jenna P. Jenna P. says:

    I received a free copy of this book for an honest review Shortly after I won the giveaway I was actually messaged on goodreads by the author himself He congratulated me on winning but said based on the books I already had shelved he didn't think this book would be to my taste I ignored that though because I'll try anything once Often you don't know what you like until you've tried itIn this case however the author was right it wasn't my cup of tea And it could be I just haven't expanded my horizons enough to enjoy this book So who knows I might try this again at a later date or I might give it to someone who might like it

  10. Mary Ahlgren Mary Ahlgren says:

    Although some of the book is slow going without much reward it has enough spark to speak to the reader of much that is worthwhile I think I may reread it in an few monthsnow that I think positively of Taylor Thatcher Took me the whole book to get to that place Bin on the other hand and his world view saved this first reading

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