Colonel Harland Sanders PDF/EPUB ☆ Colonel Harland

Colonel Harland Sanders PDF/EPUB ☆ Colonel Harland

Colonel Harland Sanders ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Colonel Harland Sanders By Harland Sanders ➦ – Colonel Harland Sanders The Autobiography of the Original Celebrity Chef was written by Harland Sanders in 1966 and discovered by accident than 40 years later The autobiography provides an authentic l Colonel Harland Sanders The Autobiography of the original Celebrity Chef was written by Harland Sanders in and discovered by accident Colonel Harland PDF or than years later The autobiography provides an authentic look into the life of one of the world's legendary entrepreneurs said KFC with both the insightful life lessons and the delicious recipes remaining relevant todayThis book written in is about a man's life and the food he's cooked eaten and served That man is me The food I've liked the work I've done and the way I think are all the same things It's not such a far fetched idea A lot of learned men think people really are the food they've eaten writes Sanders in the introductionIn addition to detailing the Colonel's rise as a fried chicken icon the book will also feature never before seen recipes including an omelette upside down peach cobbler and potato pancakes.

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About the Author: Harland Sanders

American businessman best known for his chicken restaurant chain Kentucky Fried ChickenSanders held a number of jobs in his early life Colonel Harland PDF or such as steam engine stoker insurance salesman and filling station operator He began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in North Corbin Kentucky during the Great Depression Sanders recognized the potential of the restaurant franchising concep.

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  1. Angela Duong Angela Duong says:

    The Colonel lived his life with a very admirable mindset never underestimating the rewards of hard work and always moving forward through hardships Even when he reached the age where many would have retired or worked a lot less he teaches the idea that your life is what you make of it; you are only unable to keep working when you make yourself believe that These days too many people want to take shortcuts or always find an excuse for why they can't work hard people are either too young so nothing they do really matters or too old where it seems like it's too late to do anything Even if the Colonel's story may be exaggerated at some points the lessons he aims to share and the inspiration that readers can take from it remain wholly true

  2. Shane Moore Shane Moore says:

    I think the best aspect of a good autobiography is that it can capture the voice and personality of the author and this one does that The Colonel tells uite a story with himself as the plucky country boy made good While it has inconsistencies and gaps that indicate a bit of exaggeration and omission I don't hold it against him He's charming even if a good deal of his persona is put on Here's an example of his voice and what he says After stating that he's begun to be profitable enough to pay himself 40000 a year in 1959 about 330000 in 2016 dollarsI also paid my employees good salaries I paid my office staff 7000 a year 58000 in 2016 dollars Country bred stenographers and bookkeepers who had been working for 45 370 in 2016 dollars a week in their neighborhood went to work for me at 7000 a year I didn’t do that just because I felt like it I’ve always believed that everybody likes to have a good wage I got credit for paying them good wages and if Uncle Sam came along and took it away from them in taxes it wasn’t my faultWhen talking about how he'd sold the business and taken on an advisory role he wrote Everybody works as a team and they think nothing of working 12 to 14 hours a day I guess that’s my influence I set that example My telephone is open 24 hours a day I’m on call 24 hours a day seven days a week every week of the month I once worked three years without taking a single day off We had a picnic once on the Fourth of July but I even worked during that I don’t believe in vacations My theory was if I could do without them two weeks out of the year I probably didn’t need them the rest of the time Mr Sanders was 66 when he decided to try to franchise his fried chicken business On the topic of age he wroteWhen older people ask me “How have you been so successful after age 65?” I tell them “Anyone who’s reached 65 years of age has had a world of experience behind him He’s had his ups and downs and all the trials and tribulations of life He certainly ought to be able to gather something out of that something he can put together at the end of his 65 years so he can get a new start” The way I see it a man’s life is written by the way he lives it It’s using any talent God has given him even if his talent is cooking food or running a good motelYou can reach higher think bigger grow stronger and live deeper in this country of ours than anywhere else on Earth The rules here give everybodya chance to win If my story is different it’s because my life really began at age 65 when most folks have already called it a dayI’d been modestly successful before I hit 65 After that I made millions When they’re about 60 or 65 a lot of people feel that life is all over for them Too many of them just sit and wait until they die or they become a burden to other people The truth is they can make a brand new life for themselves if they just don’t give up and hunker down That’s one of the reasons I’ve written this book I want to tell people “You’re only as old as you feel or as you think and no matter what your age there’s plenty of work to be done” I don’t want to sound like I’m clearing my throat and giving advice about how a man can be successful I’m not all puffed up My main trade secret is I’m not afraid of hard back cracking work After all I was raised on a farm where hard work is the way of life The last third of the book is a cookbook of Southern home cooking recipes The recipe for farm coffee was the oddest; it recommended crushing an egg shell and all into the grounds and pouring a cup of cold water into the brewed coffee to settle the grounds at the bottom before servingThe one notably absent recipe is for fried chicken though the Colonel's cooking method utilized a pressure cooker which isn't exactly a household item However there are exactly 11 herbs and spices that might be used on chicken mentioned in other recipes They are black pepper white pepper garlic powder paprika cayenne chili powder allspice parseley sage thyme and dry mustard I recently learned from another book that chemical analysis indicated that modern KFC contains no herbs or spices at all so unfortunately his recipe is no longer available anywhereTerms I learned from this bookDun verb to make persistent demanding of a person specifically regarding payment of a debt“Doodling ashes” Cleaning the ash pans out of a locomotive engine after it has finished a trip

  3. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    Cookbook by KFC Corporation Good recipes

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