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Nerves of Steel Kindle ↠ Nerves of PDF or

Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake, #1) ❮Download❯ ➽ Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake, #1) ➽ Author C.J. Lyons – Dr Cassandra Hart is fighting a war And losing A deadly drug epidemic a killer stalking her hospitalmeet the ER doctor who never gives upCassie’s Pittsburgh ER has been deluged by young patients who Dr Cassandra Hart is fighting a war And losing A deadly drug epidemic a killer stalking her hospitalmeet the ER doctor who never gives upCassie’s Pittsburgh ER has been deluged by young patients who have overdosed on a new drug FX After Cassie discovers that the source of the FX on the streets is her own hospital her best friend is killed and Cassie’s life is threatened She is forced to place her trust in Detective Mickey DrakeDrake’s irascible charm eventually penetrates the barriers Cassie has built around herself and their relationship progresses from professional to Nerves of PDF or passionate After Cassie discovers the truth behind the thefts she and Drake must confront a killer In the end their only weapons are their new found love and the courage it gives themWritten by a pediatric ER physician NERVES OF STEEL combines gritty realism with the adrenalin rush of the ER New York Times Bestseller CJ Lyons uses her insider’s knowledge of life behind the scenes to reveal the hidden truth of the medical world No one is immune to danger.

10 thoughts on “Nerves of Steel (Hart and Drake, #1)

  1. Beanbag Love Beanbag Love says:

    I really wanted to give this one four stars but I can't The problem is all with the female lead and her moronic behaviorThis had a very engaging story a decent mystery some good suspense and an angsty but plausible romance I did look forward to getting back to the book every time I had to set it down so that's where all three stars come from I also liked the male lead Mickey Drake It's Cassie Hart an ER doctor who is the big problemEverything starts fine but within a scene or two Hart makes her first TSTL move It looks like it might work out okay but then she makes another TSTL move In both cases she thinks to herself she was stupid for doing what she did and she should let the experts handle their own business And then that goes out the window as she makes another similar TSTL move And then she makes the grand daddy of all dumb moves I'll lie to everyone to protect you even you so you won't know the danger and can be blindsided if it all falls apart Can't stand that last one a trope I always hope never to see againShe redeems herself in the end somewhat but I was really frustrated by her emotional roller coaster behavior and the arrogance of her impulsivenessMickey is almost as damaged as she is He's a detective assigned to a task force to shut down a recent influx of designer drugs He's likable enough but we didn't get to spend as much time with him as I'd have liked We spent time on Hart's arc than his Another problem happens at the end of the story There's an injury implied and then the character does thing that are not possible with that sort of injury and then is treated later for that injury So it clearly happened it just conveniently disappeared for a chapter Confusing What I like about this series potentially is that the same couple stars throughout So we're not getting a typical HEA in the space of one story That's nice And when you're dealing with fragile banged up people you need that space to grow and evolve So I like thatI'm starting the next one today and I'm hoping Hart is less annoying To be fair she's not a horrible person and she has some very good moments She's brimming with compassion and she's a good doctor If she can check the irritating impulsiveness she could be a really great character I bought all three of the available books when they were on sale I don't know if they're still reduced for e book but I know I'm not out much money if it doesn't pick up I wish I could rate it higher for the majority of the story I just can't It's a 35 IMO

  2. Tracy Smith Tracy Smith says:

    All I can say is wow CJ Lyons writes a wonderful book and if I didn't join a book challenge I would have never have found that out This book about Dr Hart and Detective Drake is the first in a series that I really want to continue to read This book is very fast paced and full of well played characters and emotions I would highly recommend this book to anyone who enjoys medical thrillers Enjoy and Happy Reading

  3. Li& Li& says:

    This is an enjoyable fast page turning read As a retired nurse I found the medical aspect of the story interesting and accurate It definitely has a strong romantic suspense theme as well as advertised I had my suspicions about who was behind the mystery fairly early on which turned out to be partly true but it didn't detract me from enjoying the book to the very last page I'm going to continue on with the next one in the series All of my reviews are of course only in my opinion

  4. Nikki Nikki says:

    An ER doctor and a police detective team up to find a drug dealer whose new drug is not only killing teenagers but is being stolen from the doctor's own hospital Dr Hart and Detective Drake are two flawed people with trauma in their pasts Their love story begins in this book There's a lot of edge of your seat suspense realistic as far as I can tell depiction of both medical and police work and a lovingly drawn setting in Pittsburgh Recommended

  5. Val Pearson Val Pearson says:

    A cross between ER and NYPD Blue Nerves of Steel is hands down one of the best Medical romances I have read to date Cassandra Hart's character deals with than just typical drug overdoses she's dealing with an unstable ex and his vindictive family as well Throw in drug dealers and her life gets a little bit messy Enter Detective Mickey Drake The chemistry between Cassie and Drake is electrifying and not just at certain moments the emotional pull continues throughout the book The boundaries Drake and Cassie try not to cross keeps the sensual tension alive and oh how I loved the tension Just small things made my heart melt like when he was watching her from afar and was admiring Cassie's dedication to her job I formed a bond with Cassie because she wasn't your typical girlie girl She had to work for what she wanted and her dedication to her patients was what came first The fact that the woman could kick butt and take names was what clinched it for me She's everything I want in my heroineDrake's character wasn't without his own faults yet his vulnerabilities are what made his character so believable It takes a special kind of woman who is willing to look beyond the way he used to behave and love the man he is now Drake was a dangerously attractive detective who was one of the best at his job even though he had been skating on thin ice with his department Sexy funny loyal and willing to do anything to prove the lady in his life is innocent what could a girl ask for than Mickey DrakeCJ Lyons is one of the best when it comes to writing a medical thriller Suspense superb writing and a plot that will blow your mind are all rolled up into this one book Nerves of Steel has a gripping story line that is multi layered Overdoses of a new drug domestic violence and dealing with unscrupulous characters all come together to take the reader on a fast paced and action packed ride Get ready for twists and turns throughout the book because this is one book you do not want to miss It's simply one of those books that you pick up and can't put down until the very last page I highly recommend Nerves of Steel

  6. Kari Wainwright Kari Wainwright says:

    From the moment this reader met Dr Cassandra Hart dealing with extreme claustrophobia while riding in a medical helicopter with a patient I was in her corner I was also in her corner later in the story when Cassie made some foolish decisions putting herself in grave danger There were times I wanted to grab her shoulders and shake her for those choices In some books that would have been a deal breaker and I would have tossed the book aside Thank goodness I didn’t have to do that Throwing an e book at the wall is totally different than doing so with a paperback It’s really hard on the Kindle Lyons kept the story going for me by giving Cassie great motivations for her decisions She created a character with flaws and vulnerabilities but also steely strength and determination not to mention a heart that overflowed with concern for her young patients Then Lyons added Detective Mickey Drake to Cassie’s world He’s also damaged by some of his past choices He’s also flawed yet determined too This sometimes dueling duo faced dangerous drug dealers their attraction for each other as well as warnings from both superiors at work and Cassie’s ex husband A satisfying read with both romance and suspense and characters I didn’t want to say good bye to

  7. Arlena Dean Arlena Dean says:

    Nerves of Steel by C J Lyons was a wonderful read I simply could not put it down until I was finished with it Indeed CJ Lyons is good medical suspense thriller writer By her being a doctor she knows how to bring out the best of what a reader needs to know about the subject You definitely are lead to feel that you are in the hospital with all that is going on while working on a case with the detectives Cassie Hart was a ER doctor in Pittsburgh and the story starts with her dealing with drug overdoses an ex husband and then things really heat up with the chemistry between Cassie and Detective Mickey Drake and then you will just have to read it because this novel really takes off I found the novel a bit long but well written and I believe you will find it a page turner Nerves of Steel will keep you on the edge of you seat Cassie was indeed a kick butt take charge kind of woman and very dedicated to her job I did really enjoy CJ Lyons novel and will be picking up her part 2 Sleight of Hand soon I do recommend Nerves of Steel and I believe you will enjoy this good read also

  8. Megan Megan says:

    CJ Lyons is a wonderful author when it comes to writing medical thrillers I was hooked by this book and can’t wait to read The characters come to life and it feels as if you are in the hospital with the doctors and working the case with the detectives Cassie is an ER doc who is trying to save her patents from forms of drug being used on the street called FX Drake is a detective on the task force put together to stop the FX The latest batch of FX to hit the streets is from Cassie’s hospital Drake meets Cassie in the police station and since she broke hospital protocol by bringing in the drugs found on a patient she becomes a suspect Drake is the only one that thinks she is innocent They start a relationship which could jeopardize his career Can Drake and his team find the killer and person responsible for putting the drugs on the street or will Cassie take the blame The book is a page turner much like all of Lyons books Once you get started you can’t put it down

  9. Jo Ann Reinhold Jo Ann Reinhold says:

    Drugs are killing the children in Dr Cassandra Hart's ER are coming from her hospital and she is determined to find out who is behind it In her determined single minded uest she has gained the attention of both the cops and a killer Detective Mickey Drake is assigned to the task force to bring the drug dealers down but now their focus is on Dr HartDrake is determined that she is innocent and works to protect her as he fights for the truthBoth these characters have dark pasts that haunt them but together they find healingThe story is fast paced and full of twistsThese characters are definitely characters that I truly want to see ofAs usual great job CJ Lyons

  10. Karen Karen says:

    I've just discovered CJ Lyons and I'm definitely hooked I enjoyed this medical thriller and found myself drawn into the story very uickly Yes sometimes I had to wonder what the characters were thinking when they took particular actions but for me it didn't detract I recommend it's a good read Nerves of Steel was a free e book and the first book I had read by this author I read purely for enjoyment not to pick apart the book or author I loved this book was hooked immediately and will find a way to obtain CJ Lyons' other books

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