Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs PDF/EPUB ä Connect

Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs PDF/EPUB ä Connect

Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs ❮BOOKS❯ ✭ Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs Author Edie Eckman – If you're like many crocheters you love to stitch motifs but dread the process of joining them But connecting one motif to another can be as exhilarating as stitching Edie Eckman's guide to creative j If you're like many crocheters Shapes Crochet Kindle Õ you love to stitch motifs but dread the process of joining them But connecting one motif to another can be as exhilarating as stitching Edie Eckman's guide to Connect the PDF/EPUB ² creative joining techniues shows how easy it is to combine multiples of a motif to form a whole new pattern from lacy links to three dimensional effects swirls radiants and wheels The variations are the Shapes Crochet Epub Ý endless Eckman also provides brand new motif designs Each one and every joining techniue is accompanied by step by step instructions and innovative charts to ensure success This superb collection is a must have for any crocheter.

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  1. Carolynn Carolynn says:

    Edie Eckman is a crochet wizard I crochet I've crocheted for about 65 years but joining motifs intimidates me and I have never been able to figure out a systematic way to get those little beasties under control Edie shows me how in step by step procedures What's these procedures are transferable to the next set of different motifs so you can modify and adapt your joining pattern to suit your current needs without having to give up your first born breathe easier Charlie Most of us can follow a pattern pretty well Some can even get creative in one area or so But Edie Eckman is creative in just about all the areas of crochet I've seen her in So as far as I'm concerned she's a crochet wizard If you are interested in learning how to join odd shaped motifs together this book is a must get for you

  2. Bridgett Bridgett says:

    Connect the shapes was delivered to me on Halloween for a review Crochet has taken a bit of a back seat for me lately but this book got me excite to use it in a few future projects and I am DEFINITELY going to make the skirt pattern from the book WOOT WOOTBefore I begin though My book got delivered on Halloween It rained cats and dogs that day Nobody was home to receive the book so it had to sit outside on the front porch where it got rained on So it did sustain a bit of water damage you may see that in some of the pictures Just in case you were wonderingAlso The pictures were taken by my daughter with her i pod so they may not be the best ones but once my camera's batteries are charged I will make good ones for ya and exchange them Until then enjoy lolNow on to the reviewI have been crocheting for a long long time I do love it occasionally in between the knitting projects I tackle As a matter of fact I am planning a bit of a big crochet project next for a friend winks at Louise So this book came at just the right time to get me in the right mood and give me food for thought about what to makeThe tips in the first part of the book are very good I liked how nicely it was explained and I like voice of the book very much It is rather a bit amusing and not as dry as some instructions books can be The author has definitely a sense of humor about things that is always a good thing if you ask meThe motives themselves range from tried and true Granny suares to off the cuff new and exciting I have to say I am a rather traditional girl to begin with and not a huge fan of motive work but there were a few little motives in this book I might try out after all And if you know me then you know that is saying somethingThe information given in the book is well written and easy to understand The instructions are clear and easy to follow as well It is wonderful that the book gives you written instructions as well as charts for the motives This way everybody can use it It is a great help for people who want to teach themselves how to read a chart as they can compare the written instructions with the charts and figure out how it all worksThe emphasis of the book is on how to join crochet motives together I love that There are so many different ways and now they are all explained in one compilation I don't have to run to the internet or grab twelve different books from the shelf if I had them I can grab one book and compare right there in one sitting how best to connect what I have got Not only does it tell you how to connect the motives given in the book but it does encourage you to try it out on any given motive you may run across It definitely is a confidence builderNow if you are a seasoned crocheter you may have no problem figuring out where to best join two motives but are you really utilizing all the methods you know? I doubt it I have been crocheting for a long time and I do have my standard go to methods I am happy to be reminded of all the other ways One can only keep so much information in one's RAM after all LOL the rest is delegated to the hard drive It is accessible but it will take a bit of probing and searching to find it With this book you got it right there So don't write this book off even if you are a seasoned crocheterAnother really fun point this book is making for both seasoned and novice crocheter is about colour choice and placementYou get to see some of the motives in different colour combinations and it really brings home how different something can look with just a few changes in colours used or where you place themThe book itself is a bit big to easily tuck it into your crochet bag so it is something to read at home in your fiber corner I am also not a huge fan of the spine in combination with the spiral binding I prefer the spine open when there is a spiral binding that way you can flip to the page and open the book all the way round without worrying about a spine Also it is easier to flip the pages if there is only the spirals and not a spine in the back I'm always worried a page will tear out this wayOn a very personal note some of the colours use for the sample motives were rather off putting for me and I think it will make the book date rather easily instead of being a timeless go to giudeI love that the emphasis in this book was on tips and techniue rather then on giving patterns for projects It does have a few patterns in the back but really the important part are the blocks and how to join them Often guide books hide the instructions for new techniues or tips in patterns and I find that rather tedious This book gives you what you need and then some on top Get help with techniues an if you like try it out on a pattern or twoI ADORE the lampshade pattern and the little skirt pattern from the book and have added them to my list of things to make Overall I would give this book three stars I definitely liked the book over all If you are new to motive and block crochet you will get a lot out of it and I would definitely recommend it to new crocheters If you have been crocheting for a while go check out the new motives in the book You will have fun playing around with them and coming up with new ways to use them Crochet is definitely moving forward and with people like Edie Eckman working tirelessly to spread the word and come up with new and exciting things crochet definitely is making it's way towards center stage and away from the Granny image

  3. Laurie Sand Laurie Sand says:

    Love this designerFun innovative designs vibrant colors clear instructions and diagrams A great inspiration book for the advanced crocheter Looking forward to reading Eckman's book on edgings

  4. Lauren Lauren says:

    Enjoyable techniues and helpful

  5. Karla Bates Karla Bates says:

    I love to crochet and this book has a lot of pretty motifs Have fun

  6. Emily Emily says:

    This book mostly covers connecting motifs of the same shape If you want to join motifs of varying shapes or sizes this doesn't really help

  7. Marie Segares Marie Segares says:

    Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs Creative Techniues for Joining Motifs of All Shapes by Edie Eckman is the follow up to her bestselling book Beyond the Suare Crochet Motifs The book was a pleasant surprise for me I expected a short book with suggestions for interesting ways to join crochet motifs and what I found was a collection of over 100 crochet motif patterns along with many tips and tricks for making polished motifs and joinsThe first part of the book Techniues is filled with ideas for starting to crochet in the round reading symbol patterns starting and ending rounds weaving in ends color theory choosing yarn planning increases arranging shapes multiple methods for joining motifs in progress and while they are finished forming continuous motifs and blocking While some of this information is also available in Beyond the Suare Crochet Motifs if you love crocheting motifs and are always looking for ways to make your projects look even better this section will help take your motif crocheting to the next levelThe next part of the book Motifs and Joins includes both motif patterns and suggestions for joins Each pattern is written with both US pattern abbreviations and international stitch symbols The patterns are organized into different sections based on construction and appearance● Classic Grannies 3 suares 1 circle 1 hexagon 1 half hexagon 2 triangles and 2 joins● A Little Double Crochet 3 suares 1 circle 2 hexagons 1 half hexagon and 2 joins● Gathered Chains 2 suares plus 1 four sided motif 1 triangle 1 six sided flower 1 circle and 3 joins including 1 filler motif● Lacy Links 1 suare 1 triangle 2 stars 1 circle and 6 joins including 1 filler motif● Layered Mesh 4 suares 1 hexagon 2 circles and 2 joins● ScDc 3 suares 1 circle 2 hexagons and 2 joins● All Clustered 2 suares 3 octagons 1 triangle 1 hexagon and 2 joins● Triple Petals 2 suares 1 triangle 1 six sided motif 2 hexagons and 2 joins● Start with a Flower 3 suares 2 triangles 2 hexagons 1 circle and 2 joins● 3 D Fun 2 suares 2 hexagons 1 triangle 1 circle and 2 joins● Swirls 2 hexagons 1 circle 2 suares 1 triangle and 2 joins● Radiants 2 circles 1 hexagon 1 suare 1 six pointed motif 1 triangle and 2 joins● Picots in Plural 2 six pointed motifs 1 eight pointed motif 1 triangle 3 suares and 2 joins● Wheels and Shells 3 suares 1 triangle 1 hexagon 1 eight sided motif and 2 joins● Inner Connectivity 3 suares 2 triangles 1 hexagon 1 six sided motif 1 circle and 1 joinMy favorite patterns are in the Layered Mesh Start with a Flower and Swirls sectionsThe third part of the book Patterns includes 12 projects All but one of these projects includes new motif designs The projects include 9 home decor projects and 3 women’s garments 1 shawl 1 vest and 1 skirt The Lacy Skirt is my favorite of these projects and would be a great wardrobe stapleThe book ends with a motif directory which includes a thumbnail of each motif in the second section so it will be easy for you to locate your favorite patterns The book is a spiral bound hardcover so it stays open while you crochetOverall this is a great book for crocheters who like to make motif patterns and other portable projects There are tips sprinkled throughout and while the joins work with specific motif patterns from the book a careful reader could learn a lot about adapting joins to different motif patterns I would also recommend it to crocheters who prefer international stitch symbols as well as beginners hoping to advance their technical skillsFull disclosure A free review copy of Connect the Shapes Crochet Motoifs was provided by Storey Publishing Although I accept free products for review I do not accept additional compensation nor do I guarantee a positive review My reviews are based entirely on my honest opinions

  8. Shala Kerrigan Shala Kerrigan says:

    Connect the Shapes Crochet Motifs Creative Techniues for Joining Motifs of All Shapes by Edie Eckman is both a crochet techniues book and a motif pattern bookIn the first part of the book the author goes over the basics about how to read international crochet notation or charted patterns and combine that with a text pattern for very clear instruction on how to work the pattern She discusses color theory and balance then gets into the techniues Joining motifs especially those with picots mesh or lace edging can be tricky With a solid edge you can just slip stitch sew or single crochet the motifs together Join as you go or JAYGo edgings can be difficult She walks you through step by step with clear instructions and good photographs with bright yarn that's easy to see how to do those joins in a few different methods Advanced beginning and intermediate crocheters will appreciate the clear instructions I learned a few things that make for smoother nicer joins She also discusses ways to adapt a pattern to a bulky yarn or for a different effect Some threads for example would make picots too tiny to join with the chain 3 so she suggests up sizing those picots For bulky yarns and bigger motifs they can become distorted for those she suggests ways to reshape the corners for less distortionMy favorite crochet books aren't full of patterns for finished projects they are stitch techniues and motifs for creating my own projects This book is going on that shelf The one with the stitch guides and motifs that I refer to when starting a new shawl or another project My favorite motifs are the kind that tessellate together nicely which means 3 4 or 6 sides There are a lot of them in this book In fact as the cover says there are 101 total motifs and most of them are tessellating motifs that can be joined directly together The motifs cover a wide range of stitch techniuesThis includes some of my favorites like front post stitches where you work the stitch around the post of another stitch rather than into the chain top This creates a nice dimensional effect and worked in a different color than the previous round also makes lines of a different color on top of the previous colors There are lots of intricate looking laces that are really easy to make and a few that are super easy to memorize Make a couple at home then carry yarn and a hook to continue making while you're out doing other things Each motif also has tips specific to that motif for adapting the joins if necessaryAfter that there are a few patterns that use motifs such as a curved pillow that takes advantage of a distortion in a triangle motif The distortion can be eliminated with different stitch counts for things that you want to lay flat but for the pillow the doming is perfect Several patterns show some of the versatility of the motifs My favorite is the flower garland which has a lovely soft spring lookAt the end of the book is a chart to refer to if you are having any issues with understanding the stitch symbols It's a nice complete chart that will work for all the patterns in the book There is also an index of motif patterns that's laid out with images of the finished motifs You can browse through the images to find just the right shape and look for your patternIf you love motifs for making shawls afghans or even fashion scarves or if you've had problems understanding how to read a charted pattern this book is a great choice Spiral bound in a hard cover to lay flat while crocheting I received a complimentary copy of the book to review on my craft blog Don't Eat the Paste I received no other compensation and my review is my honest opinion of the product

  9. MD MD says:

    I really got into making motifs a couple of years ago and then started adapting designing some of my own so was really excited when I stumbled across this book as I was interested in expanding from embellishment to other kinds of motif based projects of my own design What I like about the book It has a spiral binding so lays flat if you ant to be able to reference it while you are working it contains a lot of great tips for planning the layout of a project such as Xeroxing multiple copies of motifs at the beginning of a project to see how the shapes and colors will look I absolutely love the free form crochet bag on page 26 though I wish the book provided info on how it was made the motif index at the back of the book uses thumbnail images instead of names the join as you go charts for continuous and hybrid joins are very welcome as I'm definitely among those who dread weaving in ends she provides some useful tips for enlarging and adapting motifs What I didn't like I've used filler motifs in patterns and was hoping to get a lot guidance on creating and using them than the single column devoted to it here ditto for Irish crochet

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    I love to crochet I've been doing it since I was a little girl But what I love even is when a book comes around that teaches me new crochet tricks and presents new ideas especially in a colorful easy to read format This book is just thatNot only does it show me 101 gorgeous granny suares most aren't suares at all it shows me how to connect them in innovative and clever ways My least favorite part of a granny suare afghan is putting the thing together This book as inspired me to not just use the boring ol' whip stitchAnd what's even nicer about this book is that it includes written pattern instructions as well as charts I've always wanted to get better at using a chart and this is the perfect opportunityAdmittedly if you are a beginner this book may overwhelm you It's definitely geared toward the experienced crocheter although there are a few very basic motifs A beautiful book Will likely add to my crochet library when it comes out in OctoberThank you Net Galley and Storey Publishing for letting me review this fantastic book

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