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  1. Elaine Tomasso Elaine Tomasso says:

    I have now read all 3 of the series and this is the most powerful Wisting is suspended amid allegations of evidence planting on a case 17 years previously when a young woman went missing and was eventually found murdered Initially he believes that Internal Affairs willinvestigate the evidence planting and exonerate him but as time goes on he realises that they have already mentally tried and convicted him and are not looking for anyone else This neatly parallels the old case where they found their suspect and didn't look further but as that case was predicated on planted evidence did they do enough and was the perpetrator guilty or innocent?This is an emotionally complex novel as Wisting grapples with the accusations against him and the fact that people could believe it of him the decline of his relationship with Suzanne and his growing acceptance that Line is no longer a child does not need protecting and can be of help to him He goes about all of this and investigating the case against him in his uiet determined way an honourable man in the face of dishonourable accusationsI don't have a bad word to say about this book and can't recommend it highly enough as a slow inexorable uncovering of facts which lead to a great climax

  2. Mark Mark says:

    The Hunting Dogs is the second William Wisting mystery that I’ve read and boy oh boy Jorn Lier Horst does not disappoint This is a clear 45 stars for me which I’ve rounded up as opposed to down It’s a methodical and logical procedural thriller that doesn’t just get bogged down in detail The character development is secondary in a way but at the same time complements the story and adds context and depth to the plot line What I like about William Wisting is his genuineness and authenticity He’s not caught up with himself and his own importance and is clearly still grieving and bordering on depressed without this being fore fronted He’s a leader but doesn’t need to announce itThe Hunting Dogs sees Wisting suspended for supposed tampering with evidence in a case he led 17 years earlier His integrity at stake he works uietly behind the scenes to solve the mystery and clear his name Foremost in his mind is that justice should be done for those affected by crime as opposed to clearing his name Justice served his name clears itselfI’m looking forward to reading the next one and wish there were of these translated from the Norwegian

  3. Matt Matt says:

    Horst's English translated novels keep getting better filled with character development and action with each passing chapter After putting a child murderer away seventeen years earlier Chief Inspector William Wisting is stunned to learn that he's been blamed with a false arrest and the planting of evidence Not only is the accused set free but all eyes are now on him The police begin an investigation to his handling of the case while Wisting begins piecing together what might have gone wrong and who's to blame Wisting's daughter Line a crime reporter in her own right stumbles upon a murder scene of her own and begins trying to solve the case Clues lead in many directions and leave Line wondering how random an event this might have been When a teenage girl goes missing in the same manner as the case 17 years before both Line and Wisting wonder if their respective cases might have a loose connection With Wisting's freedom and job on the line any clue showing he was not complicit is essential but it's a race against time A wonderful thriller to keep the reader on edge from beginning to endI have earlier lamented the lack of a thorough context for English readers since Horst's first five novels do not yet have English publication rights How great it would be to see the full development of the William Wisting character as well as those who surround him Horst does a wonderful job in keeping his readers connected to the character even though he's been writing about Wisting for nine novels in the original Norwegian and makes the avid reader want to learn a little The books with their short chapters offer wonderful teasers on a regular basis and lack nothing in their essential thriller creation While I will admit I have no real connection to any of the other police or legal team with whom Wisting regularly engages Horst's focus on William and Line makes for a wonderful banter sure to keep the reader intrigued Kudos Mr Horst for another great novel I cannot wait to get my hands on your next book and see what Wisting has in store for your loyal followersLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at

  4. Andy Andy says:

    Meh An OK police procedural but with unlikely coincidences from the start and not enough local color about Norway it rains to make it special Would not read in the series

  5. Mystereity Reviews Mystereity Reviews says:

    If you enjoy a gripping crime novel you can't go wrong with this series This is the 8th book in the Wisting series and unfortunately only the 3rd translated into English now I wish I'd paid better attention in Norwegian class so I could read the first 5 Live and learn As with the earlier Wisting stories this is a carefully woven journey through a complex investigation of 3 mysteries I enjoy watching the case unravel step by step almost like being led by the hand along the patch dodging the red herrings and slowly uncovering the truth In The Hunting Dogs Wisting has his work cut out for him to prove a man guilty for a crime while proving his innocence in fabricating evidence At the same time daughter Line is investigating the murder of a man in another town I enjoy the interaction of Wisting and Line and really liked the integration of former colleagues It was almost like The A Team And don't get me started on the location porn; if you've ever been to Norway you'll know what I mean And if you've never been to Norway well you're missing outA compelling tale lots of twists and turns and an edge of your seat action packed ending Kept me up til 2 am but I couldn't put it down until I finished it

  6. Hitessh Panchal Hitessh Panchal says:

    35 StarsWilliam Wisting is charged with tampering of evidence in a Murder case that was led by him Seventeen years ago He decides to get to the bottom of the truth His daughter a reporter with a Newspaper is investigating another murder It turns out that there is a relation between the current and one that happened Seventeen years ago I think that the book must be uiet interesting in the original language and translation somewhat killed the original flavorBut overall nice book Enjoyed it

  7. Mike Sumner Mike Sumner says:

    One of the most brilliantly understated crime novelists writing todayI am on a roll with the CI William Wisting series by Jorn Lier Horst This is the third translated into English by Anne Bruce and it's a rip snorting police procedural which sees Wisting suspended from duty suspected of falsifying evidence in a seventeen year old murder investigation With the media baying for blood ready to publish anything that has a sensational content Wisting has only his journalist daughter Line on his side Horst was one of Norway's most experienced police officers and his knowledge of police procedure and the laws of evidence adds so much legitimacy and realism to the plot It showcases his talents as one of the most accomplished authors of contemporary Nordic Noir He has pushed aside Henning Mankell in my affectionsThis is a superbly plotted beautifully written novel; the complexity and tension are racked up with short chapters leading to a final breathless conclusionIf you haven't yet familiarised yourself with Horst's work you are missing out

  8. K K says:

    A very fine addition to the Nordic Noir genre Wisting is a sympathetic protagonist who is abetted by his journalist daughter Line Both are good at seeing the deeper picture and in this novel at least work in tandem to not only solve a crime or series of crimes but to resolve a long standing injustice to bootThe author does a good job in throwing clues and misleading bits into the mix and the pacing seemed right I shall look forward to reading from Jorn Lier Horst and the Wisting series

  9. Kim Cl Kim Cl says:

    This is the third William Wisting book I read I read them in a different order Kwartet 3 first then 1 and then 2 this one I felt like this was the best one So tense and compelling a proper detective crime mystery At this moment when I'm writing this I'm having a bad cold and not feeling well so the words don't come to me as easily So the best thing I can come up with now is I liked this book very much and I hope the 4th will even be better I will definitely read it#3wordresume op Instagram bookarttekening in 3 woorden

  10. Calzean Calzean says:

    It was OK There was some obvious red herrings and a definite link between the murderer and his latest victim which took the police and reporters some many pages to resolve I think no of this series for me

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Jakthundene [PDF / Epub] ★ Jakthundene By Jørn Lier Horst – Ny spenningsfylt krim fra politietterforskeren Jørn Lier Horst William Wisting suspenderes og settes selv under etterforskning mistenkt for å ha fabrikkert bevis Han var etterforskningsleder i en av Ny spenningsfylt krim fra politietterforskeren Jørn Lier Horst William Wisting suspenderes og settes selv under etterforskning mistenkt for å ha fabrikkert bevis Han var etterforskningsleder i en av landets mest medieomtalte straffesaker da unge Cecilia Linde ble drept Nå år senere har det kommet for en dag at bevisene som felte gjerningsmannen var forfalsket Mediene værer nytt blod Wisting har brukt hele sitt yrkesliv på å jakte på forbrytere Nå er det han som er byttet og han må arbeide på egen hånd og i skjul for å finne ut hvem av deres egne som konstruerte det falske beviset og hva som egentlig skjedde den gangen Han får hjelp av journalistdatteren Line men også fra svært uventet hold Så forsvinner en ny ung kvinne Det blir starten på et nervepirrende kappløp.