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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    5 OMG It's Hunter's Book Stars SpoilersDeeper Than Midnight was so damn Good OMG Hunter hands down is my favorite hero in the whole series so far I just want to lick him all over I mean OMG seriously he was so dayum yummy and kickass and just all around amazing A stone cold killer He thought he had all his emotions beat out of himuntil he met Corinne One of my favorite things to read is Ice men melting for the love of a woman So needless to say Breed born assassin Hunter gave me all the feels He was so protective of Corinne His Breed power was so cool Blood reading so far is the best power of the series When he had to relive the torture and rapes that Corinne went through as a prisoner of Dragos and lost it on one of the bad guys I totally swooned Corinne was also amazing and a worthy mate for my Hunter She was strong and had a fire that Dragos couldn't put out She was never broken no matter how much she lived through I heart broke for all that Corinne suffered Then to learn that her father betrayed her to Dragos not once but twice I was so glad her dad got killed Hunter had never even kissed a woman Lust was a weakness that wasn't allowed for the trained killer Corinne had only known rape and torture So when they got together not only was it smoking hot it felt very deep as well I loved how devoted Corinne was to her son I love that she fought for him and freed him I also loved that Hunter was so supportive of his mate He knew how bad the odds were of her finding and saving her son Still he tried with everything in him to give her her heart's desire Chase was losing his shit this whole book Falling off the wagon straight into blood lust He was running around outta control and snacking on every human near by I was worried Chase was a lost cause but he showed some of the old Chase that I fell in love with at the end of the book Then Lara Adrian cut to a cliffhanger A damn cliffhanger To top off the cliffy the book didn't give me a ending for Corinne Hunter and Nathan I want to see how everyone acts about Hunter taking a mate Guess I will have to jump straight into the next book and see what happens next Though this is my second time reading the series I can't remember what happens after Hunter's book

  2. DemonKitty003 DemonKitty003 says:

    Finally I'm done reading this headache killer of a book Basically I didn't feel anything at all The beginning went well but after that it just completely died There was no romance if you ask me only puppy love Sure we know if Hunter's past but really what else can we find exciting??? Here is my list of good and badGood1 Hunter's past2 Exciting Chase adventures3 Breath taking Dragos plotsBad1 Corinne being the mate2 The short amount of time of Corinne over coming her horrible nightmares3 Constantly going on and on about her son the BAM I love Hunter4 Too much of Chase concerns popping upstill think this should have been Chase's book instead if he kept coming in with problems5 Terrible endingBasically I only give little credit for this book The serious is seriously going down hill with these recycled female characters Maybe if some NEW breedmate was put in then maybe the serious can gain some spark back Did that ever cross the mind??? Before readingHunter is my top favorite Breed in the series and I am so excited Only one little problem The femaleAgain with continuing a woman from the previous story??? Not cool any That is what kills the next story Corinne should have never come up again This should have been a different woman with something different Like Hunter finds somehelps some female on the streets or something If there was going to be a related woman from previous books fine But make it something like a friend of the first or second booksI pray Hunter does break Corinne's heart now But knowing the book and whos in it now that is not going to happenLinks in anyway kills stories for the up coming book of the previous book Especially if its a female that is the link

  3. ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness ♥ Sam ♥ ~S2~Im made of awesomness says:

    Deeper than MidnightWhat is going on with numerous reviews and fellow GR peeps telling me that this wasn’t all it was expected to be? Personally I think you should all give your selves a slap in the face I will excuse this infringement and say you all have been in a book funk because I thought this book rocked It was easily one of my fav breed stories not the best but pretty darn close I went back and looked at my review for the last Breed novel that was released and I was not so much of a fan so DTM has truly redeemed this series in my eyes The last books was highly erotic with so much sex that even I complained about it and for those who are a fan of Sam know that there is never too much Sex And even in books before that the story was focused on action and Dragos this and Dragos that but DTM delved a little into the actual lives of the Breeds and has roughly three story lines going on at once We got to find out about Gideon and Savannah we see a new life bought into the Breed world and Chase Harvard got a massive amount of page time to set up for his book and offcourse Lucan and GabrielleObviously at the start I felt like I was reading about Arni in the terminator – he was all robotic and stiff as a freaking bored But once me and my girl Elena worked out that Hunter was a still a big Virgin had not groped no boobies or even played slap the monkey from time to time well this began to be so much than a enactment of the terminator and of a discovery of Hunters self and his very very high libido YEEHAWBut wait There was a story in there We met Corinne in the last Breed book She had been freed from Dragos’s prison after almost 75 years of captivity She is paired up with Hunter who is given the mission of delivering her back to her Dark haven home and her mother and father But secretly Corinne wants to find her son Nathan that she gave birth to some 13 yrs before while she was in captivity When her and Hunter arrive at her Dark haven home and realize her parents have betrayed her she and Hunter start an adventure that ultimately leads them to her sonCorinne and Hunters story was justawwwwwww Both were so new to the world of love and tenderness that it was almost heartbreaking There wasn’t bonking in every scene these two took their time and got to know each other and shared private moments and secret kisses before delving into the world of Breed mating The fact the Hunter was a virgin was so cute But for a man who had no prior experience he did mighty well for himself No one pump wonder for this trained assassin Offcourse both were harbouring secrets from one another that ultimately came out and the shit hit the fan but that’s almost predicable in every single romance novel isn’t it? I liked the concept of Corinne having her son I even had this silly notion in my head that somehow Hunter was his father but I was wrong The ending for Corinne and Hunter was nice It’s not what I would have preferred but it was still an ending and they had closure As for the rest of the Breeds well all I can say isCliff Hangers ARENOTCOOL I like closure with my stories with a well set up story line for the next novel but leaving me hanging like a yoyo??? OMDAYUM Everything just went to shit at the very last possible moment for the rest of the Breeds and then I was turning the pages hungrily and then NOTHING And how long do I have to wait to see what happens? NEXT YEAR Im going to die Okay so maybe that’s an exaggeration on my part but that’s how I feel My countdown starts now

  4. Jilly Jilly says:

    In every one of these books we get a description of each woman's blood scent At first it was common things like vanilla roses honey almond Like some sort of weird scented candles And like scented candles eventually you just run out of ideas So the female in this book had blood that smelled like dark bergamot and tender violets Huh? What the hell's a bergamot? I actually looked it up and it said that it's a pear shaped orange of the Mediterranean Uh okayI feel sorry for the ladies in the upcoming books What will their blood smell like?andHey if they do one of those omnibus things where a bunch of books are combined maybe we can get this scentIt's what it smells like after an axe murderer gets to all of the women at onceAnyway This was an awesome book in the series because it was about Hunter the guy who was raised to be an unfeeling assassin He has no emotions and doesn't understand them All he understands is killing people I think I'm in loveHunter is charged with taking one of the rescued women from the last book home Things don't go so well and they end up on the run And since it is Hunter they leave a trail of dead bodies behind them Kind of like the bread crumbs that Hansel and Gretel left to find their way back Only bloodierWatching the emotionless Hunter fall in love was a lot of fun Also the war between the good vampires and bad vampires really stepped it up a notch Oh and a baby vampire was born Awww he wants his baba of blood Isn't that cute

  5. Heather C Heather C says:

    I have been waiting forever for Hunter's book I was not disappointed What I Loved I wasn’t confused at all The author did a great job of refreshing my memory of the past storylinesGreat sexual tension Hunter and Corinne were beautiful togetherIt was partly set in Louisiana I bet Amelie can make a bitchin’ pot of gumboGetting insight on the history of Gideon and Savannah’s relationship I would love to be able to read about how they fell in loveGetting to meet Xander RaphaelkindaThe twist on Mira's vision I totally could not figure that one outSweetest Line “I can’t help but desire you I want to taste you again This feeling I have for you is than intense” he said roughly “It is a possessive thing greedy I look at you Corinne Bishop and all I can think is that you are mine” Okay wow that is a pretty hot line too Concerns I Still Have I still want to know about Jennaview spoilerWouldn’t Hunter and Nathan be brothers?? hide spoiler

  6. Sophia Triad Sophia Triad says:

    Breed warrior Hunter Special ability Experiencing a person's memories by drinking their blood Age Around 50 years old Breed mate Corinne Special ability Sonokinetic being able to control sounds and making them weapons Occupation None She was a prisoner all her adult life Mark place Back of right hand Settings Boston Detroit New Orleans Luisiana West central GeorgiaEven if it is a book full of violence I believe it is also the most emotional and the sweetest of the midnight breed series We know Hunter from before There are certain facts about him that we already know He used to be a top assassin in Dragos'army until he managed to get rid of his collar always calm and confident and successful he was considered unemotional but he was also Mira's best friend and they were reading books together Brock found him sleeping naked against the wall because according to him beds are such a luxury We have met Corinne before She was a prisoner of Dragos and she was set free from the Order Brock used to be her bodyguard before she was kidnapped by Dragos Brock thought she was dead before they found herBUT and this is a strong BUT in this book we learn all the dirty details about Corinne She was kidnapped tortured raped experiment on used to create the new Dragos'army impregnated and broken She is about to discover also dirty dark secrets about her familyHunter and Corinne are two lost souls tortured by the same monster both virgins Hunter has never actually been with a female Corinne was repeatadly raped but she has never made love It is the most natural thing for them to get connected matched and matedMoreover this particular book sets the scene for the next final book of the first part of the series Besides Hunter and Corinne's story that covers most of the book Chase keeps destroying himself The book finishes with a cliff hanger Have the next book next to you ready before you finish this one

  7. Claire Claire says:

    For me clearly one of the best books in the series so farAnd I can't wait to read what happened to Chase

  8. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary  Corinne Bishop was once a young woman living with privelege She was adopted into a loving family and she had a whole life ahead of her But then the worst happened she was taken imprisoned raped and tortured for years Finally she was rescued by the Order and she then meets the man who is to take her back home to her parents Hunter joined the Order after leaving the only life he had ever known working for Dragos and found freedom with the Order Hunter found a way in a life to fight for what is right Then he meets Corinne A young woman of beauty and strength who has suffered unimaginably and as they join forces to discover certain truths behind the works of Dragos What they discover is that Dragos has a evil scheme ahead for the Order and it will take their combined efforts to come out on top Plot and Story Line  This is a story I have been waiting for for uite some time now I have been eager for Hunter's story ever since he switched sides I have always loved him we have seen the good in him even from the beginning and it has been truly wonderful to see his change over the past few books Now this is a story that deals with some hard issues and wasn't always easy to read But that is what I loved about this book the mostis seeing a story evolve that discusses hard matters and creates a beautifully woven romance to keep you asking for In this boook I was overwhelmed with the heroine especially She is one tough cookie I loved her fighting spirit and her couragous nature She never gives up even if it seems hopeless She is determined to find her son that was taken from her when he was born Even despite the fact that he might not be what she pictured she will do anything to show himthe love of a mother and guide him away from all that he has been trained to dobe a killer This is where Hunter comes into play in aiding her come to terms with the past Hunter is a character that has committed horrible acts because of his training but we see the truth of spirit in his character and we see of his past The romance that develops between these two is uite wonderful there were moments I felt a bit disconnected but not enough to keep me from enjoying the story and the way this couple comes together when they need each other the most The Cover  I love blue covers especially in PNRand this cover truly fits the bill I love the blue moonlight effect Overall View  Deeper Than Midnight is a story that is thrilling with adventure exciting in new shocks and some spicy romance that leaves you aching Truly a wonderful addition to a fabulous series foogallery id18551

  9. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Finally I managed to get a solid 4 star read out of this series I wouldn't go so far as to say that Deeper Than Midnight was on the same level as the BDB's story of Z and Bella but I loved Hunter's journey here for a few of the same reasons that I loved Z's There is something about a broken man who needs a woman to draw him out of his shell which speaks to me Hunter was not a part of the world; he was just existing doling out vengeance whenever he could Corinne came along and showed Hunter how there was to life than just existing I would have loved to have seen Hunter's transformation happen a bit organically he sort of shook himself out of his ignorance to start before Corinne helped further the process which seemed unnatural and I would have loved time for Hunter to come to terms with how little human vampire interaction he truly had in his life However I get it The author can't all of a sudden make a series book longer than the other books just to expand on one character This might also be the first book in which it felt like there was an ample amount of tie in back with the other members of The Order so that might possibly be what robbed from some of Hunter's story I know I can't have it both ways I ask for of The Order and we finally got itat the expense of the main couple I was almost pissed about the way that the book ended view spoilerthere was nothing than a 10 second reunion between mother and son with no backstory on the kid hide spoiler

  10. ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ ~*~Princess Nhya~*~ says:

    Let me start with what I love about this book I loved the 1st half The writing the premise and the plot twists alone were written superbly This one has alot of suspense a trade mark to the Breed novels I love that I got to touch base with all of the Warriors their mates U can't help but to care about them all and just because their books ended doesn't mean they are no longer important to us readersHunter of course What is not to love about this strong silent Hero Even though we only met him 4 books prior he was immediately intriguing to me I wanted to know this guy's story I felt very protective of him Even though he had yet to show us if he would be an ally or enemy to the Order All I knew was that I wanted Hunter to know some of the beauty this world has to offer Knowing where he came from his very existence in the only world he knew what he endured was just heartbreakingI do like that we get a than brief preview of our Beloved Chase as well I do think that he was just as front and center as Hunter was was sort of approaching that thin line of taking the spot light but not uite crossing it Thank Goodness Cuz this is Hunter's story and we'll have Chase soon enough But it is a good set up for his book next yearNow with all this the reason why I give this one a 35 star rating is due to Corinne Hunter's chemistry or lack there of I did not care for her even when we got her back story from Brock in his book I was a little worried when it was revealed that she would be Hunter's love interest But I took it in stride hoping to be pleasantly surprised NO such luck I'm sorry 2 say This pairing left much to be desiredThe intensity that you felt with the other mates was not even present with these two And I was hoping because of the type of Breed Hunter is that once these foreign feelings of love caring possessiveness sexual awakening took hold of him it would prove to be even intense Just because these are feelings he has never known it would seem 2 be the natural progression that would occur But it didn't The romance with he and Corinne fell flat to me And there is nothing present in her personality or otherwise that complimented him They were just not yin to the other's yangLastly the ending There was just something missing and I can't uite put my finger on it There were things that were pleasantly surprising obvious cliff hangers But the writing became choppy and the emotions displayed came off as rushed with a half hearted attempt at sincerity or depth of the emotional conflicts displayed in certain scenes during the last 4 chapters Overall this book was still a pretty good read a good addition to this series I just feel that for my beloved Hunter Ms Adrian could have done a much better job Although these books can be read as stand alones I would highly recommend you follow this series in seuence Overall I think this series is excellent And I recommend this read

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Deeper than Midnight ➣ [Epub] ➝ Deeper than Midnight By Lara Adrian ➭ – Una donna che proviene dal regno delle tenebre si ritrova immersa in una passione più profonda degli abissiA diciotto anni Corinne Bishop era una bellissima focosa ragazza circondata dagli agi della Una donna che proviene dal regno delle tenebre si ritrova immersa in una passione più profonda degli abissiA diciotto anni Corinne Bishop era una bellissima focosa ragazza circondata dagli agi della sua famiglia adottiva Ma il suo mondo è cambiato in un attimo uando è stata rapita dal malvagio vampiro Dragos Dopo anni di prigionia e tormenti Corinne è tratta in salvo dai vampiri dell’Ordine Privata della sua innocenza Corinne ha perso la speranza e ora l’unica cosa che le importa è ritrovare il figlio che le è stato portato via ancora in fasceNel Deeper than Epub / suo viaggio verso New Orleans sulle tracce del luogotenente di Dragos Corinne avrà al suo fianco un formidabile vampiro dagli occhi d’oro Hunter Un tempo il più letale degli assassini di Dragos ora Hunter lavora per l’Ordine e si è ripromesso di far pagare allo spietato vampiro i suoi molteplici peccati Unito a Corinne da un desiderio potente e incontenibile Hunter dovrà decidere fin dove spingersi per mettere fine al regno di Dragos rischiando di distruggere il fragile cuore di Corinne e l’inesauribile passione che prova per lei.

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