Brendon Alluring Indulgence #8 PDF ´ Brendon Alluring

Brendon Alluring Indulgence #8 PDF ´ Brendon Alluring

Brendon Alluring Indulgence #8 ⚦ [PDF] ✎ Brendon Alluring Indulgence #8 By Nicole Edwards ✶ – From New York Times and USA Today bestselling indie author Nicole Edwards comes the final scorching installment in her Alluring Indulgence series erotic romances featuring the Texan Walker brothers an From New York Times and USA Today bestselling indie author Nicole Edwards comes the final scorching installment in her Alluring Indulgence series erotic romances featuring the Texan Walker brothers and their sizzling hot love interestsBrendon Walker’s life was altered drastically when his twin brother fell in love Coming to grips with his new reality hasn’t been an easy road and he fears he’s all but given Brendon Alluring ePUB Ò upCheyenne Montgomery is familiar with the spotlight and she’s familiar with fame What she isn’t familiar with is the incredible lure of the sexy Walker brother who makes her heart beat wildly Seeing him spiral out of control has been tough on her So what will it take for Cheyenne to convince him that change can be a good thing.

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  1. Denise - Shh Mom& Denise - Shh Mom& says:

    #happyandsad #finalbook #topseries Brendon and Cheyenne's first meetingEXCLUSIVE Mother's Day with the Walker Brothers “Who’s that?” Brendon asked pointing to the car pulling down the driveway“Cheyenne Montgomery” Travis told him a mischievous grin on his handsome face and Zoey watched as Brendon’s eyes brightened“Are you serious?” read here star reviewI am going to start by saying I am not sure if the 5 stars is for just Brendon or for the series as whole because I write this coming off tears from reading the epilogue A powerful masterfully written epilogue in a voice the reader of this series has not heard before but has been dying forI adored how it was written what it stood for and the hint of to come YES you heard me it appears Coyote Ridge has stories to tellReaders of this series and I will pause and say if this book interests you and you have not read the series please stop reading and go 1 click Kaleb so you too can fall in love with the Walker FamilyBrendon as you guessed is the story of Brendon Walker the last Walker brother to have his story told and with Cheyenne Montgomery a country singer who Brendon has been circling around for some time and a few booksI adored how this book opened as the reader finally learns how Cheyenne came to be a friend of the Walker family or specifically how she became friends with Travis the oldest Walker BrotherI loved how Ms Edwards puts the struggles we have seen between Cheyenne and Brendon into context; she did not make this story about drama but about two adults attempting to process coming together under complicated termsAs always Curtis Walker the patriarch touched my soul made me smile and put a grin on my face by calling his sons “boy” And the interactions between the Walker brothers yet again was so much fun to read and portrayed uniue bonds between each manThose dedicated fans who have read all of Ms Edwards series are rewarded with mentions of many as one of those fans I will say I love the use of Z and RT from her Sniper 1 series and now I am even excited to see what develops between these two I will also say the use of Sniper 1 in the plot lines was perfect it made for an engaging story lineNo worries if you only read the Alluring Indulgence series as these mentions are woven into the series really wellThe “why” Cheyenne moves to Coyote Ridge works and “how Brendon learns to embrace these feelings he has never felt before so worked for me; they truly helped me fall in love with this man who for the past two books was truly struggling to move his life forwardI loved watching these two come together and learn about each other; the deeper than the chemistry and attraction that shone through from their first meetingThe happy Bren and Chey find was one crafted to fit them and made me smileAnd again I will end as I openedOMG the voice you hear in the epilogue is one I have been dying for and I am so happy that we will be getting of the residents of Coyote Ridge

  2. -C- -C- says:

    I really love this series “You are my dreams Chey You’re everything I never thought I’d have You’re the brightest light in my darkest days”

  3. Tpagirl Loves Romance Tpagirl Loves Romance says:

    Brendon was the eighth and final book in the Alluring Indulgence series by Nicole EdwardsBrendon Walker was Braydon’s twin We knew from previous books that Brendon had been struggling for a while once Braydon began having a life and love of his own We also learned previously that Brendon was highly attracted to Cheyenne Montgomery yet neither was willing to acknowledge it which created anger and tension between the twoCheyenne Montgomery was the beautiful and famous country star who had roots in Coyote Ridge TX She was a friend of Travis Brendon’s brother and ultimately a friend to all of the Walker’s She was in the process of purchasing and renovating an old Victorian home which put her in the direct path of Brendon often then notEdwards had been teasing us with scenes between Brendon and Cheyenne for several books now Edwards finally gave us what we wanted and once they got through the awkwardness I loved that they embraced it The drama didn’t come from the relationship but Edwards included another plot reflective of a high profile music star It added suspense and depth to the storylineI loved both characters Brendon’s alpha protectiveness was appealing It wasn’t uncommon for today’s themes but I’m always a huge fan when it’s written well I was also charmed by Brendon’s shyness gentleness and awkwardness towards Cheyenne It was endearing and a mix that worked wellAdditionally Edwards included the entire Walker clan encompassing cousins and a few friends which now leads us straight into two other series Sniper 1 Security and Coyote RidgeIn the end it was a typical Edwards saga well written well developed sexy entertaining teasers for the future and a well written epilogue that brought us full circle with the Walker Clan A truly enjoyable series and a promise for greatness in future spinoffs

  4. Annette Annette says:

    Wowjust WOW Nicole Edwards has done it again Once I started this book I couldn't put it down Hot and sexy Such a classy way to end this series and seamlessly leads you into the spinoff series This is my favorite ALL TIME series I just love the Walker brothers but how can you not Another awesome book from Nicole

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Brendon and Cheyenne's story was the perfect way to end this fun series

  6. 1-Click Addict Support Group 1-Click Addict Support Group says:

    Say it ain’t so I hate that this is the end of the Alluring Indulgence series while at the same time so happy that these men have each had a chance to find happily ever after To say life for Brendon Walker changed when his twin brother Braydon fell in love would be an understatement Still learning to live with his new normal Brendon is finally coming through the darkness And the light on the other side? None other than country music star Cheyenne Montgomery For Chey Brendon has always been the one to make her heart go pitter patter But the last two years haven’t endeared him to heror vice versa She wants to help him just as he wants to protect her Can they let each other in when everything says they should stay apart?Leaving Brendon’s story for the end of this series seems to me to be a pretty gutsy move on Ms Edwards’ part Having read all the books in this series and having loved them to varying degrees I was apprehensive about Brendon He didn’t exactly make me feel the warm fuzzies with his behavior in the earlier books so I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it through an entire book dedicated to his struggle Not only did I make it through though I devoured it Turns out Brendon can give me the warm fuzzies That’s not to say I loved every second of it I was still frustrated by Brendon’s actions and communication at times and he is probably my least favorite of these brothers Someone has to be right? Although they're all pretty awesome But I absolutely get the appeal and Ms Edwards did an excellent job of making him not only desirable and redeemable but also a good guy The story line gave him reason to show off his alpha protective growly dominant side and that’s what this character needed That and the delightfully dirty panty melting sex Brendon also offered an interesting little mystery too I loved how it tied into some of the other series that this author has workedis working on and it was as always great to see the other Walker men pop up and add their two cents There perhaps wasn’t the level of closure I might have expected from this book – the epilogue bordered on corny and didn’t necessarily go where I wanted and expected it to Although as endings go corny or not it was lovely; a very rewarding ending for this family and for those who have loved them through every book and actually fairly fitting all things consideredI am very interested to see where the next series Ms Edwards comes out with goes Clearly there is set up here for from the extended Walker family and I expect that the Walker brothers can’t be contained to this one series meaning we shall see them again somehow someway Alluring Indulgence might be over but the story of this tight knit fun loving dirty sweet and sexy family is far from finished Beth 4 stars

  7. Romance Readers Retreat Romance Readers Retreat says:

    Brendon is the last of the Walker Brothers to have his story told When I read Braydons story I thought Brendon was just behaving like a spoiled child However now I realise after reading about Brendon that being a twin and knowing nothing else he had his reasons and all is explained Brendon's story has tugged at my heart not just because its the last AI book but because he feels so alone with all his brothers now paired off and happily in love so he is struggling to see where he fits in Brendon needs to find his happily ever after and he has always had a thing for country singer superstar Cheyenne Montgomery so when she decides it's time to lay low for a bit and buys a house in Coyote Ridge will Brendon try and persue her The uestion is will Cheyenne mirror those feelings considering the last time he wanted to tag team her with his twin to which she point blank refused So will they get over the hurdles they need to breach? You will just have to read to find out their story I Love Nicole Edwards books If you enjoy a flawless very well written and very hot read then this author will blow your socks off Each and every one of the brothers stories has blew me away and I can never get enoughWhat can I say to finish? I am deeply saddened that the final Walker Brothers book has just about landed However new doors have opened in Nicole's new Sniper 1 security Series which will no doubt be just as good or even better

  8. ♠ Becka & Cerys ♠ | Spitfire Reviews ♠ Becka & Cerys ♠ | Spitfire Reviews says:

    2015? 20 FUCKING 15 WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Brendon is my favourite I just want to cuddle him and tell him everything will be fine

  9. Devika Devika says:

    love the epilogueloved how she ended this great series

  10. Red Cheeks Reads Red Cheeks Reads says:

    “Why are you smiling?” “Because I think you’re cute” “Cute? You seriously did not just call me cute” “I did” “I’m not cute” “Oh but you are” How sad are we to see the Alluring Indulgence series come to a close and while I am positive that I ill fall hard for Nicole’s other characters coming too the Walker brothers will always be my first love from her Brendon is an emotional and scorching hot end to a series that proved to me that good guys can be as sexy as any bad boy “It didn’t fit at all with all the assumptions he’d been making about her all along Just proof that Cheyenne Montgomery was too damn good for the likes of him” I feel like I have been through a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to Brendon I loved his and Braydon’s fun care free ways in the early books and as their stories developed I felt both sad for him and anger over how he handled the situations he was forced into Depressed and bitter Brendon is walking around wasting the blessed life he has been given and earned Now is finally the time for him to move past it all and come into his own “Heavens She wasn’t sure she was going to survive him But she was damn sure going to try” Cheyenne has not had the easy life that everyone expects from the country starlet That plus the fact that she has no desire to be “shared” has pushed her away from a man she felt a real connection to Brendon and Cheyenne have been on each other’s lives but kept their distance because both are convinced they cannot ever truly have the other But now that his brother is settles and moving on Brendon is starting to realize he wants the same thing Now to just claim the woman he has known was his “Holy fuck did you seriously not wear panties?” “I didn’t wear them just for you” “You’re a naughty girl you know that?” “Only for you” Brendon felt fresh and new to me in the Alluring Indulgence series With a mysterious subplot involving a stalker and the men of Sniper 1 Security Nicole has managed to seamlessly cross over her new series and has me fully intrigued and wanting from them Brendon is deliciously alpha and protective and loves Cheyenne with everything he has Brendon starts with him taking care of her in her time of need and I loved the fact that he never stops Their story is endearing and exciting and the epilogue had me almost in tears catching up with all those I have come to love “You are the brightest light in my darkest days” While told in third person which is not always my favorite Brendon is a smooth and easy read that I was able to do in one day I could not put it down and was looking for any opportunity to sneak back to Bren and Chey and their sweet and sexy story While it is incredibly sad that the series is coming to an end I am happy that while the end is here I am certain we will see from these boys in future series45 Smoochesmiranda

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