Captivated by You eBook É Captivated by PDF \

Captivated by You eBook É Captivated by PDF \

Captivated by You ➳ [Reading] ➶ Captivated by You By Sylvia Day ➩ – Gideon calls me his angel but he’s the miracle in my life My gorgeous wounded warrior so determined to slay my demons while refusing to face his ownThe vows we’d exchanged should have bound us tig Gideon calls me his angel but he’s the miracle in my life My gorgeous wounded warrior Captivated by PDF \ so determined to slay my demons while refusing to face his ownThe vows we’d exchanged should have bound us tighter than blood and flesh Instead they opened old wounds exposed pain and insecurities and lured bitter enemies out of the shadows I felt him slipping from my grasp my greatest fears becoming my reality my love tested in ways I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to bearAt the brightest time in our lives the darkness of his past encroached and threatened everything we’d worked so hard for We faced a terrible choice the familiar safety of the lives we’d had before each other or the fight for a future that suddenly seemed an impossible and hopeless dream.

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  1. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    The final verdict is out by the readers This book isn't worth it Fillers and Sex No story Wait for book 5Well I say FUCK ITI am 98% dumping this series5 books spread across 5 years is soooo YA Sci FiLOL No date yetSERIOUSLY?????? Its bloody pissing off how much the storyline of this series is being stretched when its not even fucking neededSex scenes are like fillers in this series they take up 90% of the story P One book? My reaction is of being pissed than happy that we are getting a 4th book•The first book really nice; like kinda FSoG but still really nice•The second book was so fucking stretched; it was not even needed like only the last 10 15% of the book was up to the mark•Then we wait for than 6 months for the 3rd book because it kept getting pushed after the Dec 31th 2012 date promisedReleased in mid 2013 and it was good So I'm happy there • And now there is a 4th book YAYIE CANNOT FUCKING WAIT• and maybe a bloody book 5 too WOW 2 books for a stupid hea with a used and abused story plot SUPER Btw I will still read it because I am a crazy person and I like reading and series are my weakness hehe

  2. Aestas Book Blog Aestas Book Blog says:

    FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED 5 STARS My casting for Gideon Eva ^^^SUEEE I absolutely LOVED this book I love this series I love these characters I love the writing I love the story I love the intensity of Gideon and Eva's love for each other I love their passion I love the character development I've loved everything about the Crossfire series from the very beginning and this was another fantastic addition 5 STARSThis is the fourth book in this series and continues Gideon and Eva's story than began in Bared To You In order to prevent spoilers I'm not going to discuss the plot at all just my feelings about this book so you're perfectly safe to read this review even if you haven't yet read the book NO SPOILERS HEREGideon and Eva's relationship is one I feel for so strongly I love their dynamic these two damaged souls who both make their fair share of mistakes but who love each other with every fiber of their beings than anything else in the world and that love gives them the strength and courage to face their fears and work together to create a healthier and stronger relationship and future He buried his face in my throat Love youTears stung my eyes Tell me again I begged holding on to himHis mouth found mine I love you Having the added bonus of Gideon's POV in this book was such a thrill The story is told in dual POV and I felt that seeing both sides of the story added so much depth at this point in the seriesWhen Sylvia Day first announced that this series would be extended to 5 books ages ago my honest reaction was that as long as she stayed true to these characters and didn't create an drama for drama's sake then I was uite happy that their story would continue on because uite frankly these characters are SO complex and their relationship still has SO potential for future development that I'm thrilled to know what I'll be able to follow along every step of their journey and not have it be rushed So far I've loved everything that Ms Day has written and have absolutely no complaints about any part of this series As long as the story continues in this fashion then I'd be happy to read even another 50 Crossfire booksI honestly just have so much respect for the way she's handled the entire storyline of the series so far Everything she's written has just served to strengthen the story and the characters I love that at the core of this series is centered around the idea and effort of building a stronger relationship not tearing it down The angst and heart racing intensity comes from how much you care and feel for these characters Gideon and Eva certainly are not perfect people but I feel like their flaws make them feel that much real and their love and way they support each other is absolutely beautiful Despite all he'd been though he had such an amazing capacity to feel and to love He'd saved me in so many ways I was going to do whatever needed to be done to save him too In every way Captivated By You was a true Crossfire book Even though I didn't re read the other books before starting this I instantly reconnected to the characters and lost myself back in their story I read the book in one sitting and could not put it down at all The ending is exactly the same kind as the first 3 books It leaves you at a point in their relationship where things are looking up for them and you feel like they're headed in a better stronger direction At the same time it leaves you eager for the next book without leaving you hanging I love the way these books end and have always been happy with themGideon has been one of my favorite book heroes since Bared To You I love that even though he's powerful successful and dominating we are also shown his vulnerable side too This was made even clear through his POV This is a man deeply scared by his past fighting nightmares in his sleep and memories when he's awake who has fallen desperately passionately all conumingly in love with a woman who not only is the love of his life but who also understands his pain and his past on a deep personal level I told you I was going to fuck this up I'll fuck up again I don't know what the hell I'm doing but God I love you I love you so fucking much I can't do this without you I can't live without you Their path towards building a healthy relationship has never been easy but the strength of the foundation of their unwavering love for each other has given them a base to not only build up from but also to fall back on No matter what their love stays strong And I love that Theirs is a beautiful intense heart wrenching journey filled with both mistakes and failures and accomplishments and progress It's passionate addictive and truly one of the best I've ever read I absolutely adore this couple I've loved every part of their story so far and I can't wait to see what comes next for them You'll never be without me We're going to grow old together Die together I'm not going to live a single day without you Rating 5 STARS For of my reviews 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  3. Georgia ♥ Georgia ♥ says:

    3 I'm being generous here and Only Gideon Stars Take me Take all of me The good and the bad Everything Take it allSo finally we are here Almost a year and a half since book 3 we are getting Gideon drama Eva drama sex unnecessary drama and their merry band of family exes friends and enemies So lots ofGot it? Of course you do and I got a migraine from the sheer amount of itMy worst fears came true Stretching the plot thin might have worked with our Gideon addiction who sane woman with a a working pair of ovaries can ever get enough of him? but it didn't do justice to anything else I liked the involvement of their families in this one but it came rather late in the books to believe in it Enemies and exes are coming vengeful out of nowhere and I feel that Gideon and Eve are fighting just on principle Come on girl Submit and have his babies to get over with itIf you ask yes I am reading the next To drool over Gideon But I lost my investment in these books I no longer care and when I do the next hopefully before my hair turn gray I will mainly do so to criticize it Not with malicious intent Never But as someone in love with the heroes I feel that I have the right to care for what is happening to themI LOVE YOU GIDEON CROSS Please keep reading for my pre release rant2 books in the Crossfire SeriesHold on a bloody minute2???? Freaking 2????2??Why? Why stretching the story? Why overuse and ultimately abuse an amazing couple? Why not ending the series in its peak?Well hell At least that means Gideon Pic by the amazing Joana Hon you are taking my wildest imaginings and you are turning them into gifs ❤

  4. SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ SueBee★bring me an alpha!★ says:

    I READ A WHILE BACK WHEN TRAVELING Will write a better review soon♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫For me the theme song for Gideon’s and Eva’s story is ♫ Listen to Otis Redding’s soulful rendition of “My precious love” ♫ It so simply depicts the intensity of Gideon’s love and need for his Eva♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫ ♫Books in the Crossfire series must be read in orderBook 1 Bared to YouBook 2 Reflected in YouBook 3 Entwined with YouBook 4 Captivated by YouBook 5 One with YouHero ★★★★★Heroine ★★★★Plot ★★★★12Storytelling ★★★★★Sexual tension ★★★★★Sex scenes ★★★★★Story ending NAOVERALL RATING ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️12Angst | HIGH FOCUS |Darkness | MEDIUM FOCUS |Humor | LOW FOCUS |Kink | MEDIUM FOCUS |Romance | HIGH FOCUS |Sex freuency | MEDIUM FOCUS |Suspense | MEDIUM FOCUS |

  5. ✿ ✿ says:

    This is just a matter of opinion guysI like this series I do But was it just me or was being in Gideon's POV just feel a tad off? I don't know I just felt disconnected with himAlso while you do see Ava and Gideon making progress in regards to their relationship there was no substantial anything that occurred in this book It just felt flat and redundant throughoutsighs Sorry I may be being a tad hard on this read but I didn't feel it matched up to the hype it had been givenStrangely enough I DO plan on reading bk5 though when it comes out I figure why not finish what I already started? Right?Anyway a mixed read for meNot wonderful yet not horrible eitherTHE END

  6. Jasmine Jasmine says:

    ZERO FARK GIVEN STARS RAGE MODE ♥ Most epic Buddy Read with my funny ladies Eda Flo Supreet Thanks lovelies couldn't have done this without you ♥In today's lesson on how to ruin an initially great series here's an easy step to step guide Step 1 Write a trilogy and announce at the end of the book that there'll be books to comeStep 2 Make your readers wait for 1 and a half year for the next book to be outStep 3 Releases said book to only find out later that it's filled with nonsensical bored out of my freakin mind filler plotStep 4 Charges 8 for said bookStep 5 Ends the book by saying the next one is coming soon WELL RINSE AND REPEAT PEOPLEWell now that's outta the way I'm not even gonna say it's a huge disappointment because clearly I give ZERO FARKS about this series any But to sum this book up for me basically this is what I honestly think SD felt when she wrote this book SD Oh dear my readers love Gideon Eva so much I can't let this trilogy end yet Perhaps I should write books and continue this series But what else can I write about these two any? HMMM 6 months laterSD Oh gosh I'm still stuck but I need to write SOMETHING soon Perhaps I should let my readers wait a little longer Another 6 months laterSD Okay they're all hounding me I'm gonna do this Gideon and Evaokay I'm just gonna leave them to their dysfunctional ways and have them yelling back and forth at each other Now let's throw in some jealousy everyone loves a good drama Okay Corrine and Brett it's your time to shine again SD What elsehow about some filler scenes with Cary Gideon's mummy and stepdaddy Family drama is always so much fun And let's throw in Megumi too although I'm sure no one cares about her Oh and of course let's not forget those sex scenes Office scene anyone? SD Now for some emotional scenes get my readers to ache for Gideon's awful past and his damaged self And Eva dear let's make her a crazy insecure wife that drives Gideon mad because she's so damn good at it I think my readers will love watching these two getting so frustrated at each other it'll be so fun SD Anddd voila Now that'll satisfy my readers long enough to keep them waiting for the next one D And there you have it It truly felt like the author couldn't even be bothered to write a proper book after making her readers wait for what seems to be an eternity What a complete joke The writing and plot was completely half arsed and almost like she wrote the book JUST BECAUSE SHE HAD TO Boring boring and for crying out loud AWFULLY BORING Gideon and Eva's relationship was in a constant loop of insecurities and basically rehashing the same old shit over and over and over again Oh stop hurting me I can't live without you Let's just fight and have awesome make up sex And although the descriptive sex scenes were cut down it was still all let's just have sex everywhere because it fixes all our problems Yup we're talking morning sex bathroom sex kitchen counter sex limo sex office sex etc AND ALL WHICH I DON'T GIVE A FLYING FARK ANYMORE This could have easily been Entwined with You 20 where basically it was all filler and no progression What's new? Nothing Nothing at all yawnsI have ZERO respect for this author any and I think I speak on behalf of all the readers that felt cheated by this awful filler read after making us wait for so long And not only did she write a book that isn't worth the money we paid for she didn't even bother to thank her readers in her acknowledgements Instead she thanked her damn publishers at the endlike WTF? Are they the ones giving her sales or we are? SmhSo congratulations SD if you're trying to drive this series into the ground so deep under that it can never recover because you think you can earn a bucketload by playing us readers Aaaand I'm done Sylvia Day you have officially lost a reader forever And for the record I'm giving this NEGATIVE 5 STARS because I can #sorrynotsorry

  7. Candace Candace says:

    The fourth book in the 'Crossfire' series 'Captivated by You' proved to be a somewhat underwhelming reading experience for me Maybe I've outgrown the billionaire Dom subgenre that became so popular after the success of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' or maybe this series is just dragging on too long to hold my interest Whatever the reasons this book didn't hold the appeal for me that the earlier books in the series didGideon and Eva are back onthen offthen on again For most of this book I felt like they were just going in circles rehashing the same old tired arguments and not getting anywhere I just feel like this book was stagnant I was hoping that I'd see some big leaps and bounds in Gideon and Eva's relationship but there weren't any meaningful developments until the very endThat being said there were some interesting developments toward the end when Gideon's actions nearly cost him his relationship with Evaagain I was interested to see where Gideon's new path of healing would take him but it was hardly explored before this book ended So it was somethingbut not nearly enough to satiate meAlthough the narrator for Gideon's voice didn't creep me out as badly this time the narration still left much to be desired Nothing about the narrator's voice conveyed the sexy dominant man that is Gideon Cross to me There was nothing appealing about his voice in this audiobookDespite this book's short comings I will probably continue this series at some point This series has lost much of it's luster for me However after reading four books I feel too invested in this series to hang it up now Much like I can't DNF a book I have this compulsive need to finish a series if I've read past the first book or two I should probably get medication for that That being said I can only hope that the next book is better than this one was This book was just okay for me and lacked the intense appeal that the first couple of books had Maybe it's the seriesmaybe it reflects a change in my tastes Either way this book was kind of a disappointment for me

  8. Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥ Michelle ♥ The Romance Vault ♥ says:

    I too will not be reading this as OMG what a total farce to keep dragging this out for financial gain Let's face it book 3 was so full of repetitive crap that it shouldn't have been a book 3 in it's own right but should have been part of book 2 and half of book 2 should have been book 1 So come on Sylvia Day give us some credance to having brains we are not your money train and show us some respect as what your doing with now having 5 books is leaving us with very little respect for you

  9. Kristalia Kristalia says:

    WHYYYYYYYYY WHAT WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYY????were 4th and 5th really necessary OO????? well Gideon for me P ps editas i stated in my review for Entwined with You Crossfire #3 it would be fantastic IDEA if this book happened from GIDEON'S POV or ALTERNATIVE POVS because i cant stand to be in Eva's head any● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● ● MY CROSSFIRE REVIEWS ◉ Bared to You Crossfire #1 ◉ Reflected in You Crossfire #2 ◉ Entwined with You Crossfire #3

  10. Eda** Eda** says:

    ♥ Epic Buddy Read with my lovelies JASMINE SUPREET and FLO ♥ 1 #NotEvenGideonCanSaveThis STAR When an author decides to stretch her world famous series into 5 books and makes her fans wait for it FOR 17 MONTHS you can’t help but think ”Whoooo Something epic must be coming yeah?”Well something epic did come my friends Because this right here is an EPIC FAILUREI’m not gonna say ”I’m so disappointed with this book” or something because I had no hopes for it to be any good anyway After the disastrous Entwined with You re read and seeing even some of my optimistic friends not exactly loving this book I was damn near sure I’d hate it so I’m not surprised at allI’m sorry but I won’t even try to sugarcoat it Sylvia Day totally screwed us over She just made all her fans these people that have helped her get to where she is in her career today pay 8 DOLLARS for a book that is BASICALLY A REPEAT OF BOOK#3How is it even possible that NOTHING substantial happened in 368 pages? I would have enjoyed reading my 2958 pages long “Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine” textbook —which I actually will need to read for my upcoming exams Moving on— than this repetitive loophole of sex jealousy pining sex ridiculous arguments sex therapy nonsense sex family drama sex filler and some sexIf you haven’t read the book yet and plan on actually doing it later —which I wouldn’t recommend to even my worst enemy— you should stop reading this review right away I am too pissed off to care about spoilers so don’t say I didn’t warn youA The ridiculous amount of drama about side characters that once again over dominated the bookDear Sylvia DayNO ONE GIVES A DAMN about Megumi and Mark and Steve and Shawna and Will I couldn’t even give a rats ass about Anne Corinne Christopher Jr oh or even Ireland —who was actually kinda sweetI really don't care or even like half these peopleSo pleasePLEASE stop trying to drag Gideon Eva’s story on with all this crapB The extreme amount of sex I had to endure Some couples punished each other with pain or deprivation Eva and I we punished each other with pleasure GIDEON I am an Erotica reader so it pains me when I say “ENOUGH WITH THE SEX ALREADY”We get it these two need the physical proximity to survive yeah these two can’t breathe without each other Sex is a necessity in their relationship WE GET IT I am SICK AND TIRED of having to re establish this over and over again in every book You can’t just screw your problems away so please JUST STOPC Cary the extremely dependent BFF constantly whining and complaining ‘bout Eva ignoring him like a 12 year oldI don’t like Cary —never have never will What a selfish prck he is Buried deep into his own problems he doesn’t get that Eva has a life apart from him Just so the precious little bisexual boy doesn’t feel deserted Gideon wants Cary to move in with them to the penthouseNo words man No wordsOh and how about Cary's comment about ”wishing Trey was bi so that they could both be banging Tat and each other therefore having it all”?Someone should throw him under a bus STATD Eva the patronizing hypocritical judgmental and cruel btch1 The way she expects Gideon to be perfectly okay with her being “confused” about Brett Kline “Don’t be like that Don’t get all icy and freeze me out”“You’ll have to forgive me Listening to my wife tell me she’s confused over another man doesn’t put me in a good mood” but getting pissy when he comments about “helping out Corinne’s confusion” She even claims that while Gideon made that comment deliberately to hurt her she ”had hurt Gideon yes but could sincerely say she hadn't consciously intended to do so”YEAH RIGHT2 Oh and let’s not forget about Eva’s reasoning for rejecting Brett Kline —the egotistical bstard that is butthurt because of Gideon being chosen over him and trying to destroy Eva’s marriage just to prove a point “I couldn’t go back to you Brett Not after Gideon”“You say that now”“He makes me feel like he can’t breathe without me I couldn’t settle for less” So you see she is choosing Gideon NOT BECAUSE SHE LOVES HIM INSANELY but because GIDEON LOVES HIM TOO MUCH therefore stroking her over the top ego betterThat marriage is grounded on a wonderful foundation sarcasm3 After a very emotional talk between Gideon and Chris Gideon is going through one of the biggest nervous breakdowns he has ever experienced and you know what happens? While Eva is supposed to help him get better she succeeds in making it aaaaaall about herself and Gideon ends up comforting HER G “Yes I was different You made me different”E “And you hate me for that” I started cryingG “No” He wrapped himself around me E And lastlyGideon Cross who disappointed me than anyone else in this awful bookI wish we never got to read from Gideon’s POV Now I have lost my only reason to bother to read this series GIDEON IS OFFICIALLY NOT ON MY TOP 5 BOOK BOYFRIENDS LIST ANYMORE When has Gideon turned into a pansy frantic school girl? “You’re the reason I breathe I can’t turn it off I think of nothing but you All day Every day Everything I do I do with you on my mind There’s no room for anyone else It kills me that you have room for him” I wouldn’t want my man to turn into this obsessive loser that can’t even go the toilet without holding my hand Would you? Gideon said to me once that he’ll live with me loving another man just as long as he had me EVA I wouldn’t want my man to be weak enough to still want me if my heart ever beat for someone else Would you? “I’m sorry” For everything For all you’re giving up to be with me GIDEON I wouldn’t want my man to have such a low self esteem that he would constantly apologize for not being enough for me Would you? I texted her constantly Pleas for her to call me Notes about nothing Comments about work And most of all I love you I typed them a lot Over and over again I didn’t want her to forget that Whatever my faults and fuckups everything I did or thought or felt was love for her GIDEON I wouldn’t want my man to become a dysfunctional excuse of a man every time we fight Would you? Will Eda be reading Book#5? Lastly here’s the one and only beautiful uote that earned the single star this book got from me “I’m hanging on by a thread Eva”“You don’t have to hang on Let go I’ll catch you”

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