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Love the One You're With ePUB ´ Love the PDF or One

Love the One You're With [Reading] ➱ Love the One You're With ➹ Lauren Layne – Lauren Layne’s Sex Love Stiletto series simmers to a boil as two high powered magazine writers find love amid a war of words   As a leading columnist for Stiletto Grace Brighton has built a career One You're PDF/EPUB ç Lauren Layne’s Sex Love Stiletto series simmers to a boil as two high powered magazine writers find Love the PDF or love amid a war of words   As a leading columnist for Stiletto Grace Brighton has built a the One You're PDF/EPUB Ä career warning women about rotten cheating liars She just never suspected her fiancé would be one of them After Grace takes a heart mending hiatus her first assignment is to go on a couple of dates with a counterpart from the men’s magazine Oxford and report her impressions Grace may have been instantly smitten with the gorgeous correspondent but Grace has sworn off relationships for six months and she’s not falling for his outstanding bod and trophy winning kisses or is she   Jake Malone wants to get back to the fly by night who knows what’s next guy he used to be and he knows exactly how to do it Oxford is adding a travel section and Jake—with no wife and no kids and a willingness to live anywhere eat anything do everything—is perfect for the job except that his playboy reputation makes his new editor nervous To get the gig he must agree to a fluffy joint article with Stiletto But after just one date with snooty sumptuous sensational Grace Brighton Jake starts taking this assignment a whole lot seriously.

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  1. Laura Laura says:

    I really should thank booktwt for helping me discover these books I’m having a romantic blast so far Love The One You’re With was tamer than the first story but I enjoyed this one way and the characters were fleshed out as well with risks and at stake Like I said before these books feel like watching a rom com and I’m so in the mood for those lately

  2. • Lisa • • Lisa • says:

    4 LOVED UP STARS Lauren Layne I heart you and your gorgeously romantic books Ladies there's a new batchelor in town Prepare yourselves to fall in love with one charming delectable character Welcome to 'Love the one you're with' a story about finding love where you least expected to Lauren Layne is fast approaching my favourite find of this year and I'm confessing right now that I would stalk any of her new releases like a true addict should Here are my book thoughts What's it all about?Grace Brighton is expected to know all about love lust make up's break up's cheating boyfriends husbands especially finances As one of the 'it girls' of stiletto magazine Grace is the leading lady of relationship advice so it comes as a huge shock when she realises that her own love live is not as sueaky clean as she would like So with a broken heart and ego grace sets off to prove to the world and herself that she has what it takes to play the relationship field First assignment date her rival Jake Malone Jake knows the kind of man he is no ties no commitments and definitely no falling in love with the snooty confident Grace Brighton but after just one date these two rivals realise they may be falling a little harder than anticipated What did I love?Lauren Layne is the ueen of romantic treats her books are the best kind of 'let me escape' books Her style is easy going and sweet but all her books are written with class and heart This series is perfect for my reading tastes comfortable predictability with enough enjoyable story line and sexy steam to make it a well rounded romantic journey The story delivers a 'rivals to I'm not sure I like you let alone love you' spin on a traditional love story the characters are all likeable and each play their own parts to perfection This author writes some of the best sexual chemistry and this book is no exception the connection between Jake and Grace made me sit up and take notice and I was cheering for the duo from Start to finish speaking of the finishing line if perfectly written endings are your addiction then this book will leave you with the biggest smile on your romance addict face Jake Malone is one dreamy handsome character he combines sweet with clueless and I was crazy for his point of view nothing grabs my reading attention than getting the whole picture of the story and adding this element to the story meant there was added humour and meaning to the couples relationship Grace Brighton although not my favourite character in this series was relatable with her insecurities but the author didn't labour on this characters short comings and was uick to develop Grace into a character who grew to be loveable The author has a consistency of plot line no strange twists or unnecessary drama included here just 200 plus pages of pure reading indulgence All in all I was swept up in this scrumptious love saga and i'm than happy to recommend this series to love addicts just like meWhy not five?I wanted a bit let's face it I can't get enough of this authors writing I was getting into the flow of reading and I felt it was all over a bit too uickly I didn't connect with the heroine in this book as much as previous but you're not going to find too much complaint from me about this series it just missed the five star mark by a fraction and I'm eagerly awaiting from this authorFinal thoughts If you love your romance stories to be full of sweet and sexy then you must add Lauren Layne's book to your 'I need to read those books' pile I am such a fan and I am happy to declare Lauren Layne as my favourite author of 2013 'Love the one you're with' is the second of a series and it did not fail to deliver the romantic fix I badly needed The future looks bright for the continuation of the series with other delightful characters lined up to take the limelight I can't recommend this author enough Go grab it readers enjoy Kisses ARC generously provided by random house publishing via netgalley in exchange for an honest review

  3. Alba and Her Secrets..♥ Alba and Her Secrets..♥ says:

    5 HeSaidSheSaid Stars So continuing my reading of Lauren Layne's Sex Love Stiletto series now with the second book Love the One You're With is about Grace Brighton a journalist in the female magazine and a woman who has just taken a love hiatus after realising his long time boyfriend has been cheating on her and Jake Malone a journalist in Oxford magazine and the one chosen in this 'experiment' to write a joint article with one of the girls in Stiletto who obviously happens to be Grace “This wasn’t like other first dates” he said breaking the silenceHer heart sank “Oh” she said ignoring the stab of disappointment Hating that he had to pity herHis eyes dropped to her mouth “It was a hell of a lot better” The first book was uite emotional for me and this one too but in another way I didn't cry this time LOL Still loving the author's writing and her characters they are so funny and so sweet I loved the back and forth with Jake and Grace and how they finally stop worriying about the articles and start being together They are so cute and again SO HOT “There’s this other guy ” she said her voice raspy“Yeah?”“Uh huh” she said growing a little bolder “And he’s not really a one woman kind of guy but the thing is I can’t stop thinking about him”“Have you asked him?”“Asked him what?” she asked confused“If he wants to be a one woman kind of guy?” I do not want to make this a very long review because I feel like I am saying uite the same about all these books because I loved them so much LOL so I will go straight to the pointTherefore my final rating for this is 5 STARS because as I said before I really enjoyed this story and knowing about all the characters and finally the introduction of Cole Sharpe YAAAAY I liked that we had an amazing ending moment and an epilogue this time as well So again totally recommend reading thisCHECK OUT MY BLOG HERE

  4. Catarina Catarina says:

    4 “He Said She Said” StarsStiletto Magazine now working together with Oxford Magazine brings us once again one controversial issue Both gender magazines and both of them trying to make their readers understand better the scary “other side” they decide to throw two journalists to the arena and make them “fake dating” in order to understand what both genders want from the other person when in the process of dating and of course telling all the details to their public and let it decide who has the upper hand on dating guys or girls Subject one Grace Recently single after a nine years relationship with a cheating asshole she swore man off her life So she is not up to their bushtit Subject two Jake Used to be the ultimate player and womanizer but now he became “picky” He believes no one understands women better than him and because of that he gets everything he wants from them So which of them will win? Obviously both of them are a lot than that and both of them find that out real uick during their fake dates And when reality suddenly starts to mix with work things will get real complicated And so good Conclusion This was a delicious reading I felt like I was watching a romantic comedy movie and loved it Rating 4 stars Storyline Completely predictable and adorable It was one of those “feel good books” that we desperately need sometimes Writing Style Third person dual POV Engaging and sweet You will not be able to put it down Character Development Both of them were pretty good Grace was a little annoying with all the “Grace 10 and Grace 20” stuff but you can get over that Jake was frustrating at some moments but you will love him anyway It was good to see the rest of the gang either Steam Real heated moments HEA view spoilerYes hide spoiler

  5. Amy | Foxy Blogs Amy | Foxy Blogs says:

    45 'Mostly Likely to Succeed' starsLove the One You’re With is book 2 in the Sex Love Stiletto If you like chick flicks then you’ll enjoy this fun cute book It’s like watching a fun date movie Stiletto magazine is broadening their horizons by having a friendly competition with their counterpart; a men’s magazine Oxford The readers will decide who wins this competition the women or the men Grace has just found out her long term boyfriend has been cheating on her and she decides to recreate herself into Grace 20 The new Grace has confidence and is full of girl power When her job at Stiletto needs a columnist for this friendly competition Grace volunteers Jake is Oxford's golden boy He’s known to play the field and isn't looking to settle down He's taken the challenge to prove that men know women better To complete the assignment Jake and Grace have to go on 5 dates and write articles about each of their dates It end up with each of them trying to outsmart the other one ”See this is what happens when two so called relationship experts try to date It’s all one big game” SERIES No cliffhangers Spinoff Each book will feature one of the three columnistARC courtesy of Random House Loveswept via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

  6. Stacey is Sassy Stacey is Sassy says:

    She went from a cheater to a manwhorebrave or stupidI liked Love the one you’re with I just wasn't completely in like with the couple Let’s be serious for a secondnot all love stories are believable and definitely don’t leave you with the feeling that they can stand the tests of time This one was sweet a little uirky and had some laugh out loud moments I’m just not convinced this couple had staying power Too many hits that left marks feelings that were denied or shoved down to avoid hurt and an inability to trust in each other All these things left me feeling that this couple had A LOT of work to do to make me believe in the possibility of an HEA for themGrace needs to make some changes in her life Probably not a bad thing considering her nine year relationship that she thought was with the love of her life ended with him being unfaithful Douchewaffle Grace writes a romance column talking about ways to keep the love alive and knowing when your partner is cheating Obviously it doesn’t come across as convincing if she was cheated on for months before she knew it Now is the time to kick men to the kerb and live life happily as a single woman Unfortunately Grace nominated to do an article with a fellow journalist as a competition to see who knew the other sex better She does it to make herself stronger and gain a bit of confidence in her abilities He does it as a stepping stoneJake is a manwhorebut a nice one Well he thinks he’s a nice one Most of the chicks he has banged and dropped don’t probably see him that way unfortunately When he is forced by his boss to take on a new job he is not happy The job involves dating a woman 5 times over 5 months and writing up the experience They are making it a competition to see who understands the other better Jake is willing to do it IF he gets what he wants at the end Jake wants to be footloose fancy free and travelling the world He wants to be a travel reporter Boss man is willing to negotiate Jake does the job and at the end he can have his dream job Jake knows women so he thinks the job will be easy peasythen he meets who he’s competing againstGrace and Jake have a chemistry that jumps off the pages Their first meeting was kind of funny and lighthearted Grace wasn’t into the smooth talking arrogant jerk but Jake was into the hot chick with great legs who doesn’t seem to want him What the????? Everyone wants the Jake Man?? Hmmmvery very interesting When they find out they are working together or competing against each other they take it really seriously Their first “date” sees them both using tactics to win but unfortunately Jake’s win left me with a bad taste in my mouth But don’t worry Grace really got him back with a hit to his egoNICEI actually really enjoyed this couple together most of the time They are funny and use sarcasm and insults as a form of seduction It’s obvious the two of them are fighting their attraction to each other from the very beginning At times I wanted to shake them and make them realise they were hurting themselves as much as each other Their tough act wasn’t believable and everyone saw straight through itThis was an interesting look into the world of glam magazines and what women want versus what men want It also proved that deep down men don’t really understand women and women don’t really understand men There were some steamy scenes between the couple and some really sweet interactions as well I loved catching up with the gang from Stiletto and I enjoyed meeting the men from Oxford the men’s magazine as wellI’ve already got the next book in the series ready to roll now I just need to find some time to read it I’m an Aussie chick who loves to read and review romance drink coffee be a Style Setter and stalk David Gandy To see of my reviews fashion food and pervathons

  7. [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥ [~Ami~]♥Sexy Dexy♥ says:

    5 stars This book gave me a ton of book butterflies Grace works for a women's magazine and Jake works for the men's one They team up to go on several dates and have to report their first impressionsIt was a slow starter but it set the scene for us to understand Jake and Grace better Every kiss and every date between the couple had my heart doing flips but believe me this little thing we have will end up with us in bed one way or the other I love the banter between Jake and Grace If you love a regular dating romance great chemistry and a bit cheesy predictable story I would definitely try this ARC provided by NetGalley Thank youuotes subject to change

  8. ♥Rachel♥ ♥Rachel♥ says:

    45 StarsLauren Layne has uickly become one of my favorite romance authors and Love the One You’re With is another win Ms Layne has a talent for writing a fun flirty romance with some surprisingly deep emotions at the center Grace Brighton is one of the resident Stiletto magazine writers with a regular column as the “relationship expert” in the love sex and relationship section She had thought she was in a stable loving relationship and on the way towards walking down the aisle until she found out her boyfriend of the last nine years was cheating on her for months Grace is humiliated after being blindsided so thoroughly and after giving out advice publically on how to spot infidelity she feels like a fool To redeem her reputation at the magazine and personally Grace has come up with a new improved version of herself Grace 20 Grace 20 will see men for how they really are and will not be fooled by their charm and lies The perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of a contest between the popular men’s magazine Oxford A joint series of articles is to be written after five dates between a rep from each magazine the winner being the most spot on with their perception of the opposite sex Grace needs to nail this to get her reputation and confidence back She has her work cut out for her because Jake the opposition is oh so sexy confusingly sweet and often than not infuriating Jake is a consummate bachelor and columnist at Oxford magazine He’s roped into participating in this contest between the magazines so he can get the gig he really wants writing as Oxford’s travel expert He doesn’t expect to be so charmed by Grace a girl full of contradictions and spunk My heart went out to Grace when I first met her in the previous novel After the Kiss It was clear to everyone but Grace that her boyfriend was a jerk and then she found out he was cheating crushing her hard I wanted to crush him hard Grace needed a guy who appreciated her for being the loving kind hearted girl she is When we meet Jake he comes off as a bit of a player but his POV gives insight into him showing that he had a heart underneath his womanizing ways Here’s an example to make you sighJake wasn’t ashamed to admit that he’d never been able to walk away from a woman whose chin was doing that pre cry wobble And the sight of long female lashes spiky with tears made him want to fight the whole world and make it betterYes pleaseSexy snarky banter along with heated glances and lingering touches amped up the sexual tension between Grace and Jake You know it’s not long before they have to give in leading to deliciously spicy scenes Yet this romance had some angst that felt like a punch to the gut and I really wanted to smack Jake around a few times Fortunately nothing is drawn out to the point of frustrating; just enough to make a happy ending feel earned and so much sweeter Lauren Layne has a flair for writing romances filled chemistry and sizzle but than that ones that touch your heart I anxiously await my next Lauren Layne fix which won’t be until March with Just One Night Sex Love Stiletto #3 A copy was provided by Loveswept through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you

  9. . (not active on this account stop adding me) . (not active on this account stop adding me) says:

    me 24 hours ago lauren layne's books are boringmy friends why are her books boring? me 24 hours later i never said that lauren layne is my friend

  10. shirley ♡ shirley ♡ says:

    I really had fun reading this book; it was cute and fast to read Can’t wait to read the other books

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