A Touch of Midnight Kindle ☆ A Touch eBook ✓

A Touch of Midnight Kindle ☆ A Touch eBook ✓

A Touch of Midnight ❮Ebook❯ ➩ A Touch of Midnight ➪ Author Lara Adrian – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk Savannah Dupree is halfway across the country from her Louisiana bayou hometown a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship But academic excellence is only one of Savannah’s gifts Savannah Dupree is halfway across the country from her Louisiana bayou hometown a freshman studying at Boston University on a full scholarship But academic excellence is only one of Savannah’s gifts She possesses something even remarkable than her uick mind and insatiable curiosity for learning With a simple touch Savannah can see an object’s past—a skill that puts her life in danger when her studies bring her into contact with a A Touch eBook ✓ centuries old English sword and the secret hidden within the blade’s history the vicious murders of twin boys by a group of fanged creatures borne of the worst kind of nightmareIn all his three hundred years of living as one of the Breed vampire warrior Gideon never dreamed he’d see the blade again that spilled his young brothers’ lives ages ago on that blood soaked night in London Ever since the boys’ deaths Gideon’s been on a personal uest to rid the world of Rogue vampires but now he can’t help wondering if the brutal slayings of his only kin was something sinister—an act perpetrated by an unknown enemy An enemy who is apparently living in hiding somewhere in Boston There’s one certain way to prove Gideon’s suspicion but it will mean using innocent gifted Savannah to help uncover the full truth—a truth that will shatter everything she knows about herself and the world around her And with danger closing in from all sides the passion that ignites between Gideon and Savannah will tempt them to risk their hearts and lives for a love that might just last an eternityThis novella a preuel to the Midnight Breed series was previously published in its entirety in The Midnight Breed Series Companion May .

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  1. Jessica& Jessica& says:

    5 Sexy Nerdy Gideon Stars A Touch of Midnight was a super cute Novella 182 pages it's on the longer novella side but I was glad because Gideon and Savannah deserved a full length novel I'm doing a reread It was nice to jump back into the Midnight Breed world with Gideon and Savannah This book was action package Gideon was such a bad ass and sexy nerd He would go through hell to protect the woman he loved Savannah was amazing too She accepted Gideon and didn't freak out like a lot of heroines do when finding out about vampires She was strong smart and calm I loved the instant connection I felt between them It didn't feel forced or rushed Gideon and Savannah together were HOT I can't wait to get of them in the next book I love a good Reread On top of that this time around I am listening on Audible and Hillary Huber did some of the cutest voices It made the read that much enjoyable

  2. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ilikebooksbest.com ❤️ says:

    Hot vampire warriors that protect humans from bloodsuckersGideon is part of the Order one of eight warriors of the breed They are basically vampires who protect humans from rogue vampires who have given in to blood lust and have no control over their baser instincts Savannah is a freshman art history student who has an ability When she touches objects she can see events that happened in the past She touches an antiue sword while doing a special project for one of her professors and sees a murder that happened hundreds of years ago by Vampires Then the sword is stolen and another vampire is to blame Savannah and Gideon meet and things take off from there The romance is steamy and the intrigue is good I will continue to read of this seriesBlog|Goodreads|Facebook|Instagram|Twitter|BookBub

  3. Erth Erth says:

    The characters Savannah Dupree and Breed warrior Gideon no last name were strong and the plot was suspensefully interesting I really liked it I have to say though the author tried to stay within the mid 70's time period about the payphone Although why wasn't there a phone in the house already? We did have phones in our houses back then even if they were attached to the wall ; D But not the computer hacking That was a little fictional license PC's weren't a real thing until the mid to late 80's if I'm remembering correctly so how could he hack a system back then? I also wanted to know about his mated teammates stories I felt like we missed some story info that we were supposed to just accept Was this a spin off? Also the whole interracial couple thing would've been better placed in Louisiana instead of Boston back then I don't remember it being very common or fully accepted in New England at that time Not like it totally is now Again with the fiction writer's license even if they were so good and sweet together An epilogue to this story is necessary hopefully we get about these two and what happened in their lives in the later books I will definitely keep reading

  4. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) says:

    It was great to read the story of how Gideon and Savannah met I must say that they are one of my favorite Breed couples and I always wondered how they got together Overall I enjoyed this book I didn't like it uite as much as I wanted to though I think that was because Gideon is so sex bombalicious nerdtastic in the other books I wanted to see of his oh so alluring geekiness Instead he was much like the other Breed males in his demeanor although there was a cool part about him creating a precursor to the laptop we know and love today cause guess what I'm typing this review on right now? Thus this book didn't really stand out that much from the other books That was probably my biggest issue and why this wasn't higher rated Also I didn't like view spoilerhow Gideon promised not to fight in the field because of Savannah's fear of it To me it makes her into the bad guy to take that away from him Fact is they live in a world with a lot of violence and I think that Gideon's status as a warrior is honorable and something to be proud of Yes there is risk but he's very good at what he does I wouldn't want to take that away from him It does answer why he doesn't fight but since he had a bullet stuck in his head that was just as good a reason for him not to fight hide spoiler

  5. Jonetta Jonetta says:

    When the series was first introduced Savannah and Gideon were already together and not much has ever been given about their histories I was excited when I learned of this series preuel and the story doesn't disappoint It wouldn't be a Midnight Breed story without mystery intrigue and excitement to accompany Savannah and Gideon's romance The mystery didn't seem tough to solve but there was an interesting twist at the end And who knew there was than a fashion statement to Gideon's shades? Lastly Breed warriors had a bit of a different lifestyle and Lucan Thorne before Gabriellenot so pleasant The narration was excellent Huber gave distinctive voice to each character and I loved Gideon's It's a short story with uite a bit packed in I'm glad to finally get the back stories for two of the originals in this series I received an ARC from Tantor Audio in exchange for an honest review

  6. ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ ֆɦɛʟʟʏ ȶɦɛ քǟȶʀօռ ֆǟɨռȶ օʄ ƈʊʀʍʊɖɢɛօռʟʏ ƈʀօռɛֆ says:

    FREE 122414 on right nowhttpwwwTouch Midnight 35 stars This was a novella at 184 pages but I actually liked it better being shorter because it's basically your typical paranormal romance formula but Lara Adrian does PNR well And this way all the extra stuff was left out and it was just about the relationship and the action was contained to one small storyline I liked how Savannah was uick to accept Gideon We didn't have to go through the typical half a book or so of her running from what he is and being afraid etc etc I got this for free off for my Kindle and it was a great uick read I've also read the first 3 novels in the Midnight Breed series They are all pretty good If you like PNR and vampires you'll love them lots of hot alphas and steamy scenes

  7. Stacie Stacie says:

    4 Gideon in action StarsLoved it It was great seeing how Gideon and Savanna met; and to see Gideon out in the field fighting Plus there was a glimpse of Conlan That made me happy and sad Plus Lucien pre mating hard nose jerk So that was a good tide me over until next month's BR Hopefully I'll be able to wait 😉 Happy reading

  8. Princess under cover Princess under cover says:

    This is supposed to be a preuel It really didn't do its job trying to get a newbie like me to read of the series Too much going on And I wasn't engaged enough not to skip in a NOVELLA skipping is like I REALLY couldn't get into it 3 stars is likely generous But to be fair I prob skipped 50% Maybe I skipped the terribly riveting 50%???

  9. Cyndi Cyndi says:

    A wonderful preuel to the Midnight Breed series I love preuels I love to learn the backstories about some of my favorite characters Our heroine can read the history of an object by touch Our hero wants her to find the secrets of a particular weapon Great story

  10. Ronda Tutt Ronda Tutt says:

    Gideon is such a sweetheartI am so glad this novella came out because I always wondered about Gideon and his mate Savannah Dupree's story and how they got their HEA Anyone who reads the Breed Series knows that Gideon is the computer lab guru and usually is the one always left at base and for some reason I never really understood why he never went out on patrol with the other Breed brothers Well thanks to this sweet novella we get our answers and with a little added history about Gideon and Savannah's pastOf course like always Lara Adrian kept me entranced through out the whole book with the action and drama of old The words are always smooth and filled with visionary brilliance The connection between Gideon and Savannah is passionate and respectfully descriptive though electrifying with their emotions between each otherI loved Savannah's uniue gift of being able to see the objects past with a simple touch of her hands and how Gideon has the gift of being able to seedetect the radiant heat of human or Breed on the other side of a wall The ending was very sweet but dangerously sad for Gideon Hint has to do with what's in his head Over all this was a fantastic novella

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