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Manwolf Only When He Finally Reaches Adolescence Does A Boy, Living In Medieval Poland, Realize People Think He Is A Werewolf

About the Author: Gloria Skurzynski

May you live in interesting times That ambiguous wish was not meant to be kind, because interesting times can be difficult You and I certainly live in interesting times dangerous, challenging, and fascinating.My parents were born just before the start of the twentieth century my youngest grandchild arrived in this century s final decade The years in between have been the most dynamic in the history of the human race Technical knowledge has exploded so has the Earth s human population We can create almost anything, yet each day we lose parts of our planet that can never be replaced.I m greedy I want to write about all of it the history, the grief, joy, and excitement of being human in times past the cutting edge inventions of times almost here. from the author s websiteGloria Skurzynski has also co written books with her daughter Alane Ferguson.