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Israel Catfish PDF Epub Israel Catfish Author Edward Cohen Contra Saustall.eu Harry Israel Of Queens Is An Inveterate Entrepreneur Previous Ventures A One Man 24 Hour A Day Jewish Chinese Restaurant, And A Bedside To Toilet Pipeline System For The Incontinent Or Lazy When He Receives A Letter From His Black Sheep Brother Offering Him The Position Of Fish Manager At A Catfish Pond In Mississippi, Harry Wrenches His Long Suffering Family From Their All Jewish Universe To Live In A Trailer Park In The Mississippi Delta When Harry First Beholds His Catfish Pond Shimmering Through A Haze Of Mosquitoes And Humidity, He Is As Elated As Balboa Upon Discovering The Pacific Meanwhile, Harry S Wife, Lona, Desperately Begins Plotting To Rescue The Family From Their Exile In Their New, Primitive Culture, Each Of The Israels Confronts Private Demons Lona, Who Is Publicly Expelled From The Ladies Catfish Auxiliary Jack And Amy, Who, After A Socially Excruciating Year At Jefferson Davis High School, Spend Their Summer In Waders Operating Giant, Treacherous, Eggbeater Like Pond Aerator And Harry, Who Is Subjected To The Southern Good Ole Boy Judicial System When A Litigious Employee Claims She Was Bitten And Permanently Injured By One Of His Fish At The Israels Lowest Moment When The KKK Hangs A Catfish From A Tree Luck, Inspiration And 5,000 Years Of Survival Instinct Kick In To Save Them.