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Intoxicated by the King Cobra (Venomous Mates #1) PDF Epub Intoxicated By The King Cobra Venomous Mates 1 Author Jackie Nacht Natus Physiotherapy.co.uk When Desperation Has You Seeking Help From Your Worst Nightmares It S Been Seventy Five Years Since The Toxins Dropped And The World Became Dark No One Knows This Than Reese And His Friends On The Verge Of Starvation, Reese Will Do The Unthinkable He Ll Steal Away Into Venom City To Get The Food They So Urgently Need Kalder S Been Infected By The Cobra Venom, And Even As A Third Generation, The Toxin Has Passed On To Physically Alter Future Generations Forever Known As Ruthless And Cruel, He Ll Kill Anyone That Threatens Those He Protects When A Desperate Anti Venom Shows Up To Steal Food, His World Is Irrevocably Changed.