Hardcover ↠ Marvelous Cornelius ePUB Ú

Hardcover ↠ Marvelous Cornelius ePUB Ú

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  1. Amanda Schreiber Amanda Schreiber says:

    Phil Bildner does it again This book shares the spirit of New Orleans before and after hurricane Katrina In this folk tale like story Bildner tells the tale of real life trash collector Cornelius and amazing work ethic Filled with figurative language like alliteration repetition this book would make an amazing read aloud Perfect mentor text for figurative language folk tales theme as a tradebook for Social Studies A true treasure for any teacher or classroom library

  2. Amy Amy says:

    A great tool in introducing elements of folk tales uote by MLK in the very beginning is a powerful launching into the life of Cornelius Washington Author's notes are valuable to share with students after reading Website link included in note would be welcomed by students as an opportunity to try their hand at writing folktales There's just a lot to use within the beautiful tribute to Cornelius and New Orleans

  3. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    A beautifully told and illustrated story about a contemporary folk hero with an infectious irrepressible spirit

  4. Autumn Autumn says:

    Is there ever going to be a Chronicle picture book I just don't care for? Well not if it's a true story about a heroic and beloved garbageman in New Orleans 900 stars for paying tribute to a real champion capturing the best city and providing the opportunity to yell Hootie Hoooooooo in storytime

  5. Aliza Werner Aliza Werner says:

    Based on the real Cornelius Washington a sanitation worker who worked and lived in New Orleans Hurricane Katrina Pair with Drowned City by Don Brown NF and Inside Out In The Middle of Nowhere Fic

  6. Greg Eyman Greg Eyman says:

    Note I found this Contemporary American Folk Story in e book formSadly when I think of American Folklore or Tall Tales I immediately conjure up the image of Johnny Appleseed or maybe Calamity Jane? It is a real strain to think of contemporary folk tales that my students can directly relate to and might even look like them That’s why I was overjoyed when I found this e bookpicture book that chronicles the fantastical story of an African American folk hero Marvelous CorneliusMany times folktales are exaggerations of real people and events and this book is based on the uplifting story of Cornelius Washington and his legacy before and after Hurricane Katrina The authors transform Washington into Marvelous Cornelius a musical whimsical garbage collector in New Orleans A children's favorite and a local fixture he spread joy and merriment as he cleaned the city streets and joined the party atmosphere across the city After the devastation and destruction that Hurricane Katrina inflicted on the city this larger than life man wept “It will take thousands of me to clean this Millions” It’s then that Marvelous Cornelius gets to work using his infectious energy and optimism to draw in volunteers from all corners of the city and our nation With folk art painting inspired illustrations this folktale would be a perfect mentor text for alliteration onomatopoeia and exaggeration Like many of the books I have compiled for my WOW book reviews the heavy emphasis on community and a sense of place is exemplified in this inspiring story I could even see a special lesson on volunteerism coming from the pages of this contemporary tall tale I also think this would be a great book to introduce some science concepts revolving around weather and the hurricane for any student from k 5 This story would be a great jumping in point for 5th grade particularly which has a science standard “Understand weather patterns and phenomena making connections to the weather in a particular place and time”

  7. EmilyV EmilyV says:

    For far too long water water everywhere A gumbo of mush and mud Author Phil Bildner introduces us to the sanitation worker Cornelius Washington He became a hero and symbolized the energy and spirit of New Orleans The story details how when Hurricane Katrina struck the city New Orleans suffered destruction and desperation but fought through and rose again The author using alliteration repetition and exaggeration to emulate the American folk tradition There are plenty of elements to note of author's use of literary devices that could be explored with children through this text Since the author accurately describes places and concepts in New Orleans it could be used as a paired text when studying New Orleans Hurricane Katrina natural disasters or how a city rebuilds itself after hardship

  8. Cecilee Cecilee says:

    Cornelius roseHe dried his eyesFor his spirit and will were waterproofBeautiful pictures and prose My eyes welled up Perfect for a musical storytime a discussion on community and an introduction to the tough stuff natural disasters Katrina in particular for this book

  9. Luke Luke says:

    A simple historical parable illuminated by the MLK uote about class “If a man is called to be a street sweeper he should sweep streets even as a Michaelangelo painted or Beethoven composed music or Shakespeare wrote poetry He should sweep streets so well that all the hosts of heaven and earth will pause to say 'Here lived a great street sweeper who did his job well'” This book understands the difference between labor and work

  10. Barbara Barbara says:

    As the tenth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches bringing with it media coverage and reflections on the storm and its destruction this is a lovely tribute to the resilience of New Orleans and its citizens Relying on the folk tale tradition to tell his story the author introduces readers to Cornelius Washington called Marvelous Cornelius in the story a garbage collector who takes to heart Dr Martin Luther King Jr's admonition that whatever job we do we should do it well Marvelous Cornelius does his job with style and he does it every day taking seriously his responsibility to keep the city's streets clean Even the mounds of debris left in the wake of Hurricane Katrina don't keep him down for long and he goes right back to work this time joined by volunteers from all over the country who want to set things right again I was moved by this story of a man whose spirit and will were waterproof unpaged The text and illustrations capture the uniue flavor of a city that rose from disaster Teachers may want to share the book with their students as an illustration of resilience and of one man's determination to do his job well as well as an introduction to the recovery process that follows a natural disaster such as a hurricane Although the back matter about the real inspiration for this story is fascinating I would have loved to have seen a picture of Cornelius too

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Marvelous Cornelius ❴Download❵ ➵ Marvelous Cornelius Author Phil Bildner – Centrumpowypadkowe.co.uk In New Orleans there lived a man who saw the streets as his calling and he swept them clean He danced up one avenue and down another and everyone danced along The old ladies whistled and whirled The o In New Orleans there lived a man who saw the streets as his calling and he swept them clean He danced up one avenue and down another and everyone danced along The old ladies whistled and whirled The old men hooted and hollered The barbers bead twirlers and beignet bakers bounded behind that one man parade But then came the rising Mississippi—and a storm greater than anyone had seen before In this heartwarming book about a real garbage man Phil Bildner and John Parra tell the inspiring story of a humble man and the heroic difference he made in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina Plus this is a fixed format version of the book which looks nearly identical to the print version.