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  1. Paula Legate Paula Legate says:

    This book kept my interest The suspense was really good Elizabeth worked as Reginald Adair's personal assistant He owned a big company Everyone was suppose to be out of the office and Mr Adair was suppose to be flying out of town Elizabeth realized she forgot something back at the office so she drove back to the office to get it That's when she found that someone had shot her boss Elizabeth had shared a special connection to her boss's son Whit The two spend a lot of time together in business meetings and on trips On one of those trips the passion over took them resulting in Elizabeth getting pregnantThere is no good time to tell Whit that she is pregnant His father was just murdered then they had the funeral Someone is after Elizabeth and Whit insist on keeping her safe and protecting her When he took her to his family's ranch his sister and brothers all welcomed her with open arms I could feel that they all really liked Elizabeth His mother on the other hand was a real piece of work She was never a true mother to her kids The mystery as to who was after Elizabeth was solved By the end of the book I still was not sure on who killed Mr Adair Whit did find out that he was going to be a dad He had never seen real love his parents fought all the time He didn't think he could ever love Elizabeth By the end of the book he did know for sure that he loved her and couldn't live without her I loved how protective he was Over all this was a good book with action suspense and romance

  2. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Received an ARC for reviewI've read Ms Ferrarella before and enjoyed it This one not so much It was a whole bunch of blah blah and a little blah There was a lot of vague talking about the sex they had in the past but not a lot of doing it I wanted to skip to the end to find out who shot her boss but I didn't Not that it matter there was no real conclusion to that but a whole lot of unanswered uestions I'm guessing these uestions will be answered in his siblings books The one bright spot in this book was the epilogue it saved it from being one star

  3. Shatarupa Dhar Shatarupa Dhar says:

    I have always wanted to do this Adair Winston FamilyYes make a family tree And since neither of the ‘Adair’ series has one I felt compelled to create one Do let me know how it is and whether it needs improvement after reading all the books of courseThe reading order of the series is as follows“The Adair Legacy” published 2014Her Secret His Duty by Carla CassidyExecutive Protection by Jennifer MoreySpecial Ops Rendezvous by Karen AndersSecret Service Rescue by Elle JamesAnd then comes“The Adair Affairs” published 2015Carrying His Secret by Marie FerrarellaThe Marine’s Temptation by Jennifer MoreySecret Agent Boyfriend by Addison FoxHeir to Murder by Elle JamesRead the books in the above mentioned order and you are good to goNeedless to say as all the books in both the series come under the Mills Boon imprint of ‘Romantic Suspense’ all of the above have tons of suspenseful action Published a year apart you can draw parallels between the books of the two series There are many similarities in their storylines and it surprised me a lot as nowhere it is given that there is any link between the two series and I myself stumbled upon them almost a year apart Thankfully I had read ‘The Adair Legacy’ first; otherwise it would have been a bit of a spoilerI love the way Kate’s character has been written and also how beautifully it has shaped up over the course of the 8 books While all other characters are flitting in and out she is the only constant Even if briefly she appears in all the books and makes her appearance count always the ‘matchmaker’ Also being the former vice president you almost don’t expect the homey atmosphere of ‘Winston Estate’ which welcomes you to the books especially in ‘The Adair Legacy’ seriesBoth the series are the individual stories of three brothers and their sister with the only exception being the sister’s daughter replacing her in ‘The Adair Legacy’ which makes Kate a GrandmaHer Secret His Duty by Carla CassidyThe Adair Legacy #1What I felt about this one is that it could have had a bit romance And the same goes forCarrying His Secret by Marie FerrarellaThe Adair Affairs #5Appearing under the category of ‘Romantic Suspense’ these two appeared to have missed the romance a littleSimilarities Both are classic MB ‘secret’ pregnancy tropes with the eldest sons Trey and Whit heading their respective businesses while the female protagonists Debra and Elizabeth work for one of their parents part office romanceExecutive Protection by Jennifer MoreyThe Adair Legacy #2AndThe Marine’s Temptation again by Jennifer MoreyThe Adair Affairs #6Similarities The first one above has the lady convincing the man about falling in love while the second one is vice versa But of course it is only if you narrow it down to that; otherwise both the books are great to readNow’s where the order is getting a bit muddled as far as similarities are concernedSpecial Ops Rendezvous by Karen AndersThe Adair Legacy #3Secret Service Rescue by Elle JamesThe Adair Legacy #4AndSecret Agent Boyfriend Addison FoxThe Adair Affairs #7Heir to Murder by Elle JamesThe Adair Affairs #8Similarities While #4 and #7 have secret agents Daniel and Derek acting out as boyfriends to their respective female protagonists Shelby and Landry as a ruse for investigative purposes #4 and #8 are all about long lost identities of Shelby and JacksonWhile the first series deals almost entirely with an ‘attempt to murder’ the second series deals with an ‘actual’ murderAnd one thing which is common to all of them is that ‘someone is always trying to kill someone’ so definitely suspensefulSpecial Mention Be sure not to miss Elle James’ books as both of the titles will send you on a roller coaster ride of nail gripping action I am writing this while searching for Elle James books I have fallen in love with her writingBoggled your brains? Well read it out and then you will knowOriginally posted on

  4. Pam Pam says:

    Carrying His Secret is by Marie Ferrarella It is a Romantic Suspense and is an Adair Affairs book Elizabeth Shelton has a wonderful job working as Executive Assistant for Reginald Adair at AdAir Corp She loves working for him and finds herself traveling and presenting information for him In fact she has a presentation on Monday and after working late she finds she has left essential papers behind in her office Since she needs these to work on the presentation she goes back to AdAir to get them Everyone left early today because they are having new security put in As Elizabeth heads for her office she passes Reginald’s office and sees the light is still on even though he was to catch an airplane uite soon She knocks on the door and calls out to him but receives no answer She discovers the door is unlocked and when she enters she finds Reginald Adair on the floor in a pool of blood He is barely alive but dies before the emergency group arrives She is uestioned by Detective Otis Kramer She is a person of interest simply because she was the only one in the office and supposedly only called it in Kramer takes her to the police station to be uestioned Whit Adair is the son of Reginald Adair and works for AdAir He wants his Father’s attention just once He wants him to say he has done a good job at something Reginald doesn’t have much interaction with his children except for the youngest daughter Landry Whit works long and hard for the company and gets no recognition of it by his father However when he learns of the death of his Father he is devastated and angry He gets angrier when he finds out Elizabeth is uestioned as a suspect He goes to the station and gets her released Knowing Elizabeth he knows she would be unable to kill anyone much less Reginald While Whit and Elizabeth try to find the murderer they realize she is also being targeted Who would want to kill her and why? She has only one secret which she plans to reveal when the time is right The only one affected would be Whit by her secret A bigger secret is revealed in Reginald’s will when the children find out they have an older brother Jackson somewhere out in the world They need to find him for answers and because he now owns ¼ of AdAir Can Whit find out who killed his father and why before Elizabeth is targeted? Can they find Jackson?

  5. Opal Campbell Opal Campbell says:

    Filled with angst passion and keep you on your toes turns LOVED this one When a book pulls me in and keeps me turning pages until the very endand I neglect housework for itIt's a winner that I will be sharing with friends Carrying His Secret was one for me While I am not normally one for romantic suspense the blurb pulled me in and I am SOOO glad I read it I received the book for free through Goodreads First Reads

  6. Jane Jane says:

    I send my thanks to Marie Farrarella and Goodreads First Reads Giveaway for my copy of Carrying His Secret that I won in the Giveaway Carrying His Secret starts with a murder a surprize dividend from a one night stand and two people with emotional issues due to the way they were raised Emotions several attempted murders revelation of family secrets and a love found kept the action moving I enjoyed the twists and turns in the plot and the happy ending

  7. Susan Susan says:

    Very good start to the new series It begins when Elizabeth executive assistant to Reginald Adair discovers him shot and dying in his office She is uestioned long and hard by the police who consider her to be a person of interest before she is rescued by Whit Adair her boss's son Besides the shock of her boss's murder Elizabeth is dealing with another surprise She is pregnant with Whit's babyElizabeth has been attracted to Whit since she started working for his father five years earlier They've worked together numerous times and she's always been able to keep a lid on her feelings Unknown to her Whit has been just as interested in her but has a rule that he doesn't get involved with coworkers Then one night they were stranded together because of a storm and gave in to the attraction Neither knew how to deal with it the next day so they just pretended it didn't happen until Elizabeth discovered she was pregnantWhit suddenly has a lot to deal with As the oldest he has been the one most involved in the business He has always worked extra hard hoping to get the approval of his father who was an emotionally distant man Now that chance is gone and he must deal with his grief as best he can He finds himself relying on Elizabeth a lot bringing his attraction to her back to the surface even though he tries to subdue it When he finds her being held for uestioning in his father's murder all his protective instincts kick in When it becomes apparent that she's being targeted by his father's killer Whit is determined to keep her safe and takes her to the family ranch to protect herElizabeth isn't convinced at first that she's in danger but gives in to Whit's demands All she wants to do is keep her pregnancy secret until a better time comes to inform Whit of his impending fatherhood Being on the ranch and in his company makes it hard to keep her feelings hidden She is reluctant to tell him about the baby for fear he'll want to do the right thing She doesn't want to be an obligation she wants his love When she is attacked at the ranch her pregnancy is revealed and she finds her fears realized She isn't sure how she is going to be able to resist giving in to him but knows she must if she wants a chance to be happyI liked Elizabeth's determination to hold out for love She knew her own feelings and that they would have to be shared for her to be happy I also liked the way she was so worried about him when his dad was killed She could see that he was burying his feelings and wanted to help him I loved seeing her do everything in her power to make things easier on him Whit is used to burying his feelings His family life hadn't been that great with an emotionally distant father and a self centered mother who had no interest in her children He has no experience with love and what it feels like He does know that being with Elizabeth is important to him He's stunned by news of her pregnancy and so by her refusal to marry him Knowing she's in danger makes him even determined to keep her with him Nearly losing her makes him realize just what his feelings really are There is a lot going on in this first book as it sets things up for the series First is the murder of Whit's father There are also the attacks on Elizabeth presumably by the killer who may think that she saw something At the reading of the will Whit and his siblings discover that their father had been married before and that they have an older half brother who was kidnapped as a baby and never found They are determined to find him themselves They also have to deal with their mother who is a really nasty piece of work especially to Elizabeth By the end of the book the search is still on for their brother which will most likely go on through the series Elizabeth's attacker has been discovered but gets away so will probably make a reappearance and while the identity of the murderer is suspected as yet there is no proof The rest of the series should be good

  8. Bookish Shannon Bookish Shannon says:

    I enjoyed this novel After continuously reading long heavily invested novels it was nice to take a dip into something lighter I really liked Carrying His Secret Though I felt like it lacked depth I didn’t really mind This was exactly the kind of book I wanted to read Light uick to read and no strings attached as in when I finished the book it didn’t leave me feeling emotionally drained or anything like that I ended the book with a satisfactory smile Carrying His Secret progressed nicely It was slow paced the suspense part built up with just the right amount of anticipation to keep me interested in the mystery but I felt like the romantic part was fell flat It would have been nice to see them romantically involved earlier on in the novel Don’t misunderstand they were involved throughout the novel but weren’t properly together—no lovey dovey kisses or caresses—until the end It wasn’t until the last minute Whit and Lizzy fully hooked up Granted I’m a hopeless romantic so I love that kind of stuff I’ve never really enjoyed Mills and Boon books in the past But Carrying His Secret was a game changer for me I really enjoyed it and I can easily say that I'd tune in for book 2 The characters were likeable the plot had a solid foundation and I love the cover Here’s the but Carrying His secret lost out on a higher rating because of the lack of depth Though I enjoyed it despite this it still felt like something was missing from the book I understand that with a short book it can be difficult to incorporate however we need a little depth

  9. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    Shelly's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsElizabeth crosses the line while on a business trip and enjoys a night of bliss with her boss’s son and a man she wants with But when her boss ends up dead she becomes the person of interest to the police and to the murderer; Whit steps up to be her bodyguardWhit knows he crossed a line with Elizabeth one night but doesn’t realize what that one night really left them both with After finding out Elizabeth is a person of interest to the police does Whit realize that he wants to protect her and keep her safe? Little things happening are leading to bigger discoveries and neither of them is prepared for what is to comeI enjoy Marie Farrarella’s books but thought this one was missing a little background It was a good book; made you think about who the murderer was but I felt it needed a little background on the main characters This is a first in a series and I am looking forward to reading about the secondary characters in this seriesReview copy provided for an honest review

  10. Ash Ash says:

    25 starsDisappointedHero didn't show any emotional depth at all Even towards the end there was a scene where though he ran to search for the heroine he got involved in something else and later when he found the heroine he said that he was really worried and that he loved herNO connection whatsoever then how can he say that he loves her when a few pages before only he said that he cant love anyone

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Carrying His Secret [KINDLE] ❆ Carrying His Secret By Marie Ferrarella – An Entertainment Weekly Top 10 Romance AuthorUSA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella unearths scintillating secrets of the Adair family in her 250th bookWhen Elizabeth Shelton finds her boss mur An Entertainment Weekly Top Romance AuthorUSA TODAY bestselling author Marie Ferrarella unearths scintillating secrets of the Adair family in her th bookWhen Elizabeth Shelton finds her boss murdered her life is thrown into turmoil But nothing shocks her than learning she's pregnant by the man's son She kept her attraction to mogul Whit Adair hidden for years before their one night tryst—and now she must keep another secretWhen the killer targets her next Whit goes from her one time lover Carrying His ePUB Ò to her full time bodyguard Taking her to his ranch for safekeeping Whit discovers the truth about the baby He offers his protection but Elizabeth wants —his love For his child and its mother he'll do anything—even take down a murderer.