Kindle Edition ☆ Overruled PDF Ú

Kindle Edition ☆ Overruled PDF Ú

Overruled ❮Ebook❯ ➣ Overruled Author Emma Chase – Emma Chase New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled Series returns with the first installment of the Legal Briefs Series As a DC defense attorney Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool his uestions Emma Chase New York Times bestselling author of the Tangled Series returns with the first installment of the Legal Briefs Series As a DC defense attorney Stanton Shaw keeps his head cool his uestions sharp and his arguments irrefutable They don’t call him the Jury Charmer for nothing – with his southern drawl disarming smile and captivating green eyes – he’s a hard man to say no to Men want to be him and women want to be thoroughly cross examined by himStanton’s a man with a plan And for a while life was going according to that planUntil the day he receives an invitation to the wedding of his high school sweetheart and mother of his beloved ten year old daughter Jenny is getting married — to someone who isn’t himThat's definitely not part of the planSofia Santos is a city raised no nonsense litigator who plans to become the most revered criminal defense attorney in the country She doesn’t have time for relationships or distractionsBut when Stanton her friend with mind blowing benefits begs for help she finds herself out of her element out of her depth and obviously out of her mind Because she agrees to go with him – to The Middle Of Nowhere Mississippi – to do all she can to help Stanton win back the woman he loves Her head tells her she's crazyand her heart says something else entirely What happens when you mix a one stop light town two professional arguers a homecoming ueen four big brothers some Jimmy Dean sausage and a gun toting Nana The Bourbon flows passions rise and even the best laid plans get Overruled by the desires of the heart.

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  1. Jill Jill says:

    Our 'hero'Stanton Shaw gets the honour of being my second nomination for this year's Jerk Award Congrats Stantyou're going to be a hard man to beatEmma Chase writes very well Emma Chase writes unrepentant but lovable jerks very wellbut not this time

  2. Christy Christy says:

    3 stars Overruled is book one in Emma Chase’s new Legal Briefs series Funny witty sexy this one had it all I loved how the story started out in the past and moved forward with the main character I also loved that it was written in dual pov because Emma Chase writes the male perspective perfectly Stanton’s pov was flawless And I loved Sofia’s as well The story starts out with two high school sweethearts Stanton and Jenny They are close to graduation and Stanton has big plans He’s getting out of Mississippi and going to an Ivy League school He’s going to be an attorney Jenny was always part of the plan He loves her She’s than just my first kiss my first everything Jenny’s my best friend And I’m hers Then she gets pregnant and everything changes But lots still stays the same Stanton still loves Jenny At her insistence he leaves Jenny and baby behind and goes to law school They have an open relationship of sorts once again at Jenny’s insistence Ten years later and Stanton is in DC as an attorney and Jenny and Presley their daughter are still in Mississippi Stanton sees them when he can he’s a great dad He keeps in constant contact with his daughter He’s also an amazing attorney and all around good man Sofia Santos is an attorney where Stanton works She is his ‘friend with benefits’ It works for them both Sofia is career driven and not looking for a relationship Stanton’s heart is unavailable but his needs still need to be met It’s a win win for them both They are a great team and have amazing chemistry Then Stanton gets a piece of mail he never expected getting Jenny his Jenny is marrying someone else Stanton is on a mission to go to Mississippi and get his girl back But his head isn’t on straight He needs someone with him that will keep him in check There is where Sofia comes in She agrees to go with him to get the woman he loves back And in the process releases that she may have feelings for Stanton than she thought I liked this book so much So why not 5 stars for me? Well this guy brings his friendhook up to win back the woman he loves And I’m supposed to be okay with this? Surprisingly for the most part I was And I think most readers will be as well I do wish that view spoiler It wouldn’t have taken over 75% of the book for him to really realize that he had feelings for Sofia and the love he felt for Jenny wasn’t an ‘in love’ thing hide spoiler

  3. Anne Anne says:

    This was what I wanted to do every time Stanton opened his idiot mouthDon't get me wrong I normally love a snarky jackass married one but this guy was not endearing in any way to me He was horrible HORRIBLE I can't evenhorribleAnd maybe he didn't mean to be such a douchebag but if that was the case then he's got to be one of the stupidest people on the face of the earthand I still want to slap the shit out of him So the gist is that when Stanton was in his Senior year of high school he got his girlfriend Jenny pregnant He loved her and was willing to stay in Mississippi and get married but she sent him off to college to go after his dreams while she raised their daughter Now it was her idea that they have an open relationship but at the same time they decided that their hearts would always belong to each other he would visit as often as he could and they would eventually get marriedFast forward 10 years and Stanton is an attorney in DC living the life of a wild bachelor and enjoying a steamy Friends With Benefits relationship with his hot co worker SofiaBut everyone including Sofia knows that Jenny is the love of his life So when he learns that Jenny is planning to get married he hops in a car with Sofia in tow as his advisor and rushes off to stop the weddingWHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK?Ok OkMaybe that sounds like a man who is just confused by life or something but it grated on my nerves that this fucktard thought Jenny was just going to forever be content to wait for him to get done with whatever he felt he needed to do Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?And Sofia was just as bad Sweet baby Jesus she was actually helping the man she loved try to win over the woman he thought he loved while wait for it wait for itstill sucking his dickAhhhhhhh If he thought he loved Jenny then he would have immediately stopped trying to fuck SofiaThe EndThere was honestly no justification for their sexcapades after he decided to go home and win his first love back NONE I could have forgiven him for all the screwing around he did before because they had agreed on that sort of relationship But after?Go fuck yourself you prickEmma Chase is a fantastic romance writer and this was while annoying an easy book to fly through because of that incredible talent Because of that I can't bring myself to one star this book I'd say Chase's real forte is creating selfishnarcissistic a holes that I can't help but fall in love withExcept StantonI hate StantonOh My God I hate Stanton

  4. Geri Reads Geri Reads says:

    45 last love starsJust based on the blurb I know this book would be for me Yes yes I am one of those readers that like the sort unreuited love slow burning hero is emotionally unavailable trope And I am not even so sorry because this book ticks every single one of those things for me Young love is strong First love is powerful But what you don't know when you're young—what you can't know—is how long life actually is And the only dependable thing about it besides death and taxes is change Stanton Shaw is an ambitious up and coming DC lawyer who has been in love or so he thinks with his high school sweetheart forever They have a daughter together but they don't live together and they didn't even get married What they had was a convenient arrangement and shared parenting responsibilities Sofia Santos is also an ambitious up and coming DC lawyer who works with Stanton and has a FWB friends with benefits arrangement with him Their chemistry is explosive Plus they like each other as friends and respect each other as colleagues There were no spoken rules to their arrangement Both of them know exactly what those benefits are and they make no apologies for itThen Stanton finds out that his high school sweetheart is getting married and worst of all she's not getting married to him but to another guy So Stanton sets out to storm the castle and win back his lady with the help of none other than Sofia It's kinda hard to explain it but their mutual respect and friendship made Sofia the most viable choice as wingman for Stanton but it also brought a lot of complication CharactersStanton is the uintessential Chase hero Good looking confident arrogant and honest to a fault And oh stubborn Really stubborn I've always loved the way this author writes his heroes because they don't always behave themselves And some of the things they say are just—face palm worthy it always comes from an honest place Stanton I liked very much but it was Sofia whom I loved I was glad Emma Chase gave us her POV because it allowed readers to get inside her head making us privy to her thoughts and motivations But yes I love her take no prisoner attitude her vulnerability and loyalty not just to Stanton but to her friends as well He turns to me with open arms—expecting a hug of courseBecause I have a vaginaAnd like so many he functions under the belief that penesis shake hands vaginas hug Kudos to Emma Chase for writing a career driven woman without making her into a caricature She owned her ambitions and her sexuality If this had been any other book Sofia could easily well be the other woman whose sole purpose was to make the life of the heroine a living hell I've met a lot of Sofia's in my years of reading romance; they're the girlswomen that the hero distracts himself with while waiting for his twu luv And I just love how Emma Chase succeeded in subverting that trope Sofia could have easily been the villainous OW in this story but she's notNot to say that Jenny Stanton's HS sweetheart was because she definitely was not the villain either She had layers to her and I understood why she made those choices All of them have some irritating ualities but it's those ualities that made them all the endearing to me I wanted to hate Jenny Not gonna lie It would have been too easy to paint her as a shrew who lets go of Stanton because it was convenient but I can't Again Emma Chase steered clear of those conventions and found a way to make them if not likable relatable That saidI truly understand why this book might not be for all romance readers out there There are parts that weren't easy to read parts that truly broke my heart Parts that almost drove me to hit Stanton upside in the head It definitely won't be comfortable because most of us operate on an ideal that our hero is supposed to fall at the heroine's feet in worship the moment he meets her and he'll immediately be sure of his feelings First loves trumps all but this book subverts that very idea And I loved it It's a less than ideal and complicated love story but no less romantic IMO So I'm going to put myself out there and recommend this one My only minor hiccup was that I really really want of Sofia and Stanton all loved up That ending felt rushed to me even with the long ass epilogue I simply wanted not because I wasn't convince of their HEA but simply because I want to read about Stanton getting googly eyed at Sofia Maybe some bonus scenes for them Ms Chase? ARC provided by the Gallery Books in exchange for an honest reviewNew Emma Chase book? ARC provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review Judging from the blurb this sounds very different from Tangled Can't wait

  5. Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog Patty ~ Wrapped Up In Reading Book Blog says:

    FIVE STARSThere comes a time in every man's life when he takes a good long look at himself and admits he's been an asshole A self centered prickThis is my asshole moment Forsaken by the woman I love The infuriatingly beautiful girl I have no intention of living without I absolutely fell madly in love with this story This is definitely not for everyone Some might consider it to be a story with cheating involved but I didn't see it that way and neither did Drew Evans It was fun getting to spend a little extra time with Drew He's only in the book for a short while but he actually is the one who sets our Hero on a different path A path that takes him away from his hometown of Sunshine MississippiStanton Shaw during his senior year of high school knocks up his childhood best friend and sweetheart Jenny Monroe He's prepared to change his plans of going off to NYC to attend Columbia University to stay home and marry his girl Jenny refuses to be the one to hold him back She convinces him to go off and get the better education so that he'll be able to provide for his little family So she stays home where she has the help of her family and Stanton's and he goes off to New York CityHere's where we get some of Drew Evans Drew ends up being Stanton's Fraternity Brother at Columbia University He's also like the little devil on Stanton's shoulder Even though Stanton and Jenny agree to have an open relationship while they are apart he hasn't made any moves on other women Till Drew convinces him to sow his oats He does go back home during holidays and breaks Stanton and Jenny are able to keep their relationship going that way but the college years end after a few chapters and then we are brought TEN YEARS into the future Guess what? Stanton is now living in DC and Jenny Presley are still living back in Mississippi My heart just about dropped I nearly started to cry I had hoped that Stanton was reunited with Jenny and his little girlTen years later Stanton is a very successful Defense attorney and he's working at a huge law firm He's also got a beautiful co worker that he has a friends with benefits relationship with As soon as Sofia is introduced into the story I immediately despised her This woman was interfering with the HEA I was hoping for between Stanton and his first love who also is the mother of his childAs I read on I started to really like Sofia She's an amazing character My heart was going out to her I could see that even though she holds firm to her beliefs that what they have is purely physical and that their friendship is what really matters deep down she's falling for him But Stanton always claims Jenny is his girl He sounds like a douche right? I mean he is I can't deny it but I could see that he mainly was a DUMB ASS He has not a fucking clue of what he really wants or what is going on right in front of his faceI loved Stanton I know I'm a sucker and I admit it Most women will find it hard not to hate him I just knew that in his delusional mind he didn't see that what he was doing was wrong Believe it or not his heart was in the right place This story had my stomach twisting with all the angst At first I wanted him with Jenny and then I was rooting 100% for Sofia How amazing is Emma Chase that she could get us readers to actually love who would be considered the other woman Technically she wasn't but some could construe her that wayYesterday I was dying to get back to this book and I just couldn't stop reading till I got to the very end This story had me so consumed and many times I was yelling at Stanton but in the end everything turns out the way it was meant to and I couldn't be any happier I think Ms Chase has another hit series on her hands here

  6. Amy | Foxy Blogs Amy | Foxy Blogs says:

    LIVE Chase has the intriguing ability to portray the male psyche In her last series ‘Tangled’ she gave us the very amusing Drew Evans pov In this new series ‘The Legal Briefs’ her first book is about Stanton I was amused by Stanton’s thought process tooBeyond the fun of having the pov of Stanton I loved all the movie and song references At one point I thought “I should be keeping track of how many I noticed” It was almost like a treasure hunt trying to see how many I could figure out Some were obvious because they told you which movie it was from but others were subtle Like this one “I’m Holding Out for a Hero” song comes on right before a big race takes place in the book Well duhthat’s from the movie “Footloose” circa 1984 If you were a child of the ‘80s you'll know all the music and scenes from the movies ♥ Stanton’s story starts in a small one street light Southern town Everyone knows your business and has no ualms about giving you their advice The hometown can't hold Stanton because he's destined for greatness Even though he leaves it behind he does have a very strong tie to it His heart is there After college Stanton gets a job in a New York City firm as a criminal defense attorney aka a professional arguer He has a casual friends with benefits type relationship with his co worker Sofia The author does a great job with Sofia’s pov She's a strong female character that is good at putting Stanton in his place A meek mouse she is not but instead a level headed supportive counterpart for Stanton I really enjoyed this sexy book And can't wait for the upcoming books Ms Chase has the market on writing the male's pov ✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦✦RELEASE DATE April 24 2015pre order | order GIVEAWAY Paperback copy Find info here Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review

  7. Nina Bocci Nina Bocci says:

    OH MY GOD WAIT UNTIL YOU MEET STANTON If you thought Drew Evans was a sexy beast of an Alpha Stanton is going to knock you on your ass flip you over and drive the Alpha homeIs that dirty?I'm lucky I admit it I get to read AMAZING books before a lot of people and then torture you with details This will be another one of those postsGreat googly moogly this book Just when I think Emma can't get any better she slaps me in the ass and proves me wrongA Emma

  8. Emma Chase Emma Chase says:

    Beginning a new series has been both thrilling and terrifying Thrilling because there are new characters to fall in love with new places to explore new storylines to lose myself in Terrifying becausewellone word new It's something different a change A uieting of the character I already love and know so wellAs the first pages of Overruled turned into chapters I came to know the characters of the Legal Briefs Series their voices their uirks humor sexy banter and strengths And now I can say without a doubt that I love them just as much as the Tangled gangI hope it will be the same for all of you That this story will make you smile provide a happy escape and give you that special thrill we all crave when reading that the path of love is rocky and hilarious but always worth it in the endAll my bestEmmaxoxo

  9. S.M. West S.M. West says:

    5 omne trium perfectum STARSDAMN that was GOOD I loved every single word and moment of this read This story is about criminal defense attorney Stanton Shaw and his colleague“friend with benefits” Sofia Santos Ms Chase says it best in setting up this tale “What happens when you mix a one stop light town two professional arguers a homecoming ueen four big brothers some Jimmy Dean sausage and a gun Nana? Yes it’s all that hilarity and At the core this is a tale of love“Young love is strong First love is powerful” It’s hard to fight nostalgia and some of your most memorable and gratifying firsts Moments in your life that have shaped you and what you believe want and what drives you This book takes you on that journey and explores many facets of love’s bounty and how without our conscious knowledge relationships can morph in and out of love and also into different kinds of love I’d like to interrupt this regularly scheduled review to thank Ms Chase for the few cameo appearances and references to Drew Evans “is like no one I’ve ever known It’s as if there’s a spotlight on him that never dims”Emma There’s a connection between Drew and Stanton which I won’t spoil that also explains why Stanton has some of Drew’s traits or really any man’s traits For instanceas much as I loved Stanton there were moments where I seriously wanted to This tale could have gotten real ugly and gone down some predictable paths filled with rage jealousy and angst but it didn’t Thank you Emma And while there were laughs and levity there was also a maturity about it even with how whacked the situation was And yes there were some sad and bittersweet moments but overall a fun sexy and sassy read I’d highly recommend this book For those first time readers of Ms Chase this will give you a flavour for how witty entertaining and gifted this writer is with her original stories so hot sexy and memorable heros and take no prisoner heroines And to all you Drew Evans lovers out there you MUST READ THIS BOOK Thank you Emma MUAH Guest reviewer for SlutSistas Book Blog For reviews and blog posts

  10. KathyAnne KathyAnne says:

    I'm really disappointed that I didn't like this I don't know I just didn't like any of these characters Stanton Man boy womanizer who uses the women in his life he cares about for personal booty calls Maybe he convinced himself he wasn't cheating but that's exactly what he was doing Sofia doormatJenny doormatY'all know I can't tolerate a doormat or a cheater The part that bugged me the most view spoilerStanton and Jenny have an agreement that whatever he does in DC never gets talked about and when he is at home with her in Mississippi for visits they only belong to each other So yeah he is a major womanizer in DC and justifies his actions because she said it was okay This goes on for 10 years really?? Why?? She finally decides to get married to a stable man and he runs back home to make her change her mind because she belongs to him Arrogant much Stanton?? He brings his friends with benefits girlfriend Sofia with him When they get there he runs over to Jenny to try to talk her out of marrying this guy and then goes home and promptly beds Sofia I'm sorry but this pissed me off pretty badly I do applaud Jenny for moving on FINALLY but I just couldn't understand what was so great about this guy that two women would allow themselves to be his personal doormat I was done after that scene hide spoiler

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