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Temptation (The tears of the unicorns #1) Download Temptation The Tears Of The Unicorns 1 Stephanie Rose The Angel Caylen Is Entrusted With Guiding Eliya Back On The Path Of Light, But When His Assignment Is Terminated She Takes Her Life In Despair He Cannot Bear Losing His Charge, And Desperately Searches For A Way To Bring Her Back To Life That Is When He Stumbles Upon The Holy Grail, Which Seems To Show Its Amazing Powers In Combination With Unicorn Blood Because Of Her Gift For Foreseeing The Future, Miriel, The Sister Of Caylen, Is Sent To Bring Back The Grail Which Has Been Stolen By Him Sirion, A Mage, Is Helping Her With Her Task An Adventurous And Dangerous Journey Begins, Because There Is Much At Stake Than At First Seemed